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  1. He loves people like you who are as stupid and ignorant as he is.
  2. Proves the point that there are only 2 kinds of Trumptards, Stupid or evil (or a mix of both)
  3. Prolly like 12. I think I used to jerk off before I could cum, you get the orgasm but nothing comes out before then.
  4. Mine is zero right now. I moved a little over 2 hours away from where there are any sex clubs so it's a very long drive plus then I have to drive home at night on a dark highway too. I plan to go soon, but I haven't done anything but jerk off in a year.
  5. I love huge cocks. As long as I lube up and stretch before I will take any size as long as they are patient with me. I don't think guys with big cocks have trouble finding bottoms especially at sex clubs or bath houses. With ass virgins or guys who are really tight they might have a problem. When I say big I prefer length to girth. When they pop into the second ring it's great, and then when they pop in and out while fucking.
  6. When I've been is a dark room I have had a few slam it in and then out because they just do to hurt you and don't want to play or fuck. If I yell than you know you are doing something wrong. I'm willing to work with you and lube your dick up or if it's huge let me work it in, but a lot of guys just do it out of aggression and childishness.
  7. I love to be kidnaped  constantly  raped  used abused  beaten  caned tied down so couldn't  move   by  loads and loads  of black men and  white with hung cock and are  all  hiv poz  and  full  blown aids  none on  med  so I get the toxic  poz  cum   in me  for hours and  hours on  end rented out  to who  wants  me so they get all the   money and  film it and  put  it all over the internet so every 1  know  who I am  that 1 fantacy  that  I would  love to happen for real in real life 

    1. espaceman


      all have exstremely  violent  painful  cock balls torture with  fire end in my  cock balls  totally destroyed and totally unusable by setting fire to my cock and balls and watching them burn to a crisp no matter how much pain am in  ant 1 willing to do that  to me for real ? x

  8. I was kind of thinking about this yesterday but a different situation. I went to Slammers sex club last night after not being there for like 8 months because I moved 2 hours away. When I got there I saw some of the regulars at the bar that I had never spoken to but that had fucked me or I had blown.
  9. Went to my favorite play spot and got 4 loads in my ass last night. I had not been out in many months since I moved about 2 hours from where the sex club I used to go was but I decided to go last night. I put a post in Squirt.org stating where I would be and I would be taking bb loads. One guy came up behind me and stuck his cock in, it wasn't big but that was fine because I was just getting started so I was not loose yet. So he fucked a few minutes and came in my ass. I got fucked before then by a guy with a huge cock but it was the first fuck of the night and I was still tight even tho
  10. yes I like them, an I have one.
  11. Hopefully at some point we can take trips to the other coast to go to Slammers sex club in Fort Lauderdale.
  12. Me too, I haven't done piss play in a long time, Would have to work back into it.
  13. It would happen if I became a millionaire, I would host a party for tops and pay them to come and then have them film a movie with me but have them blindfolded.
  14. I used to do deep cleanings in the shower with an enema hose. It was a process of several times over 3 hours before going out. I would drink water in between but it left me dehydrated when I was done and would give me those urinary tract symptoms like feeling I need to pee every minute and a slight burning sensation in my pee hole. Then I moved in with roommates temporarily and just had to use a disposable enema bottle several times and I took it with me to the sex club and cleaned myself out again in the bathroom and it's much better that way. I also try not to have a large meal befo
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