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    Bareback sex lol but also toys.
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    im transitioning at the moment so i have a cock but my pussy has gone. Have tried anal and am still getting used to it.
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    other trans folk, anyone cis gendered respect is all im after. Disease free only.

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  1. Star trek definitely. data was my crush as a teenager.
  2. Hi and welcome where you from? I'm in the uk near bristol.
  3. Soon baby was coming. Daddy was there to help me give birth. A few days later the dna results arrived, but only the daddy knew. I was blindfolded until his cock was back in my pussy again. It was my great uncle. "I love breeding my only niece" he said as he came again in my pussy. Then daddy helped us do a dp with him in my ass. It was very intense.
  4. I knew my daughter swung both ways. But she was shy about loosing her virginity. I invited her into my double bedroom and we stripped off. We started kissing and playing with each other. "You're so wet mum" she said. "That's because you're so hot" I replied. She sat with her back rubbing my pussy and me playing with hers. She put on a blindfold and I called the guys into the room. She didn't want to know who was breeding her. I gently prised open her pussy lips so a big cock could enter her taking her virginity. "That's so big" she said. "That's because you deserve a big cock for playing
  5. I went to my breeders house and an older man let me in. There was porn on in the background. "I've heard you have an easily wet pussy that I'd like to try" said the main taking off his trousers. This got me so hot I also stripped off. "Oh yes that is a beautifully wet pussy" he said rubbing me gently. "I want to breed you with my cum, I have an extra large heaving cummer for you". I opened my legs in agreement. He started kissing me passionately then his cock slipped inside my pussy gently stretching it as he entered. "You are so tight and wet" he said as he started to breed me. "I c
  6. I went back to the cellar because I was craving more cum in my pussy. I stripped off on the bed and started playing. As we were making love I heard someone enter the cellar. "Hey son come and see what we're doing" he said as he gave me massive orgasms. "That's so hot dad" he said rubbing his trousers. "Come and have a feel of this tight wet pussy" my breeder replied. The son took off his top and trousers leaving his boxers on. He was very muscular and hot like his dad. He walked over and started stroking my pussy. "That feels so good" I said having another orgasm. He
  7. Sisko and Janeway but would love to get naked with them both.
  8. I visited my best mate for a couple of days to stay round play games and just chill. It was really hot so we wandered around in just our underwear. He sat next to me on the sofa. I felt his warm arms around me and my pussy started tingling. He lent over to kiss me, I didn't resist as I'd had the hots for him since school. I rubbed his pants and he rubbed mine. I took off my bra and he started kissing my boobies. Then my hand went into his underwear and fished out his cock. I could feel the pre cum leaking out of him. He took 0ff his pants and I took off mine. "Let's go to
  9. Soon i was popping babies out but no one ever knew who the dad's we're and no one wanted to know either as it added to the arousal. Some babies wouldn't come out as easily so more lovemaking had to gently persuade them to arrive. The broken haired ones looked like my brother and the blonde one's like dad or his brother.
  10. The next day my dad rang and asked if he could call over. He had booked for another night. "Sure great idea" I said. He arrived in very skimpy trousers and a growing bulge. This time he put channel 325 on. This was about parental love. "Daughters make love to their dad's on a regular basis and brother can join in" was the first scene. Dad was slowly getting undressed so we copied him. He started playingbeith my pussy. "Looks like you got your brothers cum last night, very hot" he said. He started kissing me his cock teasing my pussy as it stroked past. Then it slipped in. "
  11. It was out 21st birthday. My twin brother and I had just been surprised by a city break all paid for so we excitedly picked up the bags our parents had packed for us and headed out. When we arrived there was only a double room avaliable as no twin rooms were left. We didn't mind. There was a note on the bed from our parents "have fun channel 300 on the TV might interest you" it said. We got ready for bed only to discover there were no nighclothes packed. So we got into bed in our underwear and cuddled up to put the TV on. "Sibling love" was the title. "Siblings who love each oth
  12. I was going to be fucking this dad a few years ago on fabsqingers, but he was worried that his son might catch us at it. "He can watch if he wants" I replied. "But he might wanna join in" the dad replied. "That wouldn't bother me" I told him. But the dad went offline for ages until he told me his daughter had now moved in. It would have been hot.
  13. My 21st came and I was disappointed only my uncles and grandad had called round for coffee and cake. But it was a warm day which made it worse as I could see the bulges in their shorts. I sat down on the sofa and snuggled up to my grandad. He started stroking my hair. Then he kissed me, but passionately rather than a family kiss. His hand wandered into my panties and started stroking my pussy. "We have a very wet hungry pussy here" he said. "Pussy is excited for family love" I replied. I took my shirt off and my uncles started playing with my boobs. By now grandad had placed my han
  14. This time daddy put an advert in the paper "large fertile cocks needed to breed my daughter" with his mobile number. Lots of large cock pictured came onto daddy's mobile. There were so many he invited them all. I was blindfolded and tied up "have fun with my daughter she's in heat and loves bigger cocks" daddy said as he let them in. "You're so wet no lube needed for you" said one as he stretched my pussy with his massive cock. Others didn't talk but they we're all great fucks. Daddy made the best sex parties. When they had gone daddy told me he has some extra specially large co
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