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  1. He's totally about using you. You are training him well. He will be a wonderful selfish top.
  2. Cumming is the most important thing. For me, whenever I have mansex, it is about cumming. Cumming is what I'm there for, more than anything else. Of course, I mean HIM cumming, not me. He has to cum, or I'm simply not using my mouth and ass properly for him.
  3. I do the finger thing, but I have sucked every cock that was pushed through the hole, no matter what. After all, I am humbly begging to be given the gift of a cock to suck.
  4. The best lube is cum, but just saliva is wonderful. "proper" lube doesn't feel as good.
  5. I agree. I prefer the feeling when I'm fucked that way.
  6. I would love for that to be done to me. The only thing that would make it hotter would be if they paid to fuck me and I didn't get a single penny.
  7. Any other tiny, limp, quick squirter bottms like me? My cock is small, it can't get fully hard, and I blow my load in no time. I love it. My cock is nothing. Only my mouth and ass are any good. I am proud of having a worthless dick.
  8. I used to work where I had an office separated from my entire department. I had a guy come over to fuck me.
  9. Find a regular or small group of regulars. They just want to use you and forget you.
  10. A men's room at a Cornell library. I count it as public because every stall had a guy in it, and when I finished eating a load, another cock was presented. My belly was full by the end.
  11. The first time a dick entered me I was hooked.
  12. Got caught in a college office building by the janitor. He told us to finish and the other gouy could leave, but if I left or put my clothes on, he'd call the cops. Then he dry fucked my ass until he blew his load in me.
  13. Getting fucked is the ultimate submission. Sucking is the ultimate service. I love doing both.

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