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  1. ronnie4u

    Farming for condoms

    I be offering my services taking out the garbage - making sure being in the bath room - dropping my pants - smearing the others cum loads on my dick / balls - fingering myself while sucking loads out of other condoms . I am addicted to dicks and cum loads - even put some in my coffee or maybe a hot dog to eat ! Let's have groups !
  2. ronnie4u

    Farming for condoms

    Looking forward learning more getting used / filled condoms - need them Badly - addicted to Cum !
  3. You are so right ! I feel the same way - giving Pleasures to others -keep it going - Let's Party ! - 1 night took on 9 guys - they used me very well - multi times - looking forwad to the next time - my pussy cunt hole was swollen a bit - part of breeding and seeding !
  4. So Fucking HOT !  I just checking out the Rawhide Club in New Orleans on line  - Fantastic Place - Wednesday / Hump Day !   :)

    1. blkoraltm


      Well I wish I was there Wednesday! May do southern decadence next year too tho. I'm sure I will be able to get a few loads 

  5. ronnie4u

    Favorite Moment During Sex

    All these above - the little extras on the side - multi fuckers / poz loads - getting high - slings and toys !
  6. ronnie4u

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    About the same , 10 yrs old , but I had some help from older males - then at 12 yrs old had some male friends - we all had some j.o. sessions - secretly I sucked a few of them off ! Then , females entered my Life - seen a few Playboy magazines - a few of females at school - my 3 sisters and my single mother - big breasts !
  7. Extremely HOT , Beautiful , Delicious and Poz  - love your style / profile . Curious - have you ever have 4 or 5 Poz guys fucking at 1 session ?  I would love to have a sweet bottom like you being breed - I would be 3rd or 4th one fucking you - having my uncut dick absorb other poz seed / bathing my dick in your pussy cunt hole while I am being fucked too with another dick in my mouth !  Have you ?      :)

  8. ronnie4u

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    You know what - being honest - my feelings of How I feel - when at Clubs , Bars , Leather Bars and even out Public seeing males and females showing off their Tattoos and Piercings are another above average people - Exciting ! I am just a average male / 2 tattoos but nothing like POZ , and anything like it - Excites me - see the Poz tattoos - piercings through the clothes or bare - males or females . The women or fems wearing sheer clothes seeing them or Hot leather guys - I just want them so Badly taking them - service them - be there boy - freaking HOT !
  9. So Freaking HOT !  HOT about your first time too - almost alike you and I !   :)

  10. So Fucking HOT !  HOT !  The first time knowing your needed a Dick / story !     :)

    1. chargedodger


      Why thank you!:)

  11. Oh Fuck Yes !   YUMMY HOT you are - extremely HOT story the first time !    :)

  12. ronnie4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    So Fucking HOT ! Yes ! Yes ! I love teachers doing it but I would love to find a Gay Doctor in my area requesting me a physical on Saturdays - his own gay boys in other rooms . Putting me in the stirrups - giving medicine to relax me - fucking using me / abusing me - having others using me as a boy !
  13. ronnie4u

    Prolapse breeding

    So Fucking HOT and Beautiful - wishing mine was that Beautiful - Damn - erection time !
  14. ronnie4u

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    Right into my cunt hole of course but allowing me suck , lick and clean the wet , cum covered dick or let me suck dicks to getting them hard / erection so they can fuck me or even Best a Fucking Gang Bang !
  15. ronnie4u

    Is “insatiable” a bad word?

    Totally agree with Luvbbslut - the thoughts of him / me needing more dicks turns me on - I can not refuse a Big , Beautiful , Dick or Dicks - POZ Dicks the BEST ! Fucking me hard and Deep - multi loads gives me chills , erections , - just do it - get me fucking high - fuck me until I passed out - keep fucking me - bondage turns me on - use me to train others - young or old - I will not use the word NO or Refuse ! Fucking HOT now !

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