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  1. A guy in a restroom. Some other guy in another restroom.
  2. Indianapolis bottom. Wanting daytime downtown hookups. I just want to be pumped and dumped.
  3. The first time I sucked a black cock, I blew a load no hands in my pants when he filled my mouth. Black men are my natural masters ever since.
  4. First blowjob I ever gave was to a professor at my department, in a bookstore.
  5. I was fucked once with a condom. It was okay,he still blew a load, but my next fuck was bare, and I never went back.
  6. I like to start slowly, sensuously, making love to his cock head. I keep doing it that way until he cums or he starts being a bitch about me going too slow. Then I switch to porn mode and fuck his cock with my face. If he's bossy, he'll have already stared pounding my mouth by then. However I get to eat cum, it's good.
  7. I don't get to know anyone who fucks me that well.
  8. I am turned on by selfish. Fuck me and abandon me.
  9. Having a dick gets a man on my list.
  10. Thank you SO MUCH. I am exactly what you describe. When I am fucked, my little nothing is no more than an inch, totally soft, totally nothing. I get satisfaction through my asshole.
  11. I enjoy playing sex slave, but there are times when, as a bottom, I want to be the boss. Is this rare?
  12. 1. Do you enjoy making a man cum with your hand and mouth or him jerking himself off and feeding you his load? 1. I enjoy using just my mouth. 2. I like it shooting out hard. 3. I want his cock head completely in my mouth, but no more, and I suck harder while he’s cumming. 4. I like it to be as thick as possible. 5. I want it to be as spermy as possible. It heightens the reality that I’m a cum eating faggot. 6. I prefer loads that completely overwhelm me. 7. It’s more sensory input, closer to heavenly overload.
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