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    im transitioning at the moment so i have a cock but my pussy has gone. Have tried anal and am still getting used to it.
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    other trans folk, anyone cis gendered respect is all im after. Disease free only.

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  1. I woke to the feeling of her kissing my boobies. It felt so good to be turned on by her. She was really good at pleasuring me. I started playing with hers but she moved one of my hands to her soaking wet pussy. "I think we both need to be knocked up asap" I said to her. She kissed me in agreement. There was a knock on the door and we put our blindfolds on. I could hear her moaning at the same time as me, who was breeding us and who was this mystery woman.
  2. I wanted to try blindfolded fun next. I had the blindfold on and daddy put my hand on something wet. "You play with her, she will play with you and I'm going to breed you again" he said. I had more intense orgasms this time. Must have been because this lady knew how to massage my pussy. "You were made to be bred, let us breed you, keep you pregnant, get you to show us how it feels to be bred" daddy said. I kept asking whose pussy I was playing with but that would remain a mystery for now. After I had been bred daddy promised to get someone to breed the mystery pussy owner to see if I could work out who she was. I couldn't work out who she was and I was so wet daddy bred me at the same time as she was being bred. Then us girls were left in the room in the dark to sleep. But she didn't want to sleep she wanted to kiss my filled pussy. She kept playing and teasing my pussy until I begged her to kiss my pussy. Then I rubbed here until she had a massive orgasm.
  3. Dad wanted me to come into his room and watch a movie. I had wondered if he had noticed me staring at his crotch wondering how big he was in there. We took out shoes off and sat on the bed. "Dad what's incest?" I asked him as the titles came up. "It's when families make love to each other to become more intimate" he said stroking my hair. "I like you stroking my hair" I said holding his other hand. "It's really hot in here how about we strip to our underwear?" Dad said. We stripped off and got into bed under the sheets. Dad had locked the door. I saw the daughter kissing her dad and turned to kiss mine. He stroked my hair and ran his hands all down my back to my bra. "Let's see what's in here" he said undoing my bra. My nipples went hard as my bra came off. Dad kissed and sucked my boobies one at a time. "Oooh that feels so good, I've got tingles in my panties" I said to dad. "Me too feel inside my pants" he replied. I put my hand in his pants and felt a long hard sausage. "That's my stiff cock and it wants to meet you" he said. I put dad's hands in my pants and pulled his off. His massive cock sprung out. It was already leaking pre cum at the end. I just had to kiss it as I was kissing dad's cock he pulled down my panties. "Let's see what we have here" he said playing with my pussy. "Oh dad that feels so good" I said as I kissed his cock as the same time. Now we were both naked we sat and played with each other. I saw the dad in the movie kissing his daughters pussy. It made me very wet. "Kiss my pussy daddy make me happy like her" I said. Dad got down on me. He made me soaking wet. "Dad I want you to pop my cherry" I said to him. "But we don't have any condoms" he said. "I want to feel you inside my fertile wet pussy dad" I replied. Dad rubbed his cook next to my pussy teasing me. It was a big turn on. We kissed and he slipped in hands free as he was so hard. "You feel so good inside me, you made me and now you are popping my cherry with what made me" I said to dad. It turned him on so he got faster drilling in and out of my pussy. "The best part of making love is when my cream comes out my cock into your pussy" he said. "Yeah dad give me your cream" I replied. He played with my pussy whilst he was making love to me it felt so good. We need to do this more often. I told Dad. He just went in my pussy for a second time without a word.
  4. Great uncle put some gel on my pussy it made my pussy tingle. "What's that for?" I asked. "It's to help you relax and enjoy yourself" he replied. "I'm very relaxed and tingly" I said. He put some on his cock and rubbed it in. His cock was big and long the way I liked it. He started rubbing my pussy with his thumb very slowly. "Oooh this does feel really good" I said. He then put a vibrator on a very slow setting to begin with, slowly ramping up the power. "Ooooohhhhh myyyyy gooooodddd" I said having massive multiples. "That's my super strength intense orgasms lube' he said as he slowly put his cock in my fertile wet pussy. The sex was the most intense I'd had in a long time. My great uncle was the best.
  5. Both my siblings and my dad supported me giving birth. "You are so hot and beautiful we are do proud of you" they said. After baby had arrived and was sleeping in the new nursery painted that day, I fell asleep on the bed. I woke up to someone playing with my wet pussy.. I couldn't see as it was dark. "Blindfold me I don't want to know who you are" I said. They did and I felt their cock rubbing my wet pussy. "Oh yes breed me, give me your fertile hot cum" I said. This cock was very big and stretched out my pussy more than before. The sex was amazing. It was so good that the same cock was breeding me night after night. I was told once I was pregnant that the daddy would be revealed. But I didn't want to know. I wanted this cock to help me give birth when it was time before I found out who the daddy was. Once I had passed the 9 months it was time for me to give birth again. The daddy arrived after I had been blindfolded he used a vibrator on my pussy as he was helping me. It felt amazing. Once baby has arrived the blindfold came off. "Great uncle, I never guessed it was you" I said in amazement. "You always were my hottest niece, you felt so good being wrapped around my cock. So wet your pussy loves my older cock. Your pussy wants to be bred by my cock" he said with a vibrator on my pussy. "Breed me, I want your cum" I said. "What's that sweetie?" He asked with the vibrator turned up. "Omg that's so good breed me" I said having a massive orgasm. "With this on at the same time?" He asked "Omg.....yes....yes...yes....give....me....your....fertile...cum" I said hardly able to speak. "Thought you'd never ask" he said.
