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    northern NJ/nyc
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    bb Top. nsa bare fuckbuds sought
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    gam, bb Top.
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    nsa m2m sub/bot fuck/suck/sex buds. Top, looking for an insatiable hot fucks (BARE preferred), anon/1-1. Into: getting suck and swallow cum/ piss, ass play, cbt, tt, ff. You: legal age or 30+, no attitude, STI/STD-free, friends with benefits. No flakes. Regular fuck buddy leading to LTR sought. guys with gaping holes/rosebuds and 'hard-wired' nips a ++.

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  1. SIReast

    MAL 2019

    sold out, only available is Sunday.
  2. maybe it's just folsom. same situation when I attended foldsom.
  3. SIReast


    is is still active? I can no longer see the icon for the chat app. or is it disabled to some users? is there a bz group on skype?
  4. my status?    In dire need of all the cock I can get in my hole and filled full of  cum.

  5. SIReast

    Film "100 Men" on Netflix

    will check it out.
  6. Hmmm. Would love to have your poz cum charging my ass.

  7. SIReast

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    be rimmed... deep
  8. SIReast


    turned 60 .
  9. SIReast

    What’s it like?

    wnh, an event not to be missed.
  10. you can fuck me any time...

  11. Hello Sir


    1. dino68800



      what is your question on chastity?


    2. dino68800



      I am not sure I could hold out for a man, I would need cock


  12. Hello thanks 


  13. SIReast

    Infected By the AIDS Troll

    in the DC area occasionally, will let you when I'm back.
  14. SIReast

    Infected By the AIDS Troll

    was this near logan circle? used to attend his parties there.

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