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    I've been 100% BB bottom for 20+ years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. Just read your post about an apartment in Santiago with a Sling. Would you mind providing the contact for renting it? I`m also a regular visitor to Santiago, and would like to try that! tks.

  2. hungry_hole

    PrEP on demand?

    This is what I did on my first period I was on PrEP. I started 10 days before my trip to South America where I was renting an apartment with a sling. I also knew that many of the local young and not so young guys liked older. I was prepared and was glad to have been taking PrEP because I was able to enjoy sex without worrying about every cock that went into my hole. I stopped 10 days after I came back from my holiday. When I went for my appointment with my Dr. she told me that the protocol called for 30 days after the last sexual contact. I started my second period of PrEP and I was worrying about those 30 days of PrEP without sex. Most likely the pharmaceutical companies exaggerate the dosages to make more money, protected by the pretext of safety.
  3. hungry_hole

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    I recognize that thrill you are talking about, but I guess my survival instinct kicks in so chasing has never become a fetish for me. What turns me on instead is to whore-out HIV-negative bottoms willing to take a lot of risk.
  4. hungry_hole

    Is it frustrating being a top with a big cock?

    I'm also a bottom but it's kinda annoying that even when the issue has to do with guys with big cocks who like to fuck, bottoms think the issue relates to them. We already know that most bottoms who bareback are obsessed with cum and getting their hole bred. But this question is for guys with big cocks who like to fuck. Bottoms: Control yourself!
  5. hungry_hole

    PrEP on demand?

    The issue I have with PrEP is that one has to continue taking it for a month. I find it too long because when I'm on PrEP I'll be more tempted to take loads which means having to wait for another month, during which time it could happen again. If the wait were 7-10 days it would be less likely for that to happen.
  6. hungry_hole

    Loose or tight hole

    I can tell from the way the cock feels whether or not a tightening of my hole is required to provide the top with more friction in his cock. Plus, when my hole has opened up, the top can go deeper and get more friction that way.
  7. I've never been a "size queen" because I've always been afraid that getting fucked by a big cock may hurt my hole and may have to stop getting fucked for the evening because I'm bleeding. And I enjoy getting fucked by regular and even a smaller cock, especially if at the end I receive the reward. At bathhouses I've come across guys with big cocks and we've tried to fuck unsuccessfully. Isn't this frustrating for tops? However, a couple of days ago I was at the local sauna on the sling in my room. The first guy who fucked me had a cock bigger that what I usually take so he was trying hard to penetrate me with his monster cock. As the first cock I was expecting a regular cock! I had put lube with a lube injector so after trying hard to relax my hole the top was able to go in and began to fuck me. After a few seconds his cock felt really nice inside and noticed that he was very excited fucking me and started to shoot pretty soon. He said "I needed a hole for my big cock" and left. Is it sometimes frustrating being horny and wanting to fuck a hole with a big cock?
  8. hungry_hole

    Bottom to a bottom.

    Well done! And it doesn't matter how long you fucking the sloppy hole because as you said it felt great, but you also ,made another bottom very happy. There is nothing strange with a total bottom breeding a hole just to get off, as Memphian said, instead of jaking off.
  9. In the last few months I've had two total tops fuck-buddies of mine tell me that they are thinking about bottoming. Both are Mexican. One is a top guy in his 30's whom I met at the sauna Oasis in Montreal. I love the way his curved uncut cock feels in my hole. He always says "Que rico!" as he dumps his load in my hole. The other top is a guy in his late 30's whom I usually meet at the Blackout event in the local sauna. I correspond by email with both of them to either meet at a sauna in Montreal or at the Blackout event in my local sauna. But lately both have been hinting that although they enjoy being tops they've been toying with the idea of bottoming. Sex roles are not carved in stone because all men, unlike women, have a cock and a hole that they can use for either role. It becomes a matter of preference and what makes the guy feel more comfortable. I've argued that no matter how much of a bottom a guy is, topping and breeding a hole is not such an unreasonable demand, at least for most total bottoms. I've met many bottoms who after a long session of load-taking they feel very horny and who enjoy dumping their loads into a hot hole before going home, rather than jerking off. But what about total tops taking loads once in a while? Any former total tops who started taking loads? Any reason why a guy would not get fucked?
  10. Years ago when hardly anyone was barebacking a guy at the sauna came into my room, put on a condom and began to fuck me. I was very horny so I didn't realize that half way he removed the condom and ended up breeding my hole. As he was leaving he whispered in my ear "I left a present for you" and left the room. I then saw the used condom with no cum in it. Instead I felt cum dripping from my hole. I was not infected but I never wore a condom again.
  11. hungry_hole

    Relationship or Cumdump?

    I doubt that wanting a monogamous relationship has anything to do with sexual orientation. I'm sure that many straight men would be non-monogamous if they knew their actions wouldn't jeopardize their main relationship with wife or girlfriend. The way most straight men safely break the monogamy is by watching porn, which most women consider a form of cheating. On the other hand, it's easy for men who have sex with men to be non-monogamous because all participants are men, so there are no nagging women placing unreasonable expectations on men.
  12. hungry_hole

    Loose or tight hole

    Very good advice because by loosening the hole it allows deep penetration and more friction as the cock goes in deep. Also a gentle tightening is all what's needed to provide enough pleasure to the top.
  13. hungry_hole

    Bottom to a bottom.

    For me it's a huge turn-on being fucked and bred by another bottom., especially when I notice the guy fucking me has a sloppy hole. Just because someone is a bottom doesn't mean that he won't enjoy fucking and breeding some sloppy hole at a bathhouse after he's done for the night. A bottom is not like a woman who really can't top.
  14. I've been reading about Parliament House for many years and I always think of of it as the ultimate place for a cumdump to get a room. And I came across this 2012 news: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-08-06/news/os-rape-hiv-parliament-house-20120806_1_hiv-positive-man-hiv-positive-man-hiv-positive-status It's so hot as it all happened: "Kenneth Creuzer [rapist], 48, told investigators the door to the man's room was open, so he walked in and assaulted him as he lay on his stomach, a police report states. Leaving a door ajar and the blinds open while lying facedown is known as an invitation to sex, Creuzer told investigators. Has anybody been to Parliament House? Are guys who are not hotel guests allow to roam the hallways?
  15. hungry_hole

    Advice needed...

    I find that many techniques that work well for others may not work for me, or, even more interesting, techniques that used to work for me no longer work because things change as one ages.

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