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    I want to be a cumdump! I want to get to the point where any and all loads are taken. Especially have a huge thing for getting toxic loads. Turn this negative ass into a poz cumdump! Any gift givers into it?
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    shine_lover on xtube -gear and fetish solo vids.
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    Tops. Breeders. Poz/toxic fuckers. One fantasy I have to a total poz top gangbang, all taking turns on my ass for a night and filling me with their viral loads. I want to take so much cum it's just running down my legs when I stand up.

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  1. Cumdump mishap

    Fuck, that's hot. A really good start -can't wait to read more! He knows he wants to be a cumdump, he just needs a little reminding
  2. AIDS Love Story

    I love the tone of this story. Well, not the meanness, but definitely the physical and emotional draw. And hopefully that grew into love.
  3. A Brother in Trouble

    Another awesome chapter, and such a sweet, romantic ending.
  4. Mentioned in Despatches

    Holy fuck, I want to be in the gutter, too! That was a short addition but bloody HOT! If you feel like expanding on that depraved part, please do
  5. And the corruption continues, just posted Chapter Four of 'The Corruption Continues'. Things are heating up!

  6. The Corruption Continues

    CHAPTER FOUR By the time the weekend rolled around, I was more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. The only thing that would make this group setting hotter were for the guys to be poz, but having a bunch of construction hunks working me over? Still a dream come true, status or not. Pat had confirmation from eight of the guy. Not as many as he’d originally thought, but a few chickened out last minute -which is to be expected with straight guys wondering how far they’re willing to go for a fuck. A couple others had commitments come up that they couldn’t get out of. Still, eight men plus Pat are more than enough to give my pig hole a good pounding. He set it up for mid-afternoon, figuring that even if the guys got done with me within a few hours, we’d still have time to post some ads for poz guys or hit a book store or bathhouse afterwards. Pat went to the motel alone and told me he would text me when all of the guys arrived so that I could walk in to a full room of horny men needing to be serviced. I didn’t even care that I was sporting a major bulge in my pants as I walked to the room. There was no way to help it. As soon as I walked in the room, the men all stared at me. I was surprised that they were all still dressed. I guess for a bunch of straight guys, standing around naked wasn’t something they were comfortable with. I actually felt my stomach drop a little -I just knew that this wasn’t going to turn out as hot as I’d hoped. They were probably just going to open their pants, fuck me, blow their load, and take off. Still, I pasted a smile on my face, walked up to Pat, got on my knees and fished his growing dick out of his pants. Hopefully if I put on a good enough show, they’ll get into it. And luckily they did. As soon as I got Pat’s beautiful meat in my mouth, I felt someone behind me, grabbing my ass. I’d only worn my standard nylon trackies, commando, so they would have easy access. And the man behind me easily slipped my pants down to my ankles and, with no ceremony, began to slid his cock into my awaiting hole. “Fuck, he’s already wet,” he gasped loudly for the other guys to hear. “Did you fuck him earlier?” he asked Pat. Pat laughed. “Fuck yeah, we fuck every day,” he told him. "Gave him a couple of loads before lunch," he added proudly. “Damn, ass feels better than I thought it would,” the man grunted, beginning to really pump me now. His dick was nice, about as long as Pat’s but thicker, so I was feeling a nice stretch. Now the other guys were starting to get into it. Slowly they all began to take the bulges out of their pants, and their cocks were free to jack in front of them until they got a turn in me. Pat pulled his cock out of my mouth and guided one of the other men to take his place. I didn’t get a look at him, really, but I had barely registered any of them when I walked into the room. I have to admit that, while I have eyes for cock (and a nice butt to eat), I really only have eyes for Pat. So when I walked into the room, he’s the only man I saw. The rest were just cocks. The man in my ass began to pound me hard and fast and I braced myself for the big load I knew he was going to deliver into me. And wow, was it ever big. It felt like he was pissing! He held inside me for over a minute, sort of petting my lower back as we stood joined. “You got a lot in you, buddy,” he told me. “My wife’s been out of town visiting her mother for a couple of weeks. That’s a big two-week load