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    im transitioning at the moment so i have a cock but also have a pussy as well.
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    other trans folk, anyone cis gendered respect is all im after. Disease free only.

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  1. Thanks much appreciated. Soon there we're more kids around they kept asking about how babies were made. "I will show you when you're an adult" I told them. Soon another set of twins were 18 they were both virgins. I told them to come to my bedroom with just their underwear on. I instructed them to kiss each other passionately. "It gives me tingles in my panties" they both said. "Good that means you are turned on". My daughter took off her bra and my son kissed her boobies. "I want babies" she kept saying to him. "Somethings getting hard in my pants" said my son. "My hole is getting wet" said my daughter. "Show me both of you". I replied. My son had an 8 inch stiff boner. His sisters pussy lips were wet and engorged. "You are now ready to try for babies". I told them. "Your stiff cock needs to gently go between your sisters pussy lips in her hole as far as it will go". My daughter got on the bed and opened her legs. My son was nervous so I guided his cock inside her pussy gently deflowering them both. I told them to make love by going in and out of sisters pussy with her squeezing his cock inside. "Somethings happening mum, my cock wants to shoot inside her" my son said. "Yes shoot inside my wet fertile pussy give me babies" said his sister. He came inside his sister with a heavy load of cum. "Well done kids, now you need to make love to a different adult every day unless you prefer to just breed each other?" "We love each other mum" they said. "In that case you can have your own room with a lock so you can make move uninterrupted. Congrats. Make more twins if you can" I replied. I'm so proud of my kids being in the family way.
  2. Wish we were making love with the three loads of fun inside me right now.

  3. I wanted to show the twins a new game called "whose the daddy?" Some of our regulars were invited over and stripped in another room. They had porn to entertain themselves. I was blindfolded and tied to the bed with my legs wide and high. I told my boys to go into the next room where the guys were stroking their hard cocks. One by one guys from the other room came in and came in my pussy. If they wanted me on top they would squeeze my boobs, if I said "yes" they untied me and guided me with their hands onto their hard cocks. There was no talking so after 10 mens cum inside of me the last one put a butt plug in and raised my pussy so it could drink their cum. All the females joined in playing the game in their own rooms. Like me they were easily turned on and addicted to cock and cum and pregnancy.
  4. Soon the twins were adults. They asked if they could join in the breeding sessions with us. We obliged and soon 3 lots of twins were due. Each female in the family was paired up with a male and told to make as much love as they could.
  5. My birthday was coming up, dad had been on his own with me and my older brothers. They all promised me an extra special birthday present. I noticed the bulges in their trousers got bigger whenever they walked past me. It got me thinking about loosing my virginity to them. I woke up on my birthday. Dad told me how much he and my brothers fantasized about seeing us all naked together. Well I'm an adult now so might as well I thought. I stripped to my undies to be a tease. My father and brothers did the same. My brothers asked if they could each kiss my boobies one on each one. I took my bra off and said they could. They asked me to rub their pants. I asked if they could take their pants off so I could see their bulge. Only if you and dad are completely naked as well. We both obliged. I could feel my pussy getting wet as we played with each other. Dad asked to lick my pussy "please daddy get me wet". He licked me to orgasm many times. Then we went on dad's kingsized bed. Each brother took turns to lick my pussy before I sucked their cocks. Happy birthday can we make you into a woman maybe a mother? They asked. "This has been my fantasy for so long. Yeah please". Dad went first deflowering my pussy. It felt so good and got me wetter for the next cock. Then my brothers took it in turn before they gave me a double pentration as well. We spent the whole of my birthday making love it was the best present ever well that and the twins.
  6. Add me to kik group please trekster33
  7. I'm near Weston super mare and can host.
  8. I'm on tumblr and this isgoing to affect my blog quite dramatically
  9. It says the site is blocked and i cant seem to get rid of the block.

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