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  1. Oh absolutly! A while ago I posted a thread to this forum regarding a man I started talking to online who was having trouble getting his wife pregnant, and he invited me to be a sperm doner. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and traveled down to see them both, spent a great day getting to know them and then spent the night flooding his wife's womb with my sperm in their marital bed, it was fucking amazing! I think i managed 7 loads deposited and lets just say she was overflowing! Anyway, maybe a month later the husband texted me to say it was a successful insemination. I have never felt more masculine knowing my semen impregnated a women. havnt heard from them since.
  2. Any advice?

    Thank you for the replys gentlemen. I managed to find a compromise to ease myself into pussy before i go around inseminating married women haha. I found a ftm transman who lived near me whos letting me go BB soon! They're also hungry for a creampie so are also letting me jet off inside them! Cant wait! Will give updates here if you want.
  3. Any advice?

    So, i'll introduce myself, im new here. Im a 19 year old living on the south coast of the UK. I currently identify as a gay man but recently have been very turned on by the idea of impregnating another mans wife or atleast cumming inside the wife. Im an experienced gay breeder even if i am young, all the sex i've had is BB and i have a personal no pulling out rule, if im inside, im cumming inside. As i said before, this raw animalistic side of me has recently turned to pussy, and i want to try it. I joined a swingers webside and have been offered to act as a natural sperm doner to a couple. My question is, should i do it? Has anyone here got any advice? Or maybe personal experience? Thanks for any replys, and Happy new year! And Happy Breeding!

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