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    Ontario, Canada
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    I want to be a cumdump! I want to get to the point where any and all loads are taken. Especially have a huge thing for getting toxic loads. Turn this negative ass into a poz cumdump! Any gift givers into it?
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    shine_lover on xtube -gear and fetish solo vids.
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    Tops. Breeders. Poz/toxic fuckers. One fantasy I have to a total poz top gangbang, all taking turns on my ass for a night and filling me with their viral loads. I want to take so much cum it's just running down my legs when I stand up.

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  1. shinelover

    Strange CLIT fantasy

    Maybe it's just the slut in us, but the more cocks and cum in us the better, right? Extra holes mean extra loads!
  2. shinelover

    Strange CLIT fantasy

    I can understand what you're saying. Even though I'm a total bottom, I happen to like my dick. And when I'm playing solo, I like to play with my own dick. But when you think about how much pleasure we can get from our pigholes, why wouldn't we consider how good it would feel to have two holes? Double your pleasure, double your fun? I'm giving away my age with that line 😉
  3. shinelover

    The One

    Damn, I did love that last part. I am something of a romantic, so this really is beautiful. If only we chasers were all so lucky! Thanks for the awesome writing!!!
  4. shinelover

    Two Mormon Boys

    Damn, well that was worth the wait!
  5. shinelover

    Off to College

    Off to a very good start. I'm looking forward to the next part!
  6. shinelover

    Do any guys like sucking/fucking small cocks?

    While a large dick can reach all of those wonderful places inside, I have no problem with guys who are on the smaller side. Sometimes my gag reflex rears it's ugly head, so small cocks keep me from that. Unless we're in a skull-fucking scenario, and then gagging is totally fine. And a small dick can really go to town pounding my ass and it just feels great. No discomfort. I'm not choosy -any dick will do as long is it cums inside me!
  7. shinelover

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    Damn, that last part was hot, I'm already looking forward to the next part. Keep up the good work!
  8. shinelover

    The Replacement

    Damn, I could do with a fuck like that right about now! Can't wait to read more!
  9. shinelover

    Wonderful neighbors

    Damn, that is HOT! Please keep us posted of your future visits with them 😉
  10. shinelover

    Are there crazy sex pigs in here that DON’T pnp?

    I can see both sides of this. In a way, some guys prefer some chems to really lose themselves, and push the last of their inhibitions away so they can surrender and totally pig out. I get that, it's a notion that holds some appeal to me. Personally, I rarely do anything more than 420, some wine or beer, and possibly some poppers. I have just always worried about losing myself to it. What is the point of having a perfectly awesome pig fuck session and then barely remember it the next day? Or getting too wasted that you're barely participating? I like to be present so I can fully give myself to the man who is fucking me, doing everything I can to make him get off. After all, if he's not enjoying himself, or my ass, then I haven't done my job.
  11. shinelover

    Scorpion Bikers

    Fuck, man, this is off to a very good start. I'm looking forward to the next part!
  12. shinelover

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    I feel a bit split personality sometimes when it comes to sex. When I play alone, I will edge myself for hours and it's all about how good my dick feels. But as soon as another man is involved, my dick doesn't exist to me. It's all about his dick and his loads. I had a couple that I played with over a 2-week period and they took turns fucking my ass. But I never once came during my time with them. Two weeks, all of that fucking, me sucking their cocks, lots of kissing, and not once did I feel the need to cum. The urge just wasn't there. It was just my ass and their cocks. And after a guy is done with my ass, I can go home alone and then I play with my own cock and have amazing orgasms. The kind that shake your entire body. I even nearly fainted a couple of times, that's how hard I came! But so far, I have yet to experience this with another guy.
  13. shinelover

    Shadows Of Regret

    Fuck, this was so intimate and romantic and sexy! I dream about living something like this out. Awesome story!
  14. Fuck, reading that last comment . . . I am so damn horny right now! And fuck, do I wish that I could drain those balls of yours. I'd love to have you pounding my ass until it's a bloody, bugged-up, gaping, sloppy, toxic cum dripping mess. You will need to get those meds, but you know what you need to do first. ☣️😁
  15. shinelover

    My Mistake

    Damn, this is HOT! I do hope there will be more to read soon 🤩

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