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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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  1. Hey guys, looking for a guy to help me arrange a gangbang for me next weekend for my birthday. Ideally a guy who can find some more tops to come to the hotel to breed me. Popper me up and whore out my holes man
  2. Now that CL is gone?

    Found out about doublelist.com today, basically a CL personals clone
  3. How are guys finding anon loads now that CL m4m/casual encounters is down? That's how I was taking the majority of my loads, and need to get bred. BBRT does alright, and so do some of the apps, but it's not that good, hard, anon dick anymore, lol.

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