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    Fuck Hole I flew in on Thursday and decided to put an ad in on Craigslist for a bottom trans or cd to get fucked by me. I got a couple of bites, one flaked out when I made the mistake to show her my picture. I'm not a troll, but I'm not to far away from there to be honest. Then I get an email from Chante. She sent me a tiny photo of herself in bra and panties. I didn't honestly care, I was just looking to fuck a bitch and get my own rocks off. So, needlessly to say, I was far from being super picky. Emails led on for awhile and I'm getting all these fucking indecisive responses. I know them, because I've used them. Finally I get a no, so I ended up wacking off about 4 times until I was done. I left town the next day unsatisfied, but didn't think about it to much as I thought my living arrangement was different than it turned out, so no sex for me. I was coming back after a couple of days, and on the day I was coming back I put another ad in on Craigslist. I get a couple of responses where it was clear they didn't read the fucking ad. I'm not wasting my time on some dumb ass bitch boy who won't fucking read what I was looking for. Finally Chante emails me back, I'm not to certain if she thought I was the Thursday guy or not. Finally we get to texting, and setting up plans for that night. I was still 50/50 on her backing out or not. Finally the first time we were supposed to meet came and went so I asked her if this was still happening or not. I was beginning to start talking to a hooker just in case. Anyways, I finally get another commitment from her. I took a chane and she kept it. She arrives, gets changed in the other room and finally we meet. Well, lets say I'm glad the lights were low. She starts trying to talk to me, but I'm just ignoring her, thinking about how I'm going to own this bitch. I get her to start sucking my cock, and I'm not being gentle. I'm trying to gag her and just pummel her throat. Well, she said she wanted to be touched with her feminine side, I was looking to fuck the slut in her. She keeps moving around, trying to get me to make out with her, not what I had her there for. I finally push her on all 4's, putting a condom on and start pounding her like I said I would. Her ass is tight and keeps trying to push me out I get soft and think fuck it, I'm done for a bit. I'm still basically ignoring Chante. She keeps rubbing my cock, getting me hard again and I make her start sucking my cock again. I make her start sucking me again, forcing her head up and down. Finally I blow my first load down her throat. So she stops sucking and goes back to rubbing me, getting me hard again I wanted more of that sissy pussy. I grab another condom, put my cock in her and start fucking her again like I didn't just cum. This attempt lasted longer, but eventually I got soft and she pushed me out. I immediately start making her suck my cock again, eventually forcing her to swallow another load. I'm not done, and I know it, so I'm keeping her mouth around my cock staying hard even though I just came. Finally I had enough, I'm fucking this bitch and I'm going to cum while I do. I knew full well this bitch wanted me to breed her, put my load in her. I'm grabbing another condom, because she doesn’t fucking to deserve to be bred, either in the condom or down her throat. I make her plant her feet on the ground and bend over the bed. I barely let her hit her poppers, and I'm inside her pushing her down. She starts trying to rock back and forth when I tell her to stop. I hold her by the waist and I just start fucking her. I wanted to pound her for pissing me off on Thursday, and I wanted to pound her for making me wait even longer today. At some point she's saying something cumming, but I wasn't listening so I don't know if she said she was cumming or wanted to cum; that was her problem, not mine. Mine was beating that pussy hole until I was done. Finally I was able to cum a third time, and that was it, I was done. I'm fairly certain she knew I was done, that I felt that I did what I said I was going to do and I didn't give a shit if she stayed or left. Except that if she stayed, odds were good I was going to piss on her. And she would have let me too, that's how much of a slut she is. Finally she left, I basically ignored her the rest of the time, and I think she left in a huff. Oh well, I got what I wanted. Eventually I texted her that if didn't flake out on me for Thursday, I might not have been so rough. I still thanked her, and that was it. Oh, I never even cared what her name was, I put her in under Fuck Hole the moment I got it.

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