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A Weekend at Club 80...

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Part 5:

Brian took my blindfold off and I looked to see who had joined in the fun. There were two new faces in the room. One was around 35 years old, well built, a real piece of rough trade and fucking hot. He had an enormous pierced dick - PA and ladder - and a prominent biohazard tatt. He had a stern demeanour and I knew he would be a formidable master. His name was Chris. The other man simply took my breath away. He was about 19 - a real muscle jock boy. Shaved totally smooth - not a hair on him from the neck down. A really innocent looking face - classic All American jock boy. No tatts; no piercings. He had a huge dick that was as hard as steel. He had a wide-eyed deer-caught-in-the-headlights look to him and he was staring at me - his name was Aaron. 

Brian grabbed the sodden, sweaty jock strap from the floor and sprayed some Maximum Impact onto it and held it over my nose and mouth. I gave ten huge huffs and was soon flying.

Chris walked up to the sling and started to run his hands over my body. He tweaked, pinched and slapped his way around my body and I was loving the pleasure/ pain he was giving me. He ran his hands over my piercings and pulled them and manipulated them. He walked around me and examined my tatts. He took my cock in his mouth and made love to my dick until I was writhing and moaning in the sling. He knelt at my arse and gave me a thorough rim job, pausing every so often to deposit the cum he had licked and sucked from my hole directly into my mouth.

The kid just stood and stared.

“Your turn, kid,” said Chris as he pushed Aaron in the small of his back (were they a couple?) and he stepped forward to explore my bound body. He grabbed my leaking cock and started to jerk it, making sure to tweak the ampallang and ladder piercing as he manipulated my cock. His hand was soon slick with my precum and he stopped and licked his hand. I groaned. He jerked my dick a few more times and then presented his long, nimble fingers for me to lick clean. He moved onto my nipples and made sure that they got a good workout too - they were going to be sore and scabbed over by the next morning at this rate. He walked over to my exposed pits and started to run his tongue up and down, licking from the tops of my lats, all the way through the pit, to the bicep and back down again, bathing my entire armpit in his saliva. He leaned over and spat in my mouth and kissed me. I could taste my own sweat. He moved over to the other pit and repeated the process. He gave me another deep kiss, and then ran his tongue from my earlobe down along my jawline. He sucked and nibbled my neck and gave me a few hickies on my neck. He licked down to my clavicle and took one and then the other nipple into his mouth, biting them drawing a long hiss from my pursed lips. He was fascinated with my tatts and licked and kissed around them as he caressed them with his hands. He walked back up to my head and presented his cock to me. He smelled like all good young muscle jocks should smell - some sweat, some soap and some crotch funk. He pushed his dick into my mouth and down my throat. “Get it nice and wet, slut, it’s the only lube you’re going to get.” he said in an amazingly deep voice… Fuck, I’m a sucker for young studs with deep voices. Soon I was choking on his meat and I know that there was equal amounts saliva and mucus coating his dick each time he withdrew to let me take a few heaving breaths. The others were watching my oral rape with awe.

Chris, in the mean time, was working my arse with his fingers. He had big hands and was stretching me in a big way. He had all four fingers and a thumb up to the third knuckle - I knew it was only a matter of time and he’d have his entire hand buried in my arse. Aaron withdrew just enough for Brian to feed me a few huffs of poppers and then thrust back down my throat to the hilt. As I choked and gagged on his meat, Chris  pushed through my hole and had his entire hand buried in my arse.

I bucked and strained in my bonds and Aaron mercifully withdrew his cock from my battered throat. I took several heaving breaths as Aaron moved to my exposed arse.

He placed his dick next to Chris’ hands and pushed. He was relentless and I felt my arse give way and he was soon buried balls deep. I howled and shook as my arse got used to the invasion.

I felt the hand in my arse close into a fist and the kid let out a guttural moan. “Oh Jesus,” he gasped, “You’re jerking me off in his hole…”

I knew the kid could not last. I was experiencing sensations through my entire body that I had not experienced before.

Brian had moved off and was fiddling with something in the background - I could not see what he was doing.

