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I was getting ready for my hookup.  It always took so long to get as clean as I wanted because, well, I just am obsessive about that.  When I get fucked, I only want his juices, my juices, and any lube he decides to use coming back out of me.  

As I was sitting there, filling my ass with that beautiful warm water, my mind drifted as it tends to do.  In a short while I would have a nice thick cock in my ass for the first time in months.  I’m bi and married, so the opportunities are few and far between.  The top man I was preparing for has been my steady fuck for a while now, though I knew he was getting frustrated by my lack of availability.  He’d text me at least three times a week “Hey, can I get that ass?” And I’d be absolutely sick that I couldn’t just run and take his amazing cock at the drop of a hat.  But, that’s the way things are.

Today, though, I had some real time.  The wife was out of town for the week—I’d dropped her at the airport just two hours earlier.  I also had the week off, not so coincidentally.  I told her I’d be getting some work done.  I didn’t, however tell her what KIND of work.  'Yeah honey, I’m going to get my asshole jobbed like a habitat for humanity house' wouldn’t have been a particularly helpful response to that question.  Again, though, that’s just how things are when you’re a bi bottom guy.

Finally, as I sat there and expelled the last blasts of water, everything was clear and my asshole was vibing like a tuning fork.  I needed cock and I needed it as soon as possible.   

“I’m ready when you are, sir,” I texted.

“Get that hole over here now, faggot.”  

God how I love it when he calls me that.  It makes me catch my breath every single time.  Then another text: “Get that plug in you and put your pink panties on too.  I love to see your faggot whore ass in pink.”

I had them ready, sitting on the sink next to me.  The black silicone plug was nicely lubed and I pressed it against my tight hole. My hole was pretty relaxed from the cleaning process, but it had been a while since I’d had anything inside me but my own finger so opening up was a nicely painful process.  Such a relief after the widest part crested and then slid perfectly into place.

Now for the panties.  It was a cheap target thong, soft and cottony, I had bought the panties seven months earlier, and had worn them every time I’d been fucked in the intervening seven months - uf only for the ride over and the ride back.  And I hadn’t washed them, so they still had the residue of every load I’d taken.  Admittedly it’d been only eight loads, but it was still my little cumwhore trophy.

I threw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, slipped on my shoes and headed out.  With every step and lift of my legs, I could feel the panties slide over my freshly shaved cock and balls and feel that hefty plug work my grasping hole.  I was so horny I could barely see straight.  It was 11 a.m. and I was en route to cock.  

When I knocked on his door, there was just a bit of a delay.  He wasn’t the type to be breathlessly waiting for anyone’s arrival.  He knew he had the power and wasn’t afraid to exercise it.  With that fat cock, he knew he could make me do anything he wanted.

Then, the door swung open and there he was, dressed only in a partially closed bathrobe.  I could see his stout body was already shining with a bit of sweat.  He kept the basement fuck room hot.  Really hot.  And I loved that heat.

“Get your ass inside, faggot.”

That was his standard greeting and it always made my dick drip instantly against my panties.  And it never failed to make me hop like a trained dog.  In I went without a moment’s hesitation.

“Strip down now, faggot,” he said sharply, the front door still wide open.  He didn’t give two fucks about if I was exposed to his neighborhood and, in that second, neither did I so off went the shoes, down went the pants, and I was out of the shirt so fast it was like I hadn’t even been wearing it.

He grabbed my ass in a flash, his middle finger stabbing the base of my plug hard.  “Good, you did what I told you.  Now get your faggot ass downstairs.”  And off I went, down into the darkened room.  In that moment, I knew it would be another fantastic fuck session.  I had no idea what was really going to happen.  And that was probably for the best.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, and my eyes had adjusted somewhat from the daylight, I could see he had his sling ready to go.  My heart skipped a beat because I’d only ever seen that sling once and I knew how merciless he was with that kind of access.  My cock jumped, my asshole clenched hard around the base of my plug and I almost felt lightheaded.  The thick heat made it even harder to get a good breath.

While I had been taking it all in, he was suddenly in front of me, robe now gone, and his meaty cock hung there like a dark prize.  “Get on your knees faggot, and get my balls in your mouth.  NOW.”  It was automatic for me and I was there, sucking his big sac into my now drooling mouth.  I struggled a bit getting both balls inside because it had been a while and I was desperately out of practice.  But, with just a little bit of struggle, in they went and my lips were fully against the base of his ball sac, his fat leaking cock laying heavily across my face leaving a trail of precum wherever it slid.  Oh god but I loved this feeling.

