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  1. I basically just cum anally, have a man or two but they won't fist but my current lady loves it so I got lucky there lol
  2. Thanks guys. I did an asspig account, the fisting party scares me because I want someone to really work my hole and teach it to stretch as I don't think I'm there......and I don't wanna ruin someone's time if I'm super tight and they're bummed out lol
  3. Hey so I've been into this with some men and my girlfriend for the last few years has been actively fisting me, 2/3 times a week, but I want to work with a man to really go crazy on my hole. Are these websites for that? Is anyone in NYC here looking to train a hole? I'm sorry if there's obvious answer for a meet up site, I just don't know so if so I apologize.
  4. I've never done one of these parties but can't find a man to work me over so maybe I'll make a point to try one of these.
  5. I get in tomorrow, playing the state fair Saturday night, anyone around to uh.....gimme a hand? 🙂
  6. I'm playing the state fair Saturday and get it Friday. 6 ft tall, 240 lbs (workout, little bearish but have muscle), 7 in dick and would love to be bred or fisted or something. Just something put inside of me really LOL.
  7. I run around the reservoir on the path up top and every once in a while hear some looks from guys and then hear some noises in some bushes but can't seem to find anyone. Anyone know of a spot up there? Am I missing fun?! Lol
  8. I've gotten up to punching, and it's so good I barely fuck hole anymore. It's really the best orgasm ever
  9. I was in a hotel for a week rehearsing for a performance and was alone so I brought a dildo and was riding it most of the week, I saw there was a sex shop near the rehearsal place (there's truck stops off an exit so there's a bunch of stuff) and I wanted some poppers. Rehearsal was just in the morning so I was done for the day, it was like 4/5 and I was using my toy and figured I'd toss on some shorts and a jock (it's all I wear, just more comfortable) and run over. Pull in and theres fucking 20 cars in this place. I've been there before but it's been years and I was assuming it was a company nearby using the parking because there's no booths or anything inside. Go in, buy poppers, see two people walk in and go right into a giant black room. Well.....now I'm horny because my ass is lubed, loose, and I got poppers hahaha. Walk in, it's like 5 open rooms with couches and videos and dudes too pussy to make moves, I see a guy in one room with a dick out and an empty spot so I gave him a look and he smiled and I went over and sucked him. I just pulled my shorts off so everyone could see my asshole, took 3/4 hits of poppers and sucked. Within 45 seconds there was a dick in me hahahahha. The guy came in my mouth and split and then I just took on a handful a dudes, mostly ass. Haven't done that years but.....the feeling was there! Lol
  10. I've gotten fisted for the last week, I haven't even needed to jerk it. Anal Os forever!
  11. Shit I gotta hit up some glory holes. The time has come to seed !
  12. Was there news on if this was ever going down??
  13. I'm driving to CT in 30 minutes, send me a message
  14. Black girls with huge dicks?! I wanna meet this girl too! Lol
  15. I'm poz and the pills mess with my liver levels occasionally, just had to change them again because of it.
  16. Fuck I haven't been with a trans girl in 20 years, I miss it! Now I wanna go find one!
  17. I'm trying to find more to play, we'll see how the adventure goes!
  18. I'm loving all these replies. I'm getting fisted tomorrow and I'm SO excited, the rosebud is my goal!
  19. Damn! If you ever like working over a kinda inexperienced hole Im on the UES so I can make a journey to your side pretty easy lol
  20. God damn, love you're infected too. Been in the club 20 years myself.
  21. I've done it a bunch before but 2 weeks ago I did it and it all happened PERFECTLY and all I can think about is that lol. I don't wanna jerk off, just play with my hole constantly. Has this happened to anyone else? And sorry if its a stupid question 🙂
  22. Sundown? Hmm ok. Well maybe I'll smash a couple of asses soon 🙂
  23. Does it just go down every night or.....what's good times?
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