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  1. "look at you! giving up that pussy like a good boy should. I knew you could do it fuckstick." Corbin cheered the boy as he continued to open him, occasionally glancing up to appreciate his work. The mirror, some cheap dorm room accesory picked up ages ago, was perhaps the best accessory to the evening. a fifteen dollar constant reminder for every straight man who found themselves in the sling that their purpose was to serve as a greased cumhole. "can you see it fuckstick?" he remarked slowly as he dragged the length of his tool out of the dripping wet boy. Connor watched the boys shiny cockring as it slipped from his asshole and hovered above him, only registering the emptiness he felt and the cool air on his wet hole. "look up baby...look at your hole. isnt that neat? my whole dick fits up inside you where it belongs now fuckstick, and this pretty cock? its greasing you up full of my pre. here, watch it fillllll you up..." Corbin teased as he effortlessly slid back into the warmth of the boys virgin hole, grinning as he watched him softly grunt. "Thats the way. you feel me dont you, feel it deep in you..I know it doesnt feel like youre doing a whole lot but trust me that naughty little cunt is. youre making my cock feel so fucking good." Corbins words seem to drip in the boys ears as he rocked along, obediently accepting the hot cock. "the first time so special fuckstick. a little different, a little scary i know, but before you know it i promise that litte holes going to be your most favorite thing in the whole wide world." Collins mind wandered. this was it? this is all he wanted? he felt for sure there was something else he wasnt aware of as his ass met the boys hips again and again. he felt pleasantly full, like a thanksgiving dinner, only more? the drugs made it impossible to focus on any complex emotion or opinion other than the immediate sensations. his butt felt slick from all the lube, and for a minute he forgot why any of this was important at all. Corbin seemed to speed up and slow down at his own pace, sending the occasional tingle through his own cock as he mashed into his g spot. he huffed as the toned pigs balls slapped harder at his ass, but the dick inside him didnt seem to so much as pinch, it just pushed deeper. Corbins dick felt like it belonged, like a secret, evil little toy that tickled his insides. "god i could rape this hole all night fuckstick...wouldnt that be nice? spend the whole night with just me inside? just me and you and your little pussy sucking the jizz right out of me" he remarked, checking his watch, "but like I said we have a schedule and lots more cock needs to breed you." Corbin picked up his pace again as his balls tightened. "bread?" Connor grunted aimlessly as the boy between his legs let out a chuckle. "no fuckstick not bread, breeeeeeeed..." he moaned, "you dont know what that is i guess so ill spell it out because im real close to showing you. You lay here all nice and dreamy while that greasy little fuck hole milks a big hot load of cum out of whatever cocks inside it." corbin looked down in concern. "just...fucking...watch..." Corbin grit his teeth and made a few final thrusts before pressing tightly to the boys soft ass. throwing his head back, he groaned in satisfaction as his cock began its familiar dance, pumping the boy full of his first deep hot load of seed. "thats..." Corbin huffed, catching his breath, "thats...just perfect. see? thats breeding, thats what youre here for fuckstick, just a nice pretty asshole to drain your balls into." Connor felt the thick cock inside him as it seemed to slip just a little easier now with so much cum in his butt. "god youre fucking greedy." he hissed, jamming a finger into the boy and wiggling, "come on, come on, at least let me see a little bit drip out of you..." Corbin smiled, yanking his finger out as a milky white ooze reluctantly seeped from the hole. "such a beautiful little fucking whore you know that? god its like your pussy knows to keep that cum inside..." connor blushed in response, not sure if he was doing something wrong or right as stared at his own ass. Another eternity passed before a hand waved in front of his face. "hey there litte guy.." It was the redhead from upstairs "dont mind me, just need to take a few pretty pictures to show the party guests..." Connor stared blankly as the teen snapped pictures of his face and dribbling cock, "Corbin did you barefuck him?" the teen kneeled down to photograph the boys freshly fucked hole a few times. "sure did. his pussys got seed in it but hes not exactly oozing it. fucking slut." the pig smiled, "your turn isnt it?" he groped the redhead through his shorts, "I gotta finish this post..." the boy protested as Corbin slid the phone from his hand and lined him up between Connors legs. "plenty of time for that later. dont fight it, take care of this firrrrst...i promise this one is fantastic" the redheads cock was now visibly thickening to the touch, tenting in his shorts as he grumbled. "fine." the pig smiled with glee as he leaned in to his prey, "Connor this is Dalton, hes got a nice big eighteen year old cock that he strokes all day long, but todays special because hes about to push it inside you instead. sound fun? a nice big load of...teen..." Corbin cringed and paused as Dalton finished rolling on a long green condom before pushing his cockhead against the boy. "ugh, kids. you know, you really know how to ruin a good time young man." Corbin scolded as the condomed teen slid into connor. "its safer this way besides i dont want your cum all over my dick you fucking pig" Dalton shot back as he found a rhythm and connor moaned under him. Corbin glared as he fished through his bag again. "fine then!" he grinned, walking past the couple before pausing behind Dalton, "but he DOES feel really good though doesnt he? no fibbing now..." Dalton grunted as he slid his shorts down a little lower, "yeah, this ones tight.." Dalton remarked as though Connor didnt even exist. "yeah he is. hey here, let me help you make it feel better..." corbin pushed the little brown bottle of poppers under the inexperienced teens nose as he recoiled, "ugh ew what the fuck is that..i dont want to do anything tonight." continuing to apply pressure, Corbin held the bottle to the squirming boys face, "relax its just a little pick me up, makes you feel good you know? just breathe..." Corbin waited for him to tentatively inhale before pulling the bottle back, "oh...whoa...dizzy" Dalton wobbled as corbin gave a laugh, "thats it! there...keep fucking him it'll pass..." Corbin held the boy closer as the poppers clearly had their intended effect: dalton was now stroking faster into the connor, "that a boy! let me hear those balls slap...breathe it for me again.." Corbin whispered, returning the bottle to the teen again and again to ever less protest until he could barely stand. "its so good isnt it?" Corbin didnt wait for an answer before gently wrapping his hands around Daltons hips, "pull it out and ill make it feel even better, promise..." Corbins tattooed hands directed the boys hips in protest as his cock slid out. "dont....i wanna fuuuuck." Dalton protested as corbins hand slid around the teens shaft, "its okay youll fuck dont worry, just relax already. let me jerk it..." Corbin slowly and methodically stroked the boy, inching the condom up his shaft "look at that big pretty cock...so wet and yummy....lets see the rest of it..." corbin pushed the last little ring of latex off the head of the teens dripping prick. "stop it..." dalton grumbled, reaching for the greasy rubber on the floor before he was abruptly stopped, "sshh, its okay its okay, here comes mister feel good, nice big breath for me..." Corbin sang into the boys ear as he obediently inhaled the poppers, "there ya go lets make those big juicy balls bounce." As he worked the boys shaft he leaned in, each hit of poppers slowly pushing him closer to the tight hot hole in front of him until at last the boys mushroom tip leaked and oozed against Connors unprotected hole. "back inside now, give him your cock..." Dalton needed no coaching, with a head full of poppers and a firm tug from Corbin his dick slowly vanished into the hot cunt for what looked like the most deliciously sensual fuck he had seen in a long time. two or three pumps later betrayed the boys youth as he gasped, "i gotta pull it out im gonna cum!" Corbin grabbed the boys shoulders and humping against him pushed Dalton over the edge with a long groan as he struggled against Connors ass. "theeeerre we go thats a good boy, pump it all out now, cream that pretty hole nice and deep." satisfied the teen had managed to dump every drop into Corbins new litle toy he stepped back and watched as the redhead pulled out with a plop and a warm ooze of jizz. "youre a dick Corbin." The pig just smiled and returned to the couch, "feel free to dump another load in him later tonight when you get hard again."