you got in you,” he said, giving my ass a slap before extracting his shrinking cock. Quickly, I pulled off of the cock I was sucking and spun around, taking the man’s cock in my mouth to clean him off, while I shoved my ass towards the dick I’d gotten wet and ready. So, the second man sank into me as I nursed the first fucker’s cock, milking out every drop before he finally stepped back and allowed another man at my mouth. The guys were all a little stunned that I sucked the cock straight out of my hole, but I guess seeing how slutty it made me, and just knowing how piggy they thought it was, it just got them more in the mood to fuck me like a real motel room whore. The next three hours went just like that. Each of them took a couple of turns on my ass and mouth, but I was happy that all of the men agreed to only put their loads in my ass. While I like a mouthful of cum every now and again, it’s just more satisfying to me to get it up the ass. None of that pesky stomach acid destroying any other gifts they might be delivering. I guess all it really takes to get straight men to lighten up is take their load. Greedily, too. They could see how much I wanted it, and in that environment, everything just turns animal. It’s just men fucking. Doesn’t matter who or what they’re fucking, they are just doing what evolution has programmed them to do. All in all, by six thirty that Saturday evening my hole had received seventeen loads from Pat’s construction crew buddies, not counting the two from Pat earlier in the day that had lubed my hole. He walked the guys out and, as he closed the door behind him, he turned and leaned on it, grinning at me. “That was fucking hot,” he said. “But I bet you’re ready for some more, aren’t you?” All of that cum in me had only fueled my hunger, and I felt insatiable. I would take on a thousand men in the mood I was in. “You have no idea,” I told him, almost in a pant. My heart was pounding and my breathing was coming almost in gasps. I felt desperate. “Hang on, I need to piss, and then I’ll hop online and see if we can find you some poz dick for that hole,” he laughed, heading to the bathroom. In just my jock strap now, I followed him in. As soon as he pulled his cock out of his pants, I grabbed his dick and guided him over to the bathtub where I climbed in and looked up at him. He started laughing and shaking his dick at me. “You want my piss? Want me to piss all over you? Fuck, you’re extra piggy today,” he laughed. “Fine, might as well go all in, then,” he added before going back out into the room and getting my trackies and tee shirt. He tossed them to me. “Put ‘em on,” he instructed. Once I was fully dressed, he began to piss on me. Starting from the top of my head, he then aimed directly into my mouth, where I swallowed as much as I could, and then he hosed me down over my chest, stomach, and then concentrated on my crotch, wetting my nylon pants until they were shiny and soaked. So there I was, with an ass full of cum -which was rapidly oozing out of my well-fucked hole- and fully clothed, drenched in piss. I’d never felt like such a pig in my life. I also couldn’t remember being so horny, either. Pat could see it just by looking in my eyes. “You need it bad, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes. You’re gone into full-on whore mode.” He was not laughing now, as he could see and practically feel my hunger. He told me to wait in the tub and let the excess piss drain off of me while he went to see if he could find anyone to fuck me. Less than five minutes later I heard the door close and Pat returned with someone. I could hear the other man’s voice. “I found you some more dick,” he called to me. “Come and get it, piss pig.” I think he was feeling the same energy that I was, because he was starting to get into the verbal that he knows I enjoy so much. I walked out of the bathroom, still soaked in his piss, and saw Pat standing next to a man I recognized as a pimp. I’d seen him with a few of his girls just outside of the motel entrance. He was taller than me. Black. Grungy looking, tough and mean looking, but the way he was grabbing his crotch told me was into it. “Tony here has seen, and heard, us fucking in here ever since I started renting this room,” Pat told me. “He’s straight, only ever fucks his whores, but he thinks you must be a big whore. I told him that you are a big whore. And a good one.” I felt my heart pounding in my chest. This was surreal. It’s not that I was attracted to this man -he wasn’t even remotely attractive, especially standing next to a stud like Pat. But knowing that he’s a pimp, and only fucks his skanky whores, it just made things that much sleazier. And so much hotter! I couldn’t help but wonder if he was infected with anything. “Come on, bitch, I gotta get back out there and keep an eye on my business,” he growled at me. “Suck it and get it wet,” he instructed, pulling his very