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bend me over

Fucked in the Car

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I got a message from an 18 year old black kid who fucks me now and then, but always raw.  (He said on our first meeting he didn't like condoms so we never used them.)  We used to do it in his house, but he still lives with his parents. One night they came home while he was fucking me and I had to hide in his room until I could get the hell out of the house -- but that's a story for a different occasion! (He still made me get him off before I left.)  Since that night we've had to do it in my car, while I've been parked on a street in the 'hood full of burned out houses. 

Tuesday night was like our previous encounters.  I picked him up at the bus stop as he got off from work and we drove to a deserted street where I parked on a deserted street.  We both climbed into the back seat and he pulled his pants down. He was already hard so I got busy sucking him. I took the opportunity to get my pants pulled down a bit to expose my ass, hoping he would be interested in that. I licked and sucked on his dick and balls, when he said "I want to nut in your mouth."  I had been hoping he would blow his load in my ass, but however and wherever he wanted to get off was fine with me.

As I sucked him, he kept commenting about how he kept getting close but couldn't cum. Finally he directed me to get my ass up so he could fuck it. I squirted some lube on my hole, and he lined his bare cock up with my hole and slid it in.  He nailed my hole for maybe five minutes before going balls deep and firing off a load inside me. As he sat back down to catch his breath, I grabbed a napkin and wiped the lube off his dick. In doing so I managed to squeeze a big drop of cum out of his dick which I licked off his dick head.

Afterwards we got back in front and I drove him to his house.  Now I'm waiting for the next time he'll want to get off in my ass.

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I love black guys. I have two 19 year olds that breed me from time to time. 

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