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    Poz, On Meds
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    Married, bi and discreet. Wife knows as I had it before I met her.
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    Just looking for a full time local BIG top to have fun with where we can be "safe" since we both know our statuses. Its been AGES since I've played and I severely miss it. I love bottoming, I love big ones, and I love cumming from getting fucked.

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  1. I've gotten fisted for the last week, I haven't even needed to jerk it. Anal Os forever!
  2. Shit I gotta hit up some glory holes. The time has come to seed !
  3. Was there news on if this was ever going down??
  4. 203 841 7550 larry

  5. I'm driving to CT in 30 minutes, send me a message
  6. Black girls with huge dicks?! I wanna meet this girl too! Lol
  7. I'm poz and the pills mess with my liver levels occasionally, just had to change them again because of it.
  8. Fuck I haven't been with a trans girl in 20 years, I miss it! Now I wanna go find one!
  9. I'm trying to find more to play, we'll see how the adventure goes!
  10. I'm loving all these replies. I'm getting fisted tomorrow and I'm SO excited, the rosebud is my goal!
  11. Damn! If you ever like working over a kinda inexperienced hole Im on the UES so I can make a journey to your side pretty easy lol
  12. God damn, love you're infected too. Been in the club 20 years myself.
  13. I've done it a bunch before but 2 weeks ago I did it and it all happened PERFECTLY and all I can think about is that lol. I don't wanna jerk off, just play with my hole constantly. Has this happened to anyone else? And sorry if its a stupid question 🙂
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