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  1. @rawTOP i really dont know where to start with chat...its...a mess. looking at the uptime issues in the thread it looks like the site gets pushed to prod with no testing, so breaks are inevitable. have you considered blue/green deployments? do you perform any automated CI/CD testing? your browser identity could not be verified. this isnt user error, its a fact of life. Enhanced tracking protection, fingerprinting protection and anti-cryptominer protection in Firefox 77 means youre looking at an uphill battle trying to get the chat site to load properly if you expect to want to probe every browser. Even Chrome tends to shun fingerprint code. you might be better off with with recapcha and honeypotting The idea behind the honeypot method is as follows: website forms would include a hidden field (by positioning the field off screen). Since spam robots cannot detect a hidden field in the HTML, when data is inserted into this “honeypot” field, the website administrator would know that the data was not entered by a "real" user. The honeypot method can be made more sophisticated by using JavaScript and data hashing.
  2. As amandas hot cunt sucked the last few drops of cum from tuckers prick, he slowly eased out of the older housewife. Amanda surrendered to caitlins hands as she peaked to another gentle orgasm from the devious minx. "lets cuddle baby" trissa guided tucker to lay next to her and as he did, she began coaxing his cock back to life, gently massaging his balls as her tongue danced in and out of his mouth. "isnt Amanda pretty?" she whispered. Tucker nodded as the girl continued. "you can cum in any of us you know, as much as you want. i missed your great big dick inside me" Trissa watched the boy groan as she rolled his balls in her hand and his cock began to thicken. "we shouldnt, caitlin told me you...um.." Tucker struggled to find the words as trissa knowingly began pumping the boys cock with her fist. "did she tell you a little secret tuck? what was it" Trissa spread her legs and smiled, "you.."he panted. "I know baby it feels good. you want to put it inside me? maybe shoot some more?" Trissa began teasing the head of his dripping cock as tucker groaned. "i dont know" he sighed. "yes you do baby let me help you remember" Trissa slipped the head of Tuckers cock gently against her labia and stared into his conflicted eyes. Tucker felt her heat, her wet hot sex waiting for his cock. He knew he shouldnt, as his cockhead drooled precum down her slit. Trissa waited for the moment the boys cock began to decide for him. She knew most boys couldnt resist her even after they found out. She had an innocent smile, perfect D cup breasts, and a dripping poison pussy with a thick sensitive clit. She remembered fucking Caitlins cheating ex boyfriend, a naive nineteen year old she caught balls deep in a study buddy. his first inexperienced make out sessions continued with Trissa as a friday night ritual, teaching the boys body to associate pleasure solely with her. It took time and patience, but eventually Caitlins ex boyfriend was spending weekends with Trissa blowing his load into her mouth as she gulped his seed down and rubbed her creamy clit. pushing the sex hungry teen closer and closer to fucking until finally he gave in. It was a beautiful sight, watching him drive his unprotected cock over and over into her, mindlessly converting himself. She would alternate the boys cock between her ass and her pussy, making sure he dipped his cock deep in her as he dumped his raw seed over and over. and now it was tuckers turn as he thrust forward and the head disappeared inside her soaking pussy. "good boy tucker, dont fight it, you love to cum in me" she coaxed him, as he continued driving his cock into her creamy cunt. Glancing back to Amanda she saw her roomate devlins dripping tool resting gently on the sticky motherly mound as caitlin stroked the boy up and down her cunt lips. "oh god" Amanda groaned as the boy slid his thick tool into her. "thats it amanda, let the big cock inside. its been so long since you had a good fuck" caitlin said, gently working the older womans breasts and nipples. She was right, Amanda had given up, willingly surrendering her neglected snatch to the young boy as he gave her what she never knew she craved for so long. The cum in her pussy felt good as Devlins big cock stirred it around inside her. "I bet your tits would looks amazing if you got pregnant, so nice and big and milky" caitlin grinned as she continued to bounce against the boys hips. "I mean youre not really fucking unless a boy cums inside. Why dont we take a chance huh Amanda?" Caitlin began rubbing the womans belly. "A few more little squirts of cum inside, doesnt that sound nice?" Amanda nodded as the boy pistoned in and out of her meaty cunt. Her one weakness was the exact way she managed to have two kids in the first place, as her husband promised just the head her greedy cunt managed to spend the day gulping down load after load. She loved being filled, feeling a mans seed inside her, and now it was about to happen again. "tell him what you want sweetie, let him know he can put his cum in you" Caitlin instructed. "cum in my pussy" the woman hissed, over and over, as Devlin drew one long stroke and slammed his cock deep. "there we go, all of the load, nice and deep" caitlin soothed, watching the moaning woman cum hard as her new lover bred her.
  3. Jake raised the sated boys head gently and smiled into his eyes. It was important for clint to understand this was nothing to be ashamed of. To acclimate to his new life of cock and cum, just as Jake had when Seth first welcomed him. Jake kissed the clumsy boy as he gently caressed his thin frame. "such a pretty boy when youre fucking" Jake cooed as he ran his hands sensuously across Clints ass, sliding his fingers down until they met the point where his cock laid soaking in the boy. Jake wanted clint to associate affection, and appreciation with his hole. Jake wanted clint to know that a mans raw load inside him truly made him special and loved. As if by magic, the boy kissed him once more, sighed and asked, "thanks." Jake could feel the boys pulse through his creamy dilated hole and the gentle throb was beginning to make him hard again. slowly, Clint placed his hands on Jakes chest and sat up, as if to lift himself off the meat he was currently impaled upon. However when the boy looked down, he stopped. There it was, Jakes cock in him. "See where i am Clint? Looks nice doesnt it. clint reached down and ran his fingers around the circumference of his penetrated hole. "do you...need to cum again?" he asked sheepishly. "i dunno, you could probably make me cum again. You feel really nice inside clint." without thinking, clint relaxed his hips and slowly sank back down on Jakes prick. "thanks." he sighed, continuing to work Jakes cock. "are you trying to get me to cum in you again?" jake chuckled. Clint had begun to relish the feeling of Jakes cock inside him. He was never really good at many other hobbies like Basketball or hockey, but now he felt like an expert. All he had to do was get Jakes dick inside and he could make the man cum over and over, he was sure of it. Clint let out a satisfied hiss as he picked up his pace. "I could probably make any guy i want to cum" clints mind was racing at the possibilities, the power to make a guy give him something so private, so reserved, so precious as the seed in his balls. just bounce up and down on their cocks and the cum was his. "jakes cum isnt jakes anymore its mine" he thought, stroking his abdomen and pounding the leaking prick inside him, he was almost too distracted to hear Jake moaning below. "are you close?" clint reached back to feel Jakes tight nuts. "yeah dude oh shit im close." clint picked up the pace, working jakes soaked prick deep in the pool of jizz inside him. Clint was pressing Jake into the bed, staring into his eyes like a predator, waiting for the moment. The glimmer when he knew Jake would give him another load because he had no choice. "oh my god" Jake began thrusting deep into clint as he reached back to spread his ass cheeks. "cum in me" clint demanded, pawing at the tops balls and feeling his cock pulsing deep inside him. Once he was satisfied, Clint climbed off jake and plodded down the hall to the bathroom. Straddling the toilet, Clint held his hand below his hole and gave a gentle push. "I need to see it" he thought, and his eyes lit up like a child on christmas morning as what seemed like gallons of cum flowed out from him. "beautiful, isnt it?" Seth mumbled as wandered in brushing his teeth. Clint just nodded. "Ya wanna know what i do with the loads?" Seth asked as he approached the boys parted legs. "what..." the boy asked with bated breath. Seth gently slipped his fingers inside the boy, drew them out, and softly traced the boys pouting lips. "I taste their seed." clint licked his lips, then licked seths fingers clean. "The best part is, all that cum is yours now." Seth tilted the boys cum filled palm gently onto his cock, and clint began to stroke himself once agan. Seth smiled, put the cap back on the toothpaste, and pranced down the hall to the living room again leaving Clint jerking his cock and fingering his hole like a pig in heat to suck the load clean off his digits. "who the hell is in the bathroom" seth asked mikey, who was balls deep in chris as the last of his jizz flowed effortlessly into the now eager boy. "craig? no...clint!" mikey smiled as he let his cock slide out of the boys cummy hole. "hes jakes new best friend, they fucked all night like good little bunnies." mikey remarked, as he tussled chris' hair and flipped on the TV. "poz?" seth mouthed to mikey, to which he just laughed. "not even straight" he replied sarcastically. "well not anymore" seth giggled as he poured a stale half-bowl of cheerio dust. "is it just...is it illegal for me to have anything to eat in this entire house mikey" he glared at the boy. "sex pancakes" mikey mumbled as he raised the volume on Spongebob. Seth fumed as he pulled a clean skillet onto the stove and set to making the one thing mikey thought was particularly clever after an orgy.
