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    Normally I'm an oral top and love getting my cock sucked. Sometimes I like to suck a clean, cut cock. Also love to get fucked and recently took my first load. Would like to breed a clean, tight ass.
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    Tops, bottoms, switch.

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  1. I advertise on one of the online hookup sites. I post right up front what I'm looking for. I'm normally an oral top but when I just want to suck I say so. No questions, just get together and get to sucking cock.
  2. rstone1964

    Feel it Shooting in Your Mouth?

    I see in the porn movies where the guy shoots hard and shoots a ton of cum. I'd love to experience that just once. But then I'd want it like that every time :-)
  3. rstone1964


    I think that it's an absolute waste when a load of cum is not swallowed. For the life of me I don't understand why a guy would pull off or spit it out afterwards. I've been sucking cock for the cum and to swallow the cum.
  4. Can you actually feel a guy cummimg in your mouth? I've been getting sucked off for years but only recently been sucking cock myself. Each time I do I'm hoping to feel the guy squirting in my mouth and hoping for a mouthful of cum. Instead I get a slight sensation, a bit of cum taste and nothing more. Maybe I'm getting guys that don't cum much or maybe there's no such thing as feeling t squirt?
  5. rstone1964

    Verbal Tops

    I know that when somebody is sucking my cock and doing a great job then I just can't keep quiet. t's tough when I'm getting sucked off at the glory holes, though. They don't want any talk, groaning or moaning.
  6. rstone1964

    Verbal Tops

    A hot, verbal top is the best, whether I'm the top or I'm sucking.
  7. rstone1964

    Do you ever get bored suckling dick?

    I suck cock for the cum. If it takes too long for the guy to cum I sort of get bored, more like eager for the cum.
  8. rstone1964


    I love getting sucked off and having my cum swallowed. When I'm sucking it's swallow only. That's why I like to suck!

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