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  1. 283 loads... #284 will be here in 12 minutes and 285 in an hour :-O
  2. Load 272 last night. Load 271 went up my ass. Finally I got fucked.
  3. I hit Load 227 last night... much slower pace than I expected.
  4. You two, I lived there from 2000-2011. Chances are if you just wanted easy dick and it was raw I probably fucked you.
  5. Just sucked down load 197 about 10 mins ago. cumslut above you said you were at 248! I am keep track of my loads/names/dates
  6. Woo Hoo, tonight I just sucked down my 150th load of the year.
  7. Because if you turn down someone's advances several times, chances are they aren't pity fucking you. But my whole point was sometimes I suck cock for numbers. I fuck because I find something attractive about him. I did fuck one guy I wasn't attracted to what so ever. I'm generally not attracted to short "rotund" guys but he was a sweetheart. He had the perfect type of hole I like. I can push into with no lube or not much effort, he didn't shit on my dick, and it felt wonderful.
  8. I'm very curious of how many guys here has ever given a pity fuck before? I know I'm no model but I don't find myself unattractive either but sometimes I've found that after chatting with someone I'm not that attracted to initially looks better after some conversation. (a big cock helps too)
  9. I have had some "GREAT" ass before but I haven't had any ass I'd be willing to part with my hard earned money over.
  10. This is no disrespect to you but no. There are far more willing bottoms that will give it away for free than having to pay for it.
  11. I just hit load 135 today. Today is a special day for me because I'm guaranteed another load down my throat and 1 in my ass if he can talk me into it. I haven't been fucked in 13 years.
  12. Things have slowed down quite a bit. 4/7/2013 I'm at 128 loads. I'm back to loading ass. Anyone in the PA area?
  13. I only count the loads going in my throat. I don't count face, chest, etc shots. Only cum that are inside the body. Otherwise I'd be up to about 150.
  14. As of 2/21/2013 I'm at 105 loads. Gave up 3 loads today in ass. God, there is nothing like some new ass to squirt in.

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