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  1. bbrobboy

    Cumdump Paris Pride 2018

    Where should I go to get loads of cum? Paris Pride weekend
  2. bbrobboy

    What can I expect?

    They have a large cost check area. A lot of guys just wear a jock strap and harness. I will be. The only issue is the very long wait to get in the club. It can get a bit too cold waiting for ages to get in.
  3. Breed Hole @Slammers - This Sat 1/11/14, 11pm onwards. I'll be in a sling taking all loads. Bare only. I'll be wearing Leather jockstrap with studs.
  4. bbrobboy

    Bb Bottom Visiting La

    Hi Thank you for the info. More into BB and leather, rubber, etc side of things. So will check out Slammers, does it have a strict dress code like in european bars/clubs?
  5. I'll be in LA 29/10 - 4/11/14, Where is the best bar/club for BB sex?
  6. bbrobboy

    Code parties MAL 2014

    Thanks for info. I think that's what I'll do.
  7. 1st time at MAL. Worthwhile going to Code parties? Is there any barebacking at them? Might go to one on the Friday. Or is it better to just go to the events at host hotel?

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