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  1. I remember it tasting mild, a little salty, and the entire experience still makes me drip thinking about it. I was sucking a guy at a bookstore. He was very quiet the whole time, didn't move, just stood there with his eyes open and his mouth shut. He started dripping and I started swallowing, then the dripping got very intense all at once. All I could think about was how much I wanted him to drip more, because it meant I was doing it right. Then it stopped. Only after it stopped did I realize that I has just swallowed cum, every drop of a man's load. To this day, I find it hotter for a man to not tell me when he's going to cum.
  2. Small cocks have advantages. 1. For sucking, I can take them all the way in my mouth, all the way to the base, for as long as I want. 2. For fucking, it means he can slam me porn style much more easily.
  3. I'm another guy who loves sucking straight cock. Gay and bi men get funny ideas about wanting to suck me, too. Not really my thing. A straight guy does not want a single thing to do with my dick, so it can be 100% about his dick, which is how I like it.
  4. I want to be totally naked, no matter where we are, if the other guy can see me. I have even stripped naked just to give a quickie blowjob. It emphasizes my complete worship of and service to the cock. He can wear as much or as little as he likes, whatever makes him cum harder. A lot of guys get turned on when they know that I volunteer to be totally vulnerable to them without expecting anything in return.
  5. I am still looking for cock, but my post does not say what you think it says. As I wrote " Ever want to have someone come over to your workplace so you could use his hole to relieve some midday stress?" That is the exact opposite of you showing up at my workplace. Now, if I can offer to-your-door service downtown, I have two holes.
  6. I always let the top know from the start that I want cum.
  7. I was 10. It was a restroom at the city's biggest park. It had a trough instead of urinals, and a man with gray or graying hair had pulled out and started stroking himself. I couldn't stop staring. He told me to come over and get a good look. Then he pulled my head to his crotch and pushed his dick at my mouth. He ordered me around, told me when to go fast, slow down, everything. Never let go of my head. I choked when he blew his load, but he told me to keep swallowing. Then he called me a faggot and said I had to keep coming back to suck his dick, since I was such a faggot. It worked.
  8. It doesn't matter at all to me. What matters is he gets inside me and cums inside me.
  9. That is super hot. Not a word, he just takes you however he wants.
  10. Never done it but I want to. Are there dark rooms in Indianapolis?
  11. Most public place was outside a building on the Cornell campus.
  12. Has anyone else come across tops (including versatiles) on hookup sites with profiles that say "condom" or "condom only", but when you offer them the chance of taking your ass bare, are extremely eager--then follow through by seeding a load into you? It seems to be very common.
  13. I always thank them. I prefer to thank them while sucking their dicks clean.
  14. Yes, very much. It is how a fuck should finish. His cock in my ass, still oozing cum, straight into my mouth.

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