  4. The party would down by the early hours of the morning, with a handful of guests sprawled onto couches and beds, Jake found himself curled up next to clint gently snoring, his sticky prick still semihard and his hole leaking a pungent pink mixture of poz cum and virgin blood, Jake glanced at his growing erection and stroked it gently. Last night had been amazing, clints tight boyhole gripped and tugged the hungry tops fat cock for all its jizz. he may have been straight, but once his ass got a taste of mancock the primal urges took control. The chems worked wonders to make clint focus only on the cock in his guts, pounding him to orgasm and planting its tainted seed. Jake gently slid his cockhead through the river of cum in clints asscrack, getting nice and slick. "every boys ass lusts for cock i guess" he thought to himself, remembering Mikeys thick fat tool pounding the cum out of him and into Clint. The seed felt cool as it oozed from his cunt. it felt right, like he was supposed to use his ass to take a mans hot cum amd make it his. Jake couldnt imagine ever being as cockthirsty as Seth or Mikey, but he could understand how a warm thick cock in hole could easily turn him into a cumdump. Jake looked down at Clints tight ass and gently began returning his cock where it belonged, deep inside the boy. As he pressed the head inside, Clint gave a sigh and a moan. "wakey wakey buddy, it feels like you missed me" Jake whispered into the boys ear as he slid home into the hot hole. "oh god. hngh...oh god no please you have to stop." Jake gripped Clints hips and held him in place. "Now thats no way to say good morning is it? Do you remember who I am?" The boy glanced over his shoulder and sighed, "Jake. Jake please dont do this i-" the boys futile plea was cut short by his own gasp as Jake bumped gently into his prostate. "Sure we can clint. We're just two guys having a little fun. Relax and let me get you hard" jake changed his angle and banged into the boys sensitive gspot once again, eliciting a grunt of protest and pleasure as clint looked down to see his eighteen year old cock thicken. "please dont cum in me Jake" Jake smiled and reassured the boy as he guided clints hand to his cock. "Stroke for me now, that a boy. Clint i spent all last night making your pussy drink my cum. dont you want a little more?" Clint sighed, listening to the lewd sound of the jizz sloshing around in his body as Jake fucked an undeniably perfect tempo. "y-youre dont have anything do you?" he panted, his hips betraying his body and gently rocking to meet the poz cock with every stroke. "just a nice big dick clint. you can be honest with me, doesnt a nice big dick inside you feel so good?" Clint groaned and tucked his head into the pillow. "i know baby i know, "Jake soothed the boy. "just enjoy me, let my cock in nice and deep. youre so beautiful when youre being fucked clint. did you know that? last night I took your virgin hole and turned it into something special. Do you feel me inside you?" "yes, ungh, god yes" clint whined, "why are you doing this to me?" he panted. "Because you were made to do this clint. Before when you fucked girls im sure the sex was great but after today, your little pink hole is going to be hungry too. You can cum and cum all you want but it will never feel as good as when I fill you up inside." Clint alternated between sobbing and moaning, totally broken, he offered no resistance to Jakes creamy fuck stick as it pistoned into his young body again and again. "now now none of that baby. here, lets turn over so we can see eachother." Jake slid out of the boys hole with a noisy slurp and laid on his back. as clint panted, staring at him. "we gotta finish up baby, straddle me." Clint sighed and did as he was told, straddling the tops powerful abs. Clint had never noticed how much bigger Jake was than him, comparing his cock to Jakes seemed an impossible feat. How did he take that inside his body? "now look at me, lift your hips, and lets put that nice big fat cock back inside your pretty pussy." Jake waited for Clint to sit forward and soon enough, felt his small hand wrap around his thick member. Jake slid his hands to clints ass and spread his cheeks open. "good boy, find your little pink cumhole." Clint resented Jakes terminology until he touched his fingers to his asshole and found he was leaking a thick sticky slime from his butt. Clint paused to play with his ass a little, dipping a finger tentatively inside. Maybe jake was right about him. Did he even like girls? His ass was on fire for Jakes big dick and Jake knew it. taking a deep breath, he slowly sat down on Jakes cock, first the head, then the shaft, and finally he came to rest with Jake fully embedded in him with a warm sloppy gurgle. Clint blushed, looking down at his precum leaking on Jakes toned abs he stared back to jake confused. "there ya go. see how easy you did it? I told you, you were made to get fucked." Jake smiled, knowing most of the reason lied within the boy. Jakes thick poz cum was still sloshing around inside him, loosening the hole and making it slippery enough to casually fuck whenever he wanted. "now" Jake took the boys hand and returned it to his cock. "up and down" Clint began working his cock, and as he did, his hips seemed to automatically begin rising and falling on their own, grinding on Jakes cock. "Good job clint! how do you feel?" Jake rested his hands on the boys hips. "nnngh, fucking goooood." he hissed. "atta boy just keep going, let those balls get nice and tight, and shoot a big load for me" Jake massaged the boys scrotum as he plunged down harder and harder on Jake. "lets see if we can time it together Clint, im so close to cumming" Clint registered the throb of his cock and made one final plea. "Just, can you pull it out?" he moaned. "not in my ass again" Clint felt almost lewd with the amount of spooge currently gurgling away in his belly and figured he might at least try to save some dignity. "no baby just a little more besides, it feels best when you let guys cum in you. Keep riding youre doing fine baby. once you start cumming youll milk me while I cum. its like your body knows to take it. its natural!" Jake gave the boys sack one final squeeze and as his eyes shot open, Clint blew the longest, thickest load of his young life. Time stood still as Jake watched the boys prick belch cum across his chest. wasting no time, he pushed fully into the boys rippling hole and began breeding him once again. Clint collapsed, coating himself in his own cum on jakes chest and softly moaning as Jake ran his fingers through the boys hair, and held his toxic cock inside the hole a while longer.
