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  1. Well I think it was the right thing to do that he told me and I would despise anyone that didn't. I suppose I need to get off this site because I do not want to be poz. I know someone that nearly died from full blown aids and it wasn't pretty and there wasn't anything fun about it for him. Watching him puke up everything he ate for weeks and laying there dying before they finally got him on medicine. That's not anything I want to experience
  2. I'll be in Las Vegas tonight in my truck naked. I want to be a cum dump and if you have parTy favors even better. Bring a friend.
  3. Last week I had grindr up as I was traveling and had a guy from southern Missouri contact me asking if I was looking for a top. I was getting ready to stop for the night and met him at a truck stop close to where he lived. He jumped in and I was already naked haven driveun the last 100 miles or so that way. Well as soon as I could get his pants off I saw his nice cock at attention and I swallowed it taking it all the way in so my nose was against his skin. I sucked on his cock going as deep as I could and nearly off then back on. When he was almost ready I climbed on top of him rubbing our coc
  4. Bottom truck driver in San Diego looking for someone to fill my hole with your seed.
  5. Trucker at pilot truck stop near 905 and Airway looking to get bred and seeded tonight.
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