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    I'm 62, good shape, 6'2". I've been 100% BB bottom for 20 years and still HIV-neg, as far as I know. I like best outdoor sex and in saunas.
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    Participate in forum and if someone lives in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, maybe get together. I like taking videos of BB action. I like having sex in saunas, gloryholes, and darkrooms.

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  1. I would be #7, because when I go out looking for sex I'm not picky at all. Someone who's been fucked and taken loads in gloryholes is, in my opinion, a true cumdump. In gloryholes no kissing, no body contact, just the cock coming from the other side of the partition, going in and out of your hungry hole until it unloads. Then, the next cock shows up. I would definitely call this a cumdump. I've taken many loads in gloryholes, I even had one in my apartment. So I would consider myself that I have been a cumdump or like being a cumdump at times. Most cumdumps feel proud of being a cumdump and I'm no exception which is why when I go to the bathhouse or cruising park I bring with me a black glow-in-the-dark sign with white letters that say "CUMDUMP" (I have many others, some even in French). I've discovered that it's important in a cruising-for-sex place to present yourself as a cumdump because for some reason the "hole of a cumdump" is so appetizing that even some bottoms are willing to fuck and breed it. With all the competition from other bottoms, presenting yourself as a cumdump also gives you a better chance with those horny guys looking to breed a hole because they know right away that they don't need to discuss condoms with you. I've used these signs for years at the bathhouse. I dim the lights in the room, charge the glow-in-the-dark signs and hang them on the walls. Guy walk by and can read "CUMDUMP" or "Cream my Hole". If nothing else I make myself noticed among all the other bottoms. I was once in my room in a Montreal sauna, just been fucked and bred on the sling, and before the guy leaves in a broken English with French accent he told me that the sign on the wall made him come in. Because I was in Montreal I was using a French sign "Remplir mon Cul" (Fill my hole). Without that sign I would have missed that load. Rather than wondering whether or not I am a true cumdump I prefer to communicate clearly to others that I am and that way I can get loads. Isn't that the goal?
  2. I'm not surprised but I still find it kinda strange that so few barebackers who top are vocal about breeding holes. Topping bareback is also much better than fucking with a condom. I would dare to say that the difference is greater for a top that it is for a bottom. Taking a load is a huge high but it never compares to the pleasure a top feels while shooting his load inside a hole. A condom takes away that pleasure. Anyone who has bottomed and taken loads is a witness of that pleasure. So, why are guys who top more vocal about their breeding experiences?
  3. You are not the only one who enjoys the "Russian roulette" game. I think that anon-stealthing is appropriate as to satisfy guys like ivantitin.
  4. The problem is that barebacking is a very personal and controversial choice which would make it difficult to implement a "Barebacking Zone", But what large bathhouses could do is to assign areas with different lighting, assigning some sections of rooms with dark hallways. I think that darkness would increase barebacking without having openly promote it.
  5. ☣☣☣Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun.  Wood love to breed it, & knock it up too. My VL= 100G. Wish we are closer. Thanks for following me.

  6. When getting fucked many times bottoms can tell that the top is getting ready to shoot by the breathing or the rhythm of the fucking. But it's always nice for the bottom when the top tells him he's going to shoot with phrases like "I'm close" or "I'm ready to shoot, here it goes....". What has worked for me is to tell the top when I notice he may be getting close "Let me know when you're going to shoot so I can open up my hole to receive your load". Sometime me saying it would send them over the edge.
  7. I'm surprised by how different the comments in this thread are from the ones from the thread about "Is stealthing morally okay?" In this thread everyone seems to agree with me that anon-stealthing is OK in a bathhouse. One of the reasons I don't mind anon-stealthing is because someone who is at a bathhouse does not have the right to say "I'm negative" unless he hasn't had any sexual contact with anyone, considering the "window period". At a bathhouse I can understand a poz top dismissing the bottom's claim that he's HIV-negative and choosing to lie just to be able to fuck him. How sure of being HIV-negative can anyone be after taking just one anonymous load? And we all know that most bottoms take or will take more than one anon load. For all the above reasons, I find that it makes no sense to ask for HIV status at a bathhouse, because it means so little. And it's even unfair because someone who tested has to reveal his HIV status but a guy who hasn't tested in a year can go on saying that he's HIV-negative. I'm sure that many poz members from this site were describing themselves as HIV-negative when there was a time when that wasn't true. Asking about HIV status at a bathhouse would make a bit more sense if everyone was tested on entrance to the bathhouse and told about their result. In that case when two guys wanna have sex it would be more difficult to lie to a clear question like "On entrance I tested HIV-negative. What about you?" Missing is the window period but still it give more value to the statement "I am HIV Negative".
  8. Public play? Hit me up I'll meet anybody!!

