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    I consider myself gay in terms of attraction, but have done some limited bi play as well. With men, I enjoy fucking raw ass, sucking daddy/bear cocks and swallowing their loads, tag teaming a hot ass, threesomes, groups, bathhouses, sex clubs parties orgies, hotel sex
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  1. Great story.  We'll have to meet up at Steamworks sometime when I come up there.

  2. When fuckbuds decide to no longer BB

    There was a kid (legal and all, but maturity of a teenager) from Grindr that a buddy and I tag teamed bare this summer. Right after that was when I found out I had syphilis, so I told both of them and encouraged them to get tested. When I talked to him later, he insisted that I had to use a condom if we fucked again, even though he had since been fucking my buddy bare still. I called him out on it, and we won't be fucking again. But, I notice that his profile usually (not always) says "safe only" now. So, I agree with others that say it might've been an STD scare. I've mentioned in another post or two that it's sad that we get shamed for informing partners of our STDs when we're doing the right thing. And it's a shame that guys DO get scared, when a little education about the STDs and their treatment would help.
  3. Out and barebacking?

    I went back to the origins of this thread (back in 2012) and found it interesting that some people were NOT putting BB on their profiles, especially if they're in a small town. I live in a small town now and I've never kept it a secret that I BB. It has cut down on the amount of sex I can find around here (but I think that's due to ignorance about sexual health and a lack of sex education) and I obviously don't go around to my church friends and blurt it out that I practice anonymous raw sex all the time, but on websites and apps where people are looking for sex I'm open about it. If a guy says he only does safe sex, I'll likely say "good luck" and move on. As for the quote above from BBBoyfromTN, I agree. If I'm talking to someone and their profile doesn't explicitly say "safe sex only", I assume they are looking for BB. If there's any question/doubt, I will ask them if they're into BB or just state outright that I only fuck BB and we go from there. It's interesting how this view has changed over the past 5 years, due to PrEP and such perhaps...that instead of hiding our preference for BB, we now just assume that most people are into it (or at least I assume this).
  4. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    I agree with those who have posted before. I'd rather the first time be an anonymous or otherwise "straight to sex" encounter than a date. I often find that the more I get to know someone, the less I'm physically attracted to them. So, having sex first works for me. I've had several guys turn into good friends as a result of fooling around and THEN getting to know each other and realizing that we're better friends than lovers. Of course, this is problematic when I think about dating (in the heteronormative sense), since I want to get to know someone on a deeper level to date them, but I also want the sexual desire to be kept at a high level. It's something I'm working on figuring out. I agree, monogamy isn't an answer to STDs, and removing sexual stigma is a good thing to work towards. I think a big factor in the stigma is sexual health education. In the US, it's crazy that there is no common curriculum for how to teach sex ed. I didn't grow up here in Indiana, but I've heard from other students here on campus that some of them had "abstinence-only" sex ed while others were focused only on condom use while others didn't get any formal sex ed at all, etc... In talking to local (rural, small-town) guys on Grindr, the sex education ignorance is very obvious. I've been shamed for telling people that I had an STI and got treated for it....it should be the opposite. We should be open and proud about being tested and taking care of our bodies, not shamed. (I realize there will be some on here that disagree with this, but this is my own personal view on this issue.)
  5. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    I'll echo the congrats for being true to who you are, and good luck. As a top, I won't turn down fucking any ass, regardless of whether it's hairy or smooth - decisions on fucking tend to have to do with the guy himself, or cleanliness of the hole rather than whether there is hair or not. I think a smooth hole on a twink can be hot to eat - but I think that's more of a fetish of mine rather than something I require. I've eaten hairy asses too.
  6. Hey guys, I'll be in Vegas from December 2nd (Sat) through December 6 (Wed) for an academic conference at Red Rock. The conference starts on Sunday afternoon, so I'll be up for some fun Saturday night when I arrive and possibly in the evenings after 8pm. Send me a note if you're out in Vegas (or will be visiting at the same time) and might be interested in chatting. Would be best if you could come out to my hotel room since I plan on using the shuttles to/from the airport (and the strip if I have time to make it over there).
  7. Hey guys, I'll be in Vegas from December 2nd (Sat) through December 6 (Wed) for an academic conference.  The conference starts on Sunday afternoon, so I'll be up for some fun Saturday night when I arrive and possibly in the evenings after 8pm.  Send me a note if you're out in Vegas (or will be visiting at the same time) and might be interested in chatting. 

