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Car head is fun!

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3 hours ago, Warmnsalty said:

Love giving car head, I prefer giving no recip head so sucking a guy off in a car is perfect. As long as he cums quick, going down on a guy in a car isn't a great place for a long drawn out bj. ūüôā

If we're going to be on the road for a long time I like to start as soon as we go.Sometimes I'll just rest my head in his lap with his cock in my mouth.No sucking or bobbing.

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This pig craves givin head.   It just finds sometimes that with car head there is just so much jockeying and contortioning in a confined space so the pig can get the pigthroat into accommodatingly deep position to serve an slather n suk n throat the Cox the way they absolutely need and deserve to be sukd n treated n drained an worshiped that in the end no one enjoys it much


but this poppercokpig suks Cox whereever n whenever there is need. 
as long as the Coxfeeders are happy

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There's a cruising spot near where I live.  It's a parking area near the water where there's always plenty of guys parked and looking.  Most are older bottoms who I'd rather not suck so I usually go there to get sucked off.  Today I backed in next to a 4 door truck and after a few minutes the guy opened the back door and gave me a glimpse.  He was a younger, good looking guy who had his pants down and was stroking a good sized cock.  So I went over, hopped in his back seat, knelt on the floor and stated sucking his beautiful cock.  He liked it slow and wet and was very verbal as I sucked and slurped.  When he was close he stroked his cock and when ready to blast I wrapped my mouth around his cock and sucked a nice load out of him.  I left with an aching cock but the taste of his cum in my mouth.  I would rather have it this way any day!

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