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    I've been 100% BB bottom for 20+ years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. Why do you want to get pozzed?

    I think that bug-chasing transforms what used to be anxiety into a fetish, which is definitely more pleasant. That's how I understand chasing.
  2. Can anybody answer this?

    One of the things I like about men cruising for sex is that we can be honest about what we want without having to conform to any social norm. Forcing anyone to like older men under the pretense of ageism is like forcing men to like women for sex under the pretense of sexism. Guys have to be free to choose whose cock they want to suck and who they want to fuck with. It is not stupid not to want to have sex with older than 45 but it is stupid to say that "age is just a number" because everyone knows it's not just number.
  3. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I really liked the way the top keeps pumping his load until he's done... https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/stuffing-stockings-33124622
  4. By age 55 I guessed that I had taken at least 1,500 loads. For many years I had a private gloryhole which provided me with a lot of action. I started barebacking when the norm was using condoms and being open about being a barebacker who took loads also helped. Raw holes were not easily available so I remember many guys contacti9ng me just to breed a raw hole, something rare those days. Same thing at the sauna where I was able to take 15 anon loads in one night.
  5. Baths

    The idea about paid guys giving customers a good time gave me an idea for an upcoming sex vacation in Santiago, Chile. I've been looking at escort pages and I contacted a few of them. One of the "services" I am requesting is to meet at the bathhouse separately. I would pay him in advance for the entrance to bathhouse and then later for the service itself. I want to meet at a small sauna that has a couple of darkrooms and a public sling in one of the secluded dark areas. I would wait for him on the sling or on one of the darkrooms. For some specific time of one or two hours the escort can fool around on his own but once in a while he has to fuck me for a few minutes choosing times when others are watching. When other guys are watching and the escort is ready to shoot I want him to talk to me dirt as he plants his load in my hole. His job is then done and he can go. We may agree that I may pay for another load if he can make it happen. I realized that if I want to get what I want I can do that by offering a "tip" that will depend on their performance and for being on time. There are several guys interested and if I'm getting what I want I don't care about the money. We would pretend we don't know each so maybe after the escort breeds my hole someone else will jump in and wants to fuck my sloppy hole. Sometimes all you need is one uninhibited guy to encourage others to also be uninhibited .
  6. To be poz or not.

    I agree and I'm glad someone here is speaking the truth about glorifying poz status and calling it a brotherhood.
  7. How to identify?

    Sex with men is such a different experience that I have trouble calling it "cheating". For me sex with men is mainly anonymous/NSA and not much different from watching hot porno videos but with touchable actors. The main issue for me when a man who is married/attached to a woman and having sex with men are STD.
  8. Losing interest in hookups

    The need for "meaningless sex" in anon hook-ups has nothing to do with a need for a close emotional relationship with another man. The solution is to find someone for emotional closeness without expecting that all your sexual needs will be fulfilled with him. Then find together a way to deal with a sex: open relationship, fool around together, etc. By the way, I don't agree with referring to anon sex as "meaningless" or "sex without emotions" because those statements assume the only emotion with meaning and value is love. Anyone whose been cruising for anon sex will experience lots of emotions. Not love, but LOTS of other strong emotions.
  9. Taking PrEP during sex holidays

    In preparation for my sex-vacation in Chile, yesterday I took my first PrEP pill. So far so good, but I'm feeling a bit worried about possible side-effects because. If I'm not feeling good I don't feel like having sex so then there is no point in taking PrEP.
  10. Anyone Here Never Top?

    I've been reading the responses and I can understand someone who's 100% bottom like myself. I don't expect bottoms all of a sudden to become tops in a relationship. What I'm talking about are bottoms topping at the sauna or at a group sex session after they have finished bottoming and are horny as hell with all that cum in their holes. Before going home from the sauna many bottoms go to their room or wait until they are home to jerk-off. I suggest that if a bottom is horny and has to go home find a hole and breed it. You will make another bottom very happy and maybe one day it will be your turn. Instead of jerking-off, breed a hole. Why not?
  11. Too many bottoms: Not in Santiago, Chile

    The bareback scene in Santiago is quite large by which I mean guys bareback everywhere. This is backed up by statistics which makes Chile the country in Latin America with the larges increase of HIV infections: 40% in 3 years. I'm having a guy in Chile organizing for me what he calls a gang-bang event. He provides the apartment, the sling, let's the guys into the apartment and makes sure things happen. Lots of bareback action there. Back to the topic of too many bottoms: not in Chile. In preparation to my trip I've found that there are lots of guys who wanna top bareback and like the idea of anonymous sex on a sling. The walk-in scenario is a big turn on for many there. The other curious thing is that in Chile there are many more young guys interested in older men than in Canada, and is not because of the money. They enjoy sex with older men.
  12. Stealthing in the news

    The anon stealthing going on in bathhouses is a bit different from the one mentioned in the news. First, it's difficult to bring charges against someone when nobody knows any names and they will not see each other again.
  13. I wanna stop prep

    Very well said. I have trouble understanding the chasing fetish because once you poz, then what? It's hard to predict what will be available in the future to prevent HIV. What if something like PrEP becomes available, that also prevents other STD? I would discourage chasers from pozing because of the dependency on the health system but also because it will complicate your life. Ongoing blood tests, drs visits, having to reveal your status, when moving to another country. Being poz may sometimes complicate your life, simply by closing options. A guy who's in his early twenty's becomes a cumdump, then a chaser, poz by 25. Nobody knows what will be in store for this guy in his late 20's. I've read about guys who were describing their recent pozing experience and who mention not being able to be a father as one of the issues they had to come to terms with. A request for fathering a baby for a lesbian couple would have to be rejected. I think you can "wash" the sperm or something. Being sick has never been better than being healthy.
  14. Thanking the top?

    I know that a Thank You is many times well deserved. But for many in the the mood of Being a Hole sometimes complete silence after the delivery of the load is much hotter: slowly pull-out, clean, get dress, and leave without a word can be extremely hot. A Thank You makes me a person and I wanna be a hole.
  15. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I liked this video because it's a German guy fucking an American. I found it hot to hear the German guy as he shoots his loads. Really hot, in English with German accesnt. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bareback-creampie-1-32947822 bareback creampie 1 fuck a american man bareback and cum in his hole By Sucker333

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