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Score One for the Dude in His Late 40s

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The older I get the harder it seems to get laid.  I'm a big guy, in good shape, aged 49, 6' 3" and 250 pounds.  I post sporadically on the locals sites, but usually find myself disappointed.   

Everyone was gone for the weekend, but I had to stay around as I had to work that weekend, so I posted an invitation on the usual sites, receiving the usual replies from the usual guys.  So much for that.

Later that night I was home having a few drinks and watching TV when a guy messaged me.  We ended-up going back and forth, at one point telling me "Most guys can't handle my cock for very long."

Of course I had heard this line more than once, so I challenged him to prove it, whereupon he sent me a pic of his big, black, beautiful cock.  It was such a stunningly impressive cock I found myself thinking "I wonder if it actually is his cock."  Yeah, I've been down that road before.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Eighteen," he replied.

"Mind if I see ID?" I asked.

Ten minutes passed during which he was quiet, only to come back on saying "I'll show you in person."

"Okay," I replied, giving him my address, and jumping in the shower for a quick clean-up.  As I was drying off, the driveway alarm alerted me someone had arrived.

A knock on the door sounded.  Opening the door I found the guy, a young guy, good looking, skinny as hell, dressed in all black, wearing a hoodie.

"Oh, hi, you're here," I said in greeting, adding "come in."

Looking at him I was still concerned about age, so I asked "ID, please."

Hesitating still, he finally produced a brand new learner's permit.  He had turned 18 only a few weeks earlier. 

"Cool," I commented, handing over his permit as I continued "I just wanna ask - you wanna fuck?"

He nodded in affirmation.

All the time I had been wondering what exactly was the kid looking for, but that settled it.  Off to the spare room we went, where, once the door was closed I dropped my shorts and shed my shirt.  He kicked-off his shoes, dropped his sweats, and low and behold:  it was the actual cock from the picture.  It was soft, hanging there as the very image of relaxation. 

'Oh my god, it's gonna get fuckin' big', I realized.  Game on.

Gesturing for him to get into bed, I attempted to give him head.  Within 30 seconds it was at full solute, and it was, with no exaggeration, much more than I could handle in my mouth.

As of this point he hadn't .. he really has not said to much to this point.. he pushes me face first down on the bed. Rolls in behind me.. his cock is warm as he rubs it on me. He grabs the lube on the bed and pours a lot on my back and rubs it on my ass and hole.. you can handle this he finally says.. yep. I node.. and he slides in me. I must admit.  He is big.. omg he's in me slowly stroking in and out. More each stroke.  I'm pushing out trying my best to take all of him, bingo I feel his balls slap my ass.. omg it's amazing.. he's picking up speed. And intensity.. he pushes me forward,  climbs up on the bed. I'm face down ass up. He is straddling me and fucking breeding me deep and hard. I'm trying to squeeze down on him and he just fucks me harder.. I'm moaning telling him harder.. he's got my shoulders and pulling as he slams into me.. he goes rigid and I feel him cumming in me.. omg this got out of hand fast.. FUCK..

He is done. Pulls out and asks where the bathroom is.. I'm still collecting myself when he comes out and is fully dressed and headed for the door.. 

Gone.  Omg I am still wrapping my head around what happened.. my phone chirps.. it says again in a hour.. I type yes before I have time to think about it..  he comes.back 2 hous later and fucks me harder and deeper I swear.. lol 

That's Friday night, he hits me up again the next afternoon. I'm sore as hell but hooked.. I am waiting ass up on my deck.. sun shimmying down.. he just slides in and ruins my ass and leaves,  never says a word. Again later that evening.. same thing..  haven't heard from him sence.. lol

But when I think about it, my cock gets hard and I feel like a total whore.. which I like.. I have always been a fan of black cock.. but now I'm hooked for life.. I fear though you have set the bar pretty high.

Lol.. that was my weekend.  How was yours.. ?

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