  6. I'm in a Kik group and am admin in there but I don't use the main site. Never had any problems with the Kik group but main site keeps deactivating my account so have to keep reactivating it every time I wanted to log on. I gave in as difficult to find people near to me. I wasn't paying.
  7. It wasn't long until I was expecting but it got yo month 8 and I was nowhere near giving birth. They tried kissing my pussy and wanding my pussy but still my waters stayed put. I was horny as anything "someone make love to me I'm so horny" I said. The girl who originally fucked me blindfolded me, she knew I preferred it that way. She played and wanted my pussy, then I felt her cook back inside me. "Come baby time for you to greet the world" she said as she made love to me. I felt some jelly inside my pussy. It made my orgasms more intense and finally baby arrived. "That's intense orgasms gel and it makes sex more intense and intimate" she said after baby had arrived. I was then loosly tied to the bed with more gel on my pussy. I felt it tingle and wake my pussy up. "Looks like pussy wants more cock" she said teasily. Her cook felt so hard and loving inside my pussy. I made so much noise the neighbours were invited round as well. This was a party to remember.
  8. What would you do if you walked in on me being breed by my parents?
  9. (Should have been "large cock down my throat".) I was offered a bed to stay the night. After all the breeding I got from this couple I was too tired to drive home anyway. The next morning I was given breakfast in bed with creampie puddings. I was then blindfolded and tied to the bed. I heard a large buzzing sound it was a vibrator and they were rubbing it all over my body. I was teased until they finally reached my pussy. "That's it let your pussy drink all our cum." They said as they pushed me to orgasm. It was amazing and electric. I could feel another cock inside me and another pair of lips on mine. But these were pussy lips. "We want you to taste pussy while being breed, make her cum as much as you" they said. It was amazing feeling her squirting into my mouth whilst I was being breed again. The more she moaned the more I did and the cock owner. The orgasms were more intense and the sex much better. We want you to be a good boy and stay with us until you're pregnant. They said. How could I refuse.
  10. I went round to deliver a surprise lottery win to a couple. I knocked on the door and this hot woman answered. She had very small breasts but that didn't bother me. I was there to delivery a win. After the news had sunk in they invited me for a coffee. The camera crew went and we got talking. I mentioned the awards on the table and she was impressed what I knew about the trans community. "I'd like to thank you for delivering our lottery win" she said "I thought you already had with the drink?" I questioned. "No really thank you" she said rubbing my pussy. "I've never been with a girl before" I said sheepish. "It's my first time with a man like you as well" she said kissing me. We walked over to the sofa and I took my trousers and pants off revealing my wet pussy. She kissed it while I took my shirt off. "Honey I've got a surprise for you" she called out. A very cute naked guy came out and kisses me. We then moved to the bed. He put his large cock down his throat. Then I felt something different on my pussy. I wasn't sure at first until she was right inside me. I was being fucked bare by a transsexual and she knew how to fuck. "I wanna knock you up with my seed and give you babies" she said as she fucked me. I slapped her ass in agreement. I felt her cum deep iny pussy. It felt amazing. Then her fella switched places with her and I licked my pussy juice off her cock while her husband breed me. "Bet you weren't expecting this kind of thank you" she gestured. "It's about to get interesting".
  11. I had someone call me a slut because I bareback. I told him not to get nasty on me.
  12. Every week daddy brought me a pregnancy testing kit, Everytime it was negative another five guys would be added to the mix. Soon 30 guys where waiting to breed me. I had a different guy each day and daddy would breed me on the 31st of the month. It wasn't long before I was pregnant. But I got hornier with pregnancy which would encourage more breeding before and to start my giving birth.
  13. Daddy decided to host a party. He wanted me to be naked and blindfolded on the bed. He'd given me an aphrodisiac to help me get hornier. The music was comfortable and alluring. I could hear the party getting started downstairs. "Cum and meet my daughter the entertainment for the evening" he said opening the door. "She's so hot" they said. I could hear their trousers unbuckling. Then I heard something hard rubbing my body. It was wet at the tip. "You're such a tease" I said in a very horny voice. I felt a cock slide deep inside my pussy bare, then I felt a hand rubbing my clit. "Cum deep inside my pussy" I said begging for him to shoot his load. He let out an almighty groan as he shot deep inside me with his hot sticky cum. "She can keep going all night for us" daddy said. "her friends could join us next time?" He suggested. "Oh yeah my daughter is hot she wants to play with a pussy whilst being breed. She wants to feel a different cook" said one. "Play with my pussy I'd love a girl on my pussy" I said. Each one of them bred me that night with arrangements made for more girls to join us. We had been in the same year at school and we were all 21 and broody. "I can't wait for my breeding party" I said as daddy kissed me blindfolds off.
  14. That is such a hot idea. "Seed my babygirl give her your babies" she would be saying. "Then give me babies afterwards".
  15. My aunt decided to be at the birth of our children. I had twins a boy and a girl. I was hoping they would end up breeding each other when they were older, they were so beautiful. My aunt had a surprise for me. So I didn't know who the next natural sperm donor was I would be blindfolded. As each of them were breeding me I could hear them saying "she's breeding you with her big cook she wants babies before transitioning" it felt so intense and loving. It made me realise I was bi and loved girls cocks as well as other genders cocks. The ladies stayed in the next room over the next month. I had one of them per night breeding me. It stretched out my pussy and I was eager for bigger cocks.

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