“Look at me, you little whore,” he intoned, and I opened my eyes and glanced up at his face only to be instantly blinded by a flash.

'Oh, fuck', I thought in a bit of a panic, 'He just took my picture!'  My heart pounded hard in my chest.  Due to my circumstances, we’d agreed early on that if any pictures or videos were taken, none would include my face.  In the same moment, I felt his balls cinch up a bit in my stuffed mouth and his cock hardened against my cheek, pumping out a now steady flow of thick precum.  

“That one’s for me, faggot.  You looked so perfect just then, I had to get a pic of it.”  I relaxed and even smiled as best I could manage.  We had an agreement, and he was cool.  Nothing to worry about.

Soon his cock was rock hard and he pushed me back from his balls.  It was time to lube up that beautiful piece of meat for other pursuits.  As he shoved his cock deep into my throat, he bent down, pulled my thong aside and worked my plug.  My eyes rolled back in my head and I was gone into the moment.  So far gone, I didn’t notice him rummaging around on the table next to us.  Soon after that, while I worked his cock with my hungry mouth, he pulled up my left hand and wrapped something around my wrist.  Then, the same with my right.  He could have dealt a hand of cards on my back in that moment and I wouldn’t have noticed I was so focused on pulling that river of sweet precum out of his cock.

After a moment, he pulled both my wrists behind my back and with a smart 'click' they were locked tightly.  I’d tried some bondage play before, but never with him.  It’d never come up in our encounters but holy shit did it harden my dick and rev my desire up about a thousand notches.  I looked up again at him, my lips wrapped tightly at the base of his meat, and “BAM!” another flash. As the stars cleared I kept sucking happily.  We had an agreement and goddamnit this cock felt amazing in my mouth.  Nothing else mattered.

Shortly after that, he pulled his dripping cock out of my mouth.  I was panting—partly from pure lust hunger and partly because the heat in the room seemed to be rising.  He quickly turned me away from him and pushed me smartly in the middle of my back so I went directly to the floor, cheek and bare shoulders against the carpet.  My hands were firmly unavailable to provide a buffer and I was fully exposed, ass straight up.  Within seconds I felt two more restraints wrapped around my ankles and yet another metallic 'click'!  The front of my panties were now stretched from how hard my cock had gotten from the helpless sensation, and I was soaking from all the fluids leaking from my cock.  As I adjusted the best I could his fingers yanked the thong aside and in a swift motion, yanked the plug brutally out of my hole.  No niceties, just 'WHAM' and it was out.  I saw more stars in that moment than both camera flashes combined.  And in what seemed like just a millisecond, he grabbed my hips and rammed his cock into my stunned hole balls deep in one go.  I would have screamed in pain had I not been stunned breathless from the harsh removal of the butt plug.

 My face and shoulders scraped against the rug as he pulled back nearly all the way out and jammed his cock in again, and again, and again.  Each time it hurt just as much as the first, but felt just as fantastic in the same moment.  He rutted at my hole like that for a few minutes and then I felt his strong hand wrap around the back of my neck.  On a major in-thrust, he simultaneously yanked me upright, his mouth now hard against my ear.

“I know we’ve had an agreement so far and I’ve enjoyed it as far as it went.” To punctuate that, he flexed his cock hard in my gripping hole and it felt incredible.  “But I’ve found out a few things and made a few decisions.”  

My mind was spinning.  What the hell did he mean by any of that?  What was going to happe...  And at that exact moment, just as I had opened my mouth to ask “what...” his free hand jammed a large ball gag into my mouth, nearly enough to dislocate my jaw with its size, and before I could even blink, it was locked into place.  My mind imploded with fear.

He pushed me, hard, back down and then began fucking my hole with a fury I had never felt in my life.  After several more hard thrusts it felt like his cock was swelling large enough to rupture my rectum and he shot what felt like gallons of cum into me.  He then dropped his full weight onto me, his body drenched with sweat crushed me flat against the floor, trapped.  

“We had an agreement.  Now, I’ve decided to create another arrangement.  Things change, faggot.  Now you get to learn how much.” 