  5. "Dinner Guests?" trissa smiled in her sports bra and bikini bottom at the two as they stood in the doorway. "of course! i didnt know what to bring so i brought something sweet" Caitlin raised the bottle of wine in her right hand, "and something savory" she nodded to Tucker. "Trissas pendulous breasts pressed against Tuckers masculine frame as she stepped forward to slip her tongue into his mouth for a deep kiss, gliding her palm against the warm rising cock in his shorts. "mmmm such a pretty boy, you know just what I like" she smiled. "So heres the thing we're kind of having a ladies evening tuck, you know, cocktails and a pool party, but we're skinny dipping." Trissa bit her lip, glancing at Caitlin as she began disrobing. "Oh we love pool parties, theyre the best!" Caitlin beamed, hopping about on one leg as she peeled her shorts off. "So how about it Tuck, do you feel comfortable with a little party?" Tucker glanced at Caitlin, stripping her top off. "Sure that sounds okay" he bashfully replied, stripping his tshirt off as Trissa slid his shorts down. "Im so glad you came Caitlin, this party needed a little charcuterie" Trissa gently lifted the boys heavy balls in her hand as she gulped his prick into her hungry mouth. "see? shes really good isnt she?" Caitlin eased her legs apart as Trissa reached between them to slip a finger inside. "his cum?" she asked curiously, sliding off Tuckers cock for a moment of inquisition and slurping her digit clean. "yeah Tucker loves cumming inside." Caitlin grinned as Tucker just nodded. "god i wish i had that load too" Trissa mumbled, as she stroked the heavy cock a few more times and rose to her feet. "but we have a friend to meet! shes a nice neighbor who stopped by to say hello" "meet amanda" Trissa gestured to the intoxicated red headed woman slumped in the pool chaise. "Amanda honey this is Caitlin and Tucker" Trissa reached down and gently began massaging the womans thick clit. "o-oh hey" she slurred, "im just here to borrow a screwdriver for my mailbox." Trissa licked her fingers and continued stroking the womens sex. "i need to get home, i have a husband" she mumbled, pawing at Trissas skilled hand. "You can relax with us a bit cant you? i mean we're having so much fun arent we?" Trissa watched as Caitlin began gently stroking Tucker to hardness again. "i-okay, but just for a little while." Amanda sighed, as Trissa parted her legs gently Caitlin walked Tucker to the center of the lounge and toward her glistening twat. "look at that cunt" Caitlin breathed into tuckers ear. "I bet she'd love some of your nice big dick inside wouldnt she?" Caitlin continued pumping the boys fat fuckmeat, encouraging him to kneel between Amandas legs and stroke. "Amanda lets do something naughty" Trissa cooed, "Let Tucker put the head in." Amanda was aroused, and conflicted. "can he wear a condom?" she mumbled. "no sweetie dont worry its just the head. Look at that college boys prick, dont you want to feel just a little bit?" Trissa spread Amandas full lips, exposing her dribbling pink slit as Caitlin pushed the boys hips gently and the two women watched Tuckers big purple head disappear inside the married woman. "Thats good isnt it? it feels good getting that nice big cock to stretch you out." Caitlin encouraged the conflicted housewife. "oh god it feels good." Amanda mumbled, rocking her hips. "But i cant get pregnant again I need to stop" Amanda stopped moving. "nonsense you wont get pregnant, just fuck the nice big cock and I promise tucker will pull right out when he cums" Trissa smiled. Caitlin grinned, Tucker hadnt pulled out of a girls cunt since they met. He was well trained to breed any pussy he saw. Pushing tuckers hips, she fed the boys throbbing cock into the married woman and let nature take its course. The woman was nearly twice tuckers age, but they fucked like rabbits at the poolside. "i gotta cum" Tucker moaned. Amandas eyes widened as she held the boys shoulders. "I know you do baby do it nice and deep" Trissa smiled, reaching back to massage his cum filled nuts. "Just let tucker cum inside, just this once. You two are having so much fun and it will feel way better for both of you" Caitlin instructed Amanda, "I dont want a baby" Amanda moaned sa tucker slammed deep, depositing his full load into her unprotected pussy. "just relax and cum on it" Caitlin hissed as she reached down into her red trimmed bush and fondled her ample clit. Trissa smiled, stroking Tuckers shoulders. Nothing like a few good hard orgasms to reinforce the pure raw pleasure of barebacking. They also encouraged the womans cervix to sip the cum pooling in her cunt. Tucker held the womans hips as the amandas hot cunt continued milking his prick at Caitlins command.
  6. Jake let out a low groan as Mikey pulled his bloated prick from the boys tight ass, gently slipping the gauged ring from his glistening ring as a trail of mikeys seed drooled from the tops hole. Mikey sighed and began unstrapping the panting boy, who immediately reached down to fondle his cock. "did you like that?" Jake smiled at the boy, still plugged full of his cock. "uh huh" he nodded lazily. "im sure Jake would love to keep going again, wouldnt you?" Mikey offered as he snapped a few quick pictures of the two mated together, covered in sweat. Jake looked into clints eyes as he pulled his slippery cum coated cock out of Clint, and slowly drove it back in, watching the boy grunt and groan in satisfaction as his hand splashed up and down his own cum covered prick. "you can cum for me again cant you clint?" Jake slowly sped up his thrusts as the prior load began to leak out of his pussy and around Jakes tool. "oh god yes make me cum" Clint begged, Jake was all too eager to deposit another load into the boy when mikey straddled the boy. "Give him the first few shots, and then finish up inside me" Jake nodded eagerly as he reached down dip his fingers in mikeys pussy. "oh god im gonna cum" clint squealed as his ass clamped down hard on Jake and began its milking once more. "there ya go, shoot that cum baby" Jake moaned as he reached down to take hold of his sloppy cock. "one for you..." Jake mumbled, as he pulled back to fire his first shot of cum into the boys gaped cunt. "and one for you" he quickly slid his cock against Mikeys soft pussy and pushed, draining his remaining jizz into the hungry bottom.
  7. As the woozy boy slurped jakes cock clean he noticed a surprising influx of people and felt somewhat relieved. "at least Seth didnt lie about a party" he thought to himself. Jake watched the dopey boy slump back on the couch and just as he'd stepped away to search for his clothes, another random guy took his place. Pointing his prick at Chris' oozing hole he wiggled the head gently against his flush cheeks. "up" he commanded, tapping the boys knee as if a master jockey. Obediently Chris smiled and lifted his legs again. "Jake hey this guys gonna f-oooh" the boy groaned before he could finish his sentence as he was skewered by a thick black cock. "good boy" the toned top smiled to chris, grasping a wad of his curly hair and beginning a fierce pounding. "Jaaake, Im getting fucked" Chris slurred, as the clap of his cheeks filled the room. "Jake!" barked Seth from across the room. Turning to face the boy, Jake was surprised at how fast the night had seemed to progress. Seth was leaned over the kitchen table with a dreamy look on his face and his cock bobbing up and down as a red haired boy fed his impossibly long tool into him. "are you having lots of fun?" seth panted between thrusts. "yeah hey, so, i cant find my clothes." for a moment he was lost in the event unfolding. Watching the thick cock gliding effortlessly in Seths pussy was tantalizing. "I think" Seth panted, "I think Mikey moved them to his room so they didnt get trampled. check...there" he huffed, clearly occupied. Jake nodded and wandered down the hall, checking rooms for Mikey until he felt a tug on his arm. "Jakey!" mikey beamed with big wide eyes. "I need, I gotta borrow you for a minute." Jake followed Mikey into the dim room. "Are my pants-" "shhhh" Mikey hushed him. "This is Clint and hes going to college tomorrow" mikey waved his finger at a young man gagged and tied to the bed. "but he needs a little shot of confidence first" Mikey reached down to fondle Jakes semihard cock. "o-oh okay" Jake panted as Mikey pulled him closer between the boys legs. "Say hi to Jake, clint! hes going to fill you up nice and full in a minute" Jake cooed, as he tugged the plastic cap off a syringe with his teeth and busied himself with tying the young boys arm. "is he okay?" Jake asked, noting the boys obvious protest. "oh he just needs a little medicine first ya know! just relax clint and we'll be all done before you know it" mikey pumped the boys forarm until a vein was visible. "dont fight now baby. mikeys gonna take good care of you." Clint let out a grunt of protest as Mikey dipped the needle into his arm. The boy struggled visibly as Jake watched curiously. "shh were almost there sweetie just relax" Mikey pulled the tubing off the young boys arm and watched as his fight melted into soft moans. "viola!" mikey smiled, and slipped the gag from the freshmans panting mouth. "are you okay?" jake stroked the boys hip as he toyed with his own drooling prick." "yeah man hey" clint looked up, giggling. "im straight" he mumbled. "its cool" Jake reassured the spun teen as he began gliding his hand up and down the boys warm uncut cock. Mikey gently stroked the boys chest as Jake became overcome with lust. His hard poz cock could breed anyone, even this stupid kid. Jake felt powerful. for the first time in a long time he felt dominant and unstoppable as he glanced between the boys legs. "does it feel good?" he asked, smearing the boys precum down his shaft. Jake searched the room and as if reading his mind, mikey produced a small bottle of lube. "give it to him" Mikey whispered. Jake needed no further prompting as he began gently working the boys virgin hole open with his fingertips. Sure, he was straight, but not anymore. The sandy blonde was rocking gently on his hand, massaging his own hole as Jake encouraged him to let go. slipping his fingers from the young tight hole, he aimed his poison prick and looked into Clints eyes. he wanted to see it, the look when his own hole betrayed him and the cock slipped in. As the boys ring snapped around Jakes head he groaned. "here clint" Mikey held the small brown bottle under the boys nose, "nice deep breath!" he coached, as Clint took flight and the obstinate hole finally relaxed to let Jakes toxic cock inside. Jake fed his cock up into the boy for what seemed like hours, until he felt a gentle pawing at his own tight cunt. "relax" mikey soothed, as he smeared more and more lube up his hole. Jake was too far gone to care, and just kept thrusting as mikey encouraged the two and worked jakes tight hole open. "I cant-" Jake stopped suddenly, balls deep in the boy as Mikey gently grabbed his hips and the cool steel of his cockring contacted Jakes hole. "yes you can baby yes you can." Mikey began thrusting in time with Jake, pushing his cock into the top as he fed his own leaking cockhead up into Clint. "nice deep breath" mikey held the bottle to Jakes nose and without thinking he obeyed as the room began to spin. "whoa" he gasped, and as he came to his senses he realized he was stuffed full with Mikeys long thick shaft. "oh my god" jake moaned. "Dont ever tell Seth we did this he would fucking kill me, but i need to blow a load in you." mikey began to pump in and out of Jakes pussy. "dont stop jake keep fucking, remember you have to cum in him." Jake looked down at the drooling boy and complied, flexing his hips and continuing to fuck as Mikey looked down to watch his toxic fuckstick gliding into the top Seth had worked so hard to make. "i gotta cum" Jake moaned. "I know you do baby thats it, inside him, nice and deep" mikey coaxed, knowing Jakes own orgasm would milk him dry. Jake milked the cum out of the boys cock, and clint obediently milked Jake as Mikey laid his head on Jakes shoulder and pushed deep, releasing his toxic load. The three boys shared eachother as warm cum filled Jakes manhole, and poz seed filled Clints virgin pussy.
