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    I've been 100% BB bottom for 20+ years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. I'll be going on a vacation where I've been before so I know that there are lots of opportunities for sex. First, I'll be renting an apartment that optionally brings a sling. It's also in a building where they don't care when guys go up to the apartment. This year I'm trying to get the guys who rents me the apartment to install a gloryhole. Not sure if I will have a gloryhole when I go in a couple of months. I already placed a profile in a site that is very popular with guys there. The ad basically describes the apartment with the sling and asks for guys who wanna try a walk-in pump'n dump of a slutty mature guy. I request a silent encounter and as anonymous as possible. Because these kinds of upfront slutty profiles are not very common I've received an incredible amount of responses, close to 100. Some are guys who like the idea of the walk-in pump'n dump idea. Others are versatile guys who want to breed me and maybe also get to use the sling or participate in group action that I say in my profile I will organize. There are also some bottom guys who like the idea of anonymous breeding. They've never tried it but they are turned-on by the anonymity of it and they definitely want to try it. A couple of the tops who are interested in the scenario I offer want my hole with cum already. Sure, there are other guys who wanna breed me but I know it's not easy to coordinate all of it. You never know if guys are late, guys don't show up, etc. So it occurred to me that maybe I could hire an escort to do the same thing: walk-in, fuck me in the sling, no talk unless it's dirty talk, breed my hole and just leave. I knew that with an escort there are more chances of being on time and then doing what you want them to do. In my research I discovered that they were all really well built and really young, like 21. I wanted someone older and it wasn't easy but I found a 37 yr old who is versatile. But when I told him about my anonymous walk-in scenario he became super excited and started telling me in email messages how much he wants that anonymous experience. It's easier to get what I want from an escort because I can give them tips for things that are important to me, like being on time. I told him how I wanted things to happen; for him to walk in and fuck me, to be silent, to fuck me and that I didn't care if they shoot too soon. I told him that when he's gonna shoot to tell me so I can open up for him to go deep and stay in there until his cock is totally drained. I'll give you a tip after depending on how much I like it. So I know he'll do what I tell him to do because I know he'll love it too. The idea of getting money for a load turns him on and me too. I transfer some money he comes over, me have the encounter and then I pay him the rest plus a tip that will depend on his performance. He wrote to me last night telling me he had to jerk-off thinking about it. He will charge me about $40 US dollars for that and willing to pay more. The other escort I will be hiring for the same scenario is a young 24 who was advertising himself as a bottom only. I asked him if he barebacked and he said yes. It was then when I described him the walk-in scenario and told him that I knew that he was a bottom but that I'm sure he could also get into some anon topping. He responded very excited with my proposal and told me that this walk-in idea has been a fantasy of his: walk in, fuck, breed, and leave. SO I know he will enjoy the experience. As a bottom he doesn't mind topping in the scenario I described. There is a sauna there that has a public sling in the darker area. I've used it and I have been fucked and bred. But most guys wit for someone to start. So I thought that I may go to this sauna on a busy day and have one of these escorts come to the sauna. He can play around all he wants but eventually I would want him to fuck me either on the sling or the very dark room. Sometimes all you need is one load in your hole and other guys wanna breed you too. I have big plans but we'll see what happens.
  2. Poz tops at a bathhouse

    I think that in a bathhouse or sex club stealthing should not be censored because in these anonymous sex places guys should have the freedom to explores all kinds of fantasies, including stealthing and lying about HIV status. If not, where? I've gone out to bathhouses in Montreal with a poz buddy of mine who used to be a total bareback bottom for many years before he pozed. But after he pozed, and not looking to get pozed, he is now practically a total bareback top. It's amazing to see him now as a horny poz top how much he enjoys breeding holes, especially if he think it's a negative hole. He gets particularly angry when a guy at the bathhouse asks "Are you clean?". It pisses him off so much that it gets him horny and breeds that hole with a vengeance.
  3. Fuck bench