Brian walked up to my head and fed me his dick. I was relieved to have something to distract me from the reaming my arse was receiving. Soon, Aaron thrust deep into my hole, impaling me further on Scott’s dick. I felt Brian let loose a massive load down my throat and felt Aaron shaking as he let loose a massive load in my arse. He shook as he withdrew his dick and presented it to me to clean. Again, he thrust deep down my throat and, as I choked on his massive tool, Chris withdrew his hand. He fed me Aaron’s load by presenting his fingers to me to lick clean. Brian, Aaron and Chris wiped themselves down wth my wrestling singlet. It was now a sodden mess and I knew I would be wearing it around Club 80 at some stage soon enough.

Aaron then knelt down and started to finger my arse. By now, it was loose enough to accommodate his hand relatively easily - even though he had bloody big hands. He was an expert fister and was giving my prostate a workout as he got deeper and deeper into my colon.

He withdrew his arm so that he was at a normal depth (whatever the fuck that is) and Chris presented his monster dick at the entrance to my hole. Chris had by far the biggest dick out of anyone who had fucked me that evening. He had a massive PA and a ladder down his dick of about eight bars through his cock… I was going to feel every inch of this. He was relentless and bottomed out quite swiftly. I was groaning and babbling quite incoherently at this latest onslaught. As the two worked my arse like a violin, I felt Aaron take Chris’s dick in his hand and start to jerk him off. Soon he was shooting a monster load into my arse. I knew it was big because I could feel it squishing around Aaron’s hand.

“When I tell you, pull out of his arse,” I heard Chris say just as Scott and Brian walked up to me and swabbed an arm each. This was going to be interesting… They each found a vein easily and registered.

In unison, they both depressed the plungers on the syringes.

I felt as though I had been hit by a freight train. As soon as my coughing fit subsided, Scott rammed the entire length of his dick down my throat. As I coughed and choked on this invader, I heard Chris shout, “One, two three - go!”

I felt the kid withdraw his dick and Chris withdraw his closed fist from my cunt in one smooth stroke. I screamed around Scott’s monster as my arse stretched! Scott roared and came buckets down my throat.

While this assault on my senses was occurring, Brian was jerking my dick and I convulsed as I came buckets into his hand.

As Scott withdrew his still dribbling dick from my throat, Chris brought his hand to my mouth and inserted one finger at a time and I cleaned my arse juices and the kid’s load off his hand. Once his hand was clean, the kid came around and shoved his cock down my throat and ordered me to clean it. I was fucking loving this kid!

Scott withdrew his dick and Brian miked my cock as I whimpered and jerked n my bonds. I was spent. The four men wiped themselves and me down with the singlet and looked at me. I was flying - I always thought Brian decreased dosages as the night progressed but that was a huge slam. I’d find out later it was crystal and m-cat and my hole was pulsing with need.

“You enjoying this action?” Chris asked Aaron who, awestruck by what was happening, just mutely nodded his head yes…

Brian helped me out of the sling. I sagged against him, more from the chems than fatigue,. “One more round and then we can rest,” he promised. He gave me some Gatorade and water and had me stand in front of Aaron. I spent the next fifteen minutes worshipping every inch of this stud. I licked along his jaw as he had done to me, I feasted on his ripe pits and his sweaty dick, balls and crack. I laid down on the floor and he laid down with his feet positioned at my mouth. I licked and sucked each toe and licked and nibbled all the way to each heel and then back again. His feet were clean with a hint of foot sweat that was driving me wild. The kid was moaning.

Brian hauled me to my feet and fitted an electro butt plug up my arse and an expanding sound down my urethra. These were both connected to an electro box and the power turned on. He then fitted a ball stretcher that had two eyelets on the sides, presumably to attach weights. He then fitted two sets of nipple clamps - one to each tit - but left the other clamp of each set dangling by the wire down my torso. He then led me to a St Andrew’s Cross and fastened me to the beams. Last, but not least, he fitted a collar and attached the collar to the wall behind the cross. I was completely immobilised.

Aaron stared in awe.

“You want to try a small slam?” asked Chris.

“Fuck, yeah,” said Aaron - his cock lurching.

