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  1. "Condom Broke" vid on xtube

    So Fucking HOT ! Barebackbasters.com , free videos , has a few of them - I have had several times condoms breaks - now getting int blood fucking / breeding !
  2. First Time You Got Sucked

    I was very young , and I was taking a short cut through the woods going home after school . There was 2 males ( 1 blk , & 1 white ) having sex in the woods . I did not know what they were doing but the Blk man waved me closer and saying ," Come here - we will not hurt you ! " I was curious , nervous and excited ! Seeing this white male hungry , sucking , this blk male dick in his mouth ! Blk. man shot his load - then the blk man told me grabbed his wet dick - starting jerking it - I did so - then told me to lick his cum off my hands - I did so - then he said ," grab his dick and lick it as a ice cream cone ! " - I did so ! He mentioned again ," We will not hurt you ! - you doing a Wonderful and Great job ! " While he saying this , his friend / white male rubbing my crotch and pulled my pants down - he was sucking and playing with my body parts - first time being sucked !
  3. I was very young learning and servicing my Daddy's friends ! Then a older male in his early 20's with his father started fucking me with condoms . Always started with drinking or smoking - poppers - touching - 3some was very Hot ! The son put on his condom to fucking me - his Dad put his dick in my mouth - fucking me - sucking dick - this is what I born to do - then I hear a take off or condom gone - he kept thrusting his bare dick deep - up inside me while his Dad giving instructions - nasty words - making me a Slut whore ! Finally his Dad finished me off - admitting felt a lot BETTER doing Barebacking - it is a normal thing of sex !
  4. Stealthing Weapon

    Oh Fuck Yes ! Blood coming out of your Beautiful Cunt Hole the Best to be Pozzed !
  5. Stealthing Weapon

    Sounds HOT and Wonderful - maybe some blood fucking - breeding / preg. - blood on the dick - fucking HOT !
  6. Stealthing Weapon

    Alright , I was wondering about condoms and PA's - condoms don't last very long ! Extremely HOT - maybe some help - pin holes in the condom - fucking HOT !
  7. Stealthing Weapon

    Oh Fuck Yes ! Yes ! Pink juices - erection time - Breeding and Seeding !
  8. pozzing for older guys

    Love young poz males !
  9. Saturn1 - you always have the BEST information and pictures on your profile !  :)

    1. Saturn1


      Awwww, thank you SO much!!! *huggs*

  10. When I was taking a short cut through the woods as a boy - I ran into 2 Bears - they taught me well - while Daddy bear was at work - his Fem bear training me being vers - fucking and wearing butt plugs - dressing a bit - now I love to be vers - more leaning towards Bttm !
  11. pozzing for older guys

    I was somewhat very fortunate learning to become Sexual - learning - from older guys when I was still in school !
  12. Sex party listings

    I usually have some GOOD Luck visiting gay night clubs - walking - enjoying looking - music , drinks and bath rooms . That night was really HOT , besides action out side in the back , their was HOT Bareback fucking on the Pool table ! I was in the dark part of the room , near the bath room , getting a blow job and some good action of fucking !
  13. WOOF ! I learned from taking piss from my Bear Daddy - most at a party of 9 guys !
  14. Cruising advice

  15. Bleeding during Anal

    WOOF ! I might be crazy but I do enjoying to see Bleeding - Blood covered Dick - using tooth bushes or brushes - also stleathing !

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