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    I'm 62, good shape, 6'2". I've been 100% BB bottom for 20 years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. I met my general practitioner (GP) at the Sexual Health Clinic when I was in my 30's. It's been the best decision I have ever made regarding my health. It makes no sense to have a medical professional making decisions about your health without all the pertinent information.
  2. I was in this same sauna in Montreal October 2016 and I was surprised by the number of guys in their rooms but glued to their cellphone.
  3. Advertising yourself, especially as a slutty bottom helps a lot. I like using some signs I have with phrase such as "Cream My Hole". I have French version when I go to Montreal. My last time one French guy came into my room, fucked me for a while and the bred my hole. As he was leaving all I understood him saying was that the sign turned him on and made him come into the room. With a room you can have the top decide if he wants to leave the door open or not. Some guy may not fuck you in a public sling but he may feel more comfortable once he closes the door. At 46 I was getting a lot of cock and loads. I got more attention in my 20's but my attitude was better in my 40's and 50's. When we refer to "older bottoms" let's not forget the bottoms in their 60's and more. Getting horny does not stop in the 40's and 50's. It keeps going and for bottoms in their 60's and over the job of getting loads it really becomes tough.
  4. If there is one it should be some sort of a database because a thread alone becomes useless
  5. Do you like topping young bottoms like most tops?
  6. Super Skinny With A Big Dick A really skinny guy with a monstrous black cock fucks and breeds a really big guy. Hot!
  7. UTI is one of the many reasons I decide to stay away from topping.
  8. I worried a lot about my age between 35-40 maybe because I started missing the perks of being a bottom in my 20's, as Scottyrim says. I found it hot when at the bathhouse a young attendant would come around to my room and give me a quick load. Wait until you're in your 60's and older because the funny thing is that you're horny as when you were young. Lowering expectations is a must. I had a lot of sex in my 50's but because I was in good shape I managed to bottom quite a bit. What worked for me at the bathhouses were some signs that glow in the dark with messages that made it clear that I was a bareback bottom. Another alternative which a buddy of mine took is to be more of a top. In his 50's he has no trouble finding young holes to fuck and breed. He likes fucking two holes and then when he cums he squirts some of it in one hole and the finish squirting in the other. If you can find ways to enjoy topping that's an alternative.
  9. There are so many videos online that it seems ridiculous to be paying for porn. But I find that some payed videos are hot because they show faces of both the tops and bottoms as they fuck and breed holes or get their holes bred. Many amateur videos don't show the faces.
  10. So many 100% bottoms become at lest versatile once they poz. I guess if HIV did not exist less bottoms would enjoy breeding holes. I don't think its' wrong because any of the guys you bred may have already been poz. The BBrt guy's profile said "negative" but because he takes loads from anyone, being HIV-negative is sort of meaningless. He would eventually take another poz load. Same thing with the guys at the ABS. I would consider it "wrong" if the encounter was not anonymous and you met, had coffee, and the guy mentioned that he was HIV-negative and was concerned about STI. In that case breeding him with your poz load would be kind of nasty. But if the other guy is being careless nobody should take responsibility for his own carelessness.
  11. I've heard of some bottoms become a top (or versatile) after getting tired of all the work involved in being a bottom.
  12. My ideal in a breeding video is to hear the top talk dirty to the bottom and the bottom responding to the top. Don't like bottoms screaming like a girl. I like to hear the moaning and groaning of the top as he breeds the hole and cums inside. This is the perfect video: *anonymous* load
  13. Anonymous sex in general, whether is group action, cock or ass, is so hot that it becomes difficult to avoid and one is easily exposed to infections. I'm trying to avoid HIV and all other infections but I know I can easily slip and put myself at risk. Not to mention the possible fuck-flu 4-6 weeks after and then the 3 months wait for the test. Worth it? When you're horny in the darkroom it is worth it. Five minutes later comes the regret. I'm like you but in order to relax I would prefer anon partners be tested for all STIs. My dream would be to attend a special event, something like a CumUnion party, but everybody attending being members recently tested for all STDs and a blood test on entry to the party. In my view that would be awesome, a sex club with slings, glorholes and darkrooms full of horny guys who are tested.
  14. I agree that the feeling of a cock pounding your hole can be an amazing experience. But instead of "esp. with poz cock. " I woudl say "esp. with anon cock." For me the fetish is not with poz but with cocks being anonymous, which of course can be poz.
  15. I think this paragraph tells me that you don't understand the concept behind because you say that the best policy is testing which is the fundamental part of the strategy: get tested, get tested, get tested.The only thing is that as a member you will be required to enter the specific details of each of the tests so then this information can be exchanged with other members and see when your potential fuck-buddy got tested for the different STDs. It's true that guys on PrEP get tested frequently but guys who aren't on PrEP can also test frequently and if he's a member he can the enter the data from tests into his STD profile. membership has many "side effects" such as learning more about STDs and being aware of ways to prevent STDs. I also like it because it keeps track of my tests which I sometimes forget the dates. "It's been 8 months? I thought my last tests were done a couple of months ago". provides you with a tool to help prevent STDs. But it's up to you how you how to use the membership. Any members here? My SSXID is KUK777Q19 and I'd like to exchange with other members. You would have to tell me because a member won't see my data in their screen until I get to see the other member's data on my screen. Having my ID does not make my data public. is not a magic bullet that will make you immune to all STDs. I keep dreaming. I find myself sometimes with strong feelings to go to a bathhouse and have all kinds of sex with guys in the darkroom and in the gloryholes. Right now I could never have anon sex at a very low risk by knowing all guys are tested and as committed as I am to staying away from STDs. But I could see that it may be possible to have really slutty sex with not so much risk. It may possible.

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