Scott walked up to Aaron and gave him a slam. It may have been small, but the kid was flying. It made him completely pliable and Chris motioned him to stand to one side of me. Soon, Aaron had a similar butt plug and sound and was moaning as the electro stimulation did its work. His low hangers were shoved through a similar ball stretcher and he was manoeuvred in front of me, facing me. he too was fitted with a collar and his arms were manacled to the cross, too. His collar was attached to mine, and our ball stretchers were attached to each other by a carabiner through each of the eyelets. Finally, Brian took the other end of the tit clamp on my right tit and attached it to Aaron’s right tit; and the same with the left. Aaron hissed as his tender nubs were brutalised by the clamp. Any movement each of us made would pull at the tits and balls of the other.

Chris gripped a handful of Aaron's hair, “See this slut?” he asked. “We are going to turn you into one just like him - tatts and all!” The kids eyes went wide.



Scott and Brian each had a paddle in their hands and in unison brought them down hard on Aaron’s vulnerable butt cheeks. Aaron let out a howl and started thrashing in his restraints, causing both our balls and tits to be mercilessly pulled…

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FFuck yeah....awesome writing....really wired now and loving the way you are getting Aaron hooked now too...OINK OINK

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On 3/15/2019 at 6:56 AM, grubbysubby said:

Invite me!!! 😂

We can co-host iT... for your next story 😏

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Just now, Lthrslampig said:

Not yet... virgin for ff :) 

Give me enough time with you and some chems and you'll enjoy what I can do for both of us. 

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Hi folks - apologies for the short chapter... our hero needs some rest and I need my creative juices flowing again to continue. Here is part 6, part 7 to follow reasonably soon...


Part 6:

The four Dominant men peppered Aaron’s cheeks with swats with the paddles. I know that they were aware that they could do some real damage if they thrashed Aaron too severely and so, by the time Aaron had managed to get his twisting and contorting under control, they stopped.

Despite the “gentle” treatment, by the end, Aaron’s and my ragged, heaving breaths punctuated the silence in the room - the only other sounds in the room were our occasional moans.

As mentioned, the others had not beaten Aaron too badly… even for a novice. It was the abuse to our tits and balls that had us groaning.

 We were both dripping sweat. If Aaron had smelled divine at the beginning of the evening, he smelled heavenly now! I was looking forward to getting my nose buried in some of that funk!

They untied us from the St Andrew’s Cross but did not detach our ball tethers or our tit clamps. “On your knees,” Brian barked and we painfully got to our knees still facing each other. Brian detached our ball tethers and then my tit clamps. I hissed as the clamps were undone - sometimes the pain of blood rushing back into the nipples is worse than anything else.

Chris took the clamps off Aaron’s nipples but immediately re-attached them a different way. I’m pretty sure I would have been tempted to rip them off if I was in his shoes, but Aaron seemed to know better and gritted his teeth through the pain. I was so curious to understand the dynamic between these two. As I said before, Brian and I lead a very egalitarian life, we only get into the serious dom/ sub stuff when we’re partying hard.

Scott pushed Aaron’s head forward and he started to chew on first my right and then my left nipple. The pleasure/ pain was exquisite and I was enjoying the attention.

Aaron stood up and lifted his arms and I was soon burying my nose and mouth in his armpits. Man, the kid smelled delicious. I was licking and chewing and sniffing my way up and down his torso and I know he was enjoying it because his dick was rock hard and leaking. Chris removed his nipple clamps and I quickly latched onto each nub with my teeth, giving each tit and a good working over. “We’re going to go to Piercing HQ and get you some hardware on your tits, balls, dick and arse, boy,” I heard Chris say. Aaron just moaned.

“But first, I’m going get you fucked by every guy in Club 80,” he said. I saw him move behind Aaron and insert a toothbrush in his hole and move it around rapidly. Aaron yelped and I saw him try to move away, but Chris held onto him. He withdrew the toothbrush and it was pink. I saw him dip the brush into a bag of tina and then re-insert it. Aaron yelped again as it burned but I saw the change in him very quickly and the shards made their way into his blood stream. He was sweating anew, and I suspected that the kid would get pozzed over the weekend.

