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    UK. South West
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    Leather, bikers, piss, breeding, taking poz loads,
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    Poz, On Meds
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    5'11", 165lbs, gym fit. Heavily tattooed on back, chest and sleeves, with 00 gauge PA. Sleazy versatile poz pig into anything raunchy. No limits and no morals. Sweat, piss, manstink, smeg, verbal, 666 are all big turn ons. I've got a cum hungry hole that needs filling with poz loads. I need to be fucked bareback and loaded with cum. Fuckin raw is the only way.
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    None - so far
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    Poz pig tops to seed and breed my fuckhole.

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  1. A guy I know who barebacks me  he’s got a fucking shopping bbc 11 by 4......he seeds me about 6 times then empty’s me out arse and cock....with his tongue and mouth......fucking love it

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