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    Bareback sex, crossdressing
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    I am a transvestite / CD crossdresser bottom who likes to get fucked bareback. Also love to play with anonymous used condoms that i found or receive from men.
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  1. I prefer that they come in immediately with a boner because I'm often already laying down doggy on the couch to get fucked anonymously and blindfolded, but when i suck it has to be within 1 - 2 minutes. hate sucking for 5 minutes and his dick isn't hard yet
  2. Not really been raped but there was a man who really was to rough and i didn't like that at all the way he did. He came inside and i was laying ready on the couch doggy, he pulls my hair out of nowhere and call me a fucking nasty whore, put his cock really hard without any warning into my ass what was really extra painfull because of the shape of his cock that was curved, he fucked me very rough and deep. i was almost going to say stop it please but i didn't dare.. after a few minutes he loaded me up with his load, pulls his pants on and was gone. my ass was hurting and when i checked i had some blood there as well. for the rest of the day i was done with fucking. never hope to see him again
  3. As bottom i prefer to use lube with the first one for sure, if there are more men on a day just spit is enough. the cum inside my ass will do the rest (cum is the best lube)
  4. My sexual behaviour really changed when prep came. it was the start to have no limits any longer and being a bareback cumdump whore for all anonymous men
  5. Addicted as well to anonymous fucks. i don't care who's behind me, put your dick in my ass and give me your load so i can go to the next one. the more the better
  6. Prep was the reason for me to start barebacking on all dates..
  7. I have a black top that just fucks so damn good (better than most white men) don't want without his cock any more. every time we meet i know my ass gets what it deserves
  8. I just react on his question ''So I go to bathhouse often and attend gay sex parties but I am not on prep nor do I have sex with condoms'' fore sure this will end up in a positive HIV test sooner or later
  9. Weird question, this is the way how everybody becomes poz
  10. Since i been on prep i catch often STD's from anonymous men who i met online. I think it don't matter if u have baresex in a local bathhous / sexcinema or just online hookups. STD's are everywhere. first time i tested positive i was shocked with 3 STD's, but i know it's part of it and don't bother any more about it. you know the risk when you are a bare cumdump whore
  11. I was sceptical about it in the beginning as well, but when time goes by and letting load me up more and more by strangers, the boundaries just went away and letting poz guys fuck me in the end that's the reason why u use prep, because you will get (toxic)poz loads inside you once and then. i think you get more poz loads without even knowing 😉
  12. Before prep i never had contracted a STD before, i was picky with who i had baresex then, but that changed quickly when i started taking prep. there was no fear any longer to contract HIV so i started barebacking with anonymous men as a cumdump whore. no load refused and yeah that's become very quickly to a positive STD result with 3 STD's at the fist time ever in my life. since then it's on regulary basis that i contract STD's. chlamydia and gonorrhea every single time when i have been much active. i really don't bother any longer, that's part of the game when you are a bare cumdump whore
  13. i have taken a few toxic poz loads where i was aware from, i don't see the big deal why u would be scared to take it. u use prep because you know u have a high risk to get poz loads inside you and with prep u are protected against it. knowing or not knowing is no problem for me, i trust on prep for each load
  14. When it's dick sucking time 💦💦


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