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  1. I can tell you what worked on me for my first bareback experience. I met a very well hung 8in + top who fucked me nice and hard with a condom and lube and I enjoyed it during most of the fuck but my asshole became irritated near the end . I was in immense pain just afterward. The pain seemed to intensify after i got home. I had to sit in a bath for hours. I was still sore for days. It isn't a latex allergy, I knew it was mainly his size that wrecked me. A month later the next time i met him i couldn't help myself from hooking up again, but I told him while i was blowing him that getting fucked last time irritated me too much and i didn't want to get fucked again (although i did bring some better organic lube with me ) He convinced me it was the condom friction that causes the pain and that bareback would not hurt a bit. He assured me he would start gently and pull out to cum, he said he was recently tested neg anyway. I said i still wasn't comfortable with BB even if he pulled out because of precum and stuff. He dried off my saliva from his erect cock and showed me he didn't produce any pre-cum. He told and showed me he never makes precum even when fully erect and that he would pull out before he orgasmed. So I agreed and let him take me bare right then. It was the most fantastic fuck just like he promised, i had a huge orgasm as he fucked me and i wasn't sore a bit afterward.
  2. I suppose to fuck an actual 100% straight guy by the literal definition he would have to be a mm virgin with you as his first experience. After that a guy can become different degrees of bi, although predominately straight. For many of us who are truly bi, we are usually married or in a relationship with a woman, we still prefer sex with women 90% of the time, but we truly enjoy that occasional sex we can only get with a man. We aren't confused, we are no longer experimenting, we don't want to have a relationship with a guy, it is just mm sex that we want. A truly bi guy accepts the fact that once in a while he wants to have a different kind of sex. Us bi guys really like both kinds of sex and understand thru experience that they are both great but very different. The key is a BI guy understands the difference and enjoys both and he occasionally seeks out or allows himself to be seduced for that different sex that he simply can't get from the gf or wife. With bi guys there are a few different sexual preferences and kinks. Some bi guys posted they love topping a guy for some rough animalistic sex they cant quite get with women. I've met many bi tops that just love receiving a wet dirty enthusiastic male on male blow job that women in their life have been unwilling or unable to match. Some of us bi guys just crave giving that exact kind of blow job and watching/feeling the satisfaction of having been able to please a man until he cums. We may be tops when we have sex with the gf or wife but crave playing the bottom occasionally with another man . For myself, after getting a different satisfaction from being more dominant in sex with my wife, caring for, cuddling, topping her and generally running the fuck, I just occasionally seek out that other experience of being the one who submits to a man. Sure I still love pussy, but once in a while I just want to be totally used orally, deep throating a nice big hard cock, drooling and lusting over it. Recently I have tried and loved bottoming for a good hard aggressive fuck. Love the feeling I get when submitting to a man both physically and mentally. My main sexual staple is still enjoying sex with women and could not live without that. But for a contrast just occasionally I crave a mm experience, the physical as well as the mind fuck i get when submitting to a really talented male top.
  3. fun

    an upward curved cock

    The time I encountered that cock he was rock rock hard and it really had a huge upward bend to it and about average 6 in length. I was in a booth so after i sucked him a while (the curve made that great) i turned around and gave it up doggie with me kneeling on the bench and him standing behind me. Neither of us had much anal experience. His cock was so curved it was real hard to get him in to me fully, i finally had to check back on him real hard and tell him to jam it in. I know my prostrate is only 3 or 4 inches in i can tell by my fingers, but I think due to that curved cock I could never really feel it on my prostrate. After reading this thread now i wished that I would have tried to get on my back- a nice curved cock probably would have raked across my prostrate and sent me into orbit. Next time I'll try that if I ever encounter one again.
  4. Bottoms: what position is best when being fucked by an very upwardly curved cock? Does it make difference to you bottoms who like to cum while being fucked?
  5. i am one of those married bi newbies without much real m2m experience. I met another married guy last week and gave him the best blow job i've ever given. A nice long wet 30 minute suck. When he said he was ready to cum I held him deep in my throat with my lips tight around the base of his cock. I felt his orgasm pulsing with every single contraction -5 6 7 8 huge contractions as he shot the first few deep in my throat and the rest just pooled up until it filled my mouth. I held him there with a mouthful of cum until he softened, Then i withdrew, showed him the load and then swallowed it all. Fantastic feeling when i felt him cuming. To me that has to be as good as any bareback anal that regular bottom sluts experience, and I think it was every bit as submissive, just as thrilling and satisfying to me. Ive thought about barebacking but i don't think i need to.
  6. The first time this happened to me. It was actually my first anal experience. On many occasions I had sucked-off a bear and had tried several times to get him to fuck me, safely with a condom, but he was one of those guys who just can't stay hard when wearing a condom. Finally one day I decided to let him slip it in me bare just for a little while, just so I could feel what it was like. I told him it was just a for a few minutes and I would finish him off orally. So, when I had him sucked up nice and hard, I lubed him up and backed myself down onto his lap. His cock slowly entered me and when it was fully in I began rocking slowly on his lap as he held me there in a bear hug. It felt so fuckin good, my cock was rock hard. I definitely loved my first fuck. It couldn't have been more than two minutes when he really clamped down on me with his arms, leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Don't move a bit." Now I should have known why because he always did that right before he cums in my mouth when I'm on my knees, he likes to have me stop with his cock held still, deep in my mouth as he orgasms, but it felt so good at that moment that I just needed to be fucked a little bit longer. Or maybe I was just hoping the fuck would continue after a pause, but whatever, I then heard his breath in my ear and and I knew without doubt what was happening. The thought raced through my head that I should struggle off of his cock, but he was holding me so tight, and it just felt too fucking good to stop. I didn't move a bit or even say a word to stop. I completely relaxed, leaned back onto him and felt his cock pumping as he began to moan. The only motion I made was to turn back with my head so that I could watch his face as his long orgasm came over him, knowing he was filling me with cum. Anyway not a drop leaked out of my ass and I went to work with his semen planted deep inside me. I shat it out many hours later to see the huge load. I don't know if it was technically stealth because I became aware of it as it was happening, but I wasn't upset at all with him and took it as a compliment that it was just too hot for him to stop. In addition, I was sure he was clean and was actually glad that he forced me to experience taking a guy's load. I had been too chicken to accept getting barebacked and being bred, so I guess he did me a favor by removing the anxiety of having to choose that first time around.
  7. Have you ever been stealth bred, neg bottoms not the bug chasers...how did you react, how did you feel?

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