It took me back to my own pozzing at the hands of Brian about a month into our relationship.

We had gone to Headquarters, a sex club in Sydney, where Brian had strapped me to a sling, slammed me with more tina I had ever had, brushed my arse till any poz cum in my hole would definitely take, and invited every top in the place to use me. He finished off the evening by giving me a blood slam and, within a week, I had the fuck flu. My dick lurched as I pictured Aaron getting the same treatment. I suspected we would see much more of him as the weekend progressed and I hoped it would culminate in his sporting the same piercings and ink as me - certainly the Treasure Island tatt… the scorpion and bio hazard tatts would come later.

Back in the present, Brian picked up the sodden wrestling singlet and wiped up the sweat and the precum off both our bodies and handed it to me. “Put it on,” he instructed. I struggled into the garment - conscious that it looked even more obscene than it normally would have thanks to the accumulated sweat, cum, pre cum and even some piss that had soaked into it over the evening’s festivities. I knew that  it was already morning and that Brian no doubt had something planned for me that would involve some exposure to the limited foot traffic in Melbourne on a Saturday morning.

He handed me a $20.00 note and instructed me to go and get the masters some coffees. I headed out the door.

The sun was just creeping over the horizon. There were a few stragglers hanging around but the streets were mainly empty. This was a mainly gay neighbourhood, so I was not feeling too exposed, but I was getting some attention from some young twinks who were still out from the night before. I had taken the straps off my shoulders to that the back of the singlet shielded my exposed arse. I know that my nipples jutted out obscenely, I reeked of sweat and cum and that the rest of the singlet hugged every curve of my body. Most of the singlet was soaked. My cock bulged obscenely at the front and my flawless torso glistened with sweat in the early morning light. I used the palms of my hands to “plane” the sweat and lube and cum off my body, licking my hands and fingers clean as I did so. I was dreading this. Fortunately, Plug Nickel is only a few meters from Club 80 and The Gate House. It was about 30 minutes before opening time and I was the first customer milling around the entrance. A very cute young man walked up to the door and ogled me from the interior of the coffee shop. I lifted my arms in a display position and slowly turned a full 360 degrees to give him the best view. I suspected that a blowjob was in order and, as he opened the door and led me out back, I was soon on my knees. There were two other men in the shop and one of them instructed me to stand but continue sucking the other off. Clearly the baristas here knew a few locals who liked services of a sexual nature because it was not very long before I had a few of the regular customers taking advantage of my arse too.

All good things must come to an end, and I was soon en route back to the Gate House with a few healthy loads of ism leaking out my arse and coffees in hand.

I walked back into the room and distributed the coffees. Scott handed Chris a rig with 0.4g of tina in it and I saw Chris slam it into Aaron's veins. Aaron let out a protracted moan and Chris led him out of the room buck naked - presumably to Club 80 for some pozzing action. Scott also took his leave and Brian led me to the bathroom for some much needed clean up. It was pure heaven rinsing off the accumulated fluids from the evening. Bran brought a few litres of Gatorade, and some other supplies to to me to rehydrate and keep my nutrition up.

A few minutes to shave, brush my teeth and pull on some loose shorts and a t-shirt, and we were back at the same cafe I had been to earlier for some breakfast.

I could not meet the eyes of the barista or the waiter as they kept looking over at me and giving me a wink. Of course, it did not escape the notice of Brian either and he was soon having a whispered conversation with the three of them off to the side. 

Soon after we had finished eating, we headed back to the room for a sleep. It was heaven to put my head on the pillow even though sleep would ordinarily evade me, Brian handed me half a sleeping tablet and I drifted off to about 5 hours sleep.

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HOT HOT HOT, Great Chapter.....love the writing........loving the way this is developing.....now cant wait for Part 7

Getting really turned on by it.........  FFuck great to read more about Aaron too......Love to see the young Muscle boys have their inner pig released big time...woooFF

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Part 7:


Chris led me naked to Club 80 where he had hired a room. As we walked through the venue, he stopped to talk to a couple of rough looking, hung tops. They pawed at my skin, twisting my nipples and shoving their fingers roughly up my arse.

