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    Ontario, Canada
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    I want to be a cumdump! I want to get to the point where any and all loads are taken. Especially have a huge thing for getting toxic loads. Turn this negative ass into a poz cumdump! Any gift givers into it?
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    shine_lover on xtube -gear and fetish solo vids.
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    Tops. Breeders. Poz/toxic fuckers. One fantasy I have to a total poz top gangbang, all taking turns on my ass for a night and filling me with their viral loads. I want to take so much cum it's just running down my legs when I stand up.

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  1. shinelover

    Good boy

    Fuck, man, that is HOT! I love when men fuck like they mean it!
  2. shinelover


    Fuck, that's a hot time! Can't wait to read about your turn on the receiving end!!
  3. shinelover

    Matt gets Owned

    Off to a very good start. Now I'm intrigued . . .
  4. shinelover

    party time, caught in a trap

    This is fucking hot! I've never done much in the way of chems (outside of 420 and poppers) but more recently I fantasize about getting fucked up and used like this. Especially if it can get me knocked up, too!!!
  5. shinelover

    Stress Relief

    Fuck, this sounds awesome! I'm still looking for a bf who will understand my needs like yours does. You're a lucky pig!
  6. shinelover

    My sister’s father-in-law: My House Guest

    Fuck, I do hope there is more to this story. I would totally go for that guy!!!
  7. shinelover


    Mmm, love the hot verbal in the last part. I can't help it, I really shouldn't get off on being called a faggot. But while I'm getting pounded and bred, it works for me!
  8. shinelover

    Friday Night Vaseline Daddy

    When I was much younger, I loved shoving gobs of Vaseline up my ass to use with toys. It always shocked me how easily my hole opened up for whatever toy I was using, no stretching or pain. They would just glide on in -like they were meant to be there all along. It hasn't happened like that with any other kind of lube I've used since. Still, I'd rather use cum as lube any day of the week!
  9. shinelover


    This is just really good. I so wish it was easier to find gifters who had the attitude of these two toxic studs! Looking forward to reading more 😉
  10. shinelover

    Tom and Jake

    I'm enjoying the way this is going, the build-up. Looking forward to the next part 😉☣️
  11. shinelover

    Sex during sleeping

    A couple of years ago a guy I was chatting with online brought this up to me. It's a big fetish of his and, from how he talked about it, it really turned me on. Sadly we never got to meet, but after that I've had a few guys bring it up and I'm still eager to try. Like I always say, my hole is available to any man. So doesn't matter to me if I'm sleeping or awake. If you're with me and you're needing to drain your balls, just go for it!
  12. shinelover

    Random breeding

    Damn, I really like where this is going!
  13. shinelover

    Random breeding

    Fuck, I can't wait to read the details about this . . .
  14. shinelover

    My college assignment

    Fuck, man, lately reading stories about bloodied asses gets me so damn horny! I need my hole destroyed like this!!
  15. shinelover

    Black web porn

    I've wondered about finding videos on the dark web, too. Stuff that I can't seem to see on any other site -like openly poz guys breeding. Genuine AIDS fuckers spreading their seed. Conversion videos with bloody asses. There seem to be the same handful of pozzing videos bouncing around all of the usual sites, but I'd really love to find something more extreme. Real wasting guys infecting eager neg asses. And when I was on tumblr there were tons of videos labeled 'pozzing' or something to do with conversion, but there was no verbal to indicate anyone was actually poz, no one had 'the look' or there were no bio hazard tats. Just regular old fucking. If anyone finds anything worth seeing on the dark web, I do hope they will keep us all posted.

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