long looking dick out of his dirty pants. At only half-mast, this pimp was sporting about eight inches. I dropped to my knees at his feet and began to give him a good tongue bath that had in grunting in no time. His crotch smelled very musky, like he hadn’t showered in a day or two. And his cock, well, that kept growing in my mouth. Fuck, he wasn’t too thick, but he’d grown to at least eleven inches, perhaps twelve. He didn’t let me suck him long -this wasn’t a seduction, after all. Grabbing a fistful of my hair, he yanked me off of his cock and shoved me towards the bed, where I landed on all fours. He grabbed a handful of the back of my trackies and yanked them down. Quickly he slammed balls deep into me. Out of all of the men who fucked me today, this pimp was by far the roughest, not to mention he had the biggest dick. This was a man who was used to treating whoever he stuck his dick into like nothing but trash. Practically inanimate objects, just vessels to be filled. As soon as the man entered me, Pat rushed around to my front and watched me with concerned eyes. Sure, he wanted to make this as memorable and dirty as possible, but he clearly was worried this pimp was going to hurt me. Despite the man who was basically punishing my hole, staring up into Pat’s eyes, we were the only two men in the room. His eyes never left mine, but he did reach down and hold my hands on the dingy bedspread. When the pimp was getting close, he grabbed my hips really hard. It was painful as he dug his dirty nails into my skin. “Where you want this stuff? You want it up that faggot kunt?” he panted. “Dump it up his ass!” Pat ordered him. “Breed me!” I begged. “Fucking sluttier than any of my girls, the number of guys I saw leaving this room today. Should be making money with this hot fucking ass,” he said through gritted teeth. I guess I should be flattered that he was actually enjoying my ass, but still all I could see was Pat, and all I wanted was cum. “You really want my load? Huh, bitch? Didn’t even ask me about no condoms or anything? You that big a fuckin’ whore?” he yelled at me. “I don’t care, breed me!” I yelled. Pat was now smiling huge as we listened to this guy insinuating that he might be infected. I wanted to bend lower and take his cock into my mouth again, but he pulled my head up instead, and our lips locked while the pimp finished off with my ass. “Look at the two faggots kissing,” the pimp said. “Fine, you get what you deserve, fucking fags. You want AIDS? I’ll give you fuckin’ AIDS. Take it! Here it fucking comes you bitchwhorekunt!” he roared, ramming balls-deep into me and spray painting my insides with his venomous seed. As soon as he finished cumming he literally yanked his dick out of my hole with a loud sloppy wet popping sound. “Clean this motherfuckin’ dick like a good bitch supposed to do,” he instructed. I removed my lips from Pats and turned around to lick the big piece of meat clean. I was stunned when I saw his still engorged cock swaying in front of me. His dick was covered in blood. Mixed with all of that cum, yes, but it wasn’t pink. It was red. He’d torn me up good. My heart was pounding again, really hard, as I licked him clean. And I was stunned again when I felt Pat’s tongue at my hole -licking my blood as it oozed out of my damaged hole. I finished with the pimp, he slapped me lightly on the side of the head to tell me he’d had enough, and then he stuffed his still semi-hard cock back into his pants. “You ever want to make a few bucks, you come see me,” he said before disappearing out the door. I’d never felt so cheap and used in my entire life. Nothing I’d ever done before at the book stores or bathhouses compared. This was as low as I’d ever sunk. And I was still turned-the-fuck-ON. Of course, that could have something to do with the insane rimming that Pat was giving my ass. This was the first time he’d actually rimmed me -thought I’d done him plenty of times before. I think this was it for him, too. The moment when we truly surrendered to the calling for cum, for us being true pigs, for HIV and AIDS. Judging by the way he held my ass, a cheek tight in each hand, and his face mashed as hard into me as he could get it, he was all in. When he finally came up for air, he was panting loudly. I spun around and just lunged at him. I needed to kiss him. His entire mouth area was covered in my blood and a mixture of all of those loads. Our tongues invaded each other’s mouths as our arms pulled us as close as we could get. And feeling that we were both rock hard, I knew that this day was far from over. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the day that I would get infected. That we get infected. Maybe I already am. And maybe so is Pat. Before I had time to give it much thought, Pat pulled away and hopped off the side of the bed. He grinned at me and said, "I've got another surprise for you . . ."
  7. Tough Todd