  2. caitlin hopped up on a table and rifled through her clutch. "there you are..." she mumbled, fishing out her last cigarette, she tucked it between her full lips and pulled out her cellphone as she took a breather. Tina was always her go to, but it was rude not to to share with her fun new friends. taking a drag, she flipped through her texts and gasped to see tuckers virgin pussy full of...cock? "that slut..." she thought, knowing full well Trissa was back to her usual tricks. spinning and draining nice young boys was fun, but trissa took the art to a whole other level. she consumed them in ways they would never dream of as she remembered bits and pieces of her own session with the dominatrix. a few drinks at one of her parties turned into a night strapped into a sling, her body secured solely for pleasure as she sank into a haze of various drugs. trissa cradled the girls head, comfortingly stroking her breasts and brow while a seemingly endless army of well endowed men slipped quietly between her thighs and into her open sex. she couldnt recall any of the big details, but remembered the warm encouragement she received as her body welcomed each mans seed. "roll your pretty hips" the buxom ebony goddess would whisper, and of course, Caitlin obeyed. "make him cum inside you pretty girl, you can do it..." the sing-song approval was all she needed, and with a dopey grin she grunted along as the next cock released its precious warm gift. "squeeze the nice big dick and milk it dry now, the cum is good for you." Caitlin remembered performing the routine over and over, feeling proud, warm, and good as each flared cockhead pierced her sticky folds. by the end of the night, she was an almost dominating participant in each breeding, her dripping hot cunt obediently sucking seed as trissas soft words whispered delights about how good she took the load, how deep each cock was breeding, and her new gift. she remembered how easily trissa made it for her to accept her conversion. smiling and finishing her smoke, she made a mental note to make sure tucker learned to play nice with the boys too as she set her phone aside and made her way back to the skinny tweaked boy with the big fat cock. Lucy writhed below the teens frame as she mewed and moaned from orgasm to orgasm, the boys alabaster fuck stick pistoned perfectly into the girls slender little body. Dylan turned to meet caitlins approving gaze as he squinted in confusion. He searched desparately for his train of thought, but couldnt remember anything more than Caitlin saying she would look for something. "did you..find it?" he panted curiously, slowing mid thrust in the creamy pink cunt. "find what baby?" caitlin smiled warmly as she waited for the boys mind to catch up. "i...i dunno..." he mumbled in disdain. "its okay baby boy..." caitlin pouted as she laid her hand against Dylans lower back and gently pushed. "go on now...stroke into her and make it cum. finish up inside her nice and deep..." Caitlin delighted as her fuck toy mindlessly obeyed and returned to breeding his girlfriends sticky hot cunt in full strokes. the boyscout and the good girl were a distant memory now as Dylan thrust magnificently into Lucy unleashed a gutteral groan, delivering hot potent splash after splash of his virgin teenage seed into her as she bucked her hips against him and greedily came on the boys delicious prick. "theres my good girl. make him give you all of it...fill that pretty tummy full of hot fresh cum...see how good you feel inside now?" caitlin watched lucy hungrily nod as she stroked her petite athletic abdomen in slow gentle circles. she delighted in seeing Dylan thrusting and panting, depositing a thick deep pool of baby batter in the girls unprotected body. as Dylan gently began to pull back caitlin held him, trapping a few inches of him inside as caitlins fingers softly began stroking his girlfriends clit. "oh!" Lucy's eyes show open in surprise as she looked down to see another woman fingering her juicy pink clit. Caitlins fingers seemed to know every inch of her body intimately as she surrendered herself to the girls relentless, forbidden touch. What was once a plucky naive girl on a movie night date had turned into a hot, carnal young beast riding toward a symphony of orgasm as she happily stirred Dylans cock inside her, mindlessly working his teenage jizz into her body with each thrust against him. "thats my girl, i just love playing with this hot sticky little clit Lucy. Doesnt it make you feel nice?" Caitlin smirked as she pushed the girl into another sweat soaked orgasm against her will. "those big raw cocks are so good arent they lucy..." Caitlin hissed and teased as she worked her at the edge of madness for nearly a minute. "tell me whats inside you pretty girl...whats inside your tummy tonight?" caitlin sang to the bucking nymph. "big...raw cock..." lucy grunted through clenched teeth, drawing the boys cream up into her as the slender warm fingers alternately sped up and slowed down. "thats right sweetheart, its dylans big raw cock fucking you. breeding you...just like it should." Caitlin leaned down, her lips grazing against the writhing teens panting mouth. "such a good girl. legs open for mommy now, nice and wide...and let that soft little pussy cum for me..." Caitlin pressed her lips to the girls mouth and as she slid her tongue inside, relishing the spasming teen one last time. caitlin watched the two young lovers reluctantly separate themselves as she checked the time. the two kids were spinning nicely as she hustled them together and out the door without too much thought. The night was young, and a little sleepover was exactly what she had planned for the two. "you two are such a cute couple" caitlyn remarked from the front seat as the two doe eyed teens stared off into space. from the rearview she caught a glimpse of dylan hungrily pawing at his cock through his pants, no doubt still hungry for more cunt.
  3. Literally no one:...


    Inappropriately thicc Heterosexual Icelandic men:


  4. new beyonce album fire but im working on writing more i promise. 

    this was like a solid 85% of my last relationship.  it speaks to me.  Mark i still like ribs more than u.


