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    northern NJ/nyc
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    bb Top. nsa bare fuckbuds sought
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    gam, bb Top.
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    none at the moment but interested, amateur or commercial.
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    nsa m2m sub/bot fuck/suck/sex buds. Top, looking for an insatiable hot fucks (BARE preferred), anon/1-1. Into: getting suck and swallow cum/ piss, ass play, cbt, tt, ff. You: legal age or 30+, no attitude, STI/STD-free, friends with benefits. No flakes. Regular fuck buddy leading to LTR sought. guys with gaping holes/rosebuds and 'hard-wired' nips a ++. BBBH

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  1. Thank for for the follow, Sir. 😈

  2. Thanks for following me Sir

  3. Thanks for the follow.

  4. Thanks for the follow.

  5. Hello Sir

  6. Thanks for the follow. 

  7. cannot 'follow' on twitter... limit reached!
  8. berlin 20201 schedules: nov 13, dec 11, from their website
  9. am in for CLAW21, L.A. staying at the host hotel. btw, besides Horsemarket, NKP pigboss is having his parties at the host hotel for 2 consecutive nights btw,
  10. body hair: Yes! I am fond of sub/bot hirsute men, trimmed pubes area.
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