    1. mjkuhl


      I only wish I were going to be there

  8. Car Sex

    Only once that I remember. When I was in grad school the first time (several years ago), I met someone at the mall after dark and we drove to a nearby warehouse or industrial lot that was dark and empty. He sucked me while I sat in the driver's seat and then he moved over onto my lap and started riding me, while I was still in the driver's seat. It was awkward, but somehow it worked and I remember unloading into him. I haven't done it since, though, although I have had some offers. It was alright, but I prefer some extra space than what a car provides.
  9. Tops: Are Short Bottoms A Turn On /off?

    I realize this is an old post, but I just found it. I suppose it depends. I love fucking shorter twinks or jocks that I could "throw around" in the heat of the moment. Same with certain cub types. But generally I find guys around my height or between 5'9" and 6'3". I generally am not into taller guys than me.
  10. Another local Grindr guy is about to be blocked.  Tag teamed him with another top last week, chatted with him a couple times this week and this afternoon he makes it seem (to me at least) that he would be open to another tag team if we found another top or two, so I started asking around and found a couple.  He eventually responds and says, "my plans with friends were moved earlier"...but I happen to find out that he's actually over at one of the other top's place getting fucked.  I called him out on it, and then I get a lecture that I shouldn't have done that.  Sorry, it's a small town, and you led me on, I'm not going to just say "oh that's great, enjoy your fuck and I'll just jack off".  GGRRRRR

    1. PopperMeUp79


      I would do the same as you. If he's going to play games, there are consequences when he gets caught.

    2. Ranger Rick

      Ranger Rick

      I cut a 20 year old fuckbud loose for similar reasons.

  11. barebacking and exhibitionism

    I've wondered about the theaters up near Gary - sites like cruisingforsex say they are hit or miss, though. The bookstore/theater down by Mammoth Cave (Horse Cave is the actual town) in Kentucky would be great to get used in. I've only been there once, on a Thursday night, and it was full of smoke so I didn't stay very long...but I can see how it could be an extremely raunchy and hot place to play. It has 2 theaters, a hallway of booths, and no trouble from the staff since you pay $20 to stay pretty much as long as you like.
  12. New device messge

