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    I've been fucked exactly twice. First time was with a condom, it was okay but nothing special. Second time was bareback with load inside me and no warning. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I want more, I so much want more.
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    None, alas.
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    My ass filled with cum.

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  1. coastalbender

    Fucked Under the Stall - Twice

    I want to be you.
  2. coastalbender

    Anon Loads

    Zero. I have not known the name of one man who has fucked me.
  3. coastalbender

    Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    I agree with that completely, with two exceptions. It's okay with me if they smoke, and it's okay if they can't get hard so long as they can still cum in my mouth.
  4. coastalbender

    Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I admit, I am turned on by the idea of it being done to me.
  5. coastalbender

    Senior needs

    At least I, from nearly the first moment I got any dick, have always been happy to open my mouth and my legs to "seniors". There are advantages to it. For example, most older men are happy to let me worship their dicks instead of thrusting away in my mouth just to cum. Okay, I like getting face-fucked, but I enjoy spending a lot of time giving a blowjob more.
  6. coastalbender

    First Time You Got Sucked

    It was a stranger in a restroom. He was decades older than me. I really liked it. But I liked it more when he pushed my face into his crotch.
  7. coastalbender

    Getting Caught

    I got caught sucking an older guy in a steamroom. Fortunately, all the new guy did was insist I serve them both.
  8. coastalbender

    Anonymous loads

    Would I let a total stranger breed me raw? I not only would but have. I loved it. They get to unload themselves into my body with zero responsibility on their part. Ideally, the only part of them I want to see is their crotch, as I suck. Then when they're hard, they pick their hole and fill my body.
  9. coastalbender

    Thanking the top?

    I have never asked status, I just took what he had to give me.
  10. coastalbender

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    I would feel cheated if a top shot his load on me instead of inside me.
  11. coastalbender

    Give your input on the new chat

    Here is what I did: Closed browser. Opened browser. Deleted cookies. Closed browser. Opened browser. Deleted cookies again. Tried chat and got this: Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified. The browser I am using for this (FireFox) does not have any ad blocker installed.
  12. coastalbender

    Stealth breeding from Craigslist

    Very hot post. There needs to be more tops like this, who aggressively stealth.
  13. coastalbender

    Last and first

    You never want to go back once you've been given the gift of cum. I know that. Always in me, always.
  14. coastalbender

    Thanking the top?

    Does anyone else become absurdly grateful after being given a load? I have been like that from the first time I ever had a cock in me. It was a blowjob, and he just let me suck until I got a drink from him. After I sucked out his final drops, I was just overcome with gratefulness and kept thanking him. He looked a little freaked out, but it also seemed to turn him on, since he wanted another blowjob. When I get fucked, it's even more. I am just about ready to worship a top while he's in me, and I'm totally into worship once his load is in me.

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