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    I'm 62, good shape, 6'2". I've been 100% BB bottom for 20 years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. Very long video Japanese Bareback party There is a very slutty bottom who everyone fucks. He's got a nice rosebud. It's got the longest "BREEDING" I've ever seen. Starts in minute 32 and ends in minute 34! The top keeps groaning for ever. I used to have a fuck buddy like that
  2. Is good to find a reason why should the top tell me that he will be shooting soon. Once I noticed that a top may be getting closer to shooting, I would usually say something like "Let me know when you start shooting so I can open up my hole to receive your load". And I would mention it again in between other dirty talk: "Yeah, I'll open up my hole for your load". That way most of the time they would tell me they were cumming which was really hot. And I would open-up my hole too, which I really enjoy doing while the guys shoots.
  3. I've heard that some tops have pozed by fucking holes and churning poz cum deposited by another top.
  4. From his profile newbiboi seems to be a young 20's guy. A young guy like that who wants to be a cumdump has many possibilities. Young cumdumps are always in demand because most become cumdumps much older in life, once they stop being nervous. If you are a young cumdump try to get over that "fear" and you'll have a great time. I'm not sure what city he lives? Having access to a city with good bathhouses and sex clubs makes it easier to become a cumdump. My first cumdump experiences were in my 20's every time I stayed at the YMCA in NYC. All the action was anonymous so it made kit easier for me to be more daring and allow myself to be a cumdump. I would leave the door of my room unlocked and wait for guys to come in, fuck me, unload and leave. This was just before the AIDS crisis. Here is the other side of the story. I was lucky because I was able to have a lot of fun without having to deal with being HIV+. For some is no big deal but it has to be considered. PrEP? Is one possibility but you have to understand its limitations.
  5. I would think that for most guys getting bred the enjoyment is mental and that most times the prostate is not involved in the enjoyment. For me an important part of the enjoyment of getting bred are the groans and moans of a top as he shoots his load in my hole. No prostate involvement.
  6. I love porn and I watch both professional and amateur videos. There are things I like about both kinds. As long as it's bareback and anon scenes I get off on it
  7. I still remember the days when the "gay disease" was killing hundreds of men who once they were infected there was little that could be done. In other words, a death sentence. I wonder what would be happening now if no HIV drugs were available. So many men, me included, have risked so much because ultimately we knew that we con go on therapy. If HIV drugs were not available, would you still have anonymous sex in bathhouses and gloryholes?
  8. Like many I like to watch the load going in without pulling out. I prefer to see the cum oozing out the hole a few seconds later. I came across this video that I really liked because it had what i consider the perfect breeding scene: cum has to go inside, no loud bottom that keeps screaming like a woman, some quick trashy talk seconds before the breeding ("I want your load deep inside my hole") The top moaning as he unloads inside that hole, if he's showing his face even better The top keeps pumping every drop and pulls out after he's done The video is at The breeding scene that I'm talking about starts at minute 6:30.
  9. I agree but I like that studio porn shows the faces of both the tops and the bottoms. Nice to see the cum but I find it hot to see the face of a bottom as his hole gets pumped full of cum. Or the face of the top as he grans and moans while he breeds some hole. There is a guy on Xtube with hundreds of videos of him getting bred and most of them show the cum oozing out after the tops pull-out.
  10. Does it make a difference for how the top feels those contractions whether the bottom shoots his load touching or not touching himself? Sometimes when some bottom is monopolizing a public sling at a bathhouse the only way to get them to share it is to make them shoot their load. Most get up and leave
  11. This video of from an Xtube member from Spain. It's a hot video of a threesome between a couple and a friend. Starts with one of the partners shooting his load on the friend's cock as lube, and then the friend fucks the other partner and breeds him. The bottom in Spanish says how much he's enjoying having his partner's cum as lube while getting ready fro the friend's cum. hot bareback fucking. trío a pelo con preñada
  12. Fuckin' Oink~! Chasers like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing. Wood to breed it too. Thanks too

  13. I've been watching some professional porn and in many of the movies in this paid site just before the top shoots his load, the bottom start cumming. A question to those who have fucked: When you are fucking do you like it when the bottom shoots his load before you? Some bottoms stop being interested in bottoming once they cum so I imagine that's no good. But if the bottom keeps taking your cock, do you feel the bottom's prostate pulsating as he shoots his load? Or maybe you enjoy it when he cums just seconds before you or right after. Any comments from the point of view of GUYS WHO HAVE FUCKED? P.S. I notice that some posts that are directed to tops or guys who fuck get hijacked by bottoms who start talking about how much they like taking loads. If you are a bottom and have also fucked, bring up some of those experiences as a "top",
  14. Years ago at the local sauna I met a thin 19 yr-old African kid. He kept saying "I like your eyes" which I found unusual. After hearing it a few time I realized he was saying "I like your ass" which made more sense at a sauna. He had a huge cock but also with a big bent, more than any other cock I've seen. He fucked me (bareback) that night but we also kept in touch until he moved away. He would call me when he was horny. I could feel the bent while he fucked me and I liked how verbal he was when he was ready to shoot.
  15. In my case I can hardly talk about "unfulfilled fantasies". I used to hang out in the gloryhole area that was connected to a slur-ramp. One hole was for sucking standing up and it had one on each side for both fucking and sucking. I would take 15 to 20 loads. If I stayed in my room I once took 12 loads from guys who would walk into my room. My problem is that I want to continue doing it. Lately I've been thinking of going to the local sauna and again spend some time in the gloryholes. But I know I could not resist a hard cock that wants to fuck ass. If find it so hot to hear the top moan and groan on the other side of the partition.

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