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  1. Well, I'm a cock sucking, leg-spreading, please-seed-and-breed me bottom who also adores eating and fucking pussy.
  2. I realized I never posted when I figured it out. First. Taste. Of dick. I never turned back. From the first time a dick touched my tongue, that was it. I knew what I was. It was so total that I even lost taste for men sucking me. I'll let them do it if they insist, but from the first time I tasted dick, I only wanted to suck, not be sucked. It was like my first time bottoming. No more topping for me, ever, never ever.
  3. I'd have seriously considered staying forever to get that kind of treatment.
  4. My first dick was decades older than me. I'm an age queen.
  5. Ideally, I'd like a regular who gets turned on by me getting random, anonymous loads.
  6. I would love to devour your 3.5" tool over and over and over and over.
  7. I always am happy to suck tiny cocks.
  8. I have two preferences: 1: Total dick man. Only contact he wants with me is my mouth or asshole around his dick. Doesn't talk much at all, if anything. Only touching he does is to put me into better position for him to cum. As far as he is concerned, I do not have a dick. 2: Demandingly affectionate. Demands we kiss and have as much full body contact as possible. His tongue is in my mouth a lot. Insists on getting me ready by eating me. Strokes me all over while I suck his dick and he fucks me. Calls me pet names, talks a lot. Wants to hold me and very slowly handjob or suck me after he is finished cumming. Either extreme is my preference, nothing in the middle.
  9. I have never been spit roasted, and I really regret it.
  10. Less than 30 seconds of fucking. It was an understall fuck. It started with me sucking him and he was shuddering after seconds of my mouth. I had to ask if he'd ever been sucked--he said no. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said he never had but wanted to try. Well, I told him to scoot further under, I turned around, I sat down on him. He pushed into me and went stiff all over, grunting and gasping. He was cumming as soon as he got into me. He stayed inside me a while and pulled out slowly. I cleaned him up with my mouth. He left. Sometimes wish all my fucks cold be like that.
  11. Why be worried about being turned gay? You should look forward to it.
  12. It doesn't matter if they tell you they are poz. Unless you know them very well, just presume they are. Unless you see the test results and know they are genuine, just presume poz.
  13. I adore kissing, but I never initiate it with a man who I've not already kissed. Too much inhibition. If he lets me know he wants to kiss, he can kiss me as much as he wants.
  14. If you're taking loads from guys you don't know well, you probably already are. If you're taking loads from guys you know really well, there's still a chance you are.
  15. Specifically, no more than clean cock. Once cock gets close to my face, that's all that matters--his cock, my mouth, nothing else. I have never had the will to turn down a cock that is offered to me face-to-face. Get me in your presence and pull it out. You own my holes until you are done.

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