    Well that was a really hot start, but I definitely need more.
  8. Just posted Chapter Three in 'The Corruption Continues'. Leading up to some really good stuff . . .

  9. The Corruption Continues

    ***I actually stole my own idea and incorporated it into this part of the story. I have an entirely other story that I wrote months ago (yet to be posted) about a construction crew. To be added sometime soon*** CHAPTER THREE Pat and I resumed our fucking like animals after that session at the book store just because it felt fucking good, and if I happen to already be infected, then his chances increased. But it was more about the fuck until a few weeks later when I went to get tested. I hadn’t experienced any sort of symptoms, but that’s not always an indicator. And shockingly my tests came back negative. I couldn’t fathom how that was possible after all of the furious pounding I took that night. Pat could see the disappointment on my face as soon as I walked back into the apartment. “Are you kidding me?” he asked. “Still negative,” I sighed. “I guess it doesn’t matter either way. We’re still fucking, right? And if you want other guys to fuck you, go right ahead. It will get done sooner or later.” His words were encouraging, and he’d never told me to let other guys breed me other than when he was with me, but I guess he was giving me the green light to amp up my efforts. We continued to peruse stories on Breeding Zone in the hopes of getting some more good ideas that might tip things in our favor. After all, we’d only done one gang fuck. And sure, lots of those guys said they are poz, but they might have been undetectable. Well, not all of them, but some of them must have been. And there is the possibility that some of them said they were poz just to get in line to fuck me -Pat had said ‘Poz guys to the front of the line’. Anyway, it’s not like we were going to quit pigging out just because we finally convert. If anything, we were hoping to open ourselves up to even more depravity. “How was your day?” I asked him, flopping down on the couch next to him with a glass of wine. “Weird,” he replied, frowning. “Word has spread to the crew that I left my wife . . . for a man.” “Uh-oh. Are they giving you shit?” I asked, worried that he might find himself in a situation where he might be outnumbered by a bunch of homophobic assholes. “A couple of the guys gave me some strange looks at first, but a few of the others kind of broke the ice during lunch.” He stretched out his legs and put his feet up on the coffee table and his arm went back and over my shoulders, holding me closer to him. “They started asking me why I left her, and then why I decided on guys.” “What did you tell them?” We’d never really discussed what went through his mind during that time. All we knew is that I sort of seduced him and drew him into my wicked web of sex games. Kidding. Sort of. “I kept it basic. Told them she was a bitch who only wanted to shop and never put out.” “What did you tell them about me?” This I had to hear. Pat chuckled a little before replying. “You might enjoy this. Or get pissed at me.” “Spit it out,” I urged. “I told them that you were a whore for dick, and couldn’t get enough of mine,” he said quickly, sounding worried that I might freak that he’d told a bunch of strangers that I was a whore. “Sounds about right,” I murmured into my wine glass before taking a mouthful. “Did they leave you alone after that?” “Hell no. The questions kept coming. How much sex? Any weird places? Did I let other guys fuck you? On and on. I didn’t say anything about us trying to get pozzed, but I told them that you got gangbanged at the book store a few weeks ago. That got their attention quick,” he laughed. “In what way?” “Honestly, even though I know that most of those guys are straighter than straight, they all had tents in their pants when I was telling them about you.” “Haha, I’ve never been nailed by an entire construction crew,” I joked, taking another swig of wine. “Yeah, that’s the thing. I think they might want to try,” he told me reticently. “I never knew how some guys just like to fuck, no matter where their dick goes. So even though a lot of them are married and don’t have evil wives like I did, they still need more sex than they are getting.” I sat back a little so that I could look directly at him. “Are you serious? Do you really want to have another gangbang with your entire crew?” As much as I always loved the idea of my man pimping me out, my mind was still spinning with this scenario. It was also taking us off track from our goal of getting infected. Still, who in their right mind would turn down an entire construction crew of red blooded, virile, buff studs? So, naturally, I was getting seriously aroused and my mind slowed it’s roll. “Only if you want to,” Pat told me. “Do you want me to?” I asked him sternly. If he was concerned about how it would reflect on him at work, I would never risk it. I certainly wasn’t lacking for dick. Pat shrugged his wide, muscular shoulders. “I think so? I never had to think of this stuff before I met you. But I do love to watch you take dick,” he concluded, and the tent in his own pants filled in any other blanks there might be. After he fucked me right there on the sofa and dumped a nice big load into my ass, he sat there with his phone texting some of the crew, spreading the word that we were having a gangbang at his hotel room this weekend. And he made sure that they all knew that condoms were not allowed. “I told them all that you’re a cumwhore -that’s what one of the guys at the book store called you and I definitely think it fits,” he told me. “Mmm,” I growled, “You know how much I love it when you call me names,” I said, climbing back into his lap and freeing his hardening cock from the confines of his pants once again. As his stiff cock slid back into my cummy hole, Pat’s hands held me firmly, guiding me up and down in a slow and pleasurable fuck. “I like the reaction you get from it, but you know I would never hurt you, right?” he asked me. "And you mean a lot more to me than just a place to put my dick." “I know,” I panted, still bouncing up and down on him, varying my ride from short and quick to longer full-dick-length strokes. “And lets keep the poz-chasing between us. I don’t think any of the guys I invited have any diseases and we don’t want to scare them off before you get all of their cum,” he said, grinning evilly. After I rode him for a few minutes he also said, “And depending on how strenuous the gangbang is, maybe we’ll have some poz guy over after they’re all done with you.” That got my heartbeat racing and I slammed myself up and down on him harder than ever, desperate to feel him spraying my insides with his stud seed. With his hands gripping me tightly, he pulled me down hard, burying his cock balls-deep in me. His head fell back and a growl ripped from his chest as his balls fired off inside me. I leaned forward and kissed him as he continued to drain inside me. My own cock was still hard and throbbing, but I honestly didn’t care about it. I was already planning how I could take on the entire construction crew and get some poz dick afterwards.
  10. Adventures with David & I

