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    Midwest USA
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    Hung men, dick, milking cum out of a big ole dick
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    Racial background of my sexual experiences...
    Black Dick - 15 (one mixed blk/mexican)
    111" total (7.9" average)
    White Dick - 10
    78.5" total (7.85" average)
    Asian Dick - 3 (one Japanese-Russian mix)
    20.5" total (6.8" average)
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    None other than my own home made vids on different sites. I did get fucked by 'Alex' on brokestraightguys from the mid-2000's.
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    Power bottom for hung tops (7-12 inches) - Love for my phat white ass & tight pink, velvet-like hole being boned, fucked, plowed, pounded, tapped, hit, raped, owned...whatever!

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  1. Wonderful interracial action. Black tops cums loudly in white ass!!!! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/When-The-Pussy-Makes-You-SCREAM-30532581
  2. Oh, yeah!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Bryan-Cole-Opens-Up-Eli-Lewis-Hole-30581301
  3. Love this one! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/BB-understall-fuck-31304532
  4. I was just over in Bloomington, IL over the 4th of July holiday.  My family lives there.  We'll have to keep in touch so I can get into that ass sometime.

    1. SpfldPowerBottom


      Springfield, Missouri here. I little further away. But I'd let you have my velvet hole.

    2. barecubtop
  5. Made a retroactive list this past spring, I've only had about 30 total. I know some of you have that many in a month. Oh, well. Avg. 7.9" white cock, 7.9" black dick, surprisingly 7" asian cock.
  6. HUGE big black dick, white ass with great pussy lips, and a big ass cum load!!


  7. Love getting owned, raped, plowed, pounded to death by a big black dick and then seeded with his big black stud cum load!!
    1. bbbearlover1


      Very nice, but that white boy needs to focus on his pussy, not his clit.

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