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Reagans dating again

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"ugh" the tall blonde sulked into the mirror.  What stood before her was nothing new.  Long blonde hair, pouty lips, perky C cup breasts and a drooling eight inch cock that was unruly at best as she struggled to tuck it gently into her panties.  "easy boy" she scolded the hungry tool as she slipped her skirt on and returned to selecting the perfect outfit.  Tonights date with Tony was a quick tinder match, the sort of boy meets girl stuff she had come to enjoy from eager young men looking for a quick fuck. 

Dinner and drinks went by smoothly enough and with a little coaching the boy went from perfect first-date gentleman to tongue fucking the girls mouth and fondling her breasts in the car just as intended.  keeping the boy hard and horny she eagerly suggested heading back to her place for a little nightcap, stroking the boys ego and cock.  "Have a seat and ill get us some drinks. i hope you dont mind a cold beer?"  she swished into the kitchen as Tony sunk into the plush sofa.  "beers fine"  he remarked and with that Reagan dumped the fine white powder into his drink and gave it a quick swirl.  As the night dragged on the couple progressed from petting to stripping and soon Reagans plump pink lips were wrapped around the boys comparatively smaller cock, stroking and bobbing as she teased his balls and milked a hot load from the horny young man.  "feels good baby?"  Reagan looked up to see the glassy eyed young man incoherently mumble back to her.  "thats what i like to hear tony"  she smiled.  "but I didnt get to cum sweetie"  she pouted as she slid her skirt and panties off and straddled the confused boy.  "Surpsise baby do you like it?"  Tony gazed down at the long wet cock as she dipped a manicured finger into the pool of precum at its head.  "its okay baby i know its different but..."  Reagan took hold of the boys jaw and traced her sticky finger along his lips "we're going to have so much fun." 

"first things first tony, lets get motivated."  Reagan produced a needle from her clutch and gently began winding its strap around her arm, administering just half the contents to herself as the rush of tina set her stroking and moaning atop the helpless boy.  "little pinch baby and then i promise a nice long fuck okay?"  Reagan gently pumped the boy full of the remainder of the tina and watched as his cock slowly hardened.  "thats right tony feels so good and warm all over doesnt it?"  Reagan hopped off the spun young man and lifted his legs apart.  "I need to be inside you baby.  this big hard things been so hungry for a pretty little hole all day."  she remarked while smearing a generous amount of lube along her girth with a gentile touch.  "ill be nice and gentle baby dont you worry.  before you know it youll have a big pretty girl nice and deep inside"  Reagan knelt between the boys legs and spread the boys ass.  "such a pretty little hole"  she remarked casually, and began to tongue and suck at Tonys virgin hole.

"mmhmm" Reagan sighed in acknowledgements to tonys symphony of moans as the boys once tight ring had been reduced to a puffy soft pussy after just a few minutes.  "I could eat this pretty little hole all day tony but its time." Reagan hefted the boys legs up and lined her glistening prick against the boys hot wet ass. "now just relax and let it inside..."  the boy grunted objectionably as Reagans head pierced the warm soft ring.  "just the tip"  she giggled, working back and forth into the warmth until she was smoothly stroking nearly half of her dribbling prick into the boy.  "see how easy that was? oh tony its so good to be inside baby.  youre doing so good,"  Reagan gently teased her nipples as she continued gently invading the boys virgin ass.  "Theres a good boy take it nice and deep."  Reagan panted as she looked down as the sight of her bloated tool lodged completely inside her young dates smooth tight hole was too much.  "mmmm yes baby boy all of it.  take all that nice warm cream"  Reagan groaned as she pumped her seed deep inside Tonys welcoming warm cunt.

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