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    I want to be a cumdump! I want to get to the point where any and all loads are taken. Especially have a huge thing for getting toxic loads. Turn this negative ass into a poz cumdump! Any gift givers into it?
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    shine_lover on xtube -gear and fetish solo vids.
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    Tops. Breeders. Poz/toxic fuckers. One fantasy I have to a total poz top gangbang, all taking turns on my ass for a night and filling me with their viral loads. I want to take so much cum it's just running down my legs when I stand up.

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  1. Fuck, I desperately need some fucking like this!
  2. Nice! Keep up the good work!😁
  3. Hell yeah, I would sign up to bottom there for as long as they would allow me. Lifetime membership?
  4. It's not my first choice, but when a guy is fucking me he can pretty much call me and my parts whatever he likes. For myself, I usually like to say hole or ass. Butt. My favorite is probably pig hole.
  5. CHAPTER THREE The room was practically spinning the way my mind was whirling. It was like I was in some strange nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from. All I’d done was come over to Dan’s for a little fun. And somehow I ended up locked in a sex dungeon with a man who was intent on giving me AIDS. What the fuck? What’s worse, I knew in some part of my mind, a part that I never wanted to acknowledge, that I had enjoyed what Steve did to me. He was so determined, so Alpha, so twisted . . . and so damn HOT! My cock was throbbing out in front of me as I stood there thinking. Steve was standing, patiently waiting for me to answer his question -but was I really up for more? He started cackling again as my cock throbbed mid-air while my mind relived the exciting moments when he raped his toxic cum into my ass. Dammit! Why did that have to turn me on so much? “Looks like I got my answer, faggot,” he told me, taking me by the arm and leading me over to a sling that hung from the ceiling on the opposite side of the room. I was basically zoned out, going along with him as he led me to my ultimate demise. I was powerless to stop him. But seeing his enormous cock engorging with blood right before my eyes, I knew that I had no reason to stop him. He was freeing me. I’d always resisted myself, my own natural inclinations. Always trying to keep myself in a box. And now Steve was breaking down the walls and setting me free. My stomach began to do flips, but this time it wasn’t from nerves. This was pure excitement. With the realization that he was doing me a big favor, the fog cleared from my mind and I became completely present in the moment -and I no longer felt panic. “Let’s do this,” I said to him, unable to control my smile. How being AIDS raped could make me this happy, I’ll never know. But this was the best I’d ever felt in my life. I was being true to myself, and the real me wanted to be a cumdump bugged up fag. As Steve strapped my legs up in the sling, I could see the streaks of cum and blood that had trickled out of my busted open hole. It was all down my inner thighs, and it did nothing to my libido except perhaps super-charge it. Used to be the sight of my own blood brought on panic -especially the thought of it come from my own asshole. But ever since I got Steve’s butt-destroyer in me, along with his seed, the sight of my blood reminded me that it was another step in the process. I needed my hole to be destroyed, and Steve was going to be the one to do it. “What are you thinking about, faggot?” he asked. “Looks to me like you’ve accepted your fate. Or accepted that this is what you were meant to be in the first place.” “I was just thinking how right this feels. I need this. I need you to own my ass and use it any way you want.” I was practically pleading with him to continue using me, which, I guess I was. I didn’t want him to stop until my hole no longer resembled my hole. I wanted to be gaping, destroyed, gushing toxic cum, and oozing a little blood so that I knew his potency was getting right into my bloodstream. “Own your ass, huh? Well, if that’s what you want . . . you know when a man owns another man’s ass, he can do whatever he wants with it,” he prompted. “Even find other men to use it. You up for that, pig? You ready to be a cum slut for me? I’ll be your Daddy, but you will be committed to me and do exactly as I say. You want that?” I was so horned up by this point, all I cared about was getting something shoved up my ass again. So I answered him with the only possible answer - “Yes! Own my ass! Please, just fuck me again, I need your cum in me again!” Steve didn’t waste anymore time. He laughed at my desperation, but immediately began to slide his monster meat back into my torn hole. It still hurt and still stretched me beyond capacity, but I finally felt right again as I felt his pubes scratching against my butt cheeks. “Aah, that’s better,” I sighed. “I love feeling this stuffed full of dick,” I moaned. Steve laughed at me again, and leaned back as he drove his hips forward. He worked up to a steady fuck pace and it felt like heaven. I grunted and moaned every time he slammed forward, busting through my second ring time and time again. But I was loving ever second of it. “You think this is being