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    I consider myself gay in terms of attraction, but have done some limited bi play as well. With men, I enjoy fucking raw ass, sucking daddy/bear cocks and swallowing their loads, tag teaming a hot ass, threesomes, groups, bathhouses, sex clubs parties orgies, hotel sex
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    Mid 30's, grad student at the moment, have lived in the Midwest (USA) all my life.
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  1. I'll be down in the Fort Lauderdale area June 11-14. Unfortunately I may be with family (sister and nephew) for most of the time, and I won't have a rental car (I plan on using Uber if needed). We're staying sort of near the airport by the convention center. Questions for those that live there or have visited there: 1) We don't have many plans other than my nephew's competition at the convention center on one of the days. What are some things (touristy, kid-friendly) to do around the area? I've heard there are good boat tours/swamp tours? 2) If I get an afternoon/evening away from family (I know I will need it), where are the nearest places to find some adult fun?
  2. I'll be down in the Fort Lauderdale area June 11-14.  Unfortunately I may be with family (sister and nephew) for most of the time, and I won't have a rental car (I plan on using Uber if needed).  We're staying sort of near the airport by the convention center.  Questions for those that live there or have visited there:

    1) We don't have many plans other than my nephew's competition at the convention center on one of the days.  What are some things (touristy, child-friendly) to do around the area?  I've heard there are good boat tours/swamp tours?

    2) If I get an afternoon/evening away from family (I know I will need it), where are the nearest places to find some adult fun? 

    Thanks in advance, guys!

  3. barecubtop

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    A married buddy and I have had a couple threeways the last two weekends. He (married bud) is an amazing kisser, and he's talked about bottoming for me (safely) sometime...he loves it when I eat his ass...but usually he'll come over and we'll lay on my bed with our phones out looking for someone to come suck us off or bottom for us. Last weekend (8 days ago), married bud had a middle eastern guy (let's call him H) from campus that he had met before come over to join us. I had seen H on Grindr before, but either didn't talk to him or he didn't respond to me. Well, he walked in and looked incredibly hot...very fit with nice furry pecs and a great ass. He started moving from cock to cock with his mouth and eventually up to our mouths. He was VERY intense...lots of pulling our bodies into each other, sucking on tongues/lips, etc...including giving me a couple little hickeys before we were done. The three of us played around for quite awhile...easily 1.5-2 hours, and I could tell married bud was getting antsy to get going, so I went down on him until he gave me a load. Married bud got out of bed, cleaned up, and headed out. H hadn't made any move to get dressed or anything...came into the bathroom and watched me pee (turns out he would've taken it on him, but that's for a future visit), and then we started grinding into each other again right there in the bathroom, all the while him telling me how sexy he thought I was (was nice to hear!). We moved back to the bedroom and he wanted to learn more about me...turns out we're both grad students in neighboring buildings on campus, but he was leaving the next day to go home for the summer. We tried to fuck (condom), but it just wasn't working very well between his tight hole and my cock not liking the condom. Another half hour or so later, he left...after we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up regularly in the fall when school is back in session. This past weekend (yesterday), married bud had been messaging me on Grindr and was implying that he was horny and wanted to have some fun again. After looking around all afternoon, I think he was at the point of just wanting to come over and jack off to porn or let me suck him off again. As luck would have it, I managed to hit up a 22yo from campus who was interested in coming over to get tag teamed. Let's call him U for undergrad. I briefly explained that I was on PrEP and was open to bare or safe, but that married bud would be safe only, and U kept asking more questions about PrEP...to the point where I thought he might be getting freaked out enough to not come. But, he did. He was visibly nervous, but once he got on the bed and started sucking us, he became more uninhibited. U wasn't the best sucker by any means, and married bud was fairly quick to get behind him, take the buttplug out that U had arrived with, get a condom on, and start fucking U (married bud was very short on time at this point). U was asking us to be rough with his nipples, ass, and balls...so married bud was slapping his ass while he fucked and I was twisting his nips while he sucked me. Married bud came in his condom, and went to the bathroom to clean up, and U asked me to slip on a condom and take my turn. I was concerned about the condom ruining my hardon, but managed to get it on and slip inside him. Gave him the hardest fuck I could, married guy came back to the bedroom and was checking his phone while I finished unloading into the condom. While I was in the bathroom getting rid of the condom and wiping off lube, married bud said goodbye and showed himself out. U was still naked on the bed (I've been surprised at the last couple younger guys I've met not running off right away like most guys). We chatted about PrEP some more, he admitted he was "90% straight" and got the itch to suck and get fucked by guys every once in awhile (like every 6 months). After some more chatting, he asked if I had another fuck in me...to which I replied, "if you suck me hard again, sure." He sucked me hard, then squeezed out some lube on my dick and slid down on it raw and rode me for awhile...asking me again to be rough with his nips. I don't do well with being ridden, so I told him to get on his back and gave him another pounding for awhile until I shot a load in his raw hole this time. After I pulled out, he put his buttplug back in (hot!). We moved into a situation where I was biting his nipples and pretty much slapping/punching his nuts for a few minutes and then he blew his load...said he had been denying himself for a week or so, so it was nice and thick on his abs. Chatted for a bit more before he left. Have no idea whether I'll see him again or not, given that this was his "6-month itch". Tomorrow night, I may have a buddy that I haven't seen in awhile coming to spend the evening (and maybe overnight) with me before he goes to see family on Wednesday in a nearby town. Told him I'd save up a couple loads for him.
  4. Anyone else having issues with Grindr?  I'm using it on an iPhone and it is just incredibly slow to type any messages, load messages, scroll through the guys, etc...and it seems to be draining my phone's battery at an alarming rate.  Other apps are working just fine...it's just Grindr. I'm not seeing anything else online about people complaining right now...there was a recent update I think. 

