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    I'm 62, good shape, 6'2". I've been 100% BB bottom for 20 years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. How Did So Many Tops Become Poz?

    I can understand a guy who's a total top and who doesn't want to bottom. Not everyone is prepared to take a cock up his butt, plus there's the issue of being clean which can be a problem for some guys with the douching and so on. But fucking to most men comes naturally. Men fuck pieces of meat, the pillow, jerk-off using their hands, fleshlights, etc. It's easy to understand a guy who says he can't take cock up his ass but I find it more difficult to understand a guy who never fucks and breeds a hole. So many total bottoms who really enjoy getting fucked and bred also enjoy breeding holes especially once he's done taking loads or he's taking a break. I can understand a bottom who occasionally tops but I would never expect a top to try bottoming unless he really wants to. Some bottoms never fuck because they say their cock is too small or that they don't last long enough. But the reality is that many bottoms don't care about size or length of fuck. The same way some bottoms don't fuck because topping threatens their bottom identity, some tops are embarrassed to bottom so they secretly take loads and that's how they may poz. I knew one guy who presented himself as a very aggressive top but a friend of mine who knew him told me that he sometimes bottomed but did not want anyone to know.
  2. Total tops are so hard to find

    It would be better for both. We complain so much about there being too many bottoms. But if after taking as many loads they could get at a bathhouse or sex party more bottoms made another bottom happy with their load, it would appear there are more tops. Unless a bottom never cums because of some physical issue with prostate or similar, I don't see why not breed some sloppy hole. It doesn't matter if the bottom has a small cock if he cums too quickly, his cum will make another bottom very happy. Some bottoms says that after taking loads at a bathhouse and they need to go home, they either jerk-off in their room or when they get home. Next time, be generous with any of the bottoms in the bathhouse and breed his hole. You will both enjoy it. Remember, one day it could be you who gets a nice load from another bottom.
  3. Why can't I stop barebacking?

    What is it that is "so wrong?" Wanting to breed holes?
  4. condoms or no condoms?

    I had rented the sling room on a Blackout event at the local bathhouse. I was lying on the sling with a black hood on and my usual glow in the dark signs saying "Breed my hole" etc...clearly indicating that I wanted bareback sex and and loads in my hole. I noticed a guy from work walking around and he saw me, a really hot guy, someone with whom I'd had meetings regarding a project. I always noticed he had the hots for me. We did not work together, just for this project. At the sauna that day I got on the sling and left the door open. Not very long after he came into the room and closed the door. He whis[pered he wanted to fuck me but with condoms. He said that in that case he couldn't fuck me so he decides to leave, but as soon as he leaves my room he comes back, closes the door and without saying a word starts fucking me bareback, breeds my hole and leaves. It was a hot fuck and I'm glad I insisted on no condoms, even with this guy from work who now knew I was definitely a cumdump.
  5. Poz guys - Any Regrets?

    Other than bug-chasers and the do-not-care guys, I'm sure most who poz are initially shocked by the news and what it means, such as medical disclosures, doctor's appointments, medications, whether to tell friends and family, etc. depending on the individual's situation. Fatherhood becomes an impossibility and for some men that can be devastating. Eventually things settle down and being poz doesn't seem a problem, or even better, being poz has enhanced some guy's life. We mostly hear in this thread from poz men who have come to terms with being poz and have a good attitude. We don't very often hear from someone who is depressed of having recently pozed, although we have heard from guys looking for support.
  6. Total tops are so hard to find

    From a bottom point of view does it matter if a guy is a total top or not? If a guy wants to fuck my hole and also breed it, I don't care what he thinks of himself. I can understand that when you hook-up with another guy it works well the top-bottom thing and that when the top is finished there is not need for the bottom to cum. At least in my case I would almost never shoot my load after being bred and the other guy would not mind. In a bathhouse situation I see things a bit different for a bottom. Many bottoms say that after they've taken loads and they have to go home, they mostly jerk-off at the bathhouse or when they get home. Why don't bottoms breed a hole just to get off? That would help increase the overall number of tops because a bottom who just wants to breed a hole because he's horny after taking so many himself, seems just like any other horny top unloading inside his hole. Sometimes bottoms are so horny with their sloppy hole that they end up flooding the bottom's hole with their cum. It's strange how so many bottoms feel that they are less of a bottom if they ever breed a hole, even if the bottom admits to really enjoying breeding another man's hole: Of course it would feel good, a moist and soft hole perfect for a hard cock. I can understand why a guy does not want to bottom and finds it invasive, but "topping" is natural and men do it instinctively, sticking their cock in a hole. I understand that some may prefer to bottom but I don't understand that if they enjoy it once in a while, why not breed a hole? Again, I don't expect this to happen in a one-to-one fuck session, that the bottom starts topping. But in a bathhouse, or a 3-some or group action, especially when the bottom knows he enjoys occasionally breeding a hole, why not just bottoms, at the end of the fuck session, just breed a hole before leaving? Most bottoms complain of the lack of tops but the only solution is for bottoms to do their part and breed a hole instead of jerking off. You are so wrong because I love quick fucks, when the guy fucking me cums quickly. It's a huge turn-on for me, a guy busting his load just after a few strokes! NLbear and to any other 100% bottom, next time you are at the bathhouse and you need to home, instead of jerking off there or later at home, hunt for a hole that turn you on and dump your load in that hole. Even if the fucking lasts only a few seconds, that bottom will be happy with your spunk in his hole. That bottom may have preferred a longer fuck but now his hole is nicely lubed for the next cock. You can also talk dirty to the bottom you are fucking, telling him "I wanna seed your hole" stuff like that. It may end up being a short fuck but a very hot one for both of you. You would not only be making another slutty bottom very happy, and that bottom could one day be you, but you would also end up having a great time as NLbear said about his topping experience: "it did feel good to shoot my load up his ass". I would say to NLbear and other bottoms "Try it more often" because it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  7. Total tops are so hard to find