  9. I'm only saying that anyone who gets anon-stealthed at a bathhouse will be partly because he has been careless believing that strangers will follow all rules. For instance, anyone insisting in guys wearing condoms has to make sure to have good condoms and make sure the condom is properly worn. Anyone who lets the top worry about the condom is being careless because then who knows what will happen. The top may use one of his tampered condoms or may not put it on correctly. Remember, these are strangers who all have different sexual agendas and are not to be trusted. There is no such as a victim in anon-stealthing because the HIV-negative partner is responsible for his health when dealing with strangers.
  10. I do better in one of those Blackout events that bathhouses offer once a week/month. I find that dark areas are the best because darker/darkness make guys more uninhibited. The same guy who in your room may have requested a condom, in the dark room or darker areas he may fuck or get fucked bareback with no problem. I never understand why large bathhouses, like the sauna GI-Joe in Montreal with 4 floors of fun, don't provide one of their floors where lights are dimmer or even dark. Anyone who is familiar with this place would have noticed how bright the basement "darkroom" is where the gloryholes are. I once managed to cover the ceiling light and I was amazed on how quickly the heavy sex action started. Unfortunately, the cleaning guy noticed it and removed the cover and the action stopped right away. I rather go for a Blackout event or a busy night at a bathhouse than a Cumunion party.
  11. I'm usually cautious with feelings of love for guys I meet in casual settings. I can fall "in-love" with a stranger I'm having sex with at a bathhouse and I choose to enjoy the experience without making a big deal about the future of the relationship. In many of the anonymous fuck videos you can see how the top after he breeds the hole he starts kissing the bottom's body displaying tremendous love. I remember a long-term fuck buddy who used to call out-loud my name as he would pump his load in my hole. On my side, as the bottom, I would feel in-love when I heard him calling out my name as he pumped my hole full of cum. He would then collapse and lay on top caressing my body until he would get up and leave, and meet again a few weeks later. I felt in-love but far from a long-term kind of love.
  12. I agree with this, especially in anon scenes where there is more room for free imagination. Some bottom may enjoy fucking and breeding some anon sloppy hole imagining the bottom is him. As a top or as a bottom? I ask because I think most guys who like topping bareback do it because it feels much better. Some bottoms report not to mind being fucked with a condom. But although bottoming bareback feels better there is also a psychological component of having someone else inside and then being left with the cum inside.
  13. I want to mention that this is not a case of anonymous-stealing because I think in this case we all agree that stealthing is not acceptable. I remember a case of a male in Canada who knew he was HIV+ but would purposely look to infect women. Not a very nice behavior. Any damage that stealthing may cause is only speculative which is why I object comparing stealthing with rape or other forms of sexual assault where the damage is obvious and immediate. I was stealthed for the first time by a hook-up at my place. It was not at a bathhouse but it was still an anon hook-up. In the middle of the fuck he pulled out and then re-entered. I remember that it felt different but wasn't sure why. He pulled out, got dressed and before leaving he whispers in my ear "I left you a present". When I touched my hole I could feel the cum leaking out of my hole. I enjoyed it and I was never infected. How can I compare this stealthing incident with rape? I'm sure that most stealthing incidents are initiated by horny guys who don't like condoms and not by poz guys who purposely want to infect other guys, as many try portraying stealthers. Let's imagine a typical anon scene. A poz guy who is walking around in a bathhouse looking for a hole to dump his load. I will call him the poz top but it doesn't matter whether he is a "top" or a bottom who just wants to unload and go home after a night of taking loads. What's important is that he's horny and breeding a hole (not making love to a man) is all he wants. There is a hot young guy getting fucked on one of the public slings which catches his attention but when he gets closer he notices the top is wearing a condom. He wants to fuck him next but he wants to fuck him bareback so he can dump his load. He bottom on the sling says he's HIV-negative and requests a condom but after a few seconds of teasing the bottom agrees to go bare as long as he's HIV-negative. The poz guy is horny so he manages to convince the bottom to go bare with vague answers such as "I'm OK" which really means nothing about STDs. I know that many of you who are against all forms of stealthing, including anon-stealthing, believe that all wishes have to be respected and consent is required, no matter what. The problem I have with that is that we are relying on very ambiguous information to make decisions that we think are rational. Starting with the bottom guy on the sling. How accurate is the HIV-negative status of the bottom on the sling? If our poz top could convince the bottom to go bare, how many other anon tops have been able to convince him to take their loads? How seriously can our poz top take the bottom's self-assessment of being HIV-negative? "He will go bare with me so he must have gone bare with others." Our poz top may easily assume that the bottom is already poz or that he will eventually poz, all based on the bottom's behaviour. If everyone had to get tested for HIV on entry to the bathhouse I would feel different about not telling the truth. At least in this case the question and the answer are both clear and unambiguous, unlike what's happening now that someone who tested 2 years ago considers himself to be HIV-negative.
  14. It's usually because guys are "saving" their loads and don't want to cum yet. But I don't really mind because I do enjoy the pounding too. Plus I do enjoy the challenge to actually get that guy to dump his load in my hole every time he show up to fuck me. Those guys who keep coming back usually end up giving me their loads.
  15. The interests, agendas and experiences are different from one man to another, and that includes the evaluation of the moral code within the context of anonymous sex environment. So well said. I favor initiatives like that allows members to enter their STD test results and then exchange those results with other members. The fact that you have entered the results online adds some accountability. Better than coming up with an answer on the spare of the moment, when horny. I totally agree with this concept, having like a Cumunion of all HIV-negative guys, at least tested on entrance. I heard that organizes private events with members who fall under certain conditions of seniority, testing pattern, etc, which is why they don't advertise the events. These parties could be a way for HIV-negative guys to have anon sex but also reducing the risk. For me it's

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