  5. when your 80ish col vim paste buffer out of wayland turns into spaghetti in the breeding.zone editor


  6. when you write all this smut in vim because nano is for defaults and emacs is too hard


  7. corbin readied his steady fingers to pierce the young man before pausing to run a tattooed hand up his leg. "youre tense.." he mumbled and thought for a moment before inhaling deeply. "you know..." he remarked, returning the glistening glob of lube to its tub and setting its aside, "our first toys..fucksticks..they only lasted about twenty minutes. i wont lie, its a lot of cock..." Corbin returned his grip to the boys pulsing prick, softly pushing the foreskin back and forth over the sticky pink head. "its so hard making boys take care of their toys. you see a juicy fuckhole, and you need to fuck it...push deep and let every inch inside. its just natural." Corbin traced his thumb around the boys glans and over the head, smiling at his soft little groan before continuing. "boys are supposed to fuck boys connor and i cant change that, they fuck and cum." he remarked flatly. "anyhow, i sort of updated a lot of the rules. pretty holes are like fireworks. If you set them off all at once, its just no fun." Corbin shifted his hand to grip and massage the boys balls as he freed his own cock to stroke. "no, what i decided was a lot more exciting. the medicine i picked helps make you feel yummy all over and get nice and hard" Corbin squeezed a drop of precum from the boys captive prick, "that was my idea. But tonight the parties on a schedule, from little to big. it makes you last longer." corbin slowly knelt between the boys legs, placing his thumbs and spreading the boys hole. "but i guess i got ahead of myself, because the first thing you need is a nice big kiss." Corbin leaned in, gently lifting the boys heavy ballsack as he pressed his tongue against the hot manhole and was rewarded with a surprisingly effeminate whimper. each boy was different, most jumping in surprise at the hot wet touch even with a heavy dose of party drugs, but Connor betrayed something different and rare. Corbin continued, mating his lips against the boys ass as he began gently swirling his tongue and sucking at the boys soft little fuckhole. Connor flexed his hands and clenched his jaw as Corbin pulled his hips closer and his unstoppable violation slowly continued. his protests, although hard to form, were frequently punctuated by grunts and whimpers as Corbins mouth gently opened him against his will. the various "no" and "stop" he had managed to mumble were ignored for so long he had given up. his mind screamed to get out, to run, to fight, anything, but the boys dreary eyes could hardly find the floor let alone the door. squinting into the air he saw a familiar sight which took ages to register. two boys, someones head bobbing? arms and legs...It finally dawned on him, he was watching his own reflection. he groaned one last unheard "no" as he craned his neck to take stock of his situation. his cock had spilled so much precum it now formed a shimmerming pool in his belly button. Corbins thumb and forefingers remained gently suspending his heavy balls as the boy pushed his tongue now effortlessly in and out of his hole, its soft warm caress only further serving to disarm the obstinate straight man. Collin furrowed his brow and gazed on silently, as the cacaophany of sucking and slurping continued. "Beautiful" Corbin dragged the boy back to earth with his remark as he pulled back, admiring his handywork. the once tiny pink pucker had become a swollen, puffy, soft boyhole. "like i said..." Corbin stood, reclaiming the lube and pressing a generous amount against the hot hole, "we're on a schedule, so everythings taken care of. relax for it..." Corbin smiled into the boys eyes and as he softly whined, his hole gently gave way to the boys middle finger. "there we go, thats our first little friend tonight." corbin plunged his finger deeper as he registered the boys discomfort before gently confirming his prostate. "Say hi now..." he whispered, gently leaning into connors ear as he pressed against his virgins forbidden prize. The singular groan that came from the boy was an unmistakeable, unholy, succulent symphony Corbin delighted in hearing. this was the soft song only a virgin could sing to him. "very good fuckstick very good...lie back now and let it happen..." he encouraged the captive young man. pumping softly into him, his shoulders relaxed, sinking into the sling. corbin delighted in his slow deflowerings as they produced the hungriest fucksticks. babbling, writhing, eager straight boys that craved penetration were so much more enjoyable than his run of the mill idle fuck zombies. pulling out fully he slid a second digit in, almost effortlessly, and smirked at the brief expression of question on Connors brow as he continued to massage and tease the boy. "isnt it nice? I know just where you need it fuckstick, just where to touch. let me show you how good it feels baby..." Corbin hissed as he continued probing the boys ass. connor just grunted softly as the expert top worked him to extacy. he felt full, hard, like something inside him needed more. like his whole body wanted to be touched inside. Finally satisfied with the supple texture of the boys pussy, Corbin slowly pulled his fingers from the puffy pink ring and took his place. Connor glanced around, visibly annoyed. the dull fullness in him had abated and he felt frustratingly empty now. "connor..." The guiding voice seemed surprising, welcome, as he looked up to see a tall boy wrap one hand around his hip and another around the base of his prick. "remember me? our second guests here...." Corbin slid himself gently against the boys well worked asshole and was rewarded with a tight kiss against his cockhead as the steel from his piercing slowly slipped inside. This was the moment, the exquisite instance when he would gently flex his hips to deflower another helpless young straight man. "Say hi now..." he whispered, gazing into connors eyes. without protest he sighed, slowly easing all six inches into the boy as a deafening silence enveloped them. gripping the chains of the sling, he tugged the last inch of his cock into the boy as they both gasped and sighed. "sshhhhh its okay, its okay. im inside now." Corbin soothed the confused looking boy as he ran his hands across him. "see how nice that is? youre such a good boy. i told you id make it easy." Corbin gently swirled his hips, planting his cock in and out of the newly deflowered boy. "now the next parts super easy Connor, all you need to do is relax while I fuck...just for a little bit..until your hole makes me cum." Connor groaned in response as the cockhead inside him seemed to stroke all his cares away. "Connor?" the boy grunted as he bounced back and forth on the sticky cock. "sorry about that" Corbin sighed, watching the boys hole easily milk him over and over, "I must have been thinking of someone else, fuckstick.."
  8. connor marched confidently down the sidewalk, his shoulder length black hair in the breeze, counting the houses along the way as he imagined his perfect first date. "abby" he nodded, fondly remembering the profile online. as he climbed the steps to the wood clad shotgun house he no sooner rapped against the door as it suddenly opened. "hey." remarked a sandy redheded guy in baggy jeans and a sleeveless shirt. "is...abby here?" the boy smiled in response. "oh yeah! come on in my dude." Connor followed the young man down the narrow hall and into a living room as the television blared. "she literally just got into the shower. takes fucking forever...girls right?" connor nodded with a smile. "feel free to hang out and wait." Connor sat back on the futon and opened his phone. "Beer? its the end of the week, i always go for a cold one." The redhead thrust a can toward him. "sure" connor smiled as he sent a quick message to abby, letting her know he was waiting patiently, and settled back to watch the nonchalant redhead pick up his controller and dive back into whatever game was on the flatscreen. the minutes seemed to crawl slowly by as his once passing interest in the game gave way to struggling to even keep his head up. "Hey what did you say your name was again?" the boy remarked coldly as he stood up flipped the TV off. Connor struggled to dumbly squeeze out the first syllable of his name and as he slowly tried to rise from the couch, the red headed boy suddenly appeared before him face to face. "doesnt matter..." he muttered as he gently pressed a finger into the dazed boys chest, sending him crashing back onto the couch. Connor roused wide-eyed and with a sore head at the distant tintinabulation of oldies music. squinting in what appeared to be...another room? his heart began to pound as pieces of his situation came at him full speed. his eyes darting around, he appeared to be shackled to a..sling? stripped of his clothes. "someone fucking help me!!" he wailed, panic setting in as he rattled in futility against his padded restraints. but there came no response, only a low humming from the dark corner hall. "I'm as corny as Kansas in August.." Connors head darted about to try to locate the source of the oration. "High as a flag on...the Fourth of July..." came a slow refrain once again from the alto voice. "Hello?!?! who are you!?" Connor again strained his wrists as the trod of footsteps grew nearer. "No more a