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  1. rosecuvee

    Taking PrEP during sex holidays

    Event-based dosing – IPERGAY and other studies One of the most widely publicised ways of using event-based dosing, relates to a French and Canadian study called IPERGAY. IPERGAY dosing The dosing in IPERGAY involved: Taking a double dose of PrEP (2 tablets) before sex. This would ideally be the day before, but could be anywhere from 24 to 2 hours before. Taking another single dose (1 tablet) after sex – i.e. the same day or 24 hours later from the last sex. Taking another single dose (1 tablet) the following day. - or 48 hours later from the last sex. This means taking four tablets if you had sex once in a week. This also means taking four tablets if you had sex lots of times if this was all on one day. If this involved having sex on several days, then daily dosing was recommended, with a final dose the day after all this activity ended. *** Tenofovir takes up to 24 hours to reach good levels in rectal tissue. *** taking PrEP the day before sex is likely to be better than relying on taking this just two hours before. If planning to rely on event-based dosing for infrequent use – i.e. less than weekly use – then there is a good reason to be cautious and start PrEP the day before. source : 1. http://i-base.info/qa/10743 2. http://i-base.info/guides/prep/on-demand-dosing-only-for-anal-sex 3. http://www.catie.ca/en/catienews/2015-03-19/demand-prep-strategy-highly-effective-gay-men-who-have-frequent-sex 4. https://www.iwantprepnow.co.uk/how-to-take-prep
  2. rosecuvee

    Kuala Lumpur

    Still looking for some load ?
  3. rosecuvee


    I am in Malaysia
  4. rosecuvee

    *REAL* Stealth Breeding Video on Xtube

    can I get a link too ?
  5. If someone cum in you, can you tell ? or find out later ? I think I might been cum-stealthed ( he said he didn't cum ), but I am not sure.
  6. rosecuvee

    Question for the Poz Tops!

    Tell him you only do it bare. Is up to him whether he request you to use rubber or ask your status.
  7. rosecuvee

    Should or Shouldn't I ?

    This is what I thought. Should I miss another few more years of bare fun time until I am financially more stable so I can afford the med in case I turn poz ? Or the risk is so low that I should just bare fuck it ? Getting poz is more like getting a burden than a life sentence. I have to eat well, excessive often, dragging the meds, and etc. I don't think I have time for that. @Azd : I wish I can be like you. Since I got fuck bareback 10 years ago (a black top with 9in took the condom off while fucking me because he can't get hard), I was hooked. He claimed he is neg but I found antiretrovirals meds in the refrigerator. He fucked me 2 more times the same night bareback. He claimed he don't have pre-cum so I shouldn't be worry. He never shoot or cum in me while we fuck. Still give me a boner when I think of it.
  8. rosecuvee

    Should or Shouldn't I ?

    So, even an undetectable top still "bad" for a neg bottom to get fuck ?? Another question : Does it make a different if the poz top pull out before shooing in my butt? Does it decrease the risk of getting infected? In statistic, does it matter ?
  9. First of all, I am an Asian bottom living in South East Asia where getting low price HIV med can be difficult. I am neg, and like the feeling about bareback sex. But I don't bareback partly due to worry about getting STD or HIV. And my current job, country and life do not allow me to get positive. I also would like to keep my Neg status. Thus, I kinda gave up on bareback sex. Like everyone else, I cruise often in MH, BBRT, A4A and etc. Is not easy to find a hot caucasian/black/latino guy, well hung and wild who interested in topping an Asian. But I met someone online through BBRT recently who travel to my country and willing to meet up. He fit my requirement of : "I will let him fuck me bare!" But there is a problem, he is poz, undetectable. I know the undetectable poz is very unlikely to transmit virus to a Neg person. (source : rawTop's swiss research) But regardless, there is still a risk there. So, my question is: should I let this great opportunity pass? Or should I go ahead to let my desire took over, and have fun with the undetectable poz ? comments are welcome.

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