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    Ontario, Canada
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    I want to be a cumdump! I want to get to the point where any and all loads are taken. Especially have a huge thing for getting toxic loads. Turn this negative ass into a poz cumdump! Any gift givers into it?
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    shine_lover on xtube -gear and fetish solo vids.
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    Tops. Breeders. Poz/toxic fuckers. One fantasy I have to a total poz top gangbang, all taking turns on my ass for a night and filling me with their viral loads. I want to take so much cum it's just running down my legs when I stand up.

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  1. shinelover

    Glory Hole

    This was such a hot story, but didn't even get to any bug chasing stuff before it stalled out. Would be nice to get another chapter or two.
  2. shinelover

    Made in Manhattan

    Great story and a beautiful way to get knocked up.
  3. shinelover

    Searching for loads

    Guys, I don't live in Toronto, but it is the closest major city, so that's where I will be visiting to play. I'm looking for suggestions where I can be a filthy pig. Already know of a couple of bathhouses, but I was curious if anyone had suggestions of alternative places -public bathrooms, parks, anywhere that's good for anonymous loads. The filthier the better! Really, any way I can get cocks and loads while I'm there, I need to know. Thanks!
  4. shinelover

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    Fuck, MackyJay, it just keeps getting hotter and hotter!
  5. shinelover

    Long Drive to Civilization

    Holy fuck, this is one of the hottest stories. Maybe because I'm in desperate need of something just like this. I do hope there will be more to read. Awesome story!
  6. shinelover

    Group loads in park.

    Whatever you remember about it that you loved. Different dicks, shapes and sizes. How each guy used you differently? Dirty talk? Whatever you think we'd enjoy hearing about.
  7. shinelover

    Group loads in park.

    Damn, sounds like a good time. Tell us more of the details, please 😉
  8. shinelover

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    You always know the right answer!
  9. shinelover

    Work Trip & Bred

    This was awesome! I'm so desperate to find a guy like that, willing to give up plenty of toxic loads to get the job done.
  10. shinelover

    Farm to Fetish

    Fuck, well you're off to a very good start. Can't wait for the next part! 😁
  11. If he's just a shy and awkward nerd, you can probably deal with him easily enough without making a big scene about it. I wouldn't go for hurting his feelings in any way because if he is harboring stalker tendencies, that will only force him to lash out. Maybe try and tell him that you like going to that park for anonymity, so hanging around 'friends' while you're there doesn't work for you. Of course, if he's a 'stalker' stalker, and popping up in a bunch of other places, then it's time to call the cops. I had a stalker a while ago, and it was a total nightmare that I'm still trying to recover from. I had a decent job, friends, a life. And I lost it all because of him. It was scary. So if you're feeling anything like that, then do not hesitate. But if it's just a discomfort thing, there are easier ways to deal with it. Try starting out with a friendly enough approach before going aggressive. Bit I do think that some of hungandmean's suggestions were hilarious, but probably effective, as well. Whatever you do, good luck. Pozlover1 also makes a good point, though, depending on how big a slut you are. For many of us, a dick is a dick. And if you go with the anonymous defense, then let him fuck you on the condition that you never know it's him. And that he never knows where you live. Okay, there, I think I've covered all of the bases.
  12. shinelover

    Do any guys like sucking/fucking small cocks?

    I will take any cock. Small certainly doesn't bother me. In fact, my favorite fuck ever was from a guy who was on the small-ish side, but damn did he pound me into heaven.
  13. shinelover

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    Fuck, that last part was GOOD! Can't wait for more 😉
  14. shinelover

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    I really liked how you worked that second part. Looking forward to part 3 😁 Very sexy!!
  15. shinelover

    Weekend at camp

    This is definitely due for another steamy installment.

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