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    I consider myself gay in terms of attraction, but have done some limited bi play as well. With men, I enjoy fucking raw ass, sucking daddy/bear cocks and swallowing their loads, tag teaming a hot ass, threesomes, groups, bathhouses, sex clubs parties orgies, hotel sex
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    Mid 30's, grad student at the moment, have lived in the Midwest (USA) all my life.
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  1. BBRTS and threesomes.

    I'm a fan of tag teaming a bottom with another top, and I've had several of those situations that have worked out well (and a few that didn't). What annoys me: 1) When I tell a bottom that I'm open to tag teaming him with another top while we're talking about interests and such, they automatically go for the "do you have buddies to join us" as though I have a stable of tops ready to come over at a moment's notice. When I say "no, not right at the moment" they proceed to focus on the idea of the tag team and any hope I had of fucking them 1on1 disappears. "Well now I'm all turned on by the idea of you and another top fucking me, so let's try to find another top..." UGH 2) When there is a profile/ad (i.e. on BBRTS or CL) that asks for someone to join in for a threeway or group, and I fit what they're looking for, yet never get a response. QuickConnect ads on BBRTS are notorious for this - "looking for all tops to come give me loads on the eastside", yet when I ask for the address and see that they read my message, no reply. UGH
  2. Always down to meet dudes around Chicago

    Threesome up in Chicago some weekend? I'll be up there for sure Feb 23/24/25, if not earlier.

    I typically don't mind if people recommend me, but I'd like it to be open as to who gave someone the info. One guy texted me and said that he had heard that I gave head to bi/married guys. I asked him who referred me and it ended up being a guy that I had emailed with but never met up with. So that was interesting. (I did have the referred guy over, he was alright) However... It's one thing if guys chat and provide positive recommendations. It's another if there's negative talk or slander. There have been fellow tops who have come over and either because a bottom didn't show or because we planned to do so, we end up laying next to each other in bed with our phones out on Grindr. We will ask each other, "have you ever talked to or met this guy?" And I don't lie...if I have met them, I will say so and definitely recommend the guy if I had a positive experience with him. If I did NOT have a positive experience with a guy, I will also say that, but I try not to influence the other top either way. I might say, "I didn't really connect with him" or "he ended up not being what I expected" or state a fact like "we fooled around but he wasn't prepped well that night and it turned me off", but I try not to tell the other top NOT to consider the guy for another time. He might end up having a great time with a guy that I did not have a good time with. That being said, I often do ask others for recommendations - but it seems as though others don't want to share the info. They want to keep their "fun" close and not risk losing their bottoms to another top. At least that's my experience where I live (small town rural Midwest).
  4. First CumUnion

    It was this past weekend at the Works. I didn't go, but it was listed as a party ad on BBRTS. Should also be listed on the CumUnion website for the next few months.
  5. Herpes Disclosure

    I appreciate all of the replies, positive and negative, to my original post 6 months ago. A little update on my situation...I mentioned earlier that every test I've had comes back positive for HSV-1 and negative for HSV-2. I discussed this with my doctor, and we re-examined the test results from the swab they did on my initial outbreak. It seems as though it might've been a HSV-1 infection on my dick rather than a HSV-2 infection. This can happen, although it's not common. If our assumption about the true nature of what I have is correct, it would be slightly "better" in a way, in the sense that I may not be shedding as much as I thought I was if I had HSV-2. I am still taking the Valtrex daily.
  6. Is this guy crazy?

