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    I've been 100% BB bottom for 20+ years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. ESCORTING Do's and Don'ts

    It's true that many Americans think that the World and the US are one and the same thing. It's called egocentric-ism. From the Google Dictionary, the synonyms for egocentric: self-centered, ego-maniacal, egoistic, egotistic, self-interested, selfish, self-seeking, self-absorbed, narcissistic, vain, self-important. You get the idea. The only positive comments I hear about FOSTA/SESTA have to do with trying to prevent trafficking of little girls and women. So my question is, why then are they preventing some horny guy from making a few bucks by breeding a willing hole of some hungry bottom who used to advertise on CL? Instead of using a sledge hammer there must be another way of preventing stupid girls and women from being exploited by men who they think loves them? Although I'm not at an age where I could offer escorting services I still believe that putting restrictions on what one can do with the body is a violation of your human rights. Why should someone who knows they can make ten times more using their bodies as escorts be forced to continue using their bodies to clean toilets at a mall?
  2. Same here. I find that when I'm getting fucked I really can't tell whether the guy fucking me is straight or gay, or even top or bottom. All I know is that the guy is horny and that he's turned-on by the idea of fucking and breeding my hole. I've been fucked by feminine guys but I never noticed it until they either talked to me or noticed their mannerisms; while being horny and fucking me they looked as masculine as the most macho-looking guy. That's why I never describe any guy who has fucked me as a top or straight, etc. To me they he's just a horny guy who at that precise moment wants to fuck my hole and breed it. That's all I care. I was on a sex-holiday in South America and an apartment that included a sling. A guy in his 30's wanted to anonymously breed me on the sling but after my hole was loaded with cum from and older guy, not just any cum. It had to be from and older guy, so one day when I knew a young guy wanted to try fucking me on the sling I coordinated with him, and told him that the cum was from a guy in his 60's. What difference would it make?
  3. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I liked this oral session at a private gloryhole because of the huge cock that you see emerge from the gloryhole at the end. Once the guy gets his pants on you can see his "big package" containing that huge cock. Straight Muscle Fit With HUGE COCK Anonymous Gloryhole https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/straight-muscle-fit-with-huge-cock-anonymous-gloryhole-34618741

    The concern is female prostitution and when they mention "human trafficking" they are really talking about "women trafficking". So many women are weak emotionally and in the stupid search for a "boyfriend" that they are easily tricked into working for some guy who they think loves them (stupid women!). You could never do that with men! If someone tried it with boys instead of girls, well, good luck! Boys would learn the ropes in a day and would be on their own making their own money the next day. There is no problem with male prostitution. So why not make only female prostitution illegal and allow men do be free with their bodies? Making prostitution illegal is in a sense an infringement of our human rights because we should be able to do whatever we want with our bodies...(the same argument as abortion). But the problem are those women who allow men to control them and obviously men would take advantage of those emotionally weak women.
  5. PrEP on demand?

    I stopped PrEP and had the appointment with my doctor and we agreed to continue PrEP for short periods of time, which was what I wanted. I don't want to be taking Truvada when I'm not having sex and lately I haven't had the time or opportunities for anon sex which is the way I like it. My doctor told me to start Truvada 7 days before planning a sex holiday but continue taking it for a month after the last sexual contact. I found a month to be a bit too much but that's what is recommended, I understand. Any opinions on the protocol when stopping Truvada?
  6. When it comes to sex, boys are much more interested and curious about sex and body than girls. I think that who the adult is makes huge difference. I find it ridiculous when a woman teacher in her 30's gets charged with sexual abuse of minors, some 15 yr-old boy who probably loved the experience his the older woman. I don't see it as benign when a man in his 30's does the same thing with a 15 yr-old girl. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would not have a blanket age of consent. Instead I would set the age of consent based on the situation, the gender of the adult, etc. Also the difference on ages between the adult and the child, because it's quite different to me to see an 18 yr-old guy having sex with a 15 yr-old girl than if the guy was 60. I know this will never be accepted but in my opinion it makes more sense.
  7. Silly tops, poppers are for bottoms

