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  1. Jake spend the next few days luxuriating with clints body. Every inch of the boy seemed built to please a man, from his lush cocksucking lips to his firm tight ass. Jake took pleasure in teaching him how to service a man, but couldnt help but wonder if he had learned a few tricks from Seth. Clint seemed to gravitate toward worshipping Jakes heavy balls. the boy couldnt seem to resist licking and sucking them for what seemed like hours on end. Gradually Clint spent nearly a day learning to deep throat Jake, slowly inhaling the forbidden perfume of a small bottle of poppers as he gulped inch
  2. Tucker slowly eased his cock from the warm sucking folds of the teens tight pussy. "Feels good, doesnt it?" Caitlin chimed as she knelt between the second girls slumbering thighs. "poor sleeping beauty. here. lets have a nice big kiss on those pouty little lips," the devious nympho grinned as she eagerly began sucking and licking the girls innocent sex. Tucker sighed, catching his breath as he looked down to his bobbing, dripping prick. Who were these girls? were they friends? the context of the situation seemed distant and vague through the drugs as tucker watched a thick glob of hi
  3. kinda wanted to update Dr Doug today but after 4 paragraphs closed the browser assuming this gets saved but it doesnt 😕

    what should i update.

    1. NJVers


      Still find Treat Yourself to be incredibly hot.

  4. After Max's second load, the boys had settled into a more relaxed posture with max resting gently on his side, his arm around Oliver and his semihard cock once so obstinate now buried safely inside the piggy twinks warm cummy hole as the two dozed lightly. Trey stirred lightly from behind max's broad shoulders, his sticky cockhead resting gently between Max's firm cheeks as a small pearl of Treys poz batter leaked from the slumbering hunks slippery little ring. Trey watched as it coated the head of his prick slowly, as if to slyly beckon him inside once again. Trey lazily stretched to the n
  5. As the two imps tiptoed down the hall they came to a stop at the edge of the bedroom door. Inside max laid snoring in the bed, his prick still lewly protruding from his boxers, rock hard and resting against him. "i made him fuck me last night" Oliver whispered. "god that cock is beautiful" Trey swooned as he gently fingered his hard cock. oliver snuck a digit into his own dripping pussy and sucked the warm cum from it. Max needed to learn to accept the fact that his big cock was meant to fuck. As the two boys approached the bed, trey reached to the nightstand and gently took Max's
  6. The next morning was a blur. Jason remembered smoking but couldnt piece together much else. Who won the fight? Rolling off the couch he looked around momentarily and glanced about the room. "Drake?" he grunted. "morning bro." Drake emerged nonchalantly from the hallway with a towel around his waist and a glass of water. Nothing seemed more tantalizing to Jason at that moment as Drake handed him the glass and a fistful of two tiny pills. "something for the headache buddy. you hit it pretty hard last night dude, total rager" Jason inhaled the pills and stood to his feet again. "thanks
  7. How my good christian mind understands CumUnion.


  8. Posting in the trans board like 😄😄


  9. COVID lockdown again and the dating scene got me like...



  10. "Nice" drake chucked as he walked past the locker room mirror. At just 5'8 he was toned and muscular. his pecs and arms betrayed his youthful face and piercing green eyes. "You gonna lift anything today stallion or just look" Jason teased from behind him. "oh i will but its gotta be quick" drake smiled and paused to shake the young mans hand. Drake had met Jason earlier that year during a press competition and quickly hit it off as a good friend. "the fights on in two hours buddy and im not about to miss it." Jasons eyes lit up as he remembered. "shit, youre right bro i totally forg
  11. "ugh" the tall blonde sulked into the mirror. What stood before her was nothing new. Long blonde hair, pouty lips, perky C cup breasts and a drooling eight inch cock that was unruly at best as she struggled to tuck it gently into her panties. "easy boy" she scolded the hungry tool as she slipped her skirt on and returned to selecting the perfect outfit. Tonights date with Tony was a quick tinder match, the sort of boy meets girl stuff she had come to enjoy from eager young men looking for a quick fuck. Dinner and drinks went by smoothly enough and with a little coaching the boy went
  12. Daniel sighed as the teens warm cockhead slowly slipped into his hole. Today had been a day of so many firsts for Ashers young body. The first taste of tina, the first warm fingers in his virgin hole, massaging generously against his prostate, teaching the young boys guts to thirst for a mans hard cock. Daniel milked the boys tool as he savoured the inches, fondly recalling Ashers own body as it reluctantly opened to him, how the teens tight ring spasmed on his drooling member as he fought back the inevitable until he finally relented, pumping the boy with his own hot load over and over. T
  13. Daniel guided the spun teen across the hall and into his office. "Sit" he gestured to a small couch and Asher plopped down. "Ash im going to level with you here, This is a great career to get into but the pay is..well..lacking..." Daniel flipped the large flatscreen television on and began flipping through footage. "The real money is in entertainment, shall we say.." Ash stared into the screen as he watched two men step into a shower. "hey..." the boy mumbled. "ssshh, dont talk during the movie ash its impolite." Daniel scolded as he turned to his desk drawer and went to work. "See
  14. Daniel took his time, luxiating in the young mans once virgin ass while the last of his seed drained from his softening prick into the receptive hole. "so much tension here Andy you really should stop by more often" he smiled as he gently massaged Andys hips and glutes. Daniel found his victims consistently managed to take his seed deeper if he stayed inside a little longer and they remained relaxed, so he continued his gentle ministrations to the hot throb of Andys stretched cunt. holding the camera steady has he had so many times before, Daniel gently pulled his cock from the boy and was
  15. I cant even find shit off the regular menu i want to eat.

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