    If he really said "very unlikely to happen" he's admitting that there is a risk as a top, so that's something. But, the "very unlikely" part is probably being too generous. The risk is lower as a top, but not impossible. And, as you have said, his being uncut will add to the risk. As others have said, you may not get him to change his mind during the course of a conversation with him, but having a conversation at all is a good starting point. It may not be wise to "hit him over the head" with a bunch of stuff (factual articles you may find online to send him and such), but if it ever comes up again you might want to have something to show him. It's up to him what he wants to do and the level of uncertainty he's comfortable with. It would be unfortunate if he is infected with HIV (and any other STI's out there) and doesn't find out until it progresses to a critical point of sickness, not to mention the fact that he would be spreading things like crazy if he really is having so much anon sex every week. That's not good for our communities (the gay/bi community, the barebacking community, the sex-positive community), despite what some of the bug-chasers and spreaders on this site may say. Sometimes I think we all still need to see that poster/diagram they have in testing clinics that show how having multiple partners spreads diseases like wildfire. Bottom-line: ALL of us are susceptible to STI's/HIV, especially when we bareback, and being a strict top doesn't necessarily make it any less of an issue. (just think of all the other things he has probably been exposed to - gono/chlamydia, syphilis, herpes. Is he getting tested for those?)
  7. TOPS: What should a bottom do when sucking cock?

    My personal response, but other tops might feel differently.... I agree with @upptheebutt69 that it shouldn't be too loose. If you're on your knees, or in a position where you don't have to support yourself, put your hands on me - my legs, my chest, my arms. The more body contact, the hotter it can be for me. If you like my cock, it's size, it's taste...tell me when you come up for air. Everyone likes to be told they're special. ;-) I will probably return the gesture with a compliment on your mouth or body. BUT...don't talk too much, you're there to do a job for me. Let me know you're enjoying it by moaning or gently squeezing whatever part of my body you're holding onto, etc... Unless we've set it up as a quickie blow and go, take off your shirt at least...so I can touch you, maybe play with your nips, maybe lean forward and lick your neck while you suck, etc...and let me know if what I'm doing is something you like, by moaning or saying "I like my nips played with." Fully nude is hot too, of course, as is a jockstrap (especially if there's any chance you might want to turn around and take it up your ass after you suck for awhile). I don't generally get into being deep-throated - it does nothing for me. Same with only attention to the head of my cock - it's sensitive there, guys. I prefer you take me fully into your mouth, use your tongue, get it wet, and suck in and out at a medium/varying pace. If I moan, take that as a cue that I like whatever you're doing at that particular moment and continue doing it. There was one guy I used to suck that I knew exactly what to do to get him to cum...a certain amount of tongue pressure to use on his cock while I sucked. Swallow my load and be attentive to my sensitivity as you lick me clean. If you like the taste/size of my load, tell me.
  8. Can guys be too nice??

    I'm probably one of the "too nice" guys, in a way. The majority of my hookups are situations where the guy comes in and finds me naked in bed and we get right to it with no talking (or bathhouse sex). The more I get to know a guy, the less "lust" I usually have for them. As you can imagine, this has meant that FWB just doesn't work for me. There was a married guy I used to suck off on a semi-reqular basis, and he was super nice and we got to know each other little by little. One night he came over, and I had told him I wasn't really in the mood to fool around but we could hang out and watch TV. After a while, he started making comments about how horny he was and how he wanted to fool around, and I just wasn't into it. Needless to say I didn't hear from him for awhile after that. It wasn't that I lost any sexual attraction to him, it was more that he was fulfilling my need for companionship that took priority over sex at the time. I've had several good friends that resulted from fooling around at first and then turning it into a friendship without any more sex. I'm working on getting more comfy with FWB, though...but it's hard when I want more of a connection than just a fuck. That's just me, though.
  9. Sensual/affectionate and Pervy at the same time?