stuffed, faggot, I’ll get you stretched more than you ever imagined,” he told me. “I’ve got a friend I know would love a crack at this ass, and his dick is as big as mine. How about you take us both in you at the same time,” he suggest and he began to power fuck me. I knew he was working up to his orgasm again and I wanted his seed so badly I ignored his suggestion that he and his friend try and get in me simultaneously -as if that would ever happen! There is no way my body could accommodate that! “Oh god, cum in me,” I moaned. “Please, give me your load!” I begged. “I’m so glad you came around to my way of thinking, Pig,” Steve said. “While I do love when a slut puts up a little fight, hearing you submit to me completely is music to my ears. Now hold on while I give you another load.” Steve slammed into my ass for another few minutes and it was intense. The chains on the sling were rattling, we were both grunting like pigs, and sweating like pigs, too. The basement stank of sex, sweat and cum, only adding to the overall mood. Finally Steve roared as he held himself as deep as he could go, and I felt his dick throbbing out his load into my shredded guts. I never wanted that moment to end. How could I feel such strong emotions for this man after what he’d done to me? I honestly wanted to tell him that I loved him -stupid, I know. But he’d freed me and given me a gift. I knew that’s what it was now. We were bonded for life -how could I not think I was feeling love? On some level, at least. “You look like you’re falling in love with me, faggot,” he commented, still standing buried balls-deep in my trashed hole. “It’s okay, it happens when a pig like you finally learns his place at my hand.” Then he slowly began to withdraw from my hole and when I felt cold air rush into my gaping ass, I knew he was all the way out. Steve went to a set of shelves with a bunch of toys on it and selected a large butt plug, which he promptly shoved into my hole with very little resistance. It still stung, but it wasn’t unbearable. “There, gotta keep my baby batter in there to do it’s job on you,” he chuckled, giving the plug a firm slap just so I felt it. “I am getting you pregnant, after all.” He unfastened the straps and let me out of the sling so that I could get some blood into my extremities, and I was grateful for the plug, otherwise a stream of Steve’s cum and my blood would be flowing down my legs again and I really did want to keep his seed it me. I knew that’s where it belonged. And that realization made me accept the situation completely. When I started up with Dan and wanted to be a cumdump, I hadn’t fully accepted that. Not entirely. Now I had accepted it, and I knew that my ass is where men’s seed belongs -any and all men. I didn’t care who they were or what kind of bugs they have -I wanted it ALL. Standing there while he took quick glances as if assessing me, I reached down and began wiping the slick mess of cum and blood from my legs and slowly brought my hand to my mouth. I didn’t want a drop if his precious cum to be wasted. While I took my time wiping and licking it all up, Steve had retrieved his phone and was texting someone -likely that friend he talked about. Finally, all of the cum had been eaten, and Steve seemed finished with his phone for the time being. “I need more cum, Steve,” I admitted, my voice a little shaky as I felt so vulnerable putting a voice to my urgent hunger. “A lot more.” Surprisingly, Steve didn’t laugh at me as I’d expected. For the first time since we’d met, he actually looked at me affectionately as he reached down and took my face in my hands, before pulling me into a very passionate, wet and sloppy kiss. “I think I might fall for you, too,” he whispered when he pulled away. “That doesn’t mean I won’t get every dick possible to use that fucking faggot hole of yours.” “Good, because that’s what I want,” I assured him. “That’s what I need, Steve.” I was a junkie needing another fix. Both completely naked, we walked upstairs and took a break to have a couple of drinks. Steve was surprisingly attentive, making sure I drank a glass of water to stay hydrated before he would allow me any alcohol. We had two gin and tonics, the gin helping dull the slight sting and pain still radiating from my ass. I couldn’t believe I still wanted to be fucked knowing the condition my hole was in -and feeling the almost constant reminder with the large plug prodding all of the damaged areas every time I moved. As we sat side by side on the sofa, which he’d draped with a rubber sheet to keep all of our sex mess contained, we actually talked. “I knew that first day I saw you sneaking in and out of Dan’s house that you were going to be my pig,” Steve told me. “I just felt it and I knew that you would feel it too, once you had me inside you. Do you really want to be my pig? For me to own you?” I couldn’t help the longing I felt when I looked at him. It was a pull that I couldn’t control, or deny. I felt it, and it was real. So why deny it? “I’m sure, Steve. I’ve never been more sure. As long as you can use me like you talked about, I need it. I’m all yours.” He smiled as he stared into my eyes. “I already texted some friends of mine to come over and help me finish getting you well and truly pregnant, so I hope you mean that.” “I do, Steve. If that’s what you want of me, I’ll do anything you want. I promise.” I felt a weird desperation to prove