smart..." peeked from the darkness a 6'4 blonde boy with piercing green eyes and a shoulder bag, making his way closer. "little girl with no heart..." he strut forward theatrically a few steps, paused, and standing tall at the side of the sling leaned in to whisper, "I have found me a wonderful guy." Connor once again bellowed a cry for help, which was mockingly roared back with a smile, silencing his protest in shock. "It wouldnt be much of a dungeon, if people could hear you. Please try to calm down." the shapely boy stepped back to open his bag, sorting through various objects. "who are you? what is this? where is Abby." connor asked pensively. "Oh Im Corbin," the boy smiled a cheshire grin back to him once again, his pierced lips and nose glinting in the light. "Is that what we called her this time? how basic. Tiffany, now thats a name. I guess we didnt want to scare you off with too much formality." Corbin set his bag on the stand next to the captive young man and continued. "so...there never was one. My friends and I post these heartfelt little profiles online, and nice young men like yourself jump at them like flies to a bugzapper..." Corbin idly tugged at one of the chains as he continued. "See this weekend youre what we call the fuckstick. a free cock anyone can jump on and a hot little hole they can fill, no questions asked, and drain their balls all over you. I mean compared to online dating its perfect. no awkward hookups or small talk or status, just strrrrraddle the fuckstick and make it happen." Corbin beamed as he began unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his toned alabaster abs, firm chest, and little black scorpion tattoo nestled just below his bellybutton. "im not gay." Connor protested obstinately. "I dont care mr..." Corbin fished out a wallet and peered into it, "connor. it doesnt matter." Corbin tossed the leather bifold aside and slid off his pants, picking up a large black marker. "I dont fuck dudes." connor roared once again in protest as the boy smirked, looming over his writhing form with ease and gripping a fistful of the boys long hair. "You fuck what i tell you to fuck, fuckstick." Corbin quickly sneered into his ear. "my name is Connor" the boy spat back as he was greeted with a slap across the face. "wrong. Connors not here this weekend, what is your name?" Corbin paused to watch the boy spit on him. "yummo..but not the right answer. what is your name?" Corbin wiped the spit from his face and into his mouth before winding up and slapping the boy again. As anger gave way to frustration, Connor shouted one last time in desparation, only to be rewarded once again with the sting of the boys hand across his face. "Baby, all you need to do, is just tell me your name..." Connors hopelessness momentarily gave way to blubbering as the dominant man gently brushed his cheek. "Fuck...stick." Connor whispered through clenched teeth. "Thats right such a pretty little fuckstick, now lie still.." Corbin brushed aside an errant tear from the boys face and ran his hand through his hair one last time before uncapping the marker and slowly stenciling his new name across his chest. "there we go. wouldnt be a very good fuckstick if people didnt know you were one." Corbin lectured at the defeated boy, gently pulling his long clear piece of plastic tubing nearer, "we're all hooked up and ready fuckstick, so this will only take a second." Connors heart began to race as he took immediate notice of the IV line in his arm. "what is this please dont do this.." he blurted one last time as Corbin began administering the needle into his line, "nice deep breaths for me fuckstick, the medicine is good for you..." Corbin slowly stroked the boys chest as a dim expression washed over his face. "see im really what you call more of a compliance officer or a coach i guess?" Corbin smiled as he felt the boys pulse slow and the struggling end "it doesnt matter. I help you get nice and ready." the ringing in connors ears was distraction enough as he felt the soft warm hand on his chest, Why was he here again? he sighed as the lights in the room seemed to dance about, only eventually gazing down to see corbins tattooed fist pump away at his uncut cock. "there we are fuckstick nice and high. nine whole inches! just like your profile said isnt it? im so glad you werent a fibber. does it feel good in my hand? lie back and let it leak a little for me slut im just getting to know you. we have all night." Had it been minutes? days? connor could barely keep track of what was happening in the room as his dick seemed to throb and ache all on its own, rock hard. "never shaved here?" Connor came back to earth just long enough to notice his dick had been marinating in a pool of its own precum. "whah?" he slurred curiously. He couldnt remember why he had to be here anymore, but Corbin seemed oddly familiar. "im not surprised, most straight guys dont..." Corbin remarked as he draped a warm wet towel over the young mans cock. "First rule of being a good fuckstick, people need to see your big pretty tool" filling his palm with shaving gel he idly remarked, "my daddy mostly taught me to keep shaved, see?" Corbin pulled his jock open to reveal his six inch pierced and tattooed uncut cock. "not a hair anywhere. now you..." Corbin pulled back the towel and began lathering the squirming boy up. "are you ticklish?" Corbin asked amusedly as he held the boys hips in place. "I remember my first time too, a little conscious, a little not, like a nice dream you cant wake up from. but! i was a good boy just like you fuckstick." Corbin smiled and Connor couldnt help but return his expression. "Sit still now." Corbin whispered and carefully razored the boy as he hummed along, removing his once full bush to expose the soft bare flesh below and as he wiped the last of the shaving cream he gave one final inspection before nodding to himself proudly. "now for the jewelery. not that youll need it since you were a very good boy and took your medicine. its just nice to see around a cock." Corbin reached back into his shoulder bag and produced a steel cockring. "this might be just a little cold at first, but it keeps that big greasy fuckmeat where people can appreciate it." Connor barely registered as he felt his prick, followed by each nut slowly slide into the ring which was pushed firmly against him. he briefly felt exposed as the metal seemed to do just what was advertised and push his genitals lewdly from his body. "I never know what our party guests prefer, fuzzy wuzzy or shaved...its so hard to really get it right you know?" Corbin tugged the boys hips closer, exposing him further as he pulled his cheeks apart, "not like your dosage. your weights right on your profile! it makes it so easy to keep you flying first class." Corbin looked up at the boy as he ran an index finger across his virgin asshole, eliciting a soft gasp. "thats right. feels so naughty doesnt it? am i the first boy to touch it for you? i suppose a little hair is okay fuckstick. youve got a very pretty little hole." popping the top off a tub of vaseline he held his greased fingers just at the precipice of the boys soft, forbidden entrance. "I know you probably dont trust me right now, but i promise, in just a few minutes youre going to open up like you never thought you could.
  9. asher felt a tinge of shame as he drove to the spa. the next day had felt difficult to process, but at no point did the cocktail of drugs permit him to forget his experience with Daniel. the dull ache in his hole was giving way to an almost primal urge to take another cock inside him again. it was alluring enough that just the thought seemed to make the boys member throb and leak with anticipation. "youre a little late" Daniel remarked as he stirred a fresh batch of tea. "the first customers due in about fifteen minutes. here..." Daniel pushed two pills into ash's hand and waited patiently before sighing, "just some vitamins for your performance today. the little blue one makes sure we dont have any technical difficulties, and the little yellow one is like a nice warm hug." Ash reluctantly gulped them down. "what...is that anyway..." he gestured to the pot of tea. "I call it a smile in a cup. we cant have any nervous performers after all. pretty tasty isnt it?" Ash nodded sheepishly and remembered the small cup he absently consumed was more than enough to turn him into an obedient, welcoming hole to breed. As the door swung open, the first customer of the day stepped through and ash nearly doubled over. it was his sisters boyfriend. "i cant" ash blurted almost instinctively to daniel who entirely ignored the protest as he offered a warm greeting and a fresh cup of tea to the sandy blonde before turning knowingly to his new assistant. "Ash here will help you to the first room on the left." As ash left the boy to get changed they exchanged smalltalk and remarked that his girlfriend recommended the place, noting the happy clientele and reasonable prices as a warmth began to envelope the two. By now Ashers cock was straining against his slacks. normally everything would tell him to warn the boy to leave, but Daniels vitamins seemed to turn most of his protests into smiles or a giggle instead. by the time Daniel had returned with various apothecary, the waifish blonde was properly laying in the massage table. "So Jordan, any particular tension Asher should focus on today?" the quesion was met with a sigh