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    I'm 62, good shape, 6'2". I've been 100% BB bottom for 20 years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. Your buddy probably jerks-off and dumps a huge load every time he thinks of that event...
  2. This happens to everyone. The only difference is the time it takes to recover. Double-cummers can shoot their load, keep pumping, get horny again while pumping and shoot a second load. Others are done, but what matters is that is not for ever. I was discussing the bathhouse scene because there are saunas to relax, showers, rooms to rest and relax. Plus on a busy time there is a lot of hot stimulation around which makes it easier to get very horny again. Some bottoms can completely ignore their dick so no need at all to cum. But many bottoms can't and don't want to and get horny, a hard-on and for the 8 hours at the bathhouse have to be on guard to make sure they don't shoot their load. Or, after bottoming for a while, shoot their load, take a small break, relax and get back to the action. I enjoy more the second round of bottoming because I can still play with my cock, get hard, but without worrying that I may cum and change everything. I personally don't enjoy at all fucking so I usually shoot my load because I'm too horny with a load I just took. Bottoms who enjoy breeding holes will discover that they don't only enjoy shooting in hole but that they also will enjoy the bottoming in the second round. The same goes for tops. If a top is planning to spend several hours at a bathhouse it may be better to after a couple of hours breed a hole and then enjoy the rest of the evening fucking without being so worried about shooting his load. I actually leaned this from a buddy of mine who used to be a bottom but he now only tops. When we meet at the bathhouse and we are planing to stay all night, my buddy breeds the first hole in less than an hour. But then he fucks like a rabbit.
  3. From a thread about experiences at Cumunion: I sometimes think that guys are too protective of their load and it ends up interfering with the fun. Read1 could have bred one of the holes and make a bottom very happy, not to mention all his excitement shooting his load inside. Then take a shower, rest for 1/2 hour and back into the action. In a bathhouse it's easy to get horned up again with so many guys and all the action around. Read1 was planning to stay until 5AM with plenty of time to get very horny and with more cum-control. Once you've shot your first load it's easier to bottom and to top. You can fuck for a longer time and you can also bottom without worrying about shooting your load in the middle of a fuck. Maybe if you plan to only stay for a couple of hours it may make sense to "save" the load. When I know I'm staying all night at the bathhouse I usually cum fairly early and then once again before I leave in the morning.
  4. I agree because we already hear so much from bottoms and their experiences. Some of us may prefer to bottom but it may be helpful to hear from tops' experiences. Plus some bottoms top occasionally and can learn from others. I think hole tightness is crucial, as barecubtop says, because it may affect the length of the fuck and if too loose, remove much of the pleasure for the top. My few breeding experiences as a top were quite bad maybe because I'm uncut and the tip is very sensitive. I don't even like to receive blow-jobs. I had a fuck buddy who topped me bareback for many years. He really enjoyed fucking, had a nice 8.5" cock, but once he started to shooting his body would "hurt" if I touched him, and his cock would become so sensitive that he would pull out. I eventually learned that when he started shooting I would open up my hole as much as I could to reduce friction, because after all when a top is ready to shoot and while shooting his doesn't need much friction. The few times I've fucked the bottom wanted to show me that he had a "tight hole" and for me it was very uncomfortable. Any comments/preferences about the tightness of the hole when breeding it? I know the type of bottom is important and that the type of guy sometimes even determines whether you top or bottom ("I like topping younger twinkish guys but I bottom for older and bigger"). But I was trying to focus on the fuck itself, sort of like when fucking through a gloryhole.
  5. We read here so much about bottoms describing what for them is a good fuck. But not so much about guys describing their topping experiences and the way a hole feels when they fuck. I would love to hear from bottoms who sometimes breed holes. I want to focus on the fucking, the breeding and the way the hole feels. Not really interested in the "type" of bottom that turns you on. After all a hole is a hole. Here are some things that could be considered: Clean hole? Do you like to fuck for a long time? Do you need to cum? Pull out when you cum? Prefer to cum inside? What kind of hole you like? Tight? Loose? Or you like it loose and then have the bottom tighten up? When shooting inside you like it tight or loose? I just watched a video where the top when he was shooting kept telling the bottom to relax and open-up. True for you?
  6. This is one of the best understall breedings. The bottom shoots his load just a few seconds before getting his hole bred. BB understall fuck
  7. It seems to me that the original poster wanted guys who top to tell us about barebacking. freshxtop5 suggested (1) Opening up the ass, (2) Going balls deep and (3) Breeding the hole. Unfortunately, as it happens so often, we "slutty bottoms" get so excited that we usually take over and hardly any top relates his experience. And most responses end up being from bottoms telling us how much they like to get bred. To those who have topped bareback (you could still be a bottom, but tells us about your topping experience): Anything else to add? I notice that in videos many bottoms get very aggressive and pushy wanting the load and during and after the top cums. I remember that the couple of times I've topped I hated that greedy attitude. What I found most uncomfortable was when the bottom kept moving his ass while shooting and after. One of the reasons I don't top. Do you like greedy, verbal bottoms asking for the load? While you shoot and right after, do you enjoy when the bottom tightens his hole or do you prefer looser? I ask because most guys' cock gets really sensitive after shooting and a tight hole does not feel good. Any comments from guys who have topped?