Fuck, I was wired. I needed something - anything - up my hole.

We walked into the room Chris had hired and he bent me over what looked to be like a fuck bench of some kind. There, he tied my arms to the bench. I was secured quite tightly, but loosely enough that I could take a huff of the coppers that Chris pushed into my hands. “Huff until I tell you to stop,” he ordered. I started to take deep breaths; first one nostril, then the other. My head was spinning. I was sweating from the massive Tina slam Chris had given me earlier. I lost count at 20 and started again. I got to 25 of the second lot and I knew I was in danger of passing out. “Stop,” I heard Chris say. I felt Chris’ hands near my hole and felt him slip his fingers into my cunt easily. I felt a burning and I know he had pushed a few shards of tina up my arse. My whole arse seemed to warm up to his touch. “This slut taking it raw?” I heard a gruff voice ask.

“Isn’t that the only way?…” was Chris’ reply as he withdrew his fingers and reached around for me to suck them clean. “Fuck, yeah,” was the response and I felt a sizeable dick slide into my hole. “Fucking tight, how many fucked him tonight?”

“You’re the first here, but he’s been stretched out a bit leading up to tonight.”

“He partied up?” asked the stranger.

“Yeah, going to keep him that way, too,” said Chris. Fuck! They were talking about me as if I was not even there.

“He poz or neg, mate?”

“Neg mate… but hoping that’ll change this weekend!”

I felt the guy’s dick swell at that last statement - the thought of giving me a poz load seemed to turn this guy on!

“Oh Jesus…. dirty fucking whore… taking poz cocks at a sleazy sex club… taking all comers…” he started a litany of abuse as he slammed into me. “Gonna give you my dirty load, cunt, beg for it…” he instructed. Chris leaned into my ear and said, “beg, cunt, and make it good!”

I begged and babbled as if my life depended on it. Chris and I were still working out the boundaries of our relationship and, to be truthful, I was a little scared of him. He could be a fearsome master when he wanted to be.

“Fuck your dirty load into my cunt, give me your load, Sir…” I babbled… 

“Here it comes, bitch,” I heard him say and he slammed into my arse hard. By now, a group had gathered by the door. My anonymous sperm donor moved over to the bed and knelt in front of me. The cock presented to me to clean had streaks of blood on it and I knew I was going to get knocked up. I slurped at the dick greedily as I felt the next guy line up. As he thrust into me, I felt his piercing. “Oh, fuck, you’re pierced,” I groaned. The guy laughed and said, “all the better to tear you up with, my dear,” and thrust into my hole particularly hard. “Going to make sure this and all the other poz loads get fucked deep into you.”

I felt the first guy scoot his head underneath my torso and start chewing on my nipples. Damn, they were going to be sore! He would lightly run his tongue around the aureole, then take the nub into his mouth and gently suck before nipping at the nipple with his teeth. Then he would lick and suck again and move onto the next nipple. Whatever nipple was not receiving his oral skills would be pulled, pinched and twisted with his rough fingers. I never wanted this to end. The guy fucking my arse slammed in one last time and I could feel his load pumping into my hole. The guy chewing my tits pulled me down and latched onto my nipple and bit hard causing me to clench my arse and milk the guy fucking me.

“He tight?” someone asked him as he withdrew his dick.

“Not anymore,” the dude smirked before presenting his dick to me to clean.

I lifted myself up to look behind me and was hit by a wave of light headedness and realised that the tina was doing a number on me today. I felt the next guy take position and thrust his dick into me, bottoming out super quick. I groaned as I felt his girth invade my guts. I felt the loads already in there squish around his member and he started a steady rhythm of fucking into me. The mouth nibbling and sucking my nipples moved to first my left and then my right pit. Jesus, this felt good. I jerked as I felt a hand come down hard on my butt, slapping me back to reality. Before long, he had unloaded in me, too. And so continued a procession of about 18 guys unloading my arse. I felt an enormous butt plug forced up my hole to keep the loads brewing and, hopefully, infecting my hole.

