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About this blog

Hi guys, I wanted to test out this blog feature here, cause it's such a supportive environment.  My name is eric, I'm 18, I live in Jupiter Florida, and I'm kinky.  I'm 100% submissive (that I'm sure of) but if I'm a boy, puppy, slave, I don't know yet.  My dream/goal is to be collared and be a fertile breeding puppy on a leash with a nice cage to live in where VL guys have a place where they can plant their strain into a sub that will appreciate and beg for it and worship them. 

Licks 👅

sub eric


All strains accepted

Entries in this blog

List why condoms are just wrong!

Hey guys, I'm in a gay youth forum that explores kinks and self image.  I'm fully out as a bb only sub and pro-HIV, so I get a lot of questions about why I only serve and submit to bareback (Poz) tops.  So one of the guys I'm serving suggested I write up a list for the forum with reasons as to why condoms have no place in sex. This is what I came up with and thought I'd share it here too.  I'm a sub/slave so it's from that perspective.   Reduced pleasure. Taking the time to get, open

Mono, going

The last couple of weeks, were kinda hellish with Mono, but I'm starting to get out of the "fog" I was literally sleeping sometimes 18 hours straight.  I used to love sleeping, but now am crazy to get out!  Starting to hook up, so if you're in South Florida and looking HMU w1ckr fuckboyeric.  Doc says I'm still not supposed to overexert myself, so just some quickies, and symptoms are gone so I'm not contagious according to him. The only good thing is that I think my fuck hole is tighter lol


BugBoyEric in Mono

Save the Bush

The guy that I've been seeing for a few months now is in his 60s and has a pretty big collection of porn on VHS (all pre-condom porn)  One thing I noticed was guys' bushes.  They were huge!  And honestly really hot.  I follow a twitter account of vintage porn (@dumbsterfire1) and it's true there too, guys' bushes are thick and wonderful, whether they're top or bottom.  I've put a pic here. It's also no surprise that I'm into hairy guys (the furrier the better)  but why were bushes so bushy


Now that I have some time, I thought I'd post an entry.   Basically I've got mono and it's pure hell and have been in bed for a week now.  No energy, my back and head hurt from sleeping so much 😞, I can't even watch tv or porn or play games because I fall asleep. I did refuse an HIV test when they took blood to test for mono, so there's that. I hope this doesn't sound too negative, but I was wondering, they call it the kissing disease, and yes for me first base is kissing and anal, but


BugBoyEric in Mono

Size Queen

I had a hook up with a guy who was average size, but he asked me if I was a size queen for some reason.  I don't think so.  I mean of course I love huge dicks, but not only.  All dicks are actually beautiful.  I've never seen a dick that wasn't hot tbh!  Black/white, cut/uncut, poz/neg, medicated/hvl, curved/straight even hard or soft, all cocks matter lol

Bucket List for for the rest of 2021

Hi guys and Sirs, My mentor helped me with a bucket list for my training.  Here it is briefly.. Hooking up with guys  5+ not seeing pics first.  (1 so far) Intergenerational 20+ years ✔️ Intergeneration 30+ years ✔️✔️ Interracial ✔️ Fisting Group 5+ Unmedicated HIV+ Men (21 different men for 2021) (4 VL men so far) ✔️✔️✔️✔️ Double penetrated Come out as a cumdump on social media (facebook) Find a colab with someone on OF

Quick update and chat group

Hi everyone, just an update.  I'm completely vaccinated and since things are getting back to being sleazier around here, more guys are willing to hook up, which is great.  Been dealing with some stuff at home, my family saw an anti-condom post I put on facebook, but that's being dealt with and I'm not ashamed.  I'm seeing a great Mentor.  We're not an exclusive couple, so feel free to fuck me if you want.  He's really great at teaching me to be more obedient, sleazier 🙂  I'm still untested for H

Hey guys name change and chasing

Hello everyone,  My posts are limited here, so I'll talk about 2 things in this post. First, thank you for everyone who voted!  It looks like BugBoyEric won!  Which is pretty cool cause that's what BB meant when I created my profile here.  I though bareback was assumed on this site when I used BBEric, so it's cool to be more open about it.  Open legs, open hole and open mind 🙂 Next I had this really great hook up last night from a Poz detectable couple in Ft Lauderdale!  I just signed

New account names

Hey guys, I chose BBEric thinking of BugBoy Eric, some guys are confusing it with bareback Eric... Which is ok but not what I want to portray, I'm a bug sub/slave.  So let's see, I've got some suggestions, but totally open for better ones.  If you have better ideas just add them to comments.  It'll be for my twitter and bbrt names as well.   Thanks guys!  Love you all!  👅

Coming out more publically

Coming out on here is easy because it's so supportive of bug chasing.  Coming out on twitter is harder so luckily @barebackrnb (on here) was kind enough to not only expose me to his followers, but to write a really sweet tweet!   Thank  you so much @barebackrnb, lot's of licks and love!!!!!  Here's the tweet.  My twitter is @yes2hiv Coming next I have my first date this Saturday with an HVL gifter 🙂 🙂 

Coming out

I have had a twitter account for a few months, just lurking on other bug chasers and gifters tweets to see what it's about.  But to be a good puppy I'm trying to be more visible as a bug chaser, so I've started updating my profile 'facepic and stuff) there and will be trying to tweet pics and stuff regularly.  Say hi, my twitter is @Yes2Hiv Eric on twitter Licks 👅 sub puppy eric  
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