  8. It's not good news because PrEP doesn't help. So, what's there to do?
  9. As I've said before, at a bathhouse it's up to the poz top do do whatever he wants with his HIV status. He can disclose his HIV status when asked but he can also, without any guilt, lie about it if he decides to. It all depends on the mood he's in at the time or some conclusion he may come to. Take the case of this poz top watching a bottom taking anon loads on a public sling at a bathhouse. How seriously should a statement like "I'm HIV-negative" be taken when is coming from a bottom who just took a load from a stranger? I don't object to poz guys lying about their status at a bathhouse because even HIV-negative guys cannot be sure of their status. To be truly HIV-negative one had to get tested (taking into account the window period) and had not sexual contact since. How many guys at a bathhouse qualify as HIV-negative then? If on entry to the bathhouse everyone's blood was tested for HIV it would then make more sense to ask about HIV test because everyone just got tested and the information would be more precise "What was you HIV-status on entry to the bathhouse?" Then it would be harder to lie because the question is precise. Testing HIV-negative on entry to the bathhouse doesn't necessarily mean that there's no infection, but it's more accurate information. uses, when members exchanging the information on the tests, the date of the last negative test and something they call "Risk Level" (Zero, Low, Medium, High). But if you don't consider the Risk Level the a negative test result is meaningless. "I got tested yesterday but last night I took 5 loads at the bathhouse". The High Risk level makes the HIV negative test result meaningless. This argument is also based on the fact that taking poz cum is not equivalent to becoming infected with HIV so stealthing cannot be compared to something like rape with immediate and real consequences. In the same way someone who's last HIV test was negative cannot be sure he's negative unless he's had no sexual contact, someone who's poz cannot be sure he will infect someone every time he breeds a hole. Bathhouses must remain free of any kind of censorship because guys go to bathhouses to satisfy sexual needs and fetishes that require an anonymous setting to be able to experience them. And this may include stealthing which is done by a poz top not in pursuit of harm but just for him to be able to breed a hole that turns him on. I think that for those who care about HIV the best advice is: At a bathhouse assume everyone is poz. Wishful thinking that poz guys will tell the truth about their HIV status because is the "decent" thing to do, will be of no help.
  10. In that case I would jump on the sling and forget about finding a slutty bottom. What turns me on about whoring out a young bottom is that it's not easy to find.
  11. I've had lots of anon sex in my life and although I still enjoy having sex I sometimes prefer to whore-out a young slutty bottom (18-35) on a sling at a sauna. It turns me on to get guys to fuck him and breed his hole. I've done it a few times but with slightly older bottoms, in their 40's. Getting older bottoms to whore-out is easy and I can even find them at the sauna. But I wanna whore-out a twink between 18 and 23 because lots of guys get turned on by a young slut on a sling but I haven't been able to make it happen. They all go "Oh, that's hot....I've always wanted to be blindfolded on a sling...blah,blah..." but the young bottoms end up afraid and end up changing their minds.
  12. Fucking a cummy hole is so hot that it's one of the scenes that makes total bottoms want to fuck and breed that hole. I guess bottoms identify with the slutty bottom. As a bottom I prefer to wait for the guy about to fuck me to find my hole leaking with cum and him getting turned on by it. After finding my cummy hole he may say "You already have a load" and I will just say "Yeah!" Less "mathematical" than asking for the number of loads because all you need is one nice load to have a sloppy hole.
  13. Same here. I only bottom because the idea of finding shit grosses me out. So I find that if I bottom I can make sure no shit will show up. I will also need to be able to fuck for at least 10 minutes without cumming in order to enjoy topping. I envy those tops that can enjoy fucking and can go for a long time.
  14. Yesterday was a nice sunny day so decided to go for outdoor cruising. It had been a while since my last time but I was horny so I cleaned my hole and biked over to a nice park that is fairly isolated and mostly accessible by bike. Got to the park around 11am and for the first time I brought with me a folding stool so I didn't have to rely on the spots that are mostly used by cock suckers like a rock or a tree stump. There is a rock at this park that I have been using for years but these spots are never the "perfect" place, visible enough and with traffic, but private enough so guys feel comfortable fucking. I had always found that when using the rock to sit ans suck cock many guys would not feel comfortable fucking. I could understand that but unfortunately none of the preset spots for bottoms were private enough but at the same time easily accessible by cruisers. My folding stool (see picture) solved the problem because this time I could chose a spot close to a busy pathways but secluded enough for some hot anal action. Once I found the right spot I sat on my stool right next to the pathway with my mouth at crotch level as guys walked by. I wore a black leather hood to add a kinky touch. Lately I've been trying to avoid taking anon loads because I then have to deal with the dreaded wait. But I was so horny for some anon loads that I made sure to clean my hole and bring some lube. To make sure guys knew I was in a cumhole mood I placed a sign that said "CUMHOLE" next to me (see other picture) that would be visible to guys as they walked by. That way if some guy was in the mood for breeding a hole the sign would speak for itself. A couple of "bottoms" stopped by and made comments about my setup and how hot it was. I spent more than six hours in the park sucking cock and getting fucked. I would start by sucking them but while I suck them they would see the sign "cumhole" and that's how sometimes we would change to anal. I never discussed HIV status because although my last test was negative I find it a bit ridiculous for a "cumhole" to say "I'm HIV-negative". Ended up taking 4 loads although I got fucked by more than that. One of the guys who bred me fucked me a few times and would disappear and would be back. I guess he didn't want to cum too soon but when he did shoot his load it was hot to hear him saying "Wow" with every squirt. It got busy at lunchtime and it was when I got a lot of action. I will definitely go back with my folding stool and my sign.
  15. Same here...Unless the cock is so short that can't go into my hole. Many small cocks get rock-hard and I find it hot being pounded by a cock like steel. If it's a thin cock I just squeeze my hole.

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