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  1. Demand I get her men hard and clean them up after they cum in her. Problem is that she prefers cheating husbands, and that can freak some of them out.
  2. My first taste of cum, I didn't realize it was cum until after my first swallow. He was much older, and I was trying things for the first time. He had a lot of precum from the beginning, and it was pretty nice. Then there was suddenly a LOT more of what I thought was precum. Then I realized after I had to swallow that he was cumming in my mouth! As soon as I realized that, I sucked more and swallowed everything. I was a cocksucker and cum drinking faggot, and I loved it.
  3. Don't be scared or hesitant. Go with the gouys who approach you. You wany coack, so have all of them.
  4. I said I was straight and curious. Playe it to the hilt. Hesitant, scared, then overwhelmed with the sensation of dick in my moth. Then I begged, that I wNted my first time to include everything. He was turned on by breaking in a "virgin" and blew his load as soon as he was in me.
  5. Total favorite: Another man's cum already deposited in me. Second favorite: My own saliva.
  6. He started cumming before he got his whole cock head in me. So I pushed back on him as fast as I could to ensure he'd be buried in me to really enjoy my asshole. I was able to give him two thrusts before he couldn't take any more. I thanked him and jumped off to suck him clean. He actually yelped and said something like "Are all men like you?" I guess I was his first time with a guy.
  7. It's as bad as all the "horny top, need to blow a load now" ads, When it comes to a time and place to really fuck me, poof--gone.
  8. On my knees, but I will suck in any position I am told to use.
  9. On my knees, bent down, while his lower body is under the stall. Yes, my favorite type of blowjob to give is the understall.
  10. I forget I have a cock while I'm being fucked--unless the top reminds me by yanking on it to amuse himself.
  11. I love it when they ask, it's so hot when they want me to beg to get bred by them. I love it when they don't ask. It's so hot to just get used as a hole.
  12. I would have been thrilled to make him cum.
  13. For most men, "straight" actually means "a hole is a hole". The best thing about the straight men is that they don't expect relationships or any other interaction, they just want to cum in a hole then abandon you. That's perfect.
  14. I love you. I mean nothing To you, But I love you. Fuck kill me. Kill fuck me. I shall die for your ecstasy. I love you. Murder me.
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