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    im transitioning at the moment so i have a cock but also have a pussy as well.
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    other trans folk, anyone cis gendered respect is all im after. Disease free only.

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  1. I've been rejected on grounds of looks and because I can't top yet because I can't get hard. Also because I'm trans.
  2. A friend of mine is a non reactor she doesn't get sick and doesn't need meds as her immune system naturally surpresess the virus. Could this be your case as well?
  3. I rarely agree to a condom tbh and if you do the first time sometimes it converts the other person for next time. Ime
  4. Went to a guys place who said "definately safe sex". So I agreed but his cock wouldn't get hard. He then asked if he could take the condom off to which I agreed. The sex was more intense. He also told me he felt better fucking me that way. I just love BBC.
  5. Fabguys has an option to put bareback in your profile. I've had some great raw action from there.
  6. I'd just popped out kid number 8 after a number of years of breeding with my family. "You are so beautiful when you are giving birth" said my dad. "Cheers dad, anything I can do to please you I will, I'm yours and so are my brother's" I replied. "Your brother's have been on a new health kick recently, there's a slight problem....... I think it makes them hornier" he said. "That's not a problem for me.... I just wanna be bred all the time" I replied. "But can you keep up?" Said dad. "What's this new health kick can I trying as well?" Was my curious response. "Really strong vitamin pills with lots of vitamin e and other sperm and egg making potency" dad replied. "Sure let's get started" I responded excitedly. Dad gave me the pills and a smoothie to wash them down. I could feel my pussy getting wet and had bundles of energy all of a sudden. This was some health kick. What I didn't realise is that this was a breeding drive, energy boosting, fertility kick as well. "I want lots of babies" I said in a very sexy way. "Sounds like this is gonna work very well for us all" said dad. "She's ready" he called out to my first brother. He had the biggest cock and took my hand leading me into the breeding boudoir. The other brothers were waiting for me. Everyone knew their place, biggest cock first, no matter what the age, just that we were all consenting adults in a country where breeding family was welcome and encouraged. Lots of twins popped out. As they reached adulthood they were introduced to the family way, anyone was free to turn down breeding if they preferred. Some started watching our mating habits only to get so aroused they had to join in. These pills had another effect, breeding for as long as we wanted, eggs and sperm stayed ripe as long as we kept taking them. Any of us who left the family home had the privilege of telling our future partners that we had lost our virginities to our relatives, turned out future partners on so much. Some of them even wanted to roleplay the mating we had previously encountered with our former sexual partners.
  7. my granddad was coming round the next day for his 80th birthday. "i dont have anything to give him" i said to my dad. "im sure we can think of something" winked my dad. He was 6ft tall, dark and handsome the way i prefer my men. Granny had divorced him earlier that year. He was hoping to stay round. He traveled over 7 hours to see us. i could see he had a big bulge in his trousers, i wondered how big his cock was and what it would feel like in my wet pussy. My room was next to granddads i got into bed naked and started playing with my pussy i kept the door open in case anyone was interested. i could see granddad looking in from outside my room but pretended not to notice. i did make louder noises though. i was horny as hell due to ovulating. granddad knocked and asked if he could cum in. "Sure feel free to watch" i said in a sexual way. He came into my bedroom and sat next to me on the bed. "let me help you with that beautiful pussy" he said gently stroking me. My body tingled with excitement it felt like electricity. His cock got harder in his pjs causing a tent. "let me see your cock granddad i bet it's bigger than dads" i said tugging at his pjs. Granddad slowly undressed and now we were both naked in my bedroom. He locked the bedroom door and then started kissing my pussy his cock dangling in my face. i just had to suck it, i moved my tongue around the head of his cock and gave it a slight nibble. My hands stroked his balls. Once i had given him a good squirting and orgasm over his face, i started teasing his cock with my pussy by rubbing it over his cock very slowly. "i want your babies" i told him. "i was hoping you would say that ive saved up my cum for you from the past week". We kissed passionately and his cock was so hard it went into my pussy hands free "thats so hot" i told him, "can we make love more often please granddad you have the biggest cock ive ever seen and it stretches my tight pussy really well", "well your dad told me you were great in bed and would make my best birthday present ever. if you like i can move in permanently so we can try for lots of gorgeous children like you are my beautiful granddaughter" was his response. "but dads friend has moved in and were still lovemaking" was my response "well this is a poly family, hes cool with sharing you as long as you can share him" he told me reasonably. "granddad your making me orgasm this is such beautiful lovemaking" i told him. We kept going most of the night.
  8. My daughter after a night of being bred anonymously by her granddad asked if she could take the blindfold off. Once she saw the face of her granddad and the sight of his cock disappearing into her fertile pussy she squirted over his cock. Her other granddad felt left out so asked if he could fuck her ass at the same time. "as long as you 2 switch round next time". i could hear the fucking getting louder and louder so went to see what was going on. "im so proud of you three get my daughter pregnant with twins" i said playing with my wet dripping pussy.
  9. maybe emdr treatment can help you. It worked best out of all the treayments ive had.
  10. If he has PTSD or cptsd look out for a treatment known as Emdr. It would allow his brain to process the memories so they dont get painfully triggered off which can cause confusion, anger in some case violence. I had it for my experiences and I can enjoy sex now. I can almost climax as well.
  11. Soon my breeding kids wanted to try a gangbang. "I wanna be tied up and blindfolded so I don't know whose cocks breeding me mum" said my eldest daughter now in her 30s. I invited some of my son's friends over and some other relatives including both kids grandparents and parents. My daughter was tied up. She had massive 38dd boobs engorged from her last pregnancy. I kissed her and told her how beautiful she was and that I'm proud of her. My kids had never seen sex toys or felt them, so whilst my daughter was tied up and blindfolded I got out a vibrator and put it on the slowest setting on her pussy lips. "Oh yes!..." She squealed with delight "....make it go faster in gonna cum" she told me. "Only if someones breeding you at the same time" was my response teasingly. "Yeah mum get the biggest cock inside me". There was only one her granddads who had wanted to breed her since she became an adult. Slowly her grandad eased his massive hard cock inside his granddaughter until it went in deep. "Oh that's so good and so big" she said. Her granddad used the wand on its fullest setting. "Relax my daughter scream as loud as you can let us know how much you love breeding" I told her. She came quickly and squeezed her granddads cock milking every drop of fertile cum out of him. "I want more of this cock it feels so good". Her granddad and I untied her and he led her into another room where he continued breeding her. Then one of my dads hot mates came and bred me passionately. "Your pussy feels so good, I want more of it..." He told me. I knew he wanted to be a dad for a long time. We spent that evening having passionate baby making sex. For the next couple of days I didn't have anyone else's cock. Soon he was a dad to triplet girls. He moved in to bring them up with me. He was a great dad and very passionate in bed the best sex I coukd ever have.
  12. Makes me wet thinking about how much bbc she's getting.

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