and a groan from the boy as Daniel motioned to his breeding stud to begin. Ash tried to ignore the reason he was here, and thought for a good 15 minutes perhaps Daniel would change his mind. "feeling alright over there Jordan?" Daniels cool calm voice penetrated the room and was met with a heavy sigh. "its showtime now ash." Daniel slid the towel off the boys hips to expose his pale cheeks. "clothes off now..." Ash felt guilty as he slid his underwear off, fully exposed to Daniels expert camerawork, but sighed in relief as his hard cock finally bobbed freely. "lovely ash, just lovely. pull your foreskin back and show the head now." Ash sighed as he stroked downward, exposing the precum drenched head of his teenage cock. "delicious. I bet you cant wait to get inside him can you?" Daniel positioned the boys legs wider apart, pulling his cheeks apart and exposing his furry litte pink hole. "I knew it." Daniel registered ashs blushing, "pink lips, pink nips, and a little pink hole. isnt that right Jordan?" ash once again heard the boys incoherent mutter as he observed daniel unscrewing a jar of tina laced lube. "now the key is to be nice and gentle when we massage here. lots of this..." Daniel scooped up a few fingers of lube and pressed them into the boys ass. "and nice circular motions, massage him until its all inside..." Daniel pulled ashes fingers to the boy and continued filming. Asher was surprised at how warm Jordans asshole was. he had never touched another mans hole before but this one was soft and delicate under his fingers. "very good ash, a little more, round and round just like that" Daniel gently instructed, and as Ash smeared another liberal wad of glistening white goo into the boy he gave a groan as the tina in the grease slowly melted inside him. "I think we're about ready. See how shiny he is now?" Ash was speechless as he gently fondled the moist pouty ring. "slide your finger into him." Ash needed no prompting as his first digit was met with no resistance but a tight warm hug from the boys anus as it momentarily protested. "there you go, in and out ash, just like that. let his body know its time to open and submit." As Jordans hole eased and relaxed around his finger, Ash couldnt help but add another to probe the boys intimate insides. "thats the way..." Daniel loved seeing a man slowly and inevitably submit to their first forbidden touch, gently surrendering their grease filled hole. He zoomed in on Ashers face as he repeatedly fingered and prodded his new toy, capturing the building lust in the boy as he explored. "Jordans doing such a great job, i think its time to move on to the deep tissue massage now. Up on the table, boy" Daniel motioned to his apprentice and after some considerable effort, he arived straddled atop the virgin offering. "you know how to do it, dont you Asher?" Daniel asked softly as he panned in on the boys cock. Hearing no response, he held the lube to the young man. "grease it up, from the tip of the head down the shaft..." Ash looked at the camera momentarily before gingerly reaching into the lube. "more...we need to get you nice and slippery for what comes next..." Ash obediently wiped his cock down again, staring into the boys hole as he hesitated. "a little bit of stage fright?" Daniel observed quizzically. "hes my sisters boyfriend" Asher hissed under his breath. "i see! what a delightful little surprise. I have just the thing to help you with those butterflies though..." Quickly slipping the cap off the poppers on the tray he held the acrid brown bottle to the boys nose. "a nice deep breath of fresh herbs and spices. All natural remedy for these sorts of things..." Ash felt at ease by the explanation and without a second thought, snorted deeply. "There ya go, hold it in now..." As the room started to slowly wobble he felt Daniel take his cock into his hand. "thats it, slow exhale. really clears your head doesnt it?" Ash couldnt argue the effect as it certainly did seem to calm him down, and obediently continued sniffing. Daniel kept pumping the boy as the only head he wanted making any decisions slipped in and out of his palm over and over. "relaxed?" Asher just nodded, flush and doe eyed. "now lets keep going. first we're going to squeeze a little drop of honey on that pretty little hole, right in the middle...pay attention now..." Daniel milked a gooey drop of precum from Ashers tool and he watched just as Daniel had said, it land perfectly from the head of his cock onto Jordans exposed virgin hole. "its so much better that way, now you know just where to..." Daniel gently nestled the plump head and placing a hand on Ashers back leaned in. "push..." Daniel watched patiently through the lens as Asher pressed his fuckmeat into jordan. Just as expected, he witnessed the teens cockhead gently penetrate and panned across to witness the expression of sheer bliss on Ash's face. Deeper and deeper he sank until just half his cock remained. "oh god..." Asher groaned. "hes too tight...hes going to make me shoot..." Daniel stepped forward, familiar with the all too often eagerness of a virgins hole and the certain milking death grip that can shoot through them without warning. "no hes not. just relax, breathe..." Daniel hadnt worked this hard to watch his star give up and breed so early. Oiling his hands, he began powerfully gripping and massaging Jordans lower back. "Just relax now Jordan, we only have a little more to go and its all over. dont fight it..." Daniels ministrations and hypnotic enunciation slowly persuaded the boys body to acquiesce and asher sighed as he felt the enveloping warmth of his sisters boyfriend consume the rest of his hot wet cock with a long low groan. "Theres a good boy Jordan. see? all over. Ash is inside now." Daniel framed the shot as the two boys held still, Jordan fully mated to Asher as their chests slowly rose and fell. "Everything okay Ash? Give him a few nice gentle thrusts and tell me how he feels." Ash panted audibly as he gazed down to witness Jordans ass clinging to his fat prick as he pulled back gently. "so good. hes so soft inside..." Ash groaned to the camera as he worked a few inches gently in and out. "that a boy, make it feel nice for him now. take your time." Daniel guided the camera between the two as Jordan softly moaned with each thrust into his once virgin ass. The minutes ticked by, and slowly but surely Ash had begun working his entire length in and out of the boy, his hole gently gaping, as if begging all the world for cock now. "these are getting mighty tight Ash...hows it feel?" Daniel reached to cup the boys nuts as he thrust. "oh god its so good. hes squeezing me too." Daniel nodded. "some boys do that Ash. Just keep milking him Jordan, he'll give you all the cum you want." Daniel resumed filming the increasingly urgent teen as his hips pistoned faster. "oh god...oh my god..." The last words to escape Ashers pouty lips before he slowed. "do it Ash, give him your load, nice and deep..." gripping Jordans hips he drove forward, planting himself firmly and deeply into the groaning boys sloppy hole as he threw his head back in a silent, panting cry. While the emotional aspect had been a treat, Daniel focused on the biology at hand, zooming to capture Ash's anatomy in the throws of mating as his balls rhythmically contracted against the helpless boys hole, filling him with hot raw cum. "beautiful Ash, just beautiful. Take your time now, thats a very big cock. let him feel it just a little while longer...make sure he knows..." Asher, catching his breath, couldnt imagine pulling his cock out. he wanted to fuck this boy forever, seed him again and again. "I just came inside you" he panted breathlessly into Jordans ear as he whimpered softly.
  10. "that a boy Mark, now, was that so hard?" the boy stood in hazy eyed awe as ollie, with a loud gulp, obediently swallowed his brother seed and as he began to rise from his knees doug stopped him. "was the cum good ollie?" Doug had hardly waited for a response as he turned his attention to the medicine cabinet. Oliver blushed and nodded to no one in particular. He didnt want to make things awkward, but Marks cum felt good coating his mouth. "oh" ollie exclaimed, as a drop of Marks seed hovered at the tip of his cock, the boy reached down and quickly kissed his brothers cockhead, sucking up the last of his ambrosia without a second thought. "see how attentive he is mark? Ollie would never let that cum go to waste. he knows just how to service a big cock." Mark looked down. "sit." Doug guided the spun boy into position as marks hardon bobbed and leaked. "bonding is very important for a healthy family ollie." dougs words seemed to dance around in his ears as oliver floated along. "why not climb up and give your brother a nice big hug." Olliver shuffled hesitantly onto the exam table, straddled his brothers legs, and sighed as he pressed his weight into his brothers chest. as the boys sat, hearts pounding, doug reached between them and wrapped his strong fist around Marks prick. "hmm..." he remarked analytically. "Mark your cocks still very hard. Do you still need to cum?" doug didnt wait for an answer before firmly squeezing the boys organ, forcing a hot little drop of precum from his cockhead as he groaned in submission. "its very important to make sure you take care of this mark. boys with big cocks typically need to cum quite a bit more often than boys like ollie. Im just not sure how