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Things Change, Part 2...


    I wasn’t sure how long he lay on me before he pushed up and off, I was graying out a little from the shock and the sharp decrease in oxygen I was able to take in after the ball gag had been jammed into place.  My ass felt like I’d been attacked with a claw hammer and being bound like I was, as tightly as I was, adrenaline began to pump wildly through my battered body.  The two distinct sensations I could make out were the cum leaking out of my stinging asshole down and across my ballsack, and the distinct weight of the padlock he’d used to fasten those leather manacles together.  Then, I heard a door open.

   “Come on in guys,” he said a short distance away in an easy, almost laughing way, “he’s ready to begin.”

    I couldn’t focus on anything in the near dark, but the footsteps weren’t of one or two guys.  The thought made me suck in breath, or at least attempt it, but that only pulled the gag in tighter.  Then I could hear pants being unzipped and dropping to the floor.  It was just then I felt his knee drop onto the small of my back, just above where my wrists were bound.  He didn’t put his full weight into that move, so at least he had a bit of mercy in him.  As soon as that thought completed, he grabbed me by the hair and bent me sharply toward his mouth.

     “Faggot,” he rasped like a jagged blade across metal, “your hole isn’t holding my cum in like it should, so for the time being, I’m going to give it a little help.”

    Bam!  My head exploded in unison with my asshole.  As soon as the last word left his lips, he jammed a plug into me that was at least twice the size of the one I’d been using.  “I lubed it for you, faggot.  Don’t say I didn’t do you any favors.”  And then he laughed, bringing echoes of laughter from the other men in the room.  I couldn’t even count inside my mind, the pain was so astonishing.

      His words broke through the pain, I came back a bit and was still bent backwards, his grip still steely in my hair, “I told you I’d found some things out since our last meeting and I wanted you to know what’s up.  I asked around on Adam4Adam and BBRTS about you and wasn’t surprised you’d been chatting it up with most of the tops on there.  What did surprise me was that almost every one of them said you were a fucking cock tease and had stood almost all of them up at least twice over the past several months,”  there were a lot of ‘yeahs’ around the room punctuated by evil chuckles.  “I fucking hate a tease.  A faggot whore I can respect.   At least he’s living up to his name.  But teases need to be shown their place.  And now, your time has come.”

    A deep chill ran down my spine, and I’m sure he felt it as it passed under his kneecap because he laughed into my ear as it did.  “Good, you’re almost as scared as you should be.  We’re going to make sure you get all the way there.”  With that he released his grip with a shove and my face planted back into the carpet.  His knee lifted from my spine and he began directing the shape of things to come.  “Joe, go grab this faggots clothes from up by the door.  Bill, go ahead and climb into the sling, he’ll start with you.”

    I’ll start with him?  My mind scattered.  This made less sense the more it went on. What was I going to do?  How was I going to do anything?  My brain even ran across the idea of performance anxiety and how it would be impossible for me to get hard and fuck someone in this situation.  That was, aside from deciding to come here today, the dumbest thing I could have landed on.

    Simultaneously I heard the footsteps up and then quickly back down the stairs and the clinking of the chains supporting the sling.  Joe had my clothes and Bill apparently was settling in.  “Give me his wallet and his phone,” my topman said.  Shit.  I didn’t even know his name.  He’d fucked me five times before today and I hadn’t even gotten anything more than his screen name “live2rideAss”.  Jesus, I was a dirty slut AND a cocktease.

     “Chris Larsen,” he announced to the room after having pulled my drivers license.  “Nice to meet you finally, Chris, you little faggot!”  He got a good laugh as did everyone else.  “Grab that tape there, would you Joe? And you guys, get him up on his knees.”

     In a fast second two sets of hands yanked me to kneeling and I could hear tape tearing from its spool.  His hands smacked into my forehead and plastered my drivers license into place.  “It’s time you came clean with yourself and everyone else about exactly what you are and what you want,”  he breathed harshly, bent over and staring directly into my barely focusing eyes, “and you’re going to start with Bill here.  I’m going to pull this gag out now.  If you scream, bite, or say or do anything other than what you’re told to say or do, we’ll just beat the hell out of you and then start all over again,” he smiled a smile like it had been carved into his face, “understand?” 