    Fuck, that's hot. Sounds like you're in a perfect relationship. Please tell us more
  11. Party

    Damn, you need to go back there and get more of the sexy Dad and Son!
  12. Sold Health

    Uh, yeah, I want to know, too! Whew, this is HOT, a real sexy twist. Of course, I would do it for free -and as many of his friends (and strangers) as he can find!
  13. Wasted Cum

    I totally agree. I don't get all hot and bothered at any cum shot. Well, maybe if he's really spraying like a fire hose, but that's rare. No matter if it's a video or a picture of a beautiful dick with cum drooling down or shooting up, my first thought is -that should be up some greedy pig hole. What a waste!
  14. Anyone Here Never Top?

    I have never topped, and I really have no urge to switch. It's tough because the area I live in has so many versatile or bottom men, and my dick isn't small, so I've had guys wanting to play with my dick but it does absolutely nothing for me. One hot guy really wanted to 69 and I gave in, but we were literally sucking each other for a couple of hours and I didn't even get remotely close to cumming. I knew then that it just wasn't for me. I'm wondering if that will change when I finally have a change of status.
  15. TIRED of size queens

    While I can surely see some guys being like this, I am not. Sure, I love my hole being stretched, and some of my toys are larger than the average dick. But one thing that remains in my mind is the memory of my favorite fuck thus far -and he was below average size. You know that expression, 'It's not the size but how you use it'? He definitely knew how to use it. I've been with bigger guys since, but he is still my favorite fuck. Of course the other side of that coin is that some guys with huge dicks also know how to use them properly. Oh well, we're all built differently inside, some can take a lot more than others. I think at the moment I'm somewhere in between. I would never complain if a guy was below average size as long as he gives me his load.

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