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  1. CL annoyance of the day:

    (several emails have been exchanged, I've given out the address of my apt complex but not my apt door number, and I've asked him for his ETA)

    him:  I should be there about 2:30 what do you feel like doing?

    me: Just suck you off.

    him: Oh I thought you were going to rim and fuck me too

    me: You replied to my ad looking for daddy cock to suck, and in your first reply you said you wanted your cock sucked.  If that's not the case, then good luck but don't come over.

    him: Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    1. Read1


      It's kinda like ppl suddenly cutting across your lane hoping to get across three lanes of traffic to make a left turn! Preparation and clear communication are needed beforehand on the other ppl's part too! You are/were clear to me!

    2. NLbear


      It's annoying when they suddenly change their expectations. But, he at least backed off. Better than having him in your apartment and suddenly pushing his ass in your face and you have to tell him to leave. No?

      Its like me having a date with someone to fuck me and once over he tells me he changed his mind and just wants a blowjob. Not that I won't give him one but it's not what I expected to get and wanted.

  2. Grindr annoyance of the day.

    him: i could go to suck someone off right about now

    (grammar much?)

    me: Pics? (his profile is completely blank other than his age - 21)

    him: yours gets mine

    me: My profile shows me very clearly.  You have nothing showing. (I have a selfie of me chest up, showing my face)

    him: okay well have a nice night

    (*shaking my head*)

    1. rawbear74


      LOL, Just like guys down here.

  3. Smart Phones

    Interesting post. I don't have this happen to me when I host. But, that's probably because local hookups are traveling less than 20 minutes to get to me and there are very few touristy types around here that would need to recharge because they didn't have a "pad" to go to. Most travelers are passing through on the interstate and are likely charging their phones in their cars. When I go to a larger city like Chicago, I have often run into the situation where I'm on my phone just enough during the day that my battery gets low and I'm either checked out of my hotel room already or can't get back to it easily (and I use public transit, so no charging in my car). I've started to take my charging cord with me, either in a jacket pocket or my shorts/jeans pocket, so that I could stop at a place like Starbucks or something and plug in for awhile if I needed to. I wouldn't necessarily ask to plug in during a hookup, but I guess it makes sense.
  4. The local GrindR boys are really irritating me, to the point where I wonder if it would be better to only use GrindR when I'm out of town.  Just so much attitude and "holier than thou" shit along with being uneducated about sexual health and sex positivity.

  5. Thanks for the "like" in the "Lowering your standards" topic.

  6. Lowering "standards" and raising pleasure

    I'm a little torn on how to respond, which maybe means I shouldn't. lol As someone who does not have a gym body, just an average guy with a little gut, I appreciate when "hotter" guys DO lower their standards and want to play with me. Sure, there are some guys that are totally into me the way I am, and I appreciate that, but it's nice when a "hot" guy wants me to fuck him at a bathhouse or from a GrindR hookup too. On the other hand, being a top in a seemingly more bottom-dominated world, I like to be able to pick and change my standards once in awhile too, since I have options to choose from. That being said, there have been times when I've had awful sex with "hot" guys, and great sex with guys that I wasn't expecting to be too much into.
  7. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    Somewhat related to this topic...my mother recently came to stay with me when I was having some health (GI) issues earlier this month. She arrived on a Saturday morning to find me in bed, and when I said I wanted to sleep awhile more she asked if I had any of my recent medical records. Well, I did (since my campus doctor wanted me to print out her notes and my lab results to take to my appt with the gastroenterologist the next week), and they were in a folder on my end table in the living room that Mom would've found anyways, so I told her yes and where they were. The whole time I was laying in bed, I imagined what kind of questions she might ask about the Truvada and the STD testing that would be shown in the records - so I was planning on explaining what PrEP was and such. What I did NOT know was that my doc had copy/pasted some of those sexual history questions (possibly from my initial visit) when she did the 3-month PrEP testing. So, I tentatively asked her if she had read the records and she said, "yes, but you probably didn't want me to". So I said I hadn't read them and didn't know what was in it (which was true at the time). She then mentioned that she was concerned about my multiple partners and not using protection, and proceeded to ask me whether I was trying to kill myself. (sigh) I managed to explain PrEP and she seemed happy that I was on it, but still did the mom-lecture about protection and being more selective, etc... Fortunately(?), I was sick enough that she let it drop at the time and focused on getting me to eat/drink (which I needed). So yeah...she doesn't know the extent of it at all, but Mom knows I fuck guys bare. Yay. That being said, she will probably never bring it up again...that's just how our family works.
  8. Any married bottoms?

