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    I've been fucked exactly twice. First time was with a condom, it was okay but nothing special. Second time was bareback with load inside me and no warning. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I want more, I so much want more.
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    None, alas.
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    My ass filled with cum.

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  1. coastalbender

    Split the Seam

    Wish there were a way to ensure that would happen every time I get fucked.
  2. I like whatever they do so long as they blow in me. That's the real reward.
  3. Is there interest among furries in having a human fucktoy or is that not part of furry play? I have fantasized about going to a furry con and being the community property of all the furries with dicks, just being passed around as their worthless human object.
  4. coastalbender

    Truth About "pillow Princes"

    I adore pillow princes. Indeed, when it comes to blowjobs, I PREFER pillow princes. I don't ever top, and I only get my dick sucked if the other guy really insists, and then I let him know it's totally optional.
  5. coastalbender

    Very short fucks?

    Oh, wow, just wow. I would love to bottom for that. Then I can suck you until you're ready for your second load.
  6. coastalbender

    Favorite Moment During Sex

    Two moments: When he slides in bare, especially if there's been an explicit statement about barebacking. It is nice to just be assumed to take it raw, but it's much nicer when it's explicitly acknowledged. Asking is nice, stating that he will fuck me raw, not even bothering to check with me is best. When he stiffens up to unload as deep as he can.
  7. coastalbender

    Sucking Married Guys

    I love sucking totally in-denial married men. These are the guys who totally reject any possibility that they're not 100% straight, but they cum SO HARD in my mouth, while they stroke my bearded face. Yeah, you don't like men at all, but you seek out hairy, masculine, bearded cocksuckers. Just keep being you and keep feeding me your dicks.
  8. Ever want to have someone come over to your workplace so you could use his hole to relieve some midday stress? I could be your useful hole.
  9. coastalbender

    Bottoms with little dicks

    Since we are bottoms, our cocks don't matter.
  10. coastalbender

    Very short fucks?

    Yes. Thrust-cum-pullout. Thrust-cum-pullout. Thrust-cum-pullout. Thrust-cum-pullout. Thrust-cum-pullout. Then they walk away and leave me in an empty room.
  11. coastalbender

    Very short fucks?

    Absolutely. It means that he got so horny in my ass that he could not control himself at all. Unfortunately, since BB porn is all about the visual and not the visceral, they extend the fucking as long as possible. I get it, the sensation of being fucked is great. I love it, but I am more about getting the load. Taking the top over the edge into satisfaction is the great thing for me. Just wish there were some porn, pro or amateur, that had such scenes. Push into the ass, one thrust, a groan/shout from the top as he just buries his cock all the way and holds it while he shakes. Pull out, cum drips out of the asshole.
  12. coastalbender

    Very short fucks?

    I understand that part of porn is fucking that lasts forever, and a cock stroking the inside of a bareback ass over and over is truly a thing of beauty but I'm a bottom all about loads. Does anyone know of some clips that are super-short, kind of like some of the best anonymous fucks I've had, where it's just a few thrusts and BOOM? I would love to see one where the top is pushing the head in, gets situated, goes for his first real thrust, and just HOLDS IT because it was enough to get him to blow his load--done in one. As a bottom, I would like that to happen to me once in a while, so I'd like to see it, too.
  13. coastalbender

    Bottoms with little dicks

    I don't get hard when getting fucked. I would have no problem as a bottom with having a cock that was so short I would have to sit down to pee.
  14. coastalbender

    Bottoms with little dicks

    Yes, you understand bottoms and know what we need. We need cock in us. Our cocks do not matter.
  15. coastalbender

    Really, Truly Total Bottom?

    I only topped once, ever in my life, ever. It was all I could do to make myself cum. I NEVER want to top EVER again. I just didn't like it. The only way I could cum was that he was begging me to cum, which kicked in my erotic need to serve, and he was promising to do me so hard I couldn't walk afterwards. I had to focus on getting fucked immediately after blowing my load to manage it. I can't even abide the thought of topping after actually having to go through topping.

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