  8. Caitlin made a point to drop in from time to time to service Tucker, watching him slowly progress from doting boyfriend to bareback fuckboy. She even passed him around with a few friends who kept the boy well drained for a day while she helped Megan pack. The missed period and pregnancy test proved sufficient enough to convince the girl to move back in with her parents. "did you tell tuck?" she asked sympathetically. "No, i dont want to stress him out or anything. hes really sweet." Caitlin hugged the girl and smiled, remembering the warm load in her own pussy she'd fucked out of the clueless girls boyfriend not an hour earlier. best of all, he did the job without even being asked, slipping Caitlins yoga pants down just enough to get his cock in her. He mindlessly fucked Caitlin until the cum boiled from his cheating balls and splashed into her inviting pussy, as it had so many times before. "he is a really sweet boy" Caitlin affirmed, remembering how she'd tucked her new best friends drooling tool into the lips of her friends hot ebony cunt just as she slipped out the door to play the sympathetic roomie. "you know, its probably best if you just ghost him. hes not going to understand any of this. your new life as a mom i mean." Megan sighed and nodded returning to Tuckers apartment that evening, Caitlin entered to find the boy in the midst of a phonecall. "she wont pick up" he looked up despondently at the cum hungry girl. "Did you two talk?" Tucker seemed genuinely concerned and caitlin was all too eager to keep the boy informed. "shes...seeing another guy. Sorry man. She was upset that youre never around." "Ive been..i was busy a lot this week" Tucker tried to think of all the study time he was putting in, but remembered he was also spending a lot of time with Caitlin as well. remembering afternoons spent filling the girls tight cunt with cream roused his cock, as he recalled the nice tall girl he had been introduced to that afternoon who was equally eager to fuck the hesitant boy. "thats probably my fault too. Did you and Trissa have fun today?" Caitlin changed the subject as she was was eager for a report from her new fucktool. "yeah we...she wanted to fuck a lot. She said she was allergic to condoms though." Tucker recalled, remembering gazing into her dripping cunt as his jizz ran down her ass. "A lot of girls are tuck, you shouldnt make a girl use a condom because its uncomfortable too. Did she feel good?" Caitlin pried. "yeah oh god she was amazing." tucker smiled. "Tell me about her" Caitlin slipped her clothes off and laid back on the couch. Needing no coaching, Tucker pulled his prick out and guided it back into the teen. "oh she made me cum so much. after we finished fucking she would just do this thing...she would hold my balls and just make out with me. it made me hard over and over so i just kept cumming" Tucker drilled faster as caitlin smiled. "Thats good, sometimes guys are just one shot and done but your cock needs to cum a lot doesnt it tuck? feels good to shoot that baby batter." "uh huh" the boy groaned. "did you know she has a little secret too?" Caitlin wrapped her legs around the panting boy. "shes HIV positive!" caitlin giggled. "what?" tucker stared, shocked at the teen as he teetered on the brink of cumming. "yeah buddy thats how come she fucks so good, she fucks a lot. lots of practice." caitlin began rocking her hips and milking the boy as he clenched his teeth, trying to hold back. "I -" tucker stammered, as caitlin interrupted "but dont worry buddy you cant get sick from her, thats not how it works." caitlin lied to the naive young man as he pushed one final deep thrust and began loading the hot cunt below him. "there ya go, good boy. you should always cum inside pretty girls. Trissas pussy is just too good to pass up. Should we see her tomorrow too? maybe cum in her some more?" caitlin smiled at the relaxed boy as he dragged his slippery prick from her once again. "okay" he sighed, as caitlin fingered the thick load oozing from her slit.
  9. "ugh, i feel awful" Megan groaned, as she rolled over in bed. "oh dont worry, its probably just a cold" Caitlin reassured, moving to her side with a brimming cup of nyquil. "Here! rest up, weve got exams next week." Megan gulped the liquid down. "shit i was supposed to go over my notes with Tucker today" megan reached for the stack of papers on her bag in the floor before Cait quickly snatched them up "you know if you want, i can run them over for you real quick." "Sure okay" Megan replied as she grogily closed her eyes. Caitlin smiled and wandered over to her laptop. She enjoyed keeping Megan oblivious to her obvious morning sickness as she loaded up the footage from the past few days. "typical" she mumbled, watching megan shuffle through drawer after drawer looking for a condom. "no not there sweetie" she whispered, fingering her swollen clit at the sight of Tuckers patiently bobbing cock. Watching the girl rifle through the foot locker she smiled, "no baby none there either." Finally she watched the two embrace and megan obediently lift her legs into the missionary position. "thats right, just get used to a nice long weekend full of cum" she panted. Skipping through the footage she counted eight warm loads in the teens snatch. Over and over she mindlessly and obediently bred herself on Tuckers glistening cock. Caitlin closed the laptop and quietly moved over to her snoring roommate. reaching into her panties, she dipped a finger in megans cunt and found it still pleasantly greased with copious amounts of man cream. "good girls keep all the cum inside those thirsty lips" she whispered, working Megans clit in circles. "but lets just be sure we drink it all up." Caitlin worked the girl to a glowing orgasm as her hips bucked, and her cervix slurped more of the baby batter into her. smiling, she licked her fingers clean and headed out the door. "Wheres Megan?" Tucker asked puzzled. "oh shes got a little cold so i told her I would go over her notes. I took this class last semester" Caitlin smiled. "cool" Tucker replied, noticing Caitlins low cut sun dress as it clung to her curves. pouring the notes across the kitchen table, she made sure to let Tucker enjoy long glances at her perky tits. Caitlin in turn watched the boys cock grow in his sweatpants and grinned. This was going to be too easy. "hey theres also some online material too" she slid her phone across the table and loaded up a video. Tuckers expression turned to shock as he saw Caitlin riding him in a dimly lit bedroom. "we sort of shared a moment a few weeks ago tuck" she smiled, moving closer to the boy. "I dont remember any of this" Tucker blurted as Caitlin giggled. "you had a lot to drink, but i mean, we did have a lot of fun, see?" she pointed to the boys flexing hips as he clearly bred the horny teen. "m-my girlfriend-" Tucker stammered as he was interrupted by the manipulative girl, "will never know about this, so long as you want to keep being friends that is" Caitlin began gently rubbing the boys prick through his pants. "what do you want" he asked, defeated. "let me show you" Caitlin laid back on the table and stripped off her dress, revealing herself totally nude. "fuck." she commanded, grinning at the boy. Tucker stood up and removed a condom from his pocket as he shucked off his pants, exposing his ten inch cock. "stop. no condoms." she barked. "what? why? what if you get pregnant" Tucker bashfully replied. "oh dont worry about that silly, every girl around here is on birth control" she giggled, remembering the impregnated Cinderella in her dorm room. Tucker sighed and slipped his prick into the devious girl. "oh! and dont pull it out when you cum, cum inside." she reminded him as he began to pound at her soaking twat. "from now on every drop of juice in your balls belongs to me" Caitlin began working her hips, driving the panting boy to new heights of extacy, "see? isnt it better without a condom?" Tucker just groaned as his balls tightened. "from now on when you cum, it had better be in my cunt, not megans" Tucker let out one last long groan as his balls contracted, pumping the tight teens slit full of hot cum. "thats it, let it all out" Caitlin urged, draining the boys balls. If she played her cards right, Caitlin would earn herself a weaponized cock she could unleash on any girl that so much as glanced at her, but it was important to get Tucker hooked on good bareback pussy. She had done this once before when she wanted a leadership position with her local sorority but had to create a vacancy on the executive board. Her target, Becka Strucker was an insufferable bore whos only redeeming quality was her brother, a slender boy a year younger than her working toward a biology degree. Caitlin went from flirting to fucking the boy regularly, twice daily and always bareback. She groomed the boy to think with his cock for a solid month until the night of the halloween mixer when shed led both the drunken boy and his drunken sister into a dimly lit bedroom and proposed a threesome. Caitlin hardly participated as more than a casual fluffer, and made sure to guide the two young horny teens into a doggy position. She watched eagerly as Beckas own brother obediently slipped his dripping bare cock into his sister. she kept urging them on, going for almost three hours, plying with occasional drinks and throating the boys cock back to full mast, only to quickly return it to his sisters bubbling cream filled snatch to blow another load. When confronted with the photos, and her recent missed period, Becka quietly resigned and changed schools. Her mind returned to Tucker, who was presently still buried in her with a dopey smile on his face and a puddle of cream running down caitlins ass and pooling at his balls. "See? was that so bad? I know we're gonna be super awesome friends Tucker" she smiled.