    Colby Jansen has always been one of my faves. He does gay porn, but in the link he says in an interview that he refers to himself as bisexual and is married to a transsexual. http://www.nightcharm.com/2014/06/03/tackling-the-mans-man-of-gay-porn-the-nightcharm-interview-with-colby-jansen
  9. It's been one of those frustrating weekends.  My syphilis symptoms are gone and therefore I've been looking to fuck, but of course that paradox occurs where you can't find anything when you're wanting it the worst.  I've been subject to almost all of the usual online problems this weekend:  good chatting and lead-up to sex and then they just stop responding, guys saying that they'll come over and then they don't, just being ignored no matter how I message them (polite or more direct).  I don't want this to come off as a whine/complaint, because I know this happens all the time, but it's just more frustrating than usual this weekend.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. piglooking4pigs


      Gotcha.  Both at the same time.  Interesting.

    3. mjkuhl


      You just need to visit Chicago.  Sex without end.

    4. barecubtop


      @mjkuhl Yeah, I haven't been up to Steamworks since PRIDE weekend - a buddy and I went to the bear event that Saturday and I was able to get into a few hot holes.  I'll have to look at my calendar and see when I can take Amtrak up there for an overnight sometime soon.

  10. Frustrations with married guys

    Do you have an adult bookstore in your town? While I haven't been to ours lately, when I was going in the past it was a married cock buffet. After a while, or after talking to some people that go there, you'll figure out what times are best. For instance, we have a car assembly plant here in town and I eventually figured out that right around 3pm-4pm is a good time at the bookstore since one of the shifts ends at 3pm. In general, I agree, it sucks to have to schedule around the family and get cancelled on. But, I've found that if they have a good time with you the first time they will likely be repeat "offenders" in the sense that they are happy to have found someone that will help them out with no strings.
  11. While this is an interesting poll/topic, I think we are seeing from the above posts that it really varies from place to place and guy to guy. Here are my brief thoughts on the different options: Bars: I've never been a bar type, not really a big drinker, and I can be fairly shy at times, so this has never been an option for me. I'll gladly go to a quiet neighborhood bar with friends to grab a drink and talk, but the hookup/dance bars are just not my style at all. Bathhouses: Yes. I can count on getting off at least 1-2 times, no matter what the crowd or day. And over the last year or so of going to a bathhouse about once a month, I've only come across someone that wanted to use a condom maybe twice. GrindR: This app can be extremely frustrating at times. As a 34 year old with a cub type build, many of the younger (and hot) guys that I want to fuck on this app will not give me the time of day, never respond, are rude, etc... That being said, I've gotten some really good raw ass on there too. I've just had to learn to accept rejection the right way and learn how to best word my profile and select a pic for the particular crowd on there. Scruff and Growlr: In my local area, I don't get much from these apps - hardly any responses to even a simple "hi". However, when I go to Chicago or Indy, I get more woofs on Scruff and more chatting on Growlr too. I do like these apps in general, though, as they are more user-friendly than Grindr for sure. A4A: It's gotten to the point where I see the same guys, usually 50+ in age, in my local area. Every once in awhile I'll talk to someone on here, but rarely hookup with anyone. Again, I think in a bigger city/metro area this can still be a good site. Plus, they added the safe/bb option in your profile, so it's easier to filter to find bb action. BBRTS: I've found in the Indy area this is a lot of talk but little action. Every once in awhile a traveler will come through and post a quick connect or party ad, and I've heard some of them have good luck in getting multiple guys to show up. Again, when I go to Chicago, I see a lot more opportunities on BBRTS, but actually connecting in person tends to be problematic sometimes. It's almost like there's too many choices on there, so people don't commit to anything because they're always looking for someone new/better. CL: I've had some good hookups from posting CL ads. When I get in the mood to suck off married/bi men, I always find them on here in my local area. Younger bottoms tend to be harder to find on here, and I often get responses from the same guys over and over again (but this is a smaller rural community, so that's to be expected). What irks me about CL is the fact that people don't seem to read and follow instructions. If I say "reply with age, stats, and a pic" in my ad, it's amazing how many replies I'll get with none of those listed. I have accounts with other sites (NKP, squirt, Fet, etc...) but I generally don't use them as much as I use the ones I listed above. In general, location matters a LOT but I think a lot of whether we enjoy a site or not depends on how we're using it and our attitudes about rejection and what kinds of types we're into. We could argue all day long about which sites are best, but we will never come to an agreement. :-)
  12. Does anyone Keep a FUCK Diary?

