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Will be in the dfw area for the next two weeks, just curious whats around?

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Coming back in town to visit family, but I am curious to see my options, lived near Arlington most of my life, but only found out about this site post move to Washington 3 years ago.

Breeder top here seeking sissies, trans, fembois, or big fat chubby dad asses with low hanging balls, I love chubby guys, especially older ones, women as well, I am quite a young stud, and I need to breed!

Ill be here till the end of may, I can't host but I can travel, if anyone is curios, I am open to suggestions, poke me on here or Telegram @NatrualInstincts

Not sure how my schedule will be due to some planned activities with friends of mine, but I am flexible!

And on a side note, would grindr, bbrt, or sniffles be good place to look around, or anyone else know another alternative that might have me find what I am, seeking?

Ill be able to do anything around the DFW area and somewhat below or above, again, im near Arlington/Grand Prairie area.

Shoot your shot and I might give you mine deep inside, haha, whata pickup line!!!


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On 5/15/2023 at 1:29 PM, BubbaNTexas said:

Well.. as a top.. .you've come to the right place.  Dallas area is FULL of bottoms.  Some married, some single, and most simple cum whores.


Well, im only here for two weeks, so, any pointers?

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