    I think that fuck benches should be reserved for slutty take all-loads bottoms and not for bottoms with conditions, either age or safe-sex only. Not cool because that picky bottom can free the spot for another bottom willing to be the slut that other guys in the dark-room expect. I was at Steamworks-Toronto a few years ago and when I walked into the dark-room there was a hot bottom on the bench. I said, "That's great" so I approached him and noticed that he was asking for condoms. He was a hot young bottom and next to me there was a guy with a huge hard-on, probably on Viagra, letting me know that he wanted to fuck bare and breed that hole. He then pulls out a condom and bites the tip of it, puts on the condom and pokes the bottoms hole. The bottom checked and felt the condom so he let this guy fuck him. I knew what was going on but I wasn't going to get involved, plus the whole thing was turning me on, so I just encouraged this guy to keep fucking him. When he let out a loud moan, he pumped for a few more seconds, pulled out and disappeared into the darkness. It was so hot to feel his sloppy hole, then someone immediately, with a condom started to fuck him but I knew he was churning a nice load. Not sure if he realized what had happened, but it was hot. If he discovered later that he had been stealth maybe now he jerks-off thinking about this incident.
  4. Plan to take loads from bottoms

    I've always had a thing for taking loads from bottoms but I don't hear guys saying this too often. I remember reading it in another post here. You should top more often especially because you are still young. After all, fucking bareback a hot hole is very nice, not to mention the breeding. I know because I have fucked holes but also from the reaction of the guys fucking me. When a guy is fucking me I can't really tell if he's a top or a bottom, other than when a bottom cums too quickly, which I don't mind. And both a top or a bottom enjoys the breeding when it's a nice hole. I can understand a very fixed role top/bottom in a one-on-one. But in a bathhouse where there is so much sexual stimulation, there are no good reasons for shooting your load, taking a short brake, and be back on the action. And this goes to both, tops and bottoms. It's good for a bottom who's taken a few loads to breed another hole, take a brake and then go back to taking loads. Or a top, back to fucking and breeding holes. So many guys at the bathhouse are "saving" their load for later without realizing that it's sometimes better to shoot your load and then go back to action, 10-15 minutes later. Exactly. And I'm sure that when those bottoms were fucking you it felt the same as if a top was fucking you.
  5. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    This is a hot breeding video, mainly because the top guy has a huge cock. Too bad it sometimes goes off screen. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/tampa-big-white-dick-32683662 Tampa big white dick Hooked up with this guy via Grindr. I was looking for a pump and dump. I didn't expect this big dick.
  6. bbicurious, the initial poster, is concerned about all STI, not just HIV. PrEP protects only against HIV. The only strategy that I know and use that can help with other STI is safestsex.org. Unfortunately not enough people are members and don't know about this site. They have an interesting concept that is based on Mutual Monogamy, recommended by CDC, as they explain in their site. The claim they make is that members can achieve a risk level close to monogamy. So in theory, members can have all the anonymous sex with a very low risk. It's an interesting concept that I really like. I will now be combining my safestsex.org membership with PrEP for a few months because I will be going on a sex vacation. At least now I know when my latest test were performed because they are recorded in safestsex.org. As a member I could ask sexual partners to have their test results validated by the clinic. But to do this I have to first validate by results with my clinic. So far I haven't been able to convince my clinic to partner with safestsex.org because, erroneously they think that they need to disclose my test results. I've tried to explain it to them but clinic are too paranoid with confidentiality.
  7. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    I've always preferred anon sex over any other kind. I started having sex with guys at the YMCA/NYC dormitories and then continued in bathhouses. The problem with anon sex is it's reputation which is why I like the piece by SafestSex.org on anon sex. It presents anon sex as a normal need (http://safestsex.org/aboutmen-en.php) that men have and I like that. Most sexologists keep talking about "healthy sexuality" which excludes anon sex. I'm now convinced that men can make great friends but after having anon sex. First have anon sex, repeat it if both like it, and then if interested they can meet and have a great relationship. Instead of meeting first for coffee.
  8. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I like to watch a real Hunk breed a twink's hole so I liked this a lot: Deep breeding: 12:45 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hunk-mercilessly-barebacks-twink-with-sound-32507442
  9. So, do we discuss Kevin Spacey here - or ignore him?

