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  1. Missing those crazy nights in Montreal, taking any dicks coming my way at GI Joe
  2. I saw it too late and I could not edit anymore! lol. The mix in the metric and imperial systems in Canada still confuse me sometimes haha
  3. (2/2) I’m on my back, in my jocks, feet up. This beefy guy gets in. Maybe in his fifties, huge nipples, furry pecs and a bit of a belly. I can’t see his face against the red light behind him. He smells strongly of sweat and cum which turns me on. I can tell he’s been fucking sloppy holes before as I feel his dick is all slimy with cum when he slides it in me. I hear a big sigh and a grunt and he picks up the pace, choking me while thrusting deeper and deeper. My fuckbud is holding my head as he orders me to take another sniff of poppers. I see can that they’re looking at each other from t
  4. (1/2) I’d like to share another part of my chasing path. One of my biggest fantasies has always been to give control to someone for them to whore me out as they liked. I had some great experiences in the past, getting some attention in bathhouses and sex clubs, but I had never truly relinquished the control to the will of a top. I was probably about 29 or 30 at the time and this took place before my Paris adventures. Standing at a humble but athletic 5’8, with my regular workouts maintaining a tight body and ass. I had been playing with this fuckbuddy of mine for a while. We met thro
  5. Next time I’m around we should hit Bunker together!
  6. I think I tried the Keller 2 years ago but tried a few so I’m not sure. I had a few loads in one quite small bar with a multiple story basement with super narrow staircases. Was a bit scary but was just hot taking dicks with almost no control.
  7. so fuckin hot, bro! Love how you whore it up...would be so hot to cruise with you 😉

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DirtyFckr


      Would love that, getting that last load from you after you get fucked crazy 

    3. swimslut


      best way to unload....in another sleazy slut's cum dripping ass! 

    4. DirtyFckr


      I never refuse a load!

  8. There are a few places in Paris that quite sleazy! I feel it's easier when I travel to Europe somehow?
  9. I had one of the best times of my life there. Craziest night for me. I went back there a couple times after but nothing at that level! I highly recommend the place and for sure you’ll find me there on all four waiting for loads again!
  10. it seems all the good pozz place are  not in Canada 

    1. DirtyFckr


      Yup, Europe feels a lot easier 

  11. This happened last year, while I was in Paris on a work trip. I’m 32, 5’8, 160lbs, dark short hair. 20 years of gymnastics are still showing. I still work out 4 times a week, and I have a tight little ass which gets used quite a lot, especially since I started barebacking in 2014. A fuckbuddy of mine just broke a condom while fucking me, and decided to just keep going. I never went back. Been hitting the bathhouses a lot every time I could. I took PrEp for a few years but been off it for almost 2 years. I was just missing the thrill of taking risks. The more anon dicks the better.
  12. My first known poz cock


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    2. DirtyFckr


      Started sucking him when he and buddy were still dressed, then he took his shirt off and I went nuts. Wasn’t planned at all, but been looking for new poz cocks since

    3. baldwin


      Good for you!

    4. DirtyFckr


      And yes I got a good load from him and his bud

  13. Miss this fuckfriend of mine


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