    I've gotten the message a couple times now, but both times when I logged into my normal computer. I think it has stopped, though.
  13. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I've mentioned before that this fall has been busy with school stuff, and I've been wanting/needing some stress-relief sex. Well, I finally had a good evening yesterday (Friday). 1) Came home from campus mid-afternoon, and my latino muscle jock buddy messaged me on Grindr and said he needed fucked. He asked if he could rinse off in my shower when he got here as he'd be coming straight from the gym, to which I said yes. He's always very intense (nothing slow, once I get inside him he just starts bucking away), but has such a nice body and hole that I don't mind the somewhat quick fuck-n-go that we have. After I unloaded in him doggy style, he kept jacking while my cock was inside him and shot a huge load on the "sex blanket" I put over the bed when I host hookups. 2) Since I had been planning on going down to Indianapolis, I messaged a daddy bear on Growlr that I knew from when I lived down there. Every time I come down, I see if he's available for me to stop by to suck him off, and the last few times he's been out of town or timing didn't work out. This time he was going to be free until 5:30, and he said he needed to unload a few day's worth. I managed to get to his place in time, and I got him off within about 5 minutes - quick in and out. 3) After getting a load from the daddy bear, I made my way downtown to the bathhouse. The parking lot was fairly full, but that doesn't always mean it's crowded unfortunately. It was an interesting evening... First "playtime" was with an older (50s-60s) muscle daddy bear in his suite room - I had gone in to suck him off, but it ended up being a passionate makeout and frottage session. I eventually said I needed a break and moved on. A latino muscle beefy guy (probably 30s, not hairy) came into my room and we fooled around. Lots of oral, licking, kissing, eye-staring. There was a little bit of a communication issue - he admitted his English wasn't very good. I got him turned around and rimmed him (great beefy ass to get my face in) but he didn't make any indication that he wanted to fuck, and with the communication issues, I didn't want to push it. Eventually I told him I needed a break, which he seemed to understand. I didn't see him much after that, otherwise I might've tried to get in his ass, or at least rimmed him again. Another daddy "bear" (probably 40s, little chubby but not hairy), I'll call him J, came into my room and we did some mutual oral and that ALSO turned into a makeout/cuddle session where we learned we were both tops. We said we'd share a bottom together if we found one. Another muscular daddy type (40s or early 50s) came into my room, said "hey bud", dropped his towel, and stood next to where I was laying on the bed. Nothing happened for a few seconds until I realized he just wanted me to suck him. So I did, and a within a few minutes he dropped his load down my throat, said "thanks" and left. I imagine he had been there for awhile and it was time to go home to the family and he just needed to get off. Awhile later a smooth former-USMC guy came in (late 30s or early 40s) and started sucking me, and left my room door open. As he sucked, I saw J watching and talking to someone outside the room, and a few seconds later J and this cute cub (20s) came into the room and he asked if they could share the space for a few (I think the cub was going to go down on him or something) but then they immediately left. Then the guy sucking me got off the bed and said thanks and was going to leave. I sucked him for a minute or two and tried to turn him around to rim him, but he stopped me and said he didn't want full sex. I respected that and said to come back later if he wanted. I went down to the hot tub and the cute cub was talking to someone else about bathhouses he had been to, so I joined the conversation. Damn that cub was handsome, had a great voice, great smile...and as he left the hot tub we exchanged a glance and smiles...I should've followed him out, but I didn't. I didn't see him anymore after that, and I'm kicking myself for not pursuing him. I talked to J about why they didn't stay in the room when he and the cub came in when the guy was sucking me, and he said the cub didn't like being watched - we both agreed that maybe he should reconsider coming to a bathhouse then! The bathhouse was doing a "movie night" in the lounge area that night, and they provided some food while the movie was showing, so a lot of us took a break to get some food and watch a little of the movie before heading back to the hallways. Nothing special with the food, but it was nice that they had it. Awhile later, J and I were laying on my bed with the room door open, just sorta cuddling and kissing, and hoping that some bottom would come in and start servicing us. Some older guys (60s+) did come in and sucked us a little, but I wasn't interested in returning the favor or fucking them (sorry, I know most of you on here would take anyone, and I'm pretty open but there are just some guys I can't get into). Then out of the blue this young twink (21 or 22) came in, said "hi" directly to me (after a bit I realized who he was - I had been with him before from BBRTS and he had seen the Quick Connect I posted about being at the bathhouse), and started sucking me and then J. I eventually moved behind him and gave him a fucking while he sucked J. As I unloaded in his ass, J unloaded also..and of course we had onlookers from the doorway. The three of us (me, J, and the twink) ended up in the hot tub after cleaning up...and another older daddy guy that I know from online (50s, he's always looking for twinks to fuck) joined us. Although the older guy kept the conversation generic, he gradually inched closer to the twink and started rubbing his leg, etc...pretty soon they were going off together to the older guy's room...can't say I didn't see that coming! lol After that, J and I talked a little more and exchanged contact info, and he left. I stuck around for another half hour or so, but the crowd had died down (it was about 11:30pm). I knew it would pick back up again (and be younger) if I stayed longer, but I was getting tired and had an hour-long drive back home, so I called it a night. In summary for the day, I bred two asses, swallowed two loads, and made out and cuddled with more guys in one night than I ever have before. LOL It was also refreshing to have so many guys tell me that I was handsome and that I had a nice cock or that I was funny, etc...after so much rejection lately on Grindr and from the locals. That, and the general relaxation in the hot tub, made the night worth it, despite not having a lot of cum exchange.
  14. Thanks for following

  15. A little late, but Happy Halloween for those of us in the US

    1. NLbear


      Did you get a lot of tricks and were any of them treats?

    2. barecubtop


      I worked on stuff for school.  :-(  I had apps/sites open but no tricks or treats.

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