I was not always a chaser; but Chris had awakened my inner slut. And a big part of my horniness today was seeing that stud, Matt, and his piercings and tatts. I wanted… no, needed… Chris to get me knocked up in the same way. I wanted to look like Matt.

I knew that Chris was going to get me pierced sometime today; my dick was hard and leaking just thinking about it.

Chris eventually untied me and led me to the car. We were heading to the a friend of his who would do my piercings and tatts that night.



I woke up disoriented, wondering where I was. Soon, the room came into focus. I rolled over and looked at my phone - it was just after 3pm. I think I had slept for around 6 hours. I was feeling quite refreshed; but I also knew there was a long evening ahead. I stumbled to the bathroom, had a piss, a douche and a shower. I drank about a litre of water and gobbled down some yoghurt and some fruit. I made sure my mouth was clean.

Brian had stepped out and wanted me in my wrestling singlet and waiting by 4pm.

By 355pm, I got into the wrestling singlet and stood with my hands behind my head in front of the open door. I had a blindfold on. The only other clothing I wore was a pair of ratty old Converse with no socks. Oh, and my cock cage. My cock was straining against the cock cage and I could smell the rank singlet as my body warmed it up.

“Still whoring around?” I heard a voice… it sounded like Scott. “Put your hands in front of you…” he commanded and I felt steel cuffs snap around my wrists. He fitted a collar around my neck and fixed a leash to the collar. “Come with me,” he said as he started to walk, pulling the collar. I stumbled a little and he coached me along the passage and into the bright sunlight. I had no idea where we were going but we had not walked far when he directed me to sit in a car. I heard the car start and we drove in silence for what seemed like an eternity.

We got to our destination and Scott led me into another building. I could hear voices coming from the passage and they all fell silent as we entered the room. There were a few grunts of appreciation and I felt hands all over me. Scott led me to a St Andrew’s cross and tied me to it. I felt a swab on my arm and the tell tale prick of the needle. My ears started ringing and I had a metallic taste in my mouth as the drugs started to course through my body. Fuck I loved the sensation! The blindfold was removed and I took in the scene in front of me.

Aaron was tied face up and naked on a bed. I watched as they swabbed his arm, found a vein, registered and delivered more drugs into his bloodstream. Damn, he looked good wired. His nipples and his dick and balls looked as though they had had a good workout over many hours. His nipples in particular looked sore. A man I recognised walked into the frame and walked up to Aaron’s bound frame. I remembered him from the day that I had been pierced all those years ago in Brian’s play room. He started to twist and maul Aaron’s nipples, causing the kid to groan. I saw him use some forceps and grab Aaron’s left nipple, insert a needle through it and then thread a barbell through the nipple. Aaron hissed. He repeated the process with the right nipple. He swabbed Aaron’s cock and I saw him ready the needle to give Aaron an ampallang. Aaron’s body arched off the bed as the needle pierced his cock head. I know how painful an ampallang can be! But he was not finished and I saw him give the kid an apadravya as well. Fuck, that must have hurt. Surprisingly, the kid’s cock was still burping out a stream of pre-cum. Unsurprisingly, mine was as well. 

The man quickly worked his way around Aaron’s body and had finished reasonably quickly. He walked up to me… I certainly wasn’t expecting any extra hardware and my body tensed. He freed my cock from its cage and manipulated the piercings gently. I loved the sensation of the barbell being manipulated in my piercing. He removed the piercing and took out a larger gauge barbell and stated to work it into the hole. It was not an altogether unpleasant sensation but it was not something I would willingly do to myself. He also worked around, removing my existing piercings and inserting larger gauge jewellery in each.I knew it would take a while for me to get used to the new hardware, but it was an exciting process and I was turned on.

He wrinkled his nose as he breathed in the scents emanating from my bound form.

I saw him walk over to the table and get a double pin wheel toy connected to an electro box and walk up to me. He ran the toy up and down my torso. There was no electricity flowing though the toy yet. The sensations were fantastic, particularly around my nipples and around my armpits. I saw him switch the electro on and touch the pin wheel to my bound form. Fuck!

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