    I already posted above that I've been keeping track of my encounters this year. This has been with a little notebook and a pen. After reading through this thread again, though, quite a few have been using a spreadsheet of some kind. That may be something I move to next year. It's a little interesting that I'm not doing the record-keeping necessarily to remember any fucks or keep contact info (I don't know any names for 90% of my encounters), but more so because I got tired of not having any idea of how to answer the clinic questions of " how many guys in the last 30 days? in the last year?". I recently got syphilis also, so the diary has been helpful to remember who I was with recently and enable me to inform some of the guys that I was able to contact.
  13. I've only used poppers as an enhancement during sex, but I don't need it to have a good time. I'm one of those Midwestern (USA) boys that didn't do much experimenting when I was younger. I've never smoked anything, I've never really been drunk (buzzed a couple times, but nothing that made me sick the night of or in the morning), and I've never done 420. Now, that being said, this part of me that likes barebacking also makes me wonder about trying something like 420 or something harder in the right circumstances (with people I trusted, at a time when I would have enough time off to recover, etc...). Will I ever branch out and try any of it? I don't know. That's another thing that makes me curious about some of the harder drugs - people say that it makes the sex so much more intense and uninhibited, etc...and you see/hear things about PNP group sex and such as mentioned above. So, I thought, "well maybe I can fuck a bottom who's already high on something", but the few times I've tried this has been very disappointing (bottom was distracted, not focused, never got the actual sex going because of it).
  14. Longest rimjob youve given or received?

    Just depends on the situation/guy for me. I generally do rim any ass that I'm going to fuck (a few exceptions where I haven't due to not knowing whether he had cleaned out or something) and I like to take a few hits of poppers while I do it. Most of the time when I have anonymous encounters, I just get a taste and get it wet, maybe 2-5 minutes, then move on to fucking. With someone I've been with before, I tend to go longer. I hosted a 4-way last month with a bottom twink that I've fucked a few times, and while we were waiting for the other two tops to show up I was eating him out the entire time, probably a good 15-20 minutes. That's probably the longest though, 20 minutes or so. I'm intrigued by those of you who have stated that you've rimmed or been rimmed for over an hour. I mean, I enjoy doing it...but it seems like one or both would get tired (either from being in a position or doing the actual tongue work) after awhile. Poppers keep me going for awhile, but does it take the harder drugs for the long sessions?
  15. Do you lick before you stick?

    I love to rim a hole if it's showered or otherwise clean. I also love to felch loads out of an ass before I fuck it, usually at a bathhouse. I don't usually go back down after I cum, though. For those of you that don't require a squeaky-clean hole, do you catch many stomach bugs that way? I've had some stomach issues this year, which could be from some internal issues (getting probed later this month to check for things), but I've often wondered if some of my issues have been from rimming, even though most, if not all, of the holes I've rimmed have seemed squeaky-clean.

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