    Without a thought, I nodded emphatically.  And as quickly as that, he flipped th snap at the back of my head and the ball popped out, allowing my cramped jaw to jerkily work itself back into shape.  “What do you want me to do?”

    “I knew that true faggot self of yours wouldn’t let me down,” he chuckled as he stood upright and his cock brushed across my nose.  The move was just an incident of position, not an intent act, but in doing so it left a good sized chunk of foamy cum and remnants of my ass juices dangling on my nose in its wake.  Against every one of my outward instincts, all I could think of in that second was sucking that cock clean.  And he saw that.  “Nice!  Here’s an appetizer for you.”  He jammed his half hard and still dripping cock into my slack mouth and I sucked as though my life depended on it.  “Give me the faggot’s phone,” he directed.  “Bill, hang on for a second.  I guess we’ll start with this.”  The flash blasted my darkness and pain dilated eyes again.  This time, it was my phone being used.


...to be continued...


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Things Change, Part 3...


    I was spinning out.  My knees were beginning to ache from kneeling, the carpet was thin and I had no play in my position with my ankles locked together as close as they were.  As he pushed his cum and ass covered cock into my mouth, I felt the plastic drivers license and tape on my forehead pull against my skin.  It was secure, that much was certain.  But that feeling quickly passed away as the flavors began to light up in my mouth.  Sucking a cock that had just unloaded in my ass was always a particular high for me.  I hadn’t yet met a top who didn’t love it, and being that much of a submissive slut just felt fucking good.

    Before I got too lost in the moment, he pulled his cock back with a pop from my lips.  “Let’s get that mouth over to Bill,” he said with a grin, “gotta keep this moving.”  With that two sets of hands grabbed me under my armpits from behind and dragged me over to the sling where I was immediately face to crotch with Bill.  “Get his balls in your mouth faggot.”  Of course I did this with no hesitation, but with my hands locked, it was a little like trying to stuff cats into a pillowcase.  They got a good chuckle from my struggle and my commitment to getting his balls fully inside my mouth.  Finally, my lips were firmly around the base of his sack and his rapidly firming cock rested against my cheek.  I looked to my top man and as I locked in on his position, BAM, the flash hit again.  “You’re going to have a face shot with every guy’s balls in your worthless mouth today faggot,” he laughed from behind my phone, “this day is going to stick with you for a long time. Now, get your mouth on Bill’s asshole.”

    I leaned back and let his balls slip from my drooling mouth.  As I began to lean forward again, my top man interjected, “Hold on faggot,” he then gestured to someone behind me, “Sam, turn the fucking lights on.  I’m going to start recording this and it’s too dark.  Can’t see the faggot well enough.”  And the lights snapped on.  I was frozen because I knew better than to make a move now without the go-ahead.  

     “Okay faggot, got it going.  Now, ask Bill nicely if you can suck his asshole.  And I mean nicely.”

     “Can I please suck your asshole?”  I asked as plainly as I could, locking eyes with the man in the sling.

     “Tell me you want it, pig,” Bill breathed, “tell me how MUCH you want to suck my asshole.”

    “Sir, I really, REALLY want to suck your asshole.  I want it as badly as I’ve ever wanted anything,” I said directly and honestly.  I loved to eat ass, but I also wanted to try and get through this as quickly as possible.

    “Then go ahead pig, get that tongue in there now,” he smiled broadly and I began to move the few inches between us, my tongue extended, my mouth slightly open.  As I did, I saw his belly tighten and his hole burst a wad of cum all over my face.  The whole room burst into laughter as I sat there frozen, cum dripping from all over my nose, cheeks, and chin.  “You have NO idea how hard was to hold that load in!”  he was shaking with laughter and I felt like I could see the video as it was being taken.  “Now get in there and get the rest of that jizz out of my hole you goddamned whore.  Charlie really dumped a bunch in me while we were waiting in the garage, so you still have plenty of work to do.”

    I was now as low as I’d ever been, as I moved immediately forward and began to eat that hole as deeply and completely as I could.  I realized how much I’d only been playing at being a sub whore all this time.  Playtime was now over.  As I swallowed and tongued and drank the cum from this man’s asshole with a room full of men awaiting the same service, my mind began to finally calm.  I didn’t care what happened next.  But I wanted it to happen.  I wanted all of it to happen.

to be continued... 

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