  10. Caitlin was your average nineteen year old girl on the surface. hazel eyes, a chipper smile and an amazing body from years of gymnastics. She was also a troublemaker, known across the college campus as the girl you didnt cross. This semesters roommate was an aloof blonde named megan, and particularly aggravating. trash strewn around the dorm when she returned from class, music too loud at all hours, and no regard for anything in the refrigerator. The final straw however was stealing and subsequently losing her pristine Ferragamo pumps. Megan was about to learn just how savage the summer could get. Caitlin sighed, carefully working the foil back over the delicate plastic cover. "thank god for art class" she muttered, as she continued working her way around the circle of birth control pills, swapping each of Megans little helpers for a carefully carved sugary confection from the commissary. as the aloof girl finished up a late night studying with the girls on the north end of campus, Caitlin worked to make sure the next few fucks would be...memorable. slipping the package back into Megans clutch, she made sure to clear the condoms out of the room as well. "im sure tucker wont mind a little bareback" she thought to herself, as she recalled Megans boyfriends tool from last months house party. Having procured a little rohypnol from a friend, she made sure to dose the boy toward the end of the night, and insisted he crash in a spare bedroom as the two were in no shape to drive. Once the action had died down for the night, Caitlins real party began as she slipped her clothes off and began tugging the boys gym shorts down to expose his flacid cock. "Cait?" he mumbled, as the teenager quickly set her phone to record and propped it against the wall, she hushed the boy and began stroking his member. "atta boy, lets get nice and hard for me" she whispered, spitting on his cock and continuing to milk and rub the thickening tool. "cait no" he muttered, gently raising his arm to her elbow. "cait yes" she looked at the boys glassy eyes, continuing to pump his cock. "dont fight me. Its not like youll remember this anyway" she chided tucker as he sighed. Straddling the confused boy she eased his rod into her wet pussy and began to slowly ride him. "Tucker, listen up sweetie" she slapped his face around a little, waking the boy. "whwa?" he replied, staring at the ceiling. she gently turned his head to face the camera and continued fucking. "there ya go baby. were making a nice little movie and pretty soon youre gonna cum" she began her instruction. "oh no no no" Tucker babbled as he was once again shushed by the insistant brunette. "yes baby your bare cocks gonna shoot your cum in my pussy, not megans, so lets not fight those nice feelings" she cooed to tucker as she gently stroked his cheek. "doesnt it feel good inside me?" she asked. "yeaaaaah" Tucker began to pant. "atta boy thats the way." Caitlin continued as she reached up to massage her breasts. The strained look on the boys face was the most priceless part of her little film project. Thinking back to it, she saw the instant he lost control, his eyes widening, and his cock throbbing as she bore down on him. "there you have a nice big cum in me." she confirmed, as the boy drifted into unconsciousness and she turned to face the camera, exposing her puffy slit oozing with its conquest. satisfied with her work, she tugged the boys shorts back up and The two settled in to sleep for the night. The next morning was a hangover and true to her word, not a single thought about the load he dumped in her the night before. "you kids have fun this weekend ill be back monday!" Caitlin smiled as she left the dorm room. Her laptop camera was situated perfectly to quietly capture the action and the two lovebirds looked absolutely hungry for eachother. pretty soon she knew Tucker would be blowing his load in her roommate, and with any luck hed be pouring seed in her all weekend long while the dumb bitch chewed her baby candy and took his loads.
  11. Jake reached down to work the boys soft prick and was reminded as seth whispered into his ear "no sweetie that wont work. Tina makes them soft as a feather and hungry as a horse" "tina?" Jake absently wondered if that was a drug the boy had been administered at some point. Whatever Seth did to him the first night they met made it practically impossible to resist surrendering his load. "Was Seth a doctor?" he naively pondered as he watched the teens dribbling cock bounce lazily against his moist abs. "you feel so good inside chris" Jake encouraged the boy. "can you give me a little squeeze?" Jake was now fully obsessed with the boys sucking cunt, eager to see him participate. Chris just nodded and Jake was rewarded with a powerful tug from the newly minted bottoms creamy hole. Weeks ago Jake hadnt so much as teased a bareback hole, now he was calmly feeding his thick rod into a boy who not hours ago belonged to a nice young lady. Chris was his now though, he thought. Seth peeled back Chris' foreskin and began tickling and teasing his sensitive glans as Mikey held his attention, stroking his thick cock inches from the boys lips as he continued to receive Jakes cock. "wow" Chris remarked as he reached up to grip the drooling prick. "isnt it pretty?" mikey offered the glistening cock with its shiny gauged metal piercing to the boy freely as Chris began to instinctively pump the fuck muscle, staring into its dribbling piss slit, and watching his pendulous balls swing. "arent big cocks nice Chris?" seth remarked. "yeah" chris moaned as precum flowed onto his chest. "taste me" mikey whispered as he pushed his hips forward and nudged the boys lips. instinctively Chris opened his mouth and slipped mikeys head inside, sucking its salty precum as he continued to fist the cock. "im goma gum" the boy mumbled around the head of mikeys cock as Seth lifted his hand away. It was important for chris to associate cumming with his hole, Just as mikey had, and he watched as Jake fucked a pleasant stream of warm cum out of his limp dick. "open" mikey panted, as he placed his thumb to the boys chin he watched as the boy willfully pumped gobs of his own poz seed into his waiting mouth until it began to overflow. "now swallow. good boy" mikey approvingly guided the boy through drinking a toxic load as he looked back up and smiled. "Chris I think Jake needs to cum" seth remarked. For all his mischief, Jake had to admit the corrupting little power bottom had a condescending habit of knowing just when he would cum. "do you wanna pull it out and shoot on Chris?" seth glanced at the boys reaction to the idea. "wait no dont do that" chris moaned. "why not chris? Jakes gotta cum somewhere" seth plied the young man as Jake edged closer to orgasm. "because it feels so good in my butt please just...keep going. can you cum in me?" chris bargained and seth smiled approvingly. "i dont know Jake, do you wanna cum in his hole?" seth continued his contemptuous questioning knowing Jake wasnt thinking about his poison prick except that he needed release. "Dont worry baby i wont pull it out, I'll cum in you" Jake reassured the pensive boy as Chris smiled in relief. "there we go, almost there now. Chris why dont you give his big cock a nice squeeze" Seth coaxed the boy as he smeared his cum around his chest. "oh yeah here..mmh" Chris grunted, as Jake began to pound harder. "let him know chris, tell him he can cum in your boypussy" seth instructed the dazed bottom. "c-cum in my pussy" chris grunted, flexing his tight hole once again. Seth grinned as he watched Jake slam home in the teen and he began to pant heavily. "there we go" seth whispered as he gently rubbed the boys stomach. "you did it chris! you made jakes cock cum in your boypussy." Seth congratulated the grinning young man on obediently participating in his own infection. "im POSITIVE jake likes your pussy a lot" seths words send Jake crashing back to earth as he watched the twitching pink mancunt instinctively continue milking. "thank you Jake, oh wow, this was amazing. Your dick is just..its really great" Chris panted, as the thick member slowly left his hungry gaping hole. "ya know, its only polite to clean that pretty cock after hes done Chris." "oh gosh im sorry" chris looked at seth. "what do i do?" he pleaded, worried his next actions might determine if Jake ever decided to fuck that amazing dick into his guts again. "here, nice and close. See all that cream on his dick? Lick it all up" seth instructed, as he carefully guided the wobbly boy to Jakes prick, and began instructing him on how to suck, Jake watched Chris slurp and gulp the poz cream and ass juice up.
