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    Interested in anon sex in theaters, saunas and darkrooms. Used to only bottom but now since I pozed I'm also enjoying fucking and breeding other holes.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I found out I was poz in September 2018 after 2 decades of barebacking. Wasn't really expecting it so it shocked me for a couple of days. I used to me 100% bottom but since I pozzed I'm now enjoying topping hot holes at the sauna and I get this rush when I'm pumping my dirty seed in their holes. Not on Meds yet.
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    Other poz guys who would like to join me in a gangbang of a hot bottom

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  1. hungry_hole

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    You aren't the type of bottom that I'm talking about because you say that you don't need to cum after a breeding session at the bathhouse. No need to argue with me then. I'm talking about the bottom who at the bathhouse jerks-off alone in order to take a break or to stop being horny so he can go home. To those bottoms I would suggest they pump their load in another hole instead of jacking off. Why not make another bottom happy? I disagree with strict rules on bottom/Top because I see it more as a suggestion: "I like getting fucked". Being a bottom or a top or anything in-between is not in the genes as some guys want to believe. Being a woman or a man is in the genes and it's funny how some people reject their DNA. Sticking their cock in a hole is normal as taking a cock in your hole is something that needs training and a state-of-mind. That's why many bottoms start as tops and then move on.
  2. hungry_hole

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    @bellyguy44 I know you like serving tops with your two holes, but you are saying that you never ever shoot a load? Not even when jerking-off while watching porn?
  3. hungry_hole

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    I am not talking about guys who like getting fucked, who can never get a hard-on, and who never feel the need to cum. I'm sure there are some around but most who call themselves 100% bottoms shoot their loads but mostly in private, after a few loads. @ErosWired: Are you one of these guys who can never ever shoot his load? If you are, I'm not talking about you. The situation I'm talking about is that of a bottom at a bathhouse who takes loads all night, and then when he wants to take a sleep break or decides to go home, he jerks-off in his room or at home and at most maybe, he may get sucked at the gloryholes. But he never breeds another willing hole and that to me is "greedy" because that bottom could hunt for a willing hole and breed it instead of jerking off alone and make another slut bottom happy. The other comment I read here from bottoms is that after shooting their loads they are done and no longer get fucked. I read from one bottom who complained that he had this annoying situation that after shooting he's done. THAT IS HOW THE MALE BODY WORKS! This was part of the work by Masters and Johnsons in 1960's. Men are done for a few minutes and then they can be horny again which is why many go home after a night at the sauna and they are horny again.
  4. hungry_hole

    Poppers in Ottawa? Where?

    Looking for poppers in Ottawa. I see guys using them at the sauna but I forget to ask where they get them. I don't use them but I like having for my "guests" in my room at the sauna.
  5. hungry_hole

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    As bottoms we enjoy the pleasure of being bred by anon loads but I find that many bottoms are too greedy and self-absorbed and forget that other bottoms also like being bred. At an all night session at the bathhouse, more bottoms should think about their fellow bottoms waiting for a load and when taking a break or before going home, hunt for a hole and dump your load. And then take the break or go home. Think about this, it could be you next time who ends up happy bred by a horny bottom. It doesn't matter if you cum too quickly because all you want if to get off and please a bottom at the same time.
  6. hungry_hole

    It's always the LGBTQ

    When people find out that I have sex with men, MSM, many assume that the reason is because I am attracted to men and not to women. No, what attracts me to men is the way men like having sex, anonymous, no-strings-attached. I don't particularly like the way women deal with sex.
  7. hungry_hole

    Older cum dump

    If you are asking what the situation is for an older guy coming-out is into the world of sex with men, bathhouses, Grindr, etc., I would say not very good. No matter how many guys say how hot older guys, youth dominates the whole sex scene, and even worse now with online hook-ups and availability of pictures, We older guys are not into taking selfies every 5 minutes because we are no longer in-love with our wrinkled face. That's why I prefer bathhouses where I don't have to explain my body because others see me and they like me or not. When I was young I used to get lots of attention and one adapts by increasing the kink level, and many guys like that. An older guy can increase his chances of being noticed and wanted if he has a decent cock, nice hard-ons, and shoots nice loads. He can then take on the top role, go to bathhouses or sex clubs to proudly show off his topping attributes. This kind situation could be a lot of fun. But if an older guys wants to come-out as a total cumwhore bottom, good luck! I'm an older guy who started having anon sex in my early 20's. I was getting then lots of attention from horny guys but even with that attention, it took me some time to understand how the cruising works. I became an expert at cruising but I was still young, which was good. I like having started anon sex in my 20's because I've experienced the cruising and anon sex as I age. But even in my situation I do feel a bit of "envy" for the young hot guys who now have so many ways of expressing their Narcissism,
  8. hungry_hole

    Custom T-shirt business?

    I had this made, I'm sure, at http://www.cafepress.com
  9. hungry_hole

    Question for the Tops!

    Pre-loaded holes are so hot that can make a total bottom fuck the hole and breed it. I hear all the time that bottoms who top usually go for a sloppy hole.
  10. hungry_hole


    I prefer to see it as a very strong emotional bond from both, the top and the bottom.
  11. hungry_hole

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    It's a very hot video but I don't like the way the bottom starts moving his ass when the top starts shooting, because I don't like it when I fuck,
  12. I started bottoming bareback in the early 70's when I stayed at the YMCA in NYC in a room of one of the men's floors. Got a few STDs. I stopped barebacking when everyone did because of HIV but started taking loads again in the early 90's and took hundreds of loads but no HIV. I was on PrEP for a few months but then I stopped and bingo! I'm now still mostly bottom but I'm now enjoying breeding holes
  13. hungry_hole

    Hottest Verbal From A Top?

    "Get your hole ready for my babies"
  14. Depending on the time you'll be spending at the bathhouse you can edge for a while, even fuck some holes and then blast inside some lucky hole. But if you do this in the middle of your visit, all you need to do is rest for a while and you are good for another breeding after more edging. Two happy holes instead of one.
  15. hungry_hole

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    I've been a BB bottom for decades buy now I'm topping a lot and really I enjoy depositing my poz load in an anon hole. I only do anon sex in saunas and what I've done, as it was already suggested here, I quietly deposit my load and leave the room. Once the guy noticed I had shot my load inside his hole, I just told him I couldn't help it. Most likely some of these guys will want to get bred after they feel cum inside their holes.

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