we can take care of this..." Doug looked with a wry grin to Oliver whos hungry gaze was now mezmerized by his own brothers fat leaking cockhead, as the gears slowly turned oliver looked up and exclaimed, "he can cum in my pu-" before realizing his own words meant carnal incest. That was no ordinary cock, it was his brothers. "speak up ollie, its rude to mumble" Doug remarked calmly, massaging Marks heavy balls as the drugs coursing through him drained all his attention to the wonderful tugging and squeezing. "brothers dont..do that..." Oliver mumbled, blushing. Doug could forgive the boy for his modesty but he wasnt interested in a final answer. "Oliver like i said, bonding is very important." Doug remarked in his usual sadistically clinical tone, mashing together equal parts of Tina and lube between his fingers as he approached the boys exposed hole. "now your brothers cock, thats a nice big one, dont you think so?" Doug pressed gently into olivers warm, cotton candy pink hole and stirred the potent mixture into the teens body. "mmngh..." Olivers discomfort registered briefly as the burning narcotic entered his system "be a good boy ollie and tell the truth, describe it to me.." Doug chided as oliver squirmed and writhed. "um, its really nice. its...thick...the cum tastes good..." Oliver grunted again as Doug pushed more of the potent goo inside him. "thats right ollie, its a big fat cock with tasty cum. and what do you have?" Dougs remarked as his fingers played in and out of the boys cockthirsty hole. "ive got a...good pussy..." oliver cooed with a sigh, "such a modest boy ollie. Ollie, good pussies arent good enough for big cocks though..." as the heat swept through the boys slender body doug registered the familiar hunger in his eyes. "no its...i mean its really really good. mmgh...its the...its perfect for big cocks..." oliver desperately blurted in retort. "thats more like it. do you think it would be good enough for your brothers cock? thats pretty special." Oliver reached down and wrapped his hand around Marks prick with a pleading look in his eye the older sibling didnt seem to register as oliver raised his hips. "Thaaats right, its time...in a minute mark, you're going to feel a little warm pressure on that big fat knob..." doug remarked softly as oliver came to rest the cock against his quivering hole, as he had done with so many others before. "just let it happen..." doug whispered with a grin. Mark watched hypnotically as Oliver slowly sank down on his cock, the two groaning as inch after inch of straight virgin penis disappeared into his own brother. "do you feel it mark? That, is the softest, warmest pussy your cock will ever feel." oliver began slowly driving himself up and down, relishing the forbidden fuck and feeding his carnal lust. "Im sure you feel a little shame right now but dont worry, in time it will be the only pussy you will ever want to feel. its natural, let it happen..." "doug watched Marks expression evolve through conflict and lust, as oliver simply plunged away, stuffing himself full of warm thick incestuous raw cock. "you know mark, hes not going to stop...Ollie knows you have cum to give him, and hes going to fuck it right out of you...its what he was made for." Marks eyes shot open as he felt his seed boiling in his balls. he was about to inseminate his own brother. Reaching up to push Oliver off Doug caught the boys feeble hand mid flight, guiding it to Olivers soft boyish hip as Mark cried out. "there you go mark, nice and deep, cum cum cum...." Doug teased as he pushed ollie gently into his brothers lap. "alllll done. such a good job you two" doug smiled as oliver reluctantly climbed off his brothers dick, "the first times always so quick, but your cocks never going to forget just how good it felt dumping all that cum into your little brother"
  11. Caitlin left the two lovebirds to their post-orgasm afterglow to refil her popcorn and fetch a lighter for her pipe. she smiled at her handiwork, watching Lucys snatch drool a hearty ribbon of Dylans potent teen seed made her mouth water. she only wished the little minx were a built a little more durably, as the G and the orgasm seemed to be putting her fast asleep. "dont..." Caitlin hushed, settling in next to Dylan just as he began to pull his underwear back on. "please? you have such a nice cock. Just relax with me." Caitlin began loading the pipe as Dylan seemed to fixate on the movie. "you can look at me. I know you want to." caitlin purred as she spread her legs and eased back, giving the boy a view of her supple curves, full breasts and wet pouty pussy shimmering with his load. "nice huh? yeah I know what guys like..." Caitlin trailed off as she sucked a pure white cloud of tina. She may not have known what every guy liked, but she knew what it took to get them to consent and obey. Dylan was better than most guys, obediently pumping his fuck juice into whatever he was told, including her own hairless slit. She kept herself waxed flawlessly to avoid obstructing the view and to ensure her prey had every chance to drink in the marvelous cunt they surrendered their load to. she wanted boys like Dylan to remember those plump, inviting lips as they effortlessly gobbled up their cocks. she wanted to see them panting and defeated, staring at their own load as it pooled at the edge of her labia while she idly massaged their slippery offering against her clit, eliciting a nice slow orgasm. Mostly, she just wanted to see them associate every inch of her raw wet pussy with the best feeling of their life. "is that...weed?" Dylan asked sheepishly. "nope...tina..." Caitlin watched the boy gaze in wonder as she enrobed Lucy in a thick white cloud. "and i want you to try a little bit..." caitlin smiled, pushing the pipe to the boys lips. "please? just a little. just for me? I know youre going to just love it." Dylan shyed away as she rolled over, her legs straddling his knee, and came face to face with him. "its okay baby boy." she soothed, as she continued guiding the pipe to his lips. "now close those lips and suck nice and deep...." Caitlin waited patiently as she ran her fingers through the teens hair until she heard the drag from the pipe. "gooood boooooy. keep going, big deep breath. youre doing wonderful i promise" she continued her slow heavy petting, pulling the pipe from his pouty pink lips as she smiled at the sputtering young man. "hold it in baby boy..." Caitlin pushed her finger against his lips and grinned as he struggled. "thats it...thats the way...hold it..." she playfully watched as Dylan finally relented and coughed a large white cloud. "theres a good boy, niiiice pretty white clouds...how do you feel?" Dylans red eyes glazed over as he looked about the room in silence, his once soft prick now throbbing to life. Caitlin grinned, "see how good that makes you feel?" she began pushing the pipe back into Dylans face as he openly accepted it. "again baby boy, come on, nice deep breath...." over and over Caitlin repeated the ritual with Dylan as his once bright eyes turned to a long dull stare and he arrived where she wanted him, stoned and obedient thick and throbbing as his teen meat oozed fuck juice from its pulsating pink head. "you know what will make it feel even better?" caitlin whispered as she cupped the spun teens sweaty balls. "stroke yourself..." Dylan gazed down at his cock as he watched Catlins manicured fingers roll his cum filled balls gently around. "do it dylan...i know you want to...just grab your cock and stroke for me..." Dylan sighed and palmed his semihard cock. clumsily at first, Dylan slowly worked into a rhythm as caitlin softly encouraged him and before he knew it, he was pumping his prick in full strokes as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes. "relax for mommy, spread those legs and stroke that nice big cock..." Caitlin hushed as she pulled her phone out and quietly began recording the boy from head to toe, his alabaster abs flexed in time with the boys rhythmic pumping. his low hanging nuts thumped melodically against him, keeping a steady tempo as his thick prize teen dong remained on full display, its greasy head dancing in and out of the boys fist. "here baby, why dont you take another nice big puff for me? make it feel good...." Dylan accepted the pipe from her hand as he put it to his lips and obeyed without missing a beat. the hiss of the pipe filled the room as the slap of the teens dribbling cockhead gave way to the occasional panting groan. caitlin simply continued filming and calmly encouraging the boys lewd display. "such a good little piggy. listen to that nice big cock. you need to keep stroking. make it feel good..." The boys stamina was a sight to behold and as his balls drew tight, caitlin set the phone aside and leaned in, placing her hand on his to slow his frantic pace. "is it time to cum?" caitlins lips grazed Dylans as she stared deeply into his eyes and watched him nod. "of course it is baby...lets drain those big boy balls in a nice wet pussy..." Caitlin pulled the teens slimy hand from his manhood protestingly and pulled him to his knees. "come on...shes nice and wet..." she motioned, pulling lucys legs apart invitingly, exposing her glistening cum oozing sex. Dylan crawled forward as caitlin wrapped her fist posessively around his balls, guiding him against her. The young boy slowed long enough to mutter a protest about a condom, which caught Caitlyn by