  12. Jake groaned and drove his hips deeper into Seth as his hole seemed to be milking all his cares away. "here" seth offered, as he turned onto his knees and against the couch. "now you can drive it nice and deep" Seth panted, as he spread his thick ass to expose his swollen pink pussy. Jake stared at the winking mancunt, the soft blonde fuzz that bordered it framed the hole and made it look inviting and natural. How many times had he cum into Seth? he couldnt think of a number if he tried. Instead He watched as he willingly fed his prick back up inside, gripping seths hips he began to pound hard. "that a boy" seth groaned. "breed that cunt baby." Jake needed no encouragement, and with one long final stroke he buried his leaking poz cock to the hilt, spilling another copious load into the devious boys sloppy ring. "Get some rest buddy, We have a big party coming up next weekend and I'd hate for you to miss it." Jake collapsed back onto the couch. "I cant do any more of this man" he pleaded. "now thats not the can-do attitude of a good top at all Jake. Be there sunday night for board games and movies!" Seth offered with a bright eyed smile. Seeing no reaction, he added coldly as he tugged his pants back on and headed to the door, "Or your boyfriend might find out where you like to shoot your cum instead." The days ticked by and soon enough, Jake found himself pulling into Seths driveway. He knew this was wrong, but just thinking about the chance to breed the two cumdumps again made him throb. rapping at the door he was greeted by a jock-clad Mikey who invited him in. "Hi Jake! I hope you dont mind but i couldnt find a good board game so I thought we'd play with this instead." Seth nodded to the curly haired boy on his couch, pants pooled around his ankles. Jake began to wonder why he ever thought Seths intentions would be more than manipulative. "who the hell is he?" Jake replied incredulously as he watched Seth continue to stroke the boys uncut meat. "meet..." Seth paused as he fished through a wallet to find an ID. "Chris!" Seth chimed. "thats my name too" the boy slurred, turning to look at Jake with glassy eyes and a laugh. "he was mikeys uber driver today and then he decided to stay and have fun, isnt that right Chris?" Seth paused for the boys foggy mind to register the question. "uh huh" he nodded. "here" seth reached for the boys hand and placed it around his cock. "keep jerking it baby just like that, I need to talk to Jake for a minute" As if on autopilot, Chris obeyed and began stroking. "what the hell is wrong with him?" jake asked. "Nothing buddy we just gave him some feel good medicine." seth calmly assured. "more like medicine cabinet" mikey snickered. raising his voice, Seth announced to his newfound plaything, "Chris just turned nineteen! and Jake stopped by to give him a nice birthday present isnt that right jake" Seth turned to Jake and began undoing his jeans. "you cant be serious..." Jake stammered. "YEP!" seth smiled, fishing the tops hard cock out. "but its a surprise" Seth announced. "I love surprises my girlfrinnnd got me a cool hat once" Chris smiled to Jake. "Yeah surprises are fun arent they Chris! so no hints jake or youll spoil the gift." seth stared coldly into Jakes eyes and made his intent clear. "Off." Seth pointed to Jakes clothes and he reluctantly removed them. "now isnt that better? Lets get comfy on the couch." Seth offered, and returned to the stroking young man. "Your weiner is...huge" chris slurred, as he selfishly reached over to slide his hand up and down the length. "god thats big" he mumbled, pumping Jakes cock. "remember what i called your butt chris?" pausing to think for a moment his eyes lit up, "oh hah yeah man" he stumbled to his feet. "my boypussy" he giggled, spreading his cheeks and revealing his hole, "Thats right." Seth smiled as Jakes hard cock began to drool at the sight of the boys virgin hole. "Can Jake taste your boypussy Chris?" "heh okay" he smiled. Thanks to Seths hard work, Jakes first instinct seeing the bright pink hole was in fact to begin tonguing it mercilessly, slowly relaxing it. "oh fuck" chris groaned, as Jake hungrily slurped away at the tight hole. "Doesnt that feel nice chris?" Seth encouraged the boy. "its really good" he panted, willingly surrendering his tiny pucker to Jakes warm wet mouth. "You know what to do Jake, just keep eating that tasty boypussy" Seth squeezed a cool dollop of lube into his fingertips and began working Jakes rock hard shaft. "Remember to jerk your cock Chris, make it feel good." Seth smiled as the boy obediently resumed stroking his leaking prick. With one last groan Chris surrendered his load into seths waiting palm as he stroked the boys chin, his tight cunt squeezing against Jakes tongue. "Chris, lean back on the couch and let Jake kneel between your legs buddy." Seth positioned the spun out boy onto the couch with a plop, and slid his legs up and out to expose his hole. "now just relax buddy" Seth began administering the boys cum liberally onto his hole as Jake watched Seth violate Chris with his own fluids. "give me a little push chis, nice and gentle" the boy complied, and naively continued to assist Seth in his own pozzing as his finger slipped inside the virgins hole. "hes really tight. Mikey can you get some more medicine?" As if second nature, Mikey loaded a syringe and quickly returned to the boys side, wrapping tight plastic tubing around his arm. "what is that?" Chris asked with a nervous look. "Its okay baby we're just going to give you more feel good medicine. Make a big fist for me" Seth wrapped Chris' hand into a fist, and he complied. "now just watch me Chris. where are my fingers?" "inside" Chris groaned as Seth began firmly massaging his prostate. "inside where?" Seth prompted, as Mikey slowly drove the needle into the distracted boy. "youre inside me- my...in my boy pussy" he panted, flexing his hole and luxuriating in the new and exotic pleasure coursing through him. "thats right. now hold on tight baby" Seth watched as Mikey finished up and gently released the tubing from the young mans arm. "f-fuck me!" chris gasped, as he began bucking against Seths fingers, buried deep inside him. "Aw, you guessed the surprise" Seth reached to grip Jakes leaking cock and guide him closer to the shimmering pink cunt "Jake is going to take his big pretty cock and put it where my fingers were, deep in your boy pussy. doesnt that sound fun?" Chris nodded enthusiastically, desperate for anything to fill him. "hes going to fuck me?" Chris looked up at Jake who was now well past the point of any self control. "yeah, I'll fuck you buddy" Jake smiled, forgetting about the toxic precum pouring from the head of his babymaker. "Jakes really good at fucking boypussy chris. Just relax and let the big cock in" Seth stepped back and gave Jake a gentle push as he began to press against the straight boys delicate hole. "its too big?" Chris slurred, confused at the lack of progress as Jake continued to gently press against the defiant hole. "no baby, youll open right up, just watch" Jake took the boys legs and placed them on his shoulders as the head of his cock disappeared. "mmh" chris grunted, and as he took a deep breath, Jakes thick poz tool slid deeper inside until his balls were nudging against the slender teens ass. Chris let out a guttural moan as Jake flexed his meat inside the boy. "How does it feel Chris?" Seth began stroking the boys now flacid member. "full" Chris mumbled, as he caressed his chest and stomach. "goood" he sighed, as Jake began slowly sliding in and out of the delirious straight boy. As the minutes ticked by, Seth paused to confirm things were proceeding as intended and tugged at Jakes hips until his prick slid entirely out with a lewd slurp. "No! dont!" Chis whined, as he reached forward to paw seth away. "dont take it out jake please?" he begged with increasing desperation. Seth released Jakes hips and let him slide effortlessly back into the boy. "You should thank Jake for the nice birthday gift" Seth chided. "oh god thank you." Chris mindlessly panted over and over as Jake began picking up his pace, feeling his balls begin to tighten.
