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    Interested in anon sex in theaters, saunas and darkrooms. Used to only bottom but now since I pozed I'm also enjoying fucking and breeding other holes.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I found out I was poz in September 2018 after 2 decades of barebacking. Wasn't really expecting it so it shocked me for a couple of days. I used to me 100% bottom but since I pozzed I'm now enjoying topping hot holes at the sauna and I get this rush when I'm pumping my dirty seed in their holes. Not on Meds yet.
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    Other poz guys who would like to join me in a gangbang of a hot bottom

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  1. hungry_hole

    Can we retire “BBC”?

    I would prefer that instead of you focusing on the color of my skin, you focused on the censorship issue and gave an opinion. Do you think that other words used by men, like Bear, Rice Queen, etc, should also be retired? How about offensive attitudes towards horny older men? I would not retire any of them.
  2. hungry_hole

    Can we retire “BBC”?

    I couldn't agree more! The PC movement has transformed itself into a nasty hidden form of censorship, not becoming of a society that prides itself for it's freedom. Censorship is never good but PC attitude is so nasty because it hides behind the cloak of "being nice". The emotion "being offended" does not exist and really what they are saying is "I feel ashamed". My suggestion to people who are easily offended would to learn to deal with your shame instead of expecting the rest of the world to avoid any mention of situations that may trigger shame.
  3. hungry_hole

    Can we retire “BBC”?

    Should we then retire the term "Bear", who may offend these poor men who are "treated like an animal"?
  4. hungry_hole

    Is stealthing morally okay?

    For me stealthing is totally OK in anonymous sex, at a bathhouse or Cumunion event, but not OK in most other situations.
  5. hungry_hole

    Can we retire “BBC”?

    I enjoy the anonymous sex scene/talk between men because it's hot but also because it's free from the Politically Correct nonsense that keeps censoring society. Sex profiles can say freely say that they don't like Asians or old guys, or whatever. For someone like myself tired of the PC bullshit, I find this refreshing. And BBC is part of the this PC-less language that I love.
  6. hungry_hole

    When did you bottom for the first time?

    I was in my early 20's and discovered the YMCA in New York City. At least two of top floors were rented as rooms for men only and the first night I rented a room there was a guy getting fucked and taking loads across the hall for my room. Guys would walk in and fuck him, some would leave door open. That bottom was not there the following night so I took over and left my door open and it was turn to service those cocks. I was young and in very good shape so it was easy to get some action. By the way, all the current talk about bareback, breeding, bottom and top was not as popular as it is today.
  7. hungry_hole

    Is stealthing morally okay?

    I you expect that anonymous daddies will always respect your will you are being naive. This may not be what you want to hear but you can protect yourself from being stealth by simply avoiding being bred by anonymous cocks. When the action is anonymous you are no more than an anonymous hole that a top wants to breed and fulfill his fetish without any concern for you. That's the nature of anonymous action.
  8. hungry_hole

    Toronto. Where to stay

    When I visit Toronto I like staying in a 24-hour room at Spa Excess
  9. If you feel self-conscious of your cock size but you want to try to fuck and breed a hole, it may be better if you go to a bathhouse on a busy night and try topping in a gangbang situation, when some cumwhore bottom is offering his hole to horny guys. Especially when a few guys are gathered around a bottom getting fucked on a sling would be the perfect opportunity for you to step forward because in gangbang situations bottoms are not really picky about looks or cock size.
  10. This caught my attention because it shows that many men are clueless about how male sexuality works. What ErosWired describes happens to him when he cums happens to almost every guy after they shoot their load, whether they are a top, bottom, straight, gay, cumdumps. I've read here bottoms describing their "annoying case" that after they shoot their loads they are done, as if it was something particular to them. Weird. This is why I once mentioned that many bottoms are self-centered, thinking that it only happens to them. What distinguishes guys who top from those who prefer not to, is that "tops" really enjoy the fucking itself, can stay hard for a long time, and a very powerful breeding experience. So I say I'm a bottom because I'm not a very good top but I know that if I enjoyed fucking as much as some guys who've fucked me, I would also be a top.
  11. hungry_hole

    Success with Doublelist?

    I was afraid that my posts would not be accepted in Doublelist but haven't had any problems with this ad. I noticed that when the message comes up about the language on the ad, it's sometimes a warning. I find it interesting that although I have no age on my ad, no one has asked my age or anything about me. All they have wanted is a blow job and some have asked for breeding through the gloryhole. No problems with this ad of mine
  12. hungry_hole

    Success with Doublelist?

    And Americans keep blabbing about how free their country is. Really?
  13. hungry_hole

    Bottoms who Give Loads in Ass

    Biologically wired to be a bottom? This is the kind of statement I find ridiculous, to view being a bottom as a religion. I'm a bottom because I don't last too long fucking and keeping a hard-on, because I'm sure guys are tops because they enjoy the fucking which they can do for a long time. I would probably be a top too. You are biologically and "wired" as a man, with prostate, cock that gets hard and can shoot a load, even in your DNA. You can choose what you want to do with your equipment and in your case bottoming is what makes you feel comfortable. You can breed a hole, just like you like your hole bred, but you refuse to top by saying that you are "wired" to be a bottom. Many supposedly wired-bottoms do a good job fucking and breeding when too horny or if they have problems with their hole, hemorrhoids, etc. I recently contacted an Xtube member (Trittyler) who has lots of videos of him taking loads, he's a bottom, probably "wired" as you say. But in the past few months he's been posting videos of him topping and breeding all kinds of holes. I was curious and he told me that he had some surgery in the anal area and that soon he'll be back bottoming. But he can top and very well, and you can probably top too. I'm asking for all bottoms to breed other holes but what I'm saying is that a bottom can still fuck and keep being a bottom. @Cumfilledbottomboi, try fucking because you are "wired" and have all the equipment to top.
  14. hungry_hole

    Bottoms who Give Loads in Ass

    You're wrong! With my BarebackRT stats I'm showing that there are many "Total Bottoms" who also breed holes without having to call themselves Versatile-Bottoms. They are just bottoms who when horny at the sauna and want to go home, instead of jerking off they find another bottom's hole to dump their load. And they are still bottoms! Plus, many of the bottoms who say they don't give loads probably occasionally do because they are men and they get horny too. I'm sure many say they don't give loads because that way nobody is going to ask them to fuck them. Being a bottom is not like being a woman who biologically can't fuck a hole. Being a bottom or a top is just a preference for the role that makes you feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

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