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  1. Please DM me and let’s see what we can organise
  2. I must admit I was surprised how turned on I was, not sure if it was simply because he had a wife or any partner would do. I do like fucking frustrated “straight guys” though 😈
  3. I have been fucking a straight married guy who as my hard raw cock was up his arse he took a call from his wife. We were both so turned on, I came after a few minutes deep inside him and she must have heard something but he explained it was the tv to her. He really enjoyed the session as he came quickly after the call. As he lay there with my load dribbling out of his arse and his cum on his belly I asked what his wife would do if she knew he was being fucked raw by poz guys...met with silence then asked me to breed him again, which of course I obliged. It was a very horny session 😈
  4. You are fucking hot Sir.  Total bottom cumdump lad here in Cornwall.  I'd be honoured to have you fucking my throat and ass rough and raw.

    Hundreds more pics and vids on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 


    1. Doccer19677


      Nice arse to eat and fuck raw. I’m up for a trip to Cornwall to cum in your hole

    2. jonny4dad


      I'd fucking love to have you balls deep in my hole, pumping me full of cum

    3. backpackguy


      Sexy as fuck😛...and luv those Jeep sockies🧦...know they are ripe...snif, snif...!!!!!!!!🐷

  5. Well now I must be relatively local so I am sure we can organise something. I remember there was a sauna in Newport (I went there once), it was fun as there seemed to be loads of willing married men, who seemed happy to take my dick raw. Any other local cruising area recommendations would also be appreciated.
  6. Brighton is great, it’s my favourite sauna. Hampstead Heath is also fantastic for raw outdoor fun - there are always willing holes to accept raw cock
  7. Maybe, once all this pandemic is under control we can meet up for a cigar, I have some Flor De Oliva Giant 1066’s left if you wanted a nice long smoke (a 10” x 1” cigar lasts a while). Like I said before, let me know your wckr if you fancy a chat offline.

  8. I totally agree with this. I had a similar debate with someone who was spouting all the bill gates / 5 G / Covid Hoax nonsense. They were citing their source as “the internet” 🙄. We live in a world where pretty much everything is digital and tracked be it social media, financial transactions and unless you live on a desert island alone, you will have a digital footprint. Frankly is anyone that interested in me or what I do - my life is not that interesting to the worlds superpowers. It’s the same as those people who put the forbidding sydney university using their images.
  9. Baby as long as you are happy to take raw cock from a Dom bear, I’d be happy to play😈
  10. Let me know if you are on wckr and we can have a chat

  11. Great description and thanks for letting us all know. I have very recently moved to S Wales and I am on the hunt for some nice hot welsh men to play with a Dom top cigar bear - all raw of course 😈. Married, gay or straight all takers most welcome.
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