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  1. WOOF !  You are Simply HOT , Exciting and Delicious information on your profile !     :)

  2. WOOF !   Extremely HOT and Nasty !    :)

  3. ronnie4u

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Totally agree with you - I have done the same thing - like being with older guys !
  4. ronnie4u

    When did you bottom for the first time?

    Let's say before 19 yrs old - a few years - I was very Lucky meeting 2 guys - 1 Blk ( Top ) and 1 White ( Fem ) - both took their time training me - developing me - using me ! All paid off when they had their first party - being there pleasing the other Black men - developing a reputation with others . I was mostly bottom - pleasing Tops in sucking and cum dumpster but I will Top !
  5. ronnie4u

    Fisting And Prolapse

    Oh Please ! So Freaking HOT to have a Big Beautiful Rose Bud or having a Prolapse cunt hole - developing a female pussy with Big Lips ! I need advice - love those showing off their jewel ! Curious if they use a Vacuum tube / pump - does any Good ? Love and Adore FTM - almost like a Male having a Pussy - Please show pictures - chat with me !
  6. ronnie4u


    Oh Yessssssss ! After happen , same person - maybe their be a party - maybe a 3 some - have had a date - went back to his place - sucking him off or eating him out - then his roommate shows up - then while sucking him - his roommate started fucking me or group of boys learns your reputation invites you to their party's !
  7. ronnie4u


    Imagining you ALL experienced the same scene like me - enjoying older males - insisting condoms but they always bread - feeling the gushing cum loads - sometimes party's - start with poppers and ending up more - might be 1 boyfriend but he invites his friends - happening so many times - the older boys saying encouraging words - you saying ," Fuck it - addicted to barebcking - fuck condoms ! I guess growing up , Blessed ? , am I fortunate that my cousin ( Older ) in the south - visiting him - he been seduced to Sex by his Father - I did not know but he and I had sex together ( Barebacking ) . Visiting him for the summer - their Hot tub scene - 3 some with him and his Dad ! HOT times ! My parents did not know but had a Great time ! Imagining others have done this !
  8. ronnie4u


    Oh Fuck Yes ! Love and Addicted to Stealth videos - any of you really enjoy them too ?
  9. ronnie4u

    Dad and Son dilemma

    Hello - I hope I am not breaking any rules telling my story ! Item does not content to my Dad but my cousin and his Dad down South . It was Summer time and time to visit my cousin down South for a week ! My Cousin is Older / 4 years older - than me but we have connected sexually before . They / his parents had a small 3 bedroom house and had to share the bedroom with him . It was like old times - we never missed a beat but older I was - and Bigger too ! He introduced me to his friends - having fun - j.o. sessions and sucking / fucking ! Surprising event was the night before leaving , going back home , my cousin and I was drinking - having fun - went to the Hot tub - then hotter yet got naked . His father , later on , came out to the hot tub - got naked . I was not expecting this but he brought out refreshments . We were all naked but not a surprise about his dad being naked with us - his Dad is a Big Ole Boy Farm Dad - about 6'7" , 300 lbs and a Big / Thick horse dick about 12 inches / uncut ! We were having fun - 1 thing to another - We played with our selves - started sucking Robbie / cousin - his father was taking / playing with my body - pressing his finger up my ass - pretty soon he was trying to get his raw dick up inside me - finally did it - hurt so badly ! The warm tub water was easing the pain . Drinking and sniffing poppers really helping me ! After several hours my boy cunt stretched so open / gapper - finally I started really ejoying it - they knew - fucking and breeding me ! I had a Great time - looking forward getting really fucked up - stretch my cunt hole !
  10. Hello Aguiltyone - you have a Extremely HOT profile , Beautiful and Exciting information and pictures - bring back Hot and Wonderful memories - profile picture reminds me of my first Daddy - training - he was a huge , tall Black male !    :)    :)

    1. aguiltyone


      Thank you! Your daddy sounds so hot! 

  11. ronnie4u

    filled condoms

    You know , when the weather becomes nice out - free time - be out in the woods finding used condoms that still has condom juices inside them ! Simply Wonderful when I find a Good number of them ! Sometimes see a couple fucking - later on - go back looking for fresh cum loads !
  12. ronnie4u

    filled condoms

    Oh Fuck Yes ! Yes ! I be there once a week - servicing him !
  13. NLbear - Fucking HOT and Exciting profile you have and love your background - Breeding hard and Deep - balls slapping fucking !    :)

  14. ronnie4u

    St Louis - The Club

    Please tell me about the Club ! Is it a place of workouts / weights ? Steam Bath ? Swimming Pool and other features ? I like to take my 2 nephews ( 18 & 19 years old ) there ! They have a gay streak inside of them - not very serious yet but think a taste of a Gay Gym might help them decide and might enjoy the experiences - I could chat with them later on !
  15. ronnie4u

    MOST PUBLIC location?

    Thinking of times through out my Life and been very Blessed of Sexual of both sexes - think the 1 time getting fit for pants / designer feeling my crotch making sure my cock was sitting right - then in booth trying on clothes - men and females - touching and feeling - setting up complete raw sex - then rest areas - inside cars and many other places !

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