    When I bottom that big hit is so hot because I know the load is coming soon.
  8. Sling etiquette

    A while ago I was at Steamworks-Toronto and a guy was hogging the fuck-bench in the darkroom. He was a hot young bottom so lots of guys wanted to fuck him but he insisted on guys wearing condoms. What a bummer! But I noticed a guy next to me who tampered with a condom before putting it on and fucked the hell out of him. I knew he had pumped his load because the bottom's hole was leaking cum.
  9. When I hear statements like "I feel like a woman trapped in the body of a man" I wonder why it doesn't work with age. Society is bending over backwards to accommodate people who in essence do not accept their body. Their DNA and physique says they are men but they insist that they are women and society takes them seriously by building separate washrooms, etc. What about some old man who "feels" young and insists in dressing like a twink and demands being treated as a youth. What are the limits of social acceptance? Why is it that with sex we can now choose but not with age? Most people tend to laugh at the sight of an old man who tries to dress up as a young man and we demand that the old man accept his age but not sex? After all age and sex both have specific physical markers, unlike sexual orientation and sex roles (top/bottom)
  10. PrEP on demand?

    Adherence is not a problem for me either. I was taking the pill exactly at the same time for the two months I was on PrEP. If I were in your situation I would be on the daily PrEP without hesitation. I'm not sure what you mean because if I follow the 7-day protocol during the periods I'm having sex the protection should be the same as taking Truvada every day. This is what I'll ask my doctor.
  11. PrEP on demand?

    I understand that the way I suggest using PrEP is not what is usually called "on demand". Because I put myself at risk only for planned periods of time, I want to use PrEP to protect myself for that period of time, whether it's just a weekend or couple of weeks. On my last visit when I got the prescription, my doctor warned me about the 7-days prior to sexual contact. She even warned me that if I ever missed a day I should again wait for the 7 days before more sexual contacts. I explicitly asked her about issues with stopping the medication and I think shed gave me the impression that as long as I followed the 7-day protocol, things would be OK. On my next doctor's visit I will discuss my plan of using PrEP for short periods of time because my preference is a wild weekend/week at the bathhouse. I don't feel comfortable taking Truvada when I know I'm not taking full advantage of it. Plus, although in Canada I don't pay much for PrEP, I feel better saving the government some money. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Stealthing Weapon

    Too bad is just a story. Would be so much fun to read about something that really happened...
  13. PrEP on demand?

    I have an appointment with my doctor this month but I wanted to get opinions before I see my doctor. I was prescribed medication for 4 months but I used only 2 months and stopped after my sex-vacation. I'm now having no sex but would like to take another week for another sex-vacation before the middle of the year and would like to use the other two bottles for that holiday. I take other medications for which I get blood tests every 6 weeks to make sure liver and kidneys are OK. Which is why I want to avoid taking Truvada and putting more stress on the kidneys. Thanks for the article. After reading it I realized that the way I want to take PrEP is not really "on demand" more like PEP. I want to follow the protocol indicated by my doctor that I should take Truvada for 7 days before any sexual contact and that I must take it for another 7 days after the last contact. I wanna follow the protocol but just for few days at a time, minimum of 14 days + length of holiday.
  14. PrEP on demand?

    Although I did not have any side-effects I know that Truvada can affect the kidneys. If I were taking anon loads almost daily like I used to, then I would take PrEP without interruption.
  15. How do you like ass to feel inside?

    I never understood those bottoms who market themselves as bottom with a "tight hole". I agree with a bottom tightening his hole during the fuck but able to open up easily. A sloppy hole leaking with cum is the one thing that makes many bottoms into horny tops eager to breed a hole. I've met many 100% bottoms who have told me that they make an exception when presented with a sloppy hole. Feeling another guys juices and the idea of adding your own into the mix seems to be a common fantasy.

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