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Mexico City hotel

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Anyone got a good recommendation for a hotel in Mexico City. One that has a fairly easy in and out, maybe doesn’t require key card for elevator etc. 

looking for Zona rosa and surrounding central areas. 

im looking to take a trip and get as much Mexican fun in me as possible. 


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Royal Zona Rosa, been to a couple of parties there and zero trouble with entrance as long as you let the guys you invite your floor, room and specific instructions/directions beforehand… I don’t think unlocked doors are an option tho’ 

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I used to spend a lot of time in Mexico City.  There are hotels for staying and hotels for fucking and there are bathhouses for fucking as well.

Find a good hotel where you can stay and trust their security to protect you and your things.

Then either find another hotel for fucking.  These are quite cheap and good for an afternoon or evening of fucking.  

There is also Banos al Senorial, a bathhouse unlike in the US.  They have lots of private rooms where you can take another man for fucking and more.  They come with an outer room, a toilet, and a shower room.  They even have guys who work there for giving massages and a lot more.

Specific hotels I do not know as after 2020 some things changes.

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