  5. barecubtop

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to the bathhouse in Indianapolis last night. Slid into 3 raw holes (fit white, bear white, fit Latino), but only bred the last one. Some oral give and receive throughout the night. Decent crowd overall. My "Latino jock buddy" hit me up on Grindr this evening...asked if I wanted to fuck, and within 5 minutes of me saying "yeah" he was walking in my apt door. Gave him a load and he was on his way as usual. An undergrad says he wants to come over later tonight for a load, but he's been saying this for months now and hasn't ever come through...so not holding my breath.
  6. barecubtop

    Advice on Sex Sites/Apps?

    I'd like to assume you meant this in a good way, but I first read it as a slam. The reality is that the cum-craving sex-addicted bottoms on this site that will essentially let any dick fuck them are still a relative minority, especially in certain rural areas like where I live. So, while my dick pic may be all that is necessary for some bottoms on here and some bottoms on BBRTS (I've been rejected there for unlocking non-dick pics also), it is not enough in general. And the mental health issues related to Grindr have been popping up in research and blog articles... https://www.advocate.com/current-issue/2016/5/05/grindr-tinder-scruff-recipe-loneliness https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2018/4/4/17177058/grindr-gay-men-mental-health-psychiatrist https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/04/18/does-grindr-affect-mental-health-dating-apps-and-mental-health/
  7. barecubtop

    Fetish for bald guys?

    I'm a top myself, but I also like the guys you've described...either as bottoms for me to fuck, or as tops that I can tag team some bottom boys with. Love to see a bear (muscle or not) railing a younger slimmer guy.
  8. barecubtop

    Advice on Sex Sites/Apps?

    I agree with the advice of mixing it up. I live in a university town where younger guys will hit me up on Grindr because they see I'm a top, but when we get to trading pics they will either disappear or block me. I also have some people say that my cock looks thick/large and others that claim that's its' "too small" for them (same pic I'm showing in my profile here). So it's a toss-up as to whether my profile will appeal to a given guy or not. I've also tried to mix up the "approach with small chat" vs "approach by sending cock pic or asking if they're a bottom right off the bat". I've gotten plenty of guys that call me rude for being too forward, but plenty of others who will be just as direct with me sometimes. I've found that mixing up my profile by changing pics and info every so often has helped me figure out what works best. Right now, I have very limited info on my profile other than the fact that I'm a top with the pig and devil emojis...and my pic is a landscape pic other than my body. Lately, this profile has gotten me some attention. More attention, say, than when I had a face pic on with more information about me. So, I'll keep experimenting and see what pics tend to go over well and which ones don't, etc... Bottom-line: the apps can be very frustrating and screw with us mentally in terms of the rejection and wondering about what's going on at the other end of the convo, etc... But, for some of us, there aren't very many other options (no bars or bathhouses or anything like that where I live, for example).
  9. barecubtop

