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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Married, bi and discreet. Wife knows as I had it before I met her.
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    Just looking for a full time local BIG top to have fun with where we can be "safe" since we both know our statuses. Its been AGES since I've played and I severely miss it. I love bottoming, I love big ones, and I love cumming from getting fucked.

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  1. 36 yo old, 6 ft tall, 240, 7 in cut, verse but normally bottom, shaved head, some tats, lots of fun.....I think! LOL I have a job with odd hours I'm doing in LA but I'd love to meet a 50/60yo man to fuck me during the day or night. I could make the time. Be in touch and we could share more info
  2. If anyone wants to go crazy on a horny hole let me know, spit roast me, multiple loads, run trains on me, whatever. I live for my anal orgasms so however you can get me there Im into. Hit me up!
  3. TakingItDeep

    Raw bottoms in North New Jersey

    I'm gonna be at a hotel on Friday in Jersery city, hit me up!!
  4. 36 yo, 220, 7 in cut, vers/bottom, poz on meds looking for a man older than me, hairy myself and looking for a MANLY man to fuck my hole all night. I've got a hotel in Hoboken on biz and I'm down for whatever you're looking to do. I must say I am poz, have a misses and we have an agreement I can play as long as I don't come home with anything new AND I take pics;) One man, two men, whatever.....Im down. Let me know what you're inyo, but I'm just looking to get fucked for a WHILE. Into poppers, smoke occasionally
  5. Hey guys, kinda hairy, 6 ft tall, 230, into power lifting so I'm a LITTLE chubby. 7 in cock, love getting fucked, love fucking, LOVE poppers and being a serious so it. I fantasize about dirty, hairy, sweaty 70s gay sex and that's always my goal. Attached and Poz, partner knows of my diagnosis obviously I would just ask I don't come home with anything else lol. If anyone wants to talk let me know, thanks!
  6. 35 yo married poz bottom, undetectable. 220lbs, 6 ft tall, 7 in cut cock. I'm going to be in Cali for some work stuff in Anaheim, I haven't done anything in quite some time but I LOVE slings, dig poppers and I ADORE older guys. Chat me up and let's get something going. Multiple partners is obviously cool too.
  7. TakingItDeep

    Anyone ever have sling-fun in Wallingford??

    No, unfortunately the guy isn't doing stuff anymore. That's why I was looking for some of the guys from back then, ALWAYS had a good time and considering there was hardly a condom used I thought this site might be a good place to find some of them haha
  8. I used to visit a man all the time in Wallingford, he has a shed in his yard with a sling. He used to have piles of bareback parties, 10/15 guys going at one guy in a sling. I was wondering if anyone had ever been pozzed there. Just kinda hot thinking of it, and I miss some of the mates I'd meet there. Didnt know if there were more friends of the shed on the site
  9. TakingItDeep

    ct area

    I'm working up that way tomorrow in the morning
  10. TakingItDeep

    ct area

    I'm in Wallingford CT myself

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