    So far I haven't heard of any loving and romantic encounters where Spacey is involved with. All we've heard is Spacey chasing young cock. I don't like the "gay" identity for men because it hides what it's really all about: SEX. In my case I prefer to describe myself as someone who prefers anonymous sex and because women suck at NSA sex, I prefer sex with men. In the mentioned piece (http://safestsex.org/aboutmen-en.php) they mention an interesting warning from Kinsey: What Kinsey says is that it "would encourage clearer thinking on these matter" if people were not classified as gay or straight. It's not about who you are, but what you do. A boy can play only with other boys (Kinsey 6) but it should not determine his identity for ever. Later on in life he may get married to a woman and be classified as Kinsey 0. This is similar to the issue of lying: "He's a liar!". A more accurate statement would be that he sometime lies. "He sometimes has sex with men" instead of "He's gay".
  10. Sloppy holes

    So true. That's why now that I'm older I find that the best way to get guys to fuck me is to present myself as a very slutty bottom. At the bathhouse I use my glow-in-the dark signs with slutty messages and it works. I'll be going on a vacation and ahead of time I created a very slutty profile and lots of guys are interested in what I will offer: a sling and gloryhole in the apartment.
  11. Shaking after sex

    I used to have a fuck buddy with a great 8.5" cut cock that I enjoyed sucking and taking up my hole. We always fucked bareback but every time he started shooting his load his entire body would become very sensitive and he would ask me to please not to touch him. I always open up my hole once I notice the top has started to shoot because most guys' cocks get sensitive. But not their entire body.
  12. I've read a lot about homosexuality trying to understand it because it's never made any sense to me. This discussion reminded me of a paragraph from the book "Homosexual Matrix" (Tripp, 1975). He writes: This comment caught my attention when I read Homosexual Matrix because I had felt that affection when I had gone to bathhouses. In the same book the author brings up the issue of NSA sex and wonders about the motivation for anon sex. I also wondered for years until I found this piece about anonymous sex: http://safestsex.org/aboutmen-en.php.
  13. Taking loads from bottoms it's always been a huge turn-on. I have an idea why but that's for another time. When I was young I used to workout a lot and was quite muscled. I enjoyed hooking-up with bottoms and the challenge was to leave with their load deep in my hole. All the touching and kissing would turn them on and once they got a hard-on and found my lubed hole, they quickly became tops and ended up fucking me and breeding my hole. I remember one telling me "You tricked me" but I never felt bad because I would hear them moaning and groaning as they pumped their load in my hole. How could I feel bad after all that pleasure. At the bathhouse I like staying late enough to get loads from those bottoms who after taking loads need to quickly find a hole to unload. Never a long fuck but I don't care about that. So many bottoms assume they can't fuck because their cock is too small or because they cum too quickly. So, I'll be going on holidays to a Spanish-speaking city where the apartment has a sling for my use. I already created a profile in a popular site: I've received messages from more than 50 guys! Some are strictly interested in the anon action, walk-in, etc. This kind of anonymous action is not yet common. They've seen it in the porno but they like the "walk-in" idea. Others have written because they are interested in being the bottom on the sling and take anon loads. The deal I'm making with them is that first they come and fuck me and breed my hole. We then agree to meet another time. All bottoms who have answered to my profile have agreed to first breeding my hole. This idea that bottoms can never fuck, sort of like women, is ridiculous. Total bottoms can occasionally enjoy breeding a hole, especially at a place like a bathhouse or sex-club. Being a bottom just means that one is not a good top who can fuck for a long time and control when you shoot. I know I would love to fuck for hours staying rock-hard while you fuck.
  14. Ode To Our Now Closed Gay Treasures.

    I want to mention the YMCA in NYC (West Side, 5 West 63rd Street ), where I first had sex with other men. In the early/mid 70's one could rent a room in one of the men's floors (something like floor 10 and 11). Rooms were small and smelly but the action was very hot. That was my first time I spent one night in my room with the door ajar taking loads. I was in my 20's and guys would line up.
  15. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    To me it depends on how anonymous the situation is. I have the same opinion about stealthing because I have no problem with anonymous stealthing. It would be fun to see a guy on a public sling at a bathhouse being repeatedly fucked and bred while almost passed out. Some guys need to be really high or drunk in order to take anon loads so this guy on the sling may be one of those. In terms of the issue of consent, getting high or drunk on a public sling at a bathhouse can be easily be interpreted as consent for anything.

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