surprise. Dylan was flying so high she didnt think there could be anything but cock on his mind. "okay baby boy ill go look for a condom." she smiled softly as she began stroking the base of his shaft. she had no plans to let Dylan pump his nuts into a rubber tonight, not when Lucys unprotected sex was so submissive and fertile. "its just...well...look at that nice big cock.." Caitlin watched as dylan stared entranced at his own member, bobbing gently in Caitlins expert hand as she quietly coaxed the precum out of his plump cockhead. "you two are so pretty when you fuck...when youre inside..." she whispered softly into Dylans ear, "the way her pretty little lips grip around it..." Caitlin watched as the boy panted in her fist. "will you put it inside her one more time? just for me? just so i can see it? i promise just one little stroke, then you can pull it right back out..." Caitlin waited patiently and with a nod, Dylan proceeded to obediently ease himself back into the unconscious girls pussy. "keep pushing baby, all the way inside..." caitlin encouraged as Dylan came to rest the entire length of his cock in the girl, his plump nuts gently resting against her tight hairless ass. "very good, see how pretty you two are?" Caitlin eagerly watched the boys eyes light up as his cockhead met the irresistable, seductive kiss of Lucys teenage cervix. caitlyn sucked one last billowing cloud from the pipe as she confidently pushed her lips to dylans, exhaling into him knowing the boy was powerless to pull out at this point. "good boy, now...im sure theres a condom in my purse somewhere...let me go look..." Caitlin wandered across the room to fetch her purse
  12. "delicious" caitlin sighed as she tugged at her waistband, adjusting her panties as Dylans warm load greased her juicy lips. She loved the luscious feel of his full virgin load in her twat, and as he followed her down the narrow stairs with the familiar look of a boy who just felt his first raw pussy she smirked. she couldnt help but admire how obedient boys became when they were inside her. some girls make such a fuss about safe sex but boys were just simpler. pull out the cock, give it a few strokes and slowly explain to them just how good it will feel when theyre inside. Caitlins tried and true method was to work the shaft with one hand and assertively massage the balls in her other, eliciting her full command presence over her preys genitals, purring and coaxing them gently into submission, into consent. once the first heavenly pearl of precum slipped from the cockhead, she found smearing it generously about the head and glans only served to produce more and more. Some boys lasted longer than others, but like a kitchen timer once the first low moan or heavy sigh slipped from their lips she knew they were ready. Caitlin relished the opportunity to re-educate the virgin boy. invalidating years of formal sex-ed in favor of her simple assertive command to breed raw and deep, Caitlin knew this was how he would choose to fuck from now on. rounding the corner she saw Lucy, passed out and sprawled. Had she really used that much G? she couldnt remember. it was about the right dose for herself, but Lucy was a little smaller. then again Caitlin partied regularly and judging by the crowd, she assumed no one else here really did. reaching back and gripping Dylans leaking prick through his jeans she smiled, "youd better get some popcorn ready champ." Dylan had forgotten entirely about his other task and scampered back up the stairs as Caitlin continued to make her way to the party girl. "lucy...." she cooed, gently cuddling next to her. "youre such a pretty girl lucy" she remarked absentmindedly as she slid the girls top up and over her tits, exposing them like little pink candies for her to play with. "such perky little tits for a perky little girl...."she whispered, as her hand slid down to unbutton the girls white jean shorts. it took some determination, but with effort Caitlin eventually managed to slide both her shorts and panties down and off one leg. "i normally start with these pretty lips here..." caitlin dipped a finger into her gooey snatch and traced it around the girls pouty lips. "but ive been dying to taste your honey all night...." Caitlin circled her sticky fingers against lucys clit over and over before easing down between the girls legs and spreading her pussy. Just as Dylans shadow fell across her perfect treat she began slurping and sucking away. The boy was speechless as he watched Caitlin devour his girlfriends sex over and over. He had never seen two girls this intimately, and the sight unfolding was more than enough to make him rock hard as the teen began to rouse. "she tastes so sweet Dylan" Caitlin whispered, her mouth soaked with juices as stood to meet his lips. "taste her with me Dylan..." she pushed her lips to the boys mouth as he obediently began to kiss her. "off" she whispered as she began stripping the boy nude. "good boy dylan..." she soothed, pulling him by the cock closer between Lucys legs. "its fun to watch pretty girls sucking pussy isnt it? makes your big cock nice and hard.." Dylan just nodded as caitlin "just look at her Dylan, shes so peaceful...so wet....she should have some fun with us too...wouldnt that feel nice?" Caitlin tugged at the boys cock, slowly guiding the mushroom tip to rest at her mons as she smeared the boys hot cockhead against her sex. "lucy baby....rise and shine..." Caitlin pinched and sucked at the girls nipples until each seemed to sparkle on its own in the flickering movie light and she began to stir. the contact from Caitlins roaming hands and Dylans plump purple knob teased a hot sigh from her pouty lips as her confused gaze found Caitlins reassuring smile. "its okay baby, were right here and youre nice and safe. Dylan and me, well, we thought such a big night called for a celebration. do you want to celebrate?" Lucy looked downward at the bulbous unprotected head and as it squeezed against her clit, began to protest. "i-i could get pregnant" she stammered in haste as Caitlin continued her ministrations on the teens messy sex. "oh you silly girl you cant get pregnant from just a little sex you gotta do it a lot. besides havent you ever felt it raw?" Caitlin dipped her fingers into the girl and returned to pumping her boyfriend as she groaned in appreciation. "see? that was just a few little fingers. Dylans cock would make you feel so good...dont you think so?" Caitlin waited for the girl to respond as she began tracing the cock up and down her lips and dylan instinctually began to push. "there we go. see what i mean? feel yourself opening up for that head...your doing so good..." Caitlin shifted her hand to the small of Dylans back and with light pressure, guided the two youths together until she had taken him completely. "there you go, i knew you could do it. Now you just lay right back...and let that big cock fuck..." Caitlin eased back down to suck at Lucys perky pink tits as she sank down, relaxed her legs, and surrendered to dylans unprotected leaking cock as it gently filled her over and over. Caitlin rested her head on Lucys chest, as she had with so many other pretty girls, listening to her heart pound in her chest as the cock would pound in her cunt, each keeping a sensual rhythm as the two teens fucked without a care in the world. "you know..." caitlin lazily remarked as she reached down to stroke Lucys inviting pink clit, "its really just healthier to fuck this way. Dylans dick is just so big, it needs space to really work inside you. and it feels so much nicer when he doesnt have a condom on dont you think?" Lucy groaned in admission as Dylans bare cockhead kissed her cervix once again. her whole body felt on fire with each stroke as her cunt milked and flexed around the slender teens powerful organ. "thats what i thought girl. you should stop denying yourself and let him inside you bare more often." Dylan pulled back panting as he looked down at lucys slender frame, glowing with sweat. "i gotta stop or ill cum soon..." Caitlin frowned as she reached for the boys dripping cockhead and tugged him back against Lucys slippery cunt. "Dylan we talked about this. When you need to cum dont fight, just cum deep in the pussy. its not healthy to stop like this when youre so close." As if on cue, Dylan remembered her lecture and slipped his tool back into lucy without a second thought. "youre going to love this next part...being filled up is just heaven. all his warm cream just coats every inch of you, and its all yours..." Caitlin whispered as dylan slowed and with a yelp, pushed firmly against the teen to deposit his seed. "thats my boy, just like that!" caitlin beamed, stroking his back as his balls drained spurt after spurt of seed into his girlfriend. Caitlin watched as the two stared into eachothers eyes while the final drops of the boys seed emptied. "see?" caitlin inquisitioned the two lovers as Lucy nodded with a light smile. "being full of jizz is the best and best of all you you can pretty much do it whenever, you dont get pregnant THAT easy...i fuck whenever and wherever I want and i do it raw." Caitlin made sure to bless the occasion with her authority on just how safe and fun it was to take a thick bare cock as she made her way to the fountain for more drinks. getting to suck such delicious teen pussy was all she wanted, but coaxing these two into a nice bareback fuck was icing on the cake.