    I think there's a time and place for both. For instance, I don't expect the kissing and body contact (intimacy) at a bathhouse or group situation. But, with 1on1s, I would definitely prefer some intimacy in addition to just the lusty fucking. Some of the best hookups I've had were ones where we got right to it with the lust factor, but with some kissing and touching as well. Then after I unloaded in him and we laid there chatting for a bit (with or without cuddling), we started on round 2 and it was more of a "love-making" experience rather than just a fuck. Round 3 would generally be more of a "fun" fuck at that point...comfy enough with each other to still make each other feel great but be a little silly/fun in the process. Having said that, most of my hookups are just lusty fuck and go situations. :-(
  10. I don't think we have to worry about them disappearing anytime soon. It's true that I see more older guys than younger when I go, but there ARE younger guys. And the more we talk about bathhouses on here, and how hot they can be, the more "newbies" will want to go check them out and get as hooked as we are. I think one of the biggest concerns about going might not be the crowd but the STI's that are passed around. That just goes back to getting people to be responsible about getting tested and treated, though. I never got around to going to Man's Country like I wanted to. It sounded pretty hot and raunchy. I had heard (on here maybe?) that the owners were getting old and upkeep was getting expensive and no one wanted to take over from them. I don't think it was a closing due to lack of business. I don't know for sure, though.
  11. Buying Antibiotics online

    @tallslenderguy, I believe the student health center I go to does both the shot and the pill ("we treat for both gono and chlamydia if you test positive for either"). This time last year I had gono in my throat and they did both the ass shot and the pills for a week. Thanks for the kind words about the subject. Keep in mind I live in Indiana, where now VP-Pence tried to put a bill in place to allow business to discriminate against LGBTQ persons based on religious beliefs. So, I'm not surprised at what I run into in this conservative town. I hope to get out of here soon (thus my 2018 goal of getting my ass going on my phd research) and to a larger city where I have some better medical options.
  12. Senior needs

    I think it's all about attraction/chemistry. I've been with some guys who were in their late 50s and early 60s and had a hot time, but I generally am attracted to guys from 18 to mid/late 40's. It's not that I doubt a senior would be good in bed or what not, I agree that seniors are probably really good at what they do because of their experience. For me, as a top especially, I sort of have my pick in situations like bathhouses, and I'd like to have the majority of my fun with the guys I'm most attracted to, not a wet mouth or tight hole on just anyone. I do admire some of the seniors that come to the bathhouses - I've seen a few wandering about with canes even, and I think to myself "that's sort of badass, good for them" but if they come on too strong or don't take a hint that I'm not interested, that can really get annoying also.
  13. Buying Antibiotics online

    I will agree with the others that say to go to a doctor, but I certainly understand the shame aspect as well. I'm not ashamed of myself for getting STDs - it's a risk of barebacking and I'm ok with that risk. However, this past summer when I got syphilis my doctor said something like "what are we going to do with you and these stds..." which made me feel ashamed (even though the last STD I had tested positive for was like 7 months earlier). Granted, I don't think she meant it to be shaming...I've had to enlighten her about gay sex throughout the last couple years of seeing her for my PrEP checkups. In general, she is professional and handles these things decently. (plus, I'm stuck with her at the student health center on campus, where most things are free because of my student status...otherwise I'd find an off-campus doc) This is a timely post...I have had irritation in my dick the last few days, and saw discharge yesterday morning. I was due for my 3-month PrEP checkup anyways, so I made an appt with the student health center that afternoon. My regular doc wasn't on schedule that day, so i saw someone else but all of the records are freely shared between all the docs. He didn't prescribe anything yesterday, but said we'd wait until the tests come back early next week and call in a script for me at the campus pharmacy if needed. From the above discussion, I understand why...I've been on a few antibiotics over the last couple years...due to STDs and some stomach issues (parasites, etc...), so I'm at that point where I'd rather wait until I know exactly what is wrong and what meds will work to target the problem rather than just asking for a general antibiotic instead.
  14. I don't know if it's good or bad that the medical lab staff at the campus health center know me and refer to me by my first name or not....lol. 

    1. Ranger Rick

      Ranger Rick

      It's not something I would mention on a first date

    2. barecubtop


      LOL....maybe not.

  15. BBRT Subscription Worth It?

    I subscribe. It's gotten to be a thing where my yearly subscription runs out at Christmas, so I have Christmas money (gift) that helps me rationalize it. LOL. I think it's worth it, and I've never had trouble with using a card to pay.

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