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  1. ronnie4u

    Bookstores for lunch

    I am not sure about a book store but would love trying it ! My experience with the same thoughts was 1 older black male I met in the woods - young and learning sucking has a business in town - a lock smith - after learning 2 weeks him and his fem partner invited me to his business noon time . I would put the sign up at the front door - closed for lunch . We go in the back room for me to getting him off - soon later on he would invite 1 of his black friends - getting a taste of a white boy ! Another time , while young / 18 yrs old , I was in a hurry to a party but need a trim on my hair - stopped off to a small barber shop never been too -went inside - dressed to the 9's - white shirt / unbutton down the 3rd button with tight blue jeans and wearing sandles . The older black man man , 40's , put me into the barber shirt - mentioning he really liked my cologne I was wearing . Asking what I was going too tonight - small chat - while trimming - moving around me - apparently his crotch was bumping into my elbows often as usual . I think he was coming on - I could feel he was getting a erection - almost humping my elbows sending me a message ! After the hair cut - powdering my neck - I could see he having a nice / huge bulge in his pants - I just had to see his big black dick - reached over - squeezing it and telling him I would love to see it ! He moved over to the front door putting up the signed " Closed " and took me back to the back room . He Pleased me and I Pleased him - now have Free Hair cuts from him !
  2. Depends on the mood I am into - just horny or very horny - very horny - pegging to be fucked hard and deep ! I know several guys loves rough fucking - 1 almost wrestling - ripping off my underwear - head lock -sniffing popper - tearing up my cunt hole . The other 1 enjoy prepping me - party - porno - then climbing into his sling - having my arms , legs strapped down - giving up my cunt hole to his wishes !
  3. Have a Question - am I wrong getting excited watching stealth videos - condoms on purpose breading to barebacking ?
  4. Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - needing you so Badly now !
  5. WOOF ! am I becoming perverted by enjoying watching videos of Stealth with a condom or watching a tooth brush being used and seeing bloody dicks ?
  6. So Fucking HOT and Beautiful - Big Black Dick fucking Whte boy ass - X Tube !  Thank You !  :P

  7. ronnie4u

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    For me - guess not a Slut yet but working towards it ! How does 230 sounds to others ?
  8. ronnie4u

    Black Cock

    Somewhat a short version but I seen 2 men ( 1 Black and 1 White ) having sex in the woods ! I was young and I was seen - he ( blk ) mentioned ," Come ovr - we will not hurt you ! ! " I did so - excited , nervous and curious ! After , he ( blk ) shot his load into his partner mouth - he told me grab his wet cum dick - so huge and uncut ! Told me to jerk it - I did so - then he told me to lick his cum off my hands - I did so ! Then told me to grab his big black dick and start licking it as a ice cream cone - I did so - sucking it too ! This was the beginning learning and doing lots of things for him the next several months . After 2 weeks with him and his fem white bitch - he started introducing me to his Black friends !
  9. ronnie4u

    Looking for sick and twisted guys

    Like to read stories and see pictures !
  10. ronnie4u

    Saline injections

    Extremely HOT ! HOT ! Love to see pictures !
  11. Extremely HOT , Delicious and Beautiful - Yummy !  :P

  12. Simply Beautiful , Delicious and HOT !    :)

  13. ronnie4u

    First Fuck Location

    I was very young , taking a short cut through the woods , met 2 older males having sex ! I became friends with them - Black Male as a Master and his friend a fem male ! They lived close to me - the fem male developing my cunt / pussy hole with fingers and toys - preparing my hole for his huge black dick ! My first time being fucked was at his house !
  14. ronnie4u

    8 Days, No PrEP, 33 Loads

    OMG ! Truly Amazing HOT ! HOT and Beautiful - so many - videos or pictures - must of been very sore !
  15. ronnie4u

    Best Hose For Deep Douching?

    MMMMMMMMMMMM Looks so Exciting and Delicious - wondering How does it feel ? lube ? Rosebud @ ?

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