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  1. Are there any active bookstores, bathhouses or any other places on LI where a bottom could get put to use?
  2. Going to be overnight in Calgary at the airport Ramada and looking for company. Looking to be bred hard by one or more guys and leave with a souvenir ?
  3. Stuck at airport hotel tonight between flights and looking to fill the hours and get filled. Neg bottom accepting all cummers. Will update with hotel when I know. Time will be between midnight and 4am.
  4. That's a coincidence because I'm looking to be bred. What's your status and can you host?
  5. Anybody know of a good place to go for gloryholes in western Nassau or Queens. Used to go to a video store off Northern Blvd that was a video store upstairs with booths in basement. Was dark, dank, gross and awesome place for dropping and receiving loads.
  6. Anybody know a good book/video store in queens with gloryholes? Used to be one off northern blvd I'd frequent years ago but can't remember exactly where. If not queens LI would be cool too.
  7. Anybody planning to hit up the Cumunion party in queens tonight? Thinking of going to unleash my cumdump tendencies but wonder if worth it.
  8. So took my first possible load a year ago and got a possible fuck flu after but haven't been tested. Been feeling fine otherwise but dropping weight out of the blue the past few weeks, possibly pozzed?
  9. Where in Suffolk? In Nassau but willing to travel for some of that.
  10. Last night I was fucked raw by a beautiful 8" cock. What started as a couple of craigslist messages turn into a real meeting and hopefully the beginning of a steady stream of cum in my ass. From the moment we began chatting it was known that I was a cumdump and made to be bred by him and hopefully soon by his friends. Up until last night I had always been safe, only fucking with a condom but to not even think of it was so freeing and felt amazing. My almost virginal ass swallowed his cock and overcame the initial stretching quickly until I was just a sweaty moaning hole for his pleasure. Whe
  11. Hey guys, neg bottom here visiting Long Island and looking for any opportunities to be used and trained as a cumdump for any and all loads. Heading out to Show World today, hope to have a "positive" start to the weekend
  12. Hey guys, just discovered this site and am super psyched. I'm a pretty novice but enthusiastic submissive bottom looking to have my hole broken in and destroyed. Are there any dom teachers up in Albany area?
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