    If it feels good to load up an ass, why not make it a habit to breed a hole after the action is over?
  8. Total tops are so hard to find

    With the lack of guys wanting to breed holes I'm always very grateful to those 100% bottoms who after they are done taking loads, especially at the sauna, they hunt for a hole just to unload so they can leave the place. They usually don't last too long and shoot quickly. It makes sense, instead of bottoms jerking off before going home, why not make another bottom happy with your load.
  9. Should I Keep On With Bb?

    This is a tough situation because you are still young and if you "control yourself" and don't take advantage of what sex with man can offer you, you may be sorry later on in life, in your 50's, 60's and on. But if you let go and start to freely enjoy bareback sex, there's a big chance of getting infections which can be quite annoying. At least you are on PrEP so you don't have to worry about pozing. I took the risk when I was young but managed to fully enjoy bareback sex and taking anon loads but I haven't pozed. Not too many bottoms have taken more than 1,000 anon loads without pozing.
  10. How Did So Many Tops Become Poz?

    I know of a guy who is a total top but who secretly takes anon loads when he's away. Yes, he's now poz. But I think that many "poz tops" are much like rede4it, total bottoms until they poz and then become total tops or at least versatile. I know that if I were infected topping and breeding holes would be a turn-on.
  11. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I love totally anon sex so this video caught my attention. We don't get to see the bottom's face but I liked watching how much the top was enjoying that hole. Not to mention the "grunt" at minute 2:48. For me an important part of a bb fuck is the audio, particularly dirty talk, grunts, or moans coming from the top. Bred on 6-12-17 "Raw pump and dump breeding from an anonymous guy on Craigslist." https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Bred-on-6-12-17-31824942
  12. Ass "slurping" noise whilst getting fucked

    The sound of a sloppy hole can even make a total bottom want to bury his cock in that hole...
  13. Guys with a big cock who fuck

    I'm the kind of bottom who's not obsessed with cock size. I'm happy when at the end of the fuck I can hear the top's pleasure, his dirty talk, his moans, followed by the feeling of his load in my hole. I don't care about size, as long as it can go in. If the cock is thin I just tighten up my hole to apply more friction. If the cock is too big I do have a problem and I don't enjoy being fucked as much. It sometimes starts a a big cock but I'm able to relax my hole and end up enjoying it. But there's always in my mind the fear of my hole being hurt and bleed, etc. There have been cases when I bottomed for a bigger than usual size for me cock and I enjoyed even the after-feeling of my hole having been stretched. But I'm not addicted to it. At the bathhouse I have rejected a cocks because the tools were too big, even with lots of lube. I could tell that the top knew bottoms were scared of his cock so it was nothing knew to them when I said that I couldn't bottom because their cocks were too big. They sort of understood. I know that what a big cock is depends on the guy,l and that for some guys 9" is still not big enough. There is also the issue of thickness, shape and how hard the cock gets. Are a guy who likes to fuck and you know your cock is big because you've been rejected by bottoms because they couldn't take it? Is it frustrating to have a big cock when you want to use it?
  14. tips for letting go 100%

    Most guys like you who are already poz and on Meds take it as an opportunity to be a complete cumwhore because I think that what most fear and prevents them from being a total cumwhore is HIV and other STI. Many guys poz after being a total cumwhore for a while. So I'm confused. If your hang-up is not HIV, just get over it. How you get over it will depend on your situation (age, looks, attractiveness). The case of a young masculine 20's well-built guy who decides to become a cumwhore is quite different from that of a guy who in his 60's and now decided to become a cumwhore. That's part of what I mean by situation.
  15. weekday afternoon bathhouae

    I can't believe that muscmtl, who is a very hot mature bareback top, would have any problems finding holes to fuck and breed, anytime, at a bathhouse. Someone in this thread already offered his hole! I'm just wondering if muscmtl is you are too picky? What were these two studs you bred at the bathhouse that afternoon? Any type of guy in particular you like to have sex with? For a top like muscmtl to feel consistently rejected seems odd. There are many bottoms who take any cock and any seed which makes it easy for the guys wanting to top. At bathhouses I've been fucked and bred by guys who were not my type at all! Many years ago when I was in my early 30's and had a pretty nice body, I bottomed many times for an ugly dude who would come into my room and without saying a word he would position my hole, then fuck me and after only a few strokes cum inside, pull-out leaving my hole leaking with his cum. He would then leave the room without saying a word. Until the next time. It was hot for me and I'm sure it was hot for him because we did it many times. muscmtl, are you in Montreal? Was the sauna the GI-Joe? Or Oasis?

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