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DC Piss Party


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Hey fellow piss lovers. 

I’d really like to host a piss party this summer in DC. I have a place where I can host it. Would be open to anyone.

In addition to regular piss play, would like to have a piss bar - serving piss cocktails (these actually work well — happy to share recipes), piss pints and iced piss (if you haven’t tried fresh piss over ice, you’re missing out).

But, while bar will be fun (and delicious), main focus will be folks engaging in piss play of all types.

Will also have a room set aside for folks who want to enjoy breeding/getting piggy/raunchy (me) as well as enjoying piss (including piss fucking).

Does this sound like something folks would enjoy?  Any other suggestions/ideas?

If folks in the DC area are interested, let me know. I’d really like to do this in next couple months and I’m happy to host. 



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