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  1. I was lucky coming across a very small park on a lonely highway - walking around - believing it could be a HOT area and came across , in the woods , a small area cleared out - surprising seeing hung used condoms . While sitting down , having a smoke , pulling a few condoms together - curious : sniffing - licking and getting horny - using the used condoms as lubing my dick and my cunt hole - having a sexual fest ! I finally had to leave and pulled out a condom - j.o. - leaving my load there hanging on a tree . I been visiting this place for a year - taking and leaving a load or 2 ! Too bad I could not have these delivered to me by mail !
  2. HOT memories ! more - more - Please !
  3. WOOF ! Extremely HOT and Exciting - being young but did not know any better - surprised of the attention being hairy and a good size uncut cock - then another venture becoming a project being a sissy boy whore !
  4. MMMMMMMM ! Nice way meeting up with Friends - Fucking Buddies !
  5. Beautiful Uncut dick !  I have a Uncut dick and amazing How many Older Males ( Females too ) really reaching out touching and wants to using it many different ways - HOT times !

  6. Oh My God ! Love it - Love doing it - Love seeing Big Dicks - love seeing Sissy boys being used and trained - more - more - Please !
  7. I was growing up and enjoying camping out side - the parks ,woods and beginning in my back yard . I had a older neighbor was so helpful in the neighborhood - Mr.Fix it - always working in his garage - very neat place - also hairy bear ! He was always helping me - developing me fixing things for him and others . Sometimes chatting in his garage with him - he pull out a joint - sharing it with me - thought ir was very cool ! Soon , it started I had to take a piss - so did he - we pissed in his bath room - he was most hairy - showing me to shake the dew drops off - then became he enjoy holding my uncut dick - then sucking my dick - showing me how to j.o. ! While he was sucking me off - I stared ( he noticed ) at his huge hairy cock and his balls looked like robin eggs in a hairy nest ! After a few sessions , which I was Obeying / submissive , we be smoking a joint / almost naked - he be placing his dirty underwear over my nose - telling me take deep breaths while he stroking me off - Obeying and enjoying it ! Soon , he visited me camping in my back yard - I was learning a lot from him !
  8. I was very submissive as a young male - flow with others - doing it - the beginning used condoms - party's they started using condoms on me but soon they were raped off - barebacking - feeling loads dripping out of my cunt ! Then , working part time in a Motel - finding used condoms - 1 day noticed these 2 guys ( 1 was in his mid 30's and the other 1 was early 20's ) sharing 1 bed / no maid service - I decided to check the room out ! Surprised seeing 20 or so used condoms having cum inside them - laying on the floor ! Instant erection here - took 5 used condoms - had a field day - my body enjoying Cum !
  9. WOOF  !   WOOF  !   Extremely HOT and Beautiful !  I was very submissive - my neighbor was like you - Bear ! I was young and learned from him - becoming a kid pig and enjoyed being dirty and cum addicted - lots of pig times with him !

  10. I will try making this short - small house - 2 bed room -sharing a room with my older cousin ( 22 ) . Cousin and his friends ( guys /girls ) having a drinking /smoking weed party . I got drunk - got back at the house ( undressed ) my cousin gave a a aspirin - for hangovers -knocked me out ! The morning ( my body sore ) having breakfast , and orange juice spiked , soaking in the hot tube . Then drinking and smoking weed - went to another party - just males - lots of dicks - sucking -j.o. sessions . We got back at the house -undress -aspirin again -knock me out - sore in the morning - this time suggestions of sunning myself , cousin , and Uncle - they massaging sun location on me . Putting location on my dick -stroking it - then location on my hole - rubbing and pressing it inside me . Soon , I was being sucked off ! Returning the favor - sucking my cousin and my Uncle off ! My Uncle was Huge - 6'7" , 