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    Bareback sex lol but also toys.
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    im transitioning at the moment so i have a cock but my pussy has gone. Have tried anal and am still getting used to it.
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    other trans folk, anyone cis gendered respect is all im after. Disease free only.

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  1. Then I had 2 cocks 1 in my pussy and 1 in my ass, but still I wasn't to know who were the cock owners. They felt so good and it didn't take long for me to recharge after each breeding session. Also I soon managed to work my baby belly which helped me feel great about myself. I was blossoming into a sex kitten and I loved it.
  2. I wanted to be blindfolded so I could give birth. Daddy went online looking for the biggest cocks but couldn't find any. Will you fuck anyone that can bring baby into the world? He asked playing with my wet pussy trying to give birth again. "Sure daddy" I said Daddy tied me up with the strongest vibrator strapped to my wet pussy. He must have been gone for over an hour. Then I felt something massive in my pussy. I squeezed and clamped down on this beautiful shaft. "That's it relax and enjoy yourself. This cock was made to breed you more" he said. I couldn't tell who he was
  3. Daddy was always good to me, making sure we we're fed and educated. Then the schools had to close. To keep me occupied daddy told me I had to keep my pussy stretched so I could accommodate more toys. Also using a blindfold when I was doing it would be better. For my 18th daddy bought me some massive orgasms lube. I couldn't wait to try it. I went up to my room and had a shower, then I put a pea sized blob on my pussy put my blindfold on and started playing. I heard the door open as I started screaming in massive orgasms. "That's a beautiful big pussy you have there.... let me tied yo
  4. I wanted to play Russian roulette where only 1 of the breeders had fertile cum but I didn't know who until the big day. Daddy looked for big cocks online for me. All his friends had the hots for me and were in poly relationships so offered to breed me next. Each cock felt the same and intense inside my pussy it was electric the orgasms I was having. I couldn't contain my excitement over who the daddy would be but this was going to be a diferent kind of surprise. My great uncle wanted to help me give birth as I was so huge and baby wouldn't move. I'd had a scan with a portab
  5. Daddy told me i had to serve his every need and because I was rewarded well I agreed. I could have as much cock and cum during the day as long as I was left tied, naked and blindfolded by 6pm every day. "Let's see how much cum you can swuirt out your pussy" my dad would say with his toys on my pussy. "That's my dirty girl, show me how much cum you can squirt out that pussy" he said on full blast of his toy. "You know what happens when someone else gets you pregnant?" He asked still toying my pussy. "No daddy" I said to be a tease "show me". The toy went off the clothe
  6. The party came and I was instructed to serve cocktails in a very skimpy sexy outfit. "I've got a cocktail for you" said one rubbing his hands up my skirt. "Well i have been told to be the entertainment" i replied taking off my skirt. I was told to hold his cock in my hand as he led me into the bedroom. It wasn't long before we were naked on the bed. We kissed and cuddled facing each other. His cock slipped into my wet waiting pussy it was so hot. "I've missed your pussy I had you first last week" he told me. I had wondered why he was eyeing my up. "It feels great yo have yo
  7. I loved being pregnant and not knowing who the daddy was, it was a great turn on. Daddy wanted me to try older men. But i had to be blindfolded and naked on the bed playing with my pussy. "I want you to moan out breed me" as you're playing with yourself. Be as dirty as the older men who are inside you. "Yes daddy I want to show older men how I can fuck the cum out of them" I replied. Daddy gave me some lube to put on my pussy. Even bareback the lube was going to help. The lube got my pussy very tingly. "We need a relaxed fertile pussy for our cocks" daddy said. Daddy was p
  8. Being addicted to cock and cum I was told that some guys wanted to fuck me but had the snip. But I wouldn't be told who. Once I was due the fertile guys would cum back, go in my pussy then knock me up again.
  9. The bext day day and his best man from my parents wedding turned up. They could see the cum dripping from our wet pussies. "I love it when your mum gets more cum off other men especially keeping it in the family" he said as he undressed. His best man did as well. Dad started kissing me and the best man kisding mum. Suddenly his cock slipped into my pussy. "We're going you breed you both like the sexy women you are" they said. His words turned me on further "faster dad knock me up with your cum feel every inch of my pussy the one you made with your cock." I saod to him. His cock
  10. The next day mum came over and started kissing me. I thought she was bi. Then grandad and great grandad arrived. I took off mums shirt and bra before sucking her tits, they were so big with hard nipples. She started undressing me and i put my hand in her pants. "I've wanted you to do that for a long time. You feel so good playing with my pussy. Let me see how wet I can get you" she said putting her hands in mine. Grandad and great grandad were now naked playing with their cocks. They soon got me and mum naked. Mum and I were snogging our faces off but the men were stroking their
  11. I was blindfolded and tied loosely to the bed. I could feel someone kissing my pussy but this was a new person and the smell was familiar. It was a strong aftershave. The person knew how to eat pussy. Then i felt a large cock going into my pussy bare. It felt so good. He likes t girl cock the winning girl said. "Yes give me more t girl cock" I replied. I was fucked with a different mystery cock per week. They all had lots of cum for me. All fertile cum. A few months later the mystery cock came back. But i didn't recognise her at first it was my uncle who was cross dressing for fun.
  12. about an hours drive for me. I cant physically do much longer
  13. When i was due the two biggest mystery cocks offered to help birth my babies. The blindfold came off as soon as they were inside me. "Grandad i didn't know you fancied younger women" I said in surprise. He helped me birth my babies twin boys. Then the second mystery cock arrived, "great grandad wow you're still pleasuring wet fertile pussies" i said. "Yes i want to make love to you until your pregnant with my babies, your mother was as wet as you when she was 18" he said. He felt great back in my pussy where he belonged. I had missed his cock. All 10 inches of it.
  14. I wondered whose cock this was giving me a pounding. But he didn't speak. I wondered if it was another relative or a friend of my dads. "I'm so horny not knowing whose breeding me" i said. Then another pair of unfamiliar hands were playing with my boobies and another cock in my mouth. This was hard work but great fun. A stronger wand went on my pussy "we have bigger cum heavy cocks for you" they said. They weren't kidding, 10 inches long was this one and it was a fat cock. I had to squeeze it inside my pussy.
  15. I got to Steve's on the Friday night. He was playing with his cock to hot breeding porn. "I want your cum give me babies" the stars were shouting as they made love. "The problem with porn is it gives me ideas...." I said. I went into the bathroom and stripped naked. I cane out playing with my pussy. My brother could see the hot pussy lips big and wet. "You don't need much playing to get wet sis" he said playing. I sat facing him. We were on his bed. He kissed me I fell back on the bed and his cock slipped in. "You're so wet, I just wanna make love to you and blow in your pussy"
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