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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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    Girls who are clean open minded up for fun
  1. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    A few? There are also I fected bi guys who can see your thread and may have contacted you. The straight section on here is almost dead, have u visited the other forum recently.. Hope you don't catch anything from bi guys on here
  2. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    If you're looking for clean bare cocks, why dont you go over to the other forum, as there are bi guys who have fucked other gay guys..more chance of seek g bug chasers or those who are deemed riskier
  3. Manchester Creampie Slut

    I'm a reliable, clean straight guy, can travel locally nsnd host.. Pm me
  4. Edinburgh Saunas

    are there any sauna's that offer this in the uk?

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