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  1. the event is cancelled for 2021... anyone received their hotel deposit from Hyatt? am still waiting for mine.
  2. > Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified.
  3. IML 2020 is cancelled ... see you all in May 2021.
  4. going? I am still booked at the host hotel. Hoping that HMSF will be there as well.
  5. Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend January 22-25, 2021 Washington, DC
  6. Has been rescheduled to... Nov. 19-22, 2020 Cleveland, OH
  7. the event has been rescheduled to... Sept. 24-27, 2020 Chicago, IL
  8. group/s of interest on telegram? please post the group name and the link for direct invites.
  9. love playing to guys with wired nips.... could go on for hours giving pleasure
  10. here's what I found... "All guests entering the Hyatt Regency will be asked for a photo ID. Those 21 and over will receive a wrist band signifying that they are aged 21 or over and can purchase alcohol at one of the many bars in the hotel." in addition.... "Wristbands provided to all registered guests will be required throughout the event; In Addition a separate band for those 21 and up will be required to purchase any alcohol."
  11. not quite sure since I missed 2020, opted to go to CLAW instead, since I'm meeting friends of mine there. saw a picture of wrist bands... need it to go to the floors? attendees of 2020... is there a restriction/s?
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