  13. As Jake resumed his normal routine he couldnt seem to stay focused. The reluctant weekend kept replaying in his mind, and despite his remorse for cheating he couldnt help but get hard every time he thought of Seths hot hole. Seth meanwhile kept good contact with his new toy, and the lewd photos he would text certainly werent helping Jake to forget just how good the bottoms sticky cunt felt. His boyfriend popped in for a night before returning to a long haul flight for the week, but Jake found for some reason his once eager fuckstick would fall limp the moment the condom rolled on. The frustrating evening turned into a mornings kiss and goodbye as his boyfriend hustled out of the dimly lit apartment to meet his flight, and Jake shuffled to the bathroom for some aspirin as he felt a cold coming on. "who gets sick in june" Jake muttered and as he gulped the little white pills down, his phone lit up. It was Seth. Jake swiped at the screen and mumbled a hello. "How we doin buddy? Sorry we havent hung out on a few days ive been super tied up at work." Seths ray-of-sunshine chipperness was infectious even over the phone. "ugh, i dunno man i feel like garbage today." Jake confessed. "im sorry baby. say! how about i drop in with some chicken noodle soup. That always does the trick for me." Seths enthusiasm seemed weird, but Jake accepted nonetheless. Maybe Seth was just...nice? he chucked the phone on the bed and plopped back down to sleep. "fuck the hole baby cream that tight little pussy" Seth whispered as he laid his phone on his shorts, pooled on the ground. The anon top in the ajacent stall was only happy to oblige, and continued pistoning in and out of the boy. As the birds chirped, and the din of lawn tools moaned in the background, Seths mystery mans low moan betrayed his orgasm and Seth sighed, feeling the plump cock kicking deep in his guts. Slipping off the tool and slurping it clean, he popped out of the stall and thanked the young park attendant for his jizz before heading cross town. Like a child on christmas morning, Seth was eager to enjoy his present and remembered Mikeys transition fondly. The newly minted bottom had just come down with a cold, when Seth rapped cheerfully at the door and offered a movie and a hot cup of tea for the sniffling bottom. Seth spent the whole night greedily eating and fingering Mikeys swolen cunt. working his heavy nuts back and forth in his palm, seth patiently urged the boy on to cum using just his ass as thick streams of fresh poz jiss poured gently from his dangling fuck meat. It wasnt until the next morning Mikey let the cat out of the bag, and let the boy know he was positive. by the next week, Mikey hardly remembered Seths confession as he pulled his cheeks apart for a thick puerto rican man in the bathroom of the gay dive bar up the road. "hee hoo!" seth chirped as he rapped at Jakes door. Jake appeared, topless in basketball shorts, and with the million dollar look of a man who just got pozzed. "mmh" Jake groaned, and waved the boy in to the couch. "I couldnt find chicken noodle soup" Seth confessed, "But! the ramen place is pretty good, so...ramen!" he beamed. As seth bent to set the bag down, Jakes cock twitched eagerly. The outlines of Seths jock framing his amazing ass perfectly through his sweatpants. "what the fuck" jake wondered, his hard aching cock clearly ready to fuck now when it was so uncooperative just last night. "i see someones excited to see me today" Seth mocked, as he ran his palm against Jakes straining member. "fuck dude we cant keep doing this" Jake groaned, as Seth slid his pants off revealing his luscious ass. "Sure we can! we can do it over and over! Remember what I said? when you need to fuck, you can fuck me, and your cock needs to fuck right now." Seth slipped Jakes hot thick meat from his shorts and spat on the tool, gliding his hand up and down and resting his head on Jakes shoulder. "I mean" Jake sighed "I need to get back to just being with my boyfriend okay? if he found out he would kill me" Jake pleaded. "Dont you worry about him. we're just having a bit of fun Jake its not like were married" Seth mocked, as he turned around to point Seths tool to his cummy hole. "just a little bit? just do the head. I promise I'll stop once youre gonna shoot." Seth encouraged, as jake huffed. "just this once and then we're done." Seth began feeding the head inside and grinned as Jake groaned. "isnt that better? See? Im just working the head a little. You feel really hard Jake, im sure that thick prick missed me." Seth continued gently rocking along Jakes bloated tool as Jake stared back at the devious bottoms well defined shoulders and back, down to the impossibly beautiful hole slurping at his cockhead. Jake slowly moved his hands to Seths hips, and slipped more of his cock inside. "There ya go" seth encouraged, "our little secret. keep going, dont fight it" Seth reassured over his shoulder as Jake groaned, having lost the battle he buried his cock to the hilt in the boys perfect sucking hole and began to thrust. "youre so beautiful when you fuck" Seth sighed, as he bounced in long strokes on boys new poz tool. Jake glanced at the bright red waistband of Seths jock. "whats that?" he panted. "Oh, I guess I should take these off since im gonna cum too." Seth slid off Jakes tool and stripped his jock off, revealing a small tattoo as Seth guided the dripping cock back into him and continued milking. "this" Jake touched Seths back at the point of the marking. "Oh, its a biohazard tattoo." Seth spun around on the pistoning fuck stick to face Jake. "it means Im positive" he stared into Jakes eyes, working his hips up and down, waiting for the dots to connect in Jakes mind until his expression changed to remorse. "oh dont pout Jake. I mean now we really are friends." seth smirked. "look at you. You cant resist it. this cock only fucks bareback boy pussy now and thats just what I want it to do." "My boyfriend" Jakes whole world was collapsing around him as his cock throbbed ever closer to orgasm. "Is not important Jake, whats important is your big juicy cock shoots perfect poz seed now. Its truly beautiful now." Seth smiled, continuing to milk his beautiful new fuckboy. "I mean i couldnt tell you about it before because that would spoil the big surprise but you did a great job. Remember all that cream you pumped into mikeys poz hole?" Seth continued breaking the boy down as he swirled his hips. "Remember giving all your cum to my hole?" Jake groaned as Seth placed his hands on the boys shoulders. "oh oh im cumming! thats right, cumming into MY little poz hole" Seth mockingly giggled as he stared into Jakes confused eyes. "And dont tell me you forgot that nice creamy treat in your hole. I mean you kept it inside all day didnt you? You didnt think about it at all and I've gotta say thats a damn tight hole you have, a real cumsucker." "I didnt-" Jake stammered as Seth hushed him, "And you wont. I just needed to make sure you had enough of ME inside to convert you." seth playfully slapped his toxic fuckmeat on Jakes abs. "like i said you dont take cocks jake, you take your nice big prick" Seth began twisting Jakes nipples as he inched closer to his ear. "and you breed your warm hiv positive cream up deep inside. You share it with pretty boys when I tell you to." Seth whispered, licking Jakes ear and eliciting a light moan. "now lets be nice and practice. I can feel you inside." Seth continued his ministrations "And I know when youre going to cum" Seth remarked flatly. "So lets push nice and deep and give me all that toxic cream" Seth soothed, as Jake inhaled sharply and just as promised, began to throb, breeding the malevolent boys thirsty cunt. "that a boy, see? was that so hard? You were made for this." Seth sighed as he carefully pumped his seed into his hand, his powerful hole milking and massaging Jakes tool. "no no, dont pull out" Seth scorned, as he raised his cum filled fist over his head and dribbled it into his mouth. Turning to Jake he gulped audibly and with a smile slid his gooey hand around Jakes balls. "I think we need to keep practicing" Seth laid his head on Jakes chest and continued softly working his nuts.
  14. Seth sighed and started folding. "Typical" he thought. Mikey would always find some way to get out of even the most rote chores for the weekend. Cleaning the kitchen? hes at the baths. take out the trash? hes got some rough trade cock that just cant be missed. Today he was stuffing his stretched cunt with Seths new toy. Some people build model boats, or learn a second language. Seths hobby was picking out the most average of handsome men and moulding them into mindless fuck pigs for his own amusement. "strip away the condom and in a matter of time a boys raw cock will take over, its only natural" seth thought. Hell, with enough of Seths tight pussy that proud laudromat daddy would eventually be dipping his tool into every manhole he could find. As the mans load leaked slowly into seths shorts, he shucked them off without a second thought. Folding jakes jeans and shirt, he wandered into the living room. "here ya go buddy! i guess they got mixed up, sorry about keeping you waiting." seth smiled as he tossed the clothes on the back of the couch. Mikey was obediently cleaning off Jakes cock as he diligently slipped the plug back inside the thirsty boy. "Hey you're covered in cum. Wanna rinse off real quick?" Seth saw an opportunity to check jakes progress. "sure. i guess" Jake reluctantly replied. Perfect. Seth knew that whatever reservations against poz cum he had before were rapidly dwindling. He hadn't once thought about the fun little gift Seth had squirted into his tender hole, he had slurped up fresh poz jizz without protest, and now he was indifferent to the idea of wearing a load from chin to cock. "great!" seth chimed, as he guided the boy back to the narrow hallway, his thick cock bobbing along, Seth made sure to let it bump against his alabaster cheeks along the way as a subtle reminder of where Jake belonged. "let me get things going" seth offered, as he bent down in front of Jake to flip on the taps. "yeah" Jake whispered, as seth lingered before him running his hand through the water for the perfect temperature, Jake began to finger his cock. "Sorry the hot water takes so long. this building is so old." Seth offered, as he arched his back a little to better present his moist poz pussy to jake. Seth grinned as he felt Jake swabbing the head of his tool up and down the sticky crack of his ass. "here ya go, fuck the pretty hole jake." Seth encouraged as he reached back to spread his cheeks. "oh yeah" Jake moaned as he slipped his cock inside without a care in the world. "fuck Jake thats nice. Keep going. Fuck nice and hard" Seth saw Jakes eyes were now fully trained on his thirsty cunt as it milked the boy. Each boy was different, but you could always tell the moment their cock started doing all the thinking and seth delighted watching it happen as Jake pounded away with abandon. "Thats right jake fuck my cunt. Breed it nice and deep" seth panted, enjoying the notable change from once reluctant one night stand to fully engaged and hungry top as he felt the cock inside him begin to swell. "oh god im gonna cum in you" Jake moaned one last time as he slammed deep, just as he'd been taught. "there we go, let it all out. cum nice and deep. Youre so beautiful when you cum" seth encouraged, continuing to drain the boys balls into him. Mikey lay sprawled on the couch, flipping between daytime tv adverts for food dehydrators and a fishing show, he couldnt care less. He reached down, twisting and pulling at the greasy plug in his hole and watching the precum pool on his tummy. Just like seth said, his hole was what made him cum. Mikey wasnt much for entertaining guests, but he was more than happy to service some clueless overnight "friend" of Seths with all the velvety poz pussy he could handle. "Were back!" seth announced triumphantly. "Jake changed his mind and didnt want a shower after all" Seth passed jakes clothes back to the relaxed top. "Sorry about the underwear man, i guess they got left back at the laundromat." Seth knew this was a total lie. Once a boy was finished becoming Seths own personal fuck meat he wanted a trophy. "its no problem" Jake offered, as he gently tucked his cock into his pants and tugged his tshirt over his cum streaked frame. The boys exchanged numbers before Seth gave him a kiss, squeezed his new poz tops fuck stick, and sent him home to wait for the good news.
  15. Seth shoveled a handful of coins from his pocket and popped another fistful of quarters into the washer. "speed queen" he snickererd as he glanced at the machines worn branding. "me too baby" he thought. biting his lip, he stared across the street at the adult book store and back at the weathered readout on the noisy appliance. "how much cock could I suck in 34 minutes" seth absentmindedly toyed with his glans through his running shorts as the idea of a quick fuck and fill entered his mind before the front door rang out with customers. Two kids, a wife, and an absolutely delicious latin daddy in worn construction pants made a bee line for the row of machines adjacent to him as Seth forgot the store and fought to stop oggling the mans tanned build and thick tattooed chest that was framed perfectly in his tanktop. As they settled in, the man headed for the bathroom and seth wandered over to the television. "Te gustan los dibujos animados?" Seth chimed with a pretty smile, as he hopped atop the washers to flip the set from the mumblings of a golf tournament to a colorful cartoon, and raise the volume up a few notches. "Gracias" the busy young wife beamed, as Seths distraction worked like a treat he stripped off his shirt, chucked it into the running washer, and he made his way to the bathroom. "man its hot outside" seth remarked, stepping next to the married man at the cheap trough urinal. "you said it." he remarked casually. Seth watched the mans thick brown cock surrender its piss to the cold metal trough and for a moment wished it were him. "I was going to go for a run today. I dont know how you can stand those jeans. running shorts are a lot more comfortable" seth chirped as he lowered the shorts just enough to display the crack of his thick tight ass. "I bet" the man croaked, now openly staring at seths form. "Underwear is important in the heat too. You gotta wear something breathable" seth stepped closer, and leaned down to the mans exposed cock to run his fingertips along the waistband of his boxers. "guys chafe sometimes in boxers but I learned a trick from a friend to handle that. wanna see?" Seth didnt wait for an answer as he slipped the dripping tool into his mouth and down his throat. Seth continued to work the musky prick until it was nice and hard, confident the mans groans would go unnoticed over the din of the television. As the man began to pull back reluctantly, Seth dragged him back in and continued fondling his bloated cum filled sack in one hand as he slipped drool soaked fingers into his thirsty poz pussy. "fuck me" seth commanded as he leaped off the mans glistening tool and slipped his shorts off. for a brief moment nothing but the cacophony of the television and the sound of his chiding wife could be heard. "I cant do this im married" confessed the man. Seth was in no mood to be denied. Turning to lock eyes with the man, he made his demand clear. "fuck me, or I will tell her you did anyway." "please dont do this." Seth grew impatient with the mans futile request and wrapped his fingers around his bobbing slippery tool. stepping closer, he stood his leg on the trough edge and pressed the mans leaking head between his cheeks. "push" seth coldly instructed, and was rewarded with daddys nice thick head. "nice" seth sighed as the mans breathing became ragged. "keep going, nice and deep. fuck my juicy hot hole daddy" seth encouraged, and was rewarded with ever more married mancock in his thristy hole. For a time, nothing was really heard but the roar of the television, the giggle of the mans children outside, and the melodic clap of daddys balls against seths welcoming ass. "im going to cum" the man moaned and as he drew back, Seth moved to grip his swollen nuts and slip him back inside. "Inside daddy, cum inside the nice hot hole" seth encouraged, and the man continued to drive his meat into the conniving bottoms cunt. Finally, with a long low moan, the former father of the year obediently pumped his load into seth as he drained his own balls onto the bathroom floor. sliding off the panting mans glistening tool, seth smiled. "nothing like a thick daddy cock and a warm load of cum." The man struggled to tug his jeans up as seth slid his shorts back over his ass and headed to the door. Seth spent the remainder of the dry cycle alternating between folding clothes and glancing at the now ashamed looking father. just as he was leaving, seth met the mans eyes, reached back to dip a finger into his insatiable hole, and suck it clean with a smile. Mikey lazily rode atop Jakes swollen spent member, luxuriating in the triumph of draining the boy again as jake reached out to stroke the boys hypnotically large cock. "make me cum" mikey moaned, as Seth opened the door to pleasantly find the two still fucking on the couch. "you two look so pretty" seth encouraged enviously as he leaned down to kiss mikey. "dont mind me Jake, just fuck the pretty boy and cum nice and deep." he instructed. "here" Mikey adjusted the angle of his cock to meet Jakes face as he continued stroking the thick warm prick. "open" mikey panted, and pushed jakes lips apart as he drove down hard on Jakes drenched fuck stick and began to cum. "oh god yes" mikey groaned, as the first rope of thick poz seed painted the boys sweaty chest, the second third and fourth reached their mark and into Jakes panting mouth. still riding, Mikey reached up to push the dazed boys chin closed and whispered, "drink it up" Jake needed no encouragement as he gulped the salty load down and mikey began collecting more to feed him.

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