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Always down to meet dudes around Chicago

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I fucking love being a faggot who craves dick.  My favorite thing in the world is me laying flat on my back like the little bitch I am begging for a hard dick and load of jizz from a sexy dude.  My second favorite thing in the world is jackhammering a dudes ass. Always down to meet some friends. I do have some other interests in this world besides hooking up with other horny gay dudes, fucking, sucking, and just generally craving some dick, and I’m always down to meet some interesting, educated people with varied interests who also know what it’s like to also crave cock and love a good fuck. I recently split up with a boyfriend of several years, and about forgot how dependent I’d become on at least getting to suck a dick every day and fucking/getting fucked at least 4-5 times a week. For now, looking forward to being single for a while and getting laid as much as possible  I work hard during the week and like to fuck hard on the weekends  

Poz dude with undetectable VL. I’m always down to wear a rubber when fucking an ass if requested (or not) but am not down for using a condom when I’m getting fucked. I get a little stir crazy without some dick and jizz in my ass. 

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Threesome up in Chicago some weekend?  I'll be up there for sure Feb 23/24/25, if not earlier.

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