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    Ontario, Canada
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    I want to be a cumdump! I want to get to the point where any and all loads are taken. Especially have a huge thing for getting toxic loads. Turn this negative ass into a poz cumdump! Any gift givers into it?
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    shine_lover on xtube -gear and fetish solo vids.
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    Tops. Breeders. Poz/toxic fuckers. One fantasy I have to a total poz top gangbang, all taking turns on my ass for a night and filling me with their viral loads. I want to take so much cum it's just running down my legs when I stand up.

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  1. So fucking HOT! I hope we don't have long to wait for another post. Lately I tell guys I'm not totally satisfied with sex unless I feel kind of disgusted with myself afterwards. And then, of course, I want to do it again! So this story is right on point for me!!!
  2. Fuck, man, it just gets hotter and hotter. More please!!!
  3. Fuck yeah, good so far. Looking forward to the next part!
  4. Everyone derives pleasure differently. Tops and bottoms. And the versatile. Doesn't mean one deserves pleasure more than other. Obviously if you're into some sort of role play or 'scene' and your role is to solely pleasure your top, then obviously you've agreed not to acknowledge your own pleasure for the time being.
  5. Thanks for the love, guys. While I don't have anything to add just yet, there could be another chapter up here soon enough. 😁😈☣️
  6. Either, Or? Both? While I've always had a love affair with my hole being stretched -who doesn't love that stretched feeling?- there is something almost magical about having someone get in there nice and deep. Length and girth, they both have advantages. I'll take any as long as they are hard. And have seed to deposit.
  7. Fuck, I nearly blew a load at the first mention of blood. I don't know why it turns me on like it does. Fucking hot, anyway. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Off to an awesome start! Can't wait to read more!!!
  9. While that age is disturbing, I felt the hunger to get used around then myself. Sadly I wasn't able to find anyone to use me until I was older.
  10. Fucking AWESOME!!!
  11. I'll take it however my top needs to give it. That's my job. Someone mentioned fucking versus making love, and I can see where there would be differences. I like both slower and more intense fucks. Rougher, animalistic fucks definitely make me feel more piggy and used, and that's always a good thing.

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