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Had a surprise last night. My family goes down to the Charleston, SC area every couple years to vacation, and several years ago I had met a cute bearish couple around my age for a casual "meet over dinner". The one was interested in playing (let's call him X), but I don't think his partner was into it at the time. So, we've kept in touch through FB and the apps over the years, and they have moved into an open relationship. All this time, X has kept saying that he wants to get piggy with me and take my load. But, each time we've been back to vacation, I haven't been able to get in to Charleston by myself to meet up with him. So last night, I get home from campus around dinnertime and hop on Scruff and see a profile pic I recognize...it's X and hes 4 miles away! I message him, he doesn't recognize my profile right away but once he realizes who I am, he says "I'm out to dinner with coworkers, come breed me tonight at my hotel". Turns out my university is a client of his, so he might even be back again sometime. Needless to say it was a great time...after all the build up we've had over the years, anything less than spectacular would've been awful. His bear ass felt perfect, he loved my cock in there, and when we weren't fucking we were either making out or cuddling and chatting the entire time (couple hours total). Amazing night...so glad I caught him on Scruff! If/when he comes back, I'll try to find some other tops to tag team him with...we looked a little on the apps during a break in the action but, like usual, when you want to find more for a group it's impossible.
  10. Celebrated an "all negative" 3-month PrEP checkup the other night by breeding a fit black jock guy from GrindR.  Now just hoping that some of the undergrads on campus want to get in some fun before they leave for the summer...I'm sure some of them will have some finals stress that they need fucked out of them, right? ;-)

  11. barecubtop

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Fucked two 23 year old guys within the past few days. Both from Grindr. 1) short (5'6") latino twink boy that lives an hour away. Through broken English, he said that he had come to town to make a car payment and go to the mall. Hot little ass. Started off with him riding me, but then pushed him over and finished missionary. This was the second time I bred him, but it had been about 6-7 months. Hope he'll be back in town more often this summer. 2) white fit/jock type guy from about a mile away. I had messaged him several times over the last couple years but he never followed through, but this time the extent of our conversation was essentially: me: wanna fuck him: yeah, now? me: sure him: address? He came over, found me naked in bed (my usual scene), and stripped down and got on the bed to start sucking me...pretty quickly transitioned to sitting on my cock, and then just like the Latino I got him into missionary for a few and then into doggy until I bred him. Both guys were pretty much "arrive, strip, suck, fuck, cum, leave" quick hookups...but that was fine with me.
  12. yeah I hear ya,  I usually go to it right away and only if i'm meeting the guy in person.  No time for going long distances and having young or old flake out.  

    1. barecubtop


      Not sure what you're referring to here...sorry.  Did you get a private message I sent you awhile back? 

  13. In my university town, I get a lot of younger guys (18-22) that will get into some hot chat on Grindr and say they want my load...then when we get to the when/where it comes down to the facts that they don't have a car and can't host. I've learned my lesson a couple times now that it's not worth driving to them, picking them up, and bringing them back to my place. The few times I've done that, the sex ended up taking less time than the driving to/from...and it wasn't very good either. Once, I drove over to an apartment complex at 2am only to sit there in my car for 20 minutes with the guy never coming out...I could tell he was there, from the location on Grindr, but he eventually went offline. Later he said he had been drunk and passed out...whatever. I haven't gotten any requests to call anyone an uber, though...then again, I don't know that uber is big around here either.
  14. Has anyone read the short novel called, "In Their Arms"?  Seems like it was written by a member of this site!

  15. barecubtop

    Silly tops, poppers are for bottoms

    I also like to take a hit or two of poppers while I fuck...makes me fuck so much harder and faster than without. Don't use them all the time, but it definitely makes me more piggy and rough.

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