to him that I was willing to follow any directive he gave me. Steve sat back against the rubber sheet and threw a thin arm around my shoulders, pulling me into his bony side. “That’s good. They’ll be here soon. Tonight, you will take all of the loads and dicks we can find for you, no matter what. And after that, you’ll stay with me. I’ll use you a lot, you know. My viral load only keeps climbing higher and higher each day. So we will get you knocked up. You’re going to get sick, you realize that, right?” I was nodding my head, feeling sick in my stomach, but my heart was pounding and my dick throbbing. Even though this was frighteningly extreme, I could not deny that I wanted to do it with him. All of it. “I know, Steve. But I’ll do whatever you want me to. I’ve never felt this good in my life. So even if I can only have a few months of this . . . depravity . . . I’d rather have that than a whole lifetime of feeling suffocated trying to pretend I’m someone I’m not,” I told him in earnest. He leaned closer and kissed my cheek. “I’m going to love killing you,” he whispered in my ear. “You will die from all that I’m going to do to you. Well, I’ll probably go before you do,” he chuckled, sounding completely at ease with the notion of his death. He’d accepted his circumstances and was making the absolute most of the time he has. Probably better than most people do in those situations. “What will happen to me if you . . . if you die before me?” I asked, suddenly really unsure. I loved the idea of living my life with him, to serve as his personal cum whore, but once he’s gone? I can’t go back to my ‘normal’ life after that. Especially if I waste away like he is. The people in that life wouldn’t know how to accept me. “I’ll pass you on to one of my bugged-up buddies to continue my work until you die,” he told me, so matter-of-fact it was almost as if we weren’t talking about my probably-horrific demise. Before I could say anything else, Steve sucked in a deep breath and began pulling me onto his lap, where I noticed he was rock hard again. “Until then, we are going to spend an obscene amount of time with my big cock up your tight faggot hole,” he told me, reaching behind to take hold of the plug in my ass. Just as he was about to yank it out, the doorbell rang. Steve carefully lifted me off of his lap and then I was standing in front of him. “That’ll be my friends. Go let them in -and don’t bother trying to cover yourself up. They’re all going to know every inch of you before they’re done with you, anyway. Not to mention, you’ll be carrying several other strains in your faggot ass, too. No medications will work on a few of my buddies, so you’re in for a treat,” he laughed as he spun me around and swatted my ass to get me in motion to the front door. I stood in front of the door for only a second, gulped over a lump in my throat, knowing that once I opened that door, there really would be no going back. From this point on, the remainder of my lifetime will be spent in servitude of men’s cocks. Every moment of every day will revolve around getting fucked and bred like the most disgusting cock whore imaginable. My body will be flooded with so many viruses and bugs that I know Steve won’t allow me to get treatment for. My body will be overcome. I will become a petri dish for a new breed of virus, a combination of all of these powerful and lethal strains, all mixing in my body, morphing my DNA into something unimaginable. Something that will eventually mean my end. I opened the door. THE END ? (AND A NEW BEGINNING!)
  6. Apologies for the delay, guys. Was unwell for a bit. The 3rd chapter will be right up! Just a couple of notes. In case you aren't familiar with my writing, in my fictional posts I generally write about things that turn me on. Hopefully they will do the same to you, but I know that won't be the case for everyone. To each his own. I think a few lines in the 3rd part might be a little extreme to some people, but they are exactly how I would want the moment to be for me. And as far as the bottom in this story, I kept things vague. I like to put myself in the bottom's place when I read other stories, (I get a little tired of reading about 18 year old jocks). I'd rather put myself in that scenario, and I hope you will, too, with my story. Nothing against all of the hot stories about 18 year old jocks (they never fail to get me off), but we aren't all that. Besides, this is a fantasy, and when I'm reading a fantasy I like to picture myself enacting it. Enjoy!
  7. Yeah, I've got to admit that as soon as I saw 'brutal' in the title here, I got super horned up!! I do often dream of going totally crazy like this, just losing all control and not wanting to stop.
  8. I really dislike judging people like this -not everyone can be a sexy porn star. But I can't help but admit that I get an extra thrill when I'm getting fucked and bred by a guy that I am pretty sure most other guys wouldn't give the time of day. Or better, that they would be disgusted by. I fucking love those fucks!!!
  9. It's like you go into my mind and pick these scenarios out! I honestly want to do that last part, too, repeatedly, with homeless guys.
  10. Damn, PDXpissdrinker, you are my kind of pig! If I lived near you, I'd go out with you every night to get nasty and piggy like that! Keep us posted of your exploits!

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