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  14. staying up way too late trying to get an OS on this laptop that doesnt forward all my DNS traffic to google because 'TeH DevOPS!' and just got an email from microsoft research dick-riding my github public profile for a survey about social justice programming.  late. stage. surveillance. capitalism.  😪 


  15. "damnit" caitlin grumbled as she stood scanning the parking lot. "they all look the same,,," she had entirely forgotten just how droll these graduation ceremonies were as she hunted for Tuckers sister among the crowds. Her own graduation at least had some excitement, as she went completely nude under the gown. She remembered giggling with her girlfriends as the cool night air and the gowns silky fabric teased her tits rock hard. her cunt was warm and puffy from the few tabs of extacy she had popped before the ceremonies and a shiny pink butt plug rest snugly inside her eighteen year old ass. She lost track of all the cocks shed taken that night but remembered with a smirk walking the stage with hot spunk running down her leg. Working the crowd of her peers she managed to chat up a boy here and here, leading them away to the empty marching band storage room to greedily drain their balls. Bolder and braver, she eventually led her best friends boyfriend into the secluded little room. It was a hard sell, and she had to give it to the boy for his loyalty as it took nearly 20 minutes to break him down. piece by piece she stripped him, until she finally straddled his legs and promised the two were just going to jerk eachother off. She still remembered the look on his face as she lowered herself onto him without warning, leaned in, and began instructing him to cum as she bounced the full length of his prick into her. She milked two loads from the handsome young man, one for fun, and one to prove she could make any man give up his seed whenever she wanted it. "Lucy!" caitlin chirped from across the parkng lot and as the blonde girl in the gown spun around to face her she smiled. "Im caitlin, your brother sent me to pick you up. hes had a pretty hard day." Caitlin had to fight to stifle a laugh as she remembered the only hard part of his day was the cock between his legs as it inseminated teen pussy full of hot poz spunk. "that sounds like tucker. let me guess, studying?" Lucy didnt second guess caitlins generousity as she climbed into the car. "yeah, he was pretty deep in when i left." Caitlin smiled, as she certrainly made sure he stayed deep. "So where to grad? wanna do a little partying?" caitlin offered as she watched the teen strip out of her gown. It was no cum-dribbling cock thirsty slut like herself, but Lucys cutoff shorts and sports bra made the girl look delicious. Caitlin couldnt wait to give her a spin and spend the night sucking every drop of juice out of her as she stretched and gaped the lucys undoubtedly tight ass. "oh no can do, we gotta stop at pizza bear first!" lucy remarked. "the video game thing?" Caitlins confused expression seemed almost offended. "yeah the restaurant. my boyfriend closes late." Caitlin sighed. "and we do movie nights on fridays!" Lucy chimed as she hopped out of the car. "it looks closed and it smells ...gross" Caitlin sneered as she followed the slender teen, openly gawking at her ass as she walked. "yeah, we wait until everythings closed and just hang out and watch movies!" Lucy rapped at the door and as it swung open Caitlin was presented with the lanky frame of a boy in a pizza bear hat. The two kissed and hugged and prattled on as they made their way to a few overstuffed bean bags, pointing out a tray of cold pizza and a soda fountain along the way as Caitlin made her way for the refreshments. "Dylan usually gets the popcorn started and the movie playing" Lucy flopped down onto a beanbag as Caitlin watched the boy disappear to the upstairs projector room. Reaching into her clutch she produced a small bottle of G and proceeded to empty it into the two paper cups before filling them to the brim. Lucy was going to have a party, like it or not. "frosty cold" caitlin remarked, handing the drink and watching Lucy take a long swig. The teens tits were just average by her measure. almost a handful, but the thick meaty nipples looked taylor made for her to chew and suck. Caitlin generously offered to take Dylan his drink and made her way upstairs. "I havent been here since i was a kid..." Caitlin startled the boy as he crawled and fumbled to hook up a laptop behind a desk. "yeah..." Dylan remarked, "it used to have a huge projector..." Caitlin shot the boy a smile as he pounded the beverage. "sorry, long day...anyway now its just a laptop and a little one. way easier." Caitlin unbuttoned her shorts quietly and confidently as she stood behind him, waiting for her the party to start. ten minutes later she heard a laboured sigh. "shrek...2" Dylan smiled as he stood up, pressing play on the laptop. "Your girlfriends so pretty." caitlin interrupted, blocking the boys egress to the door. "is she a good kisser?" She advanced slowly, close enough to feel the boys warm breath as he stared back at her confused. "just relax for me." Caitlin whispered as she kissed the teenager, exploring his mouth briefly before he pulled away. "very nice...you have such soft lips Dylan..." Caitlin eased her arms around the boys hips, as if he had always belonged to her. "Lucys..." Dylan was interrupted once again as Caitlins hands snaked under his shirt to explore his body. "so smooth and warm....does she touch you Dylan?" Caitlin didnt wait for a response as she leaned in to kiss the boy once again and he began to reciprocate. "theres a good boy...our little secret...." Caitlin deftly unbuckled the boys belt and was rewarded with a drooling nine inch teen cock. "oh yes such a beautiful cock on such a skinny little boy...is that why Lucy likes you so much?" Caitlin curled her fingers around his girth and slowly pumped the boys cock, licking her lips as the foreskin slowly coated the boys cockhead in precum. "Tell me about it dylan, do you line this big sticky thing up with that pretty girls lips and make her beg? maybe mash that big filthy cockhead into her little clit a little before you fill her up?" Dylan blushed wildly as Caitlin lifted her glistening fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. "Ive...ive never..." he stammered as Caitlin patiently rolled his heavy nuts in her hand. "oh dont tell me my good boys a virgin? no fibbing now, you mean you really never stirred up that pretty teens guts with this fuckstick?" Dylan shook his head as she delighted in milking ever more precum from his heavy nuts. "well that just wont do. Its certainly not fair to your pretty girlfriend...what you need is some practice" Caitlin slipped her shorts off to reveal her powerful thighs and nearly hairless cunt. "Sit on the desk now like a good boy Dylan." Caitlin pushed the teen back onto his elbows and climbed his slender frame. "we cant do this, theres no condoms..." Dylan stammered as the radiant heat of Caitlins sex invited his body to drool yet more precum from his virgin cock. "dont be a silly boy. When youve got a big cock you should never wear condoms Dylan its just a waste of money trying to fit this nasty thing into one. its healthier and safer to just fuck raw, trust me." Caitlin reached back and lined the boy up with her lips. "Feel it? you should always fuck deep and raw. some girls might tell you otherwise but those warm pussy lips never lie Dylan, they want your raw cock." caitlin lectured as she split herself open on the boys surprisingly thick cock, leaning in to whisper into the boys ear as she relished the thought of taking his virginity. "god damn your a big boy did you know that dylan? that teen cocks just made to fuck cunts youll see." Caitlin panted as she came on the boys prick. "oh no....im...." Dylans eyes lit up as caitlin grinned. Years of taking raw loads had made her an expert on the male orgasm, and Dylans was fast approaching as he squirmed under her. "no no..eyes on me dylan, just relax. we're almost there, just let your nice big cock finish. besides you should never try to fight it when youre going to cum in a girls pussy its the best part. Every girl loves a nice warm creampie Dylan...nice deep breaths....youre doing fantastic" caitlin held the boys head in her hand as his expression turned from urgency to orgasm. "thats it, let it cum nice and deep. im right here baby just relax and let it flow...feels so good to fill the pussy up doesnt it?" Caitlin reached back to gently fondle the boys balls as he obediently pumped his virgin load into her snatch, panting as the last few drops oozed from his tool into her body. "You did such a good job baby boy..." Caitlin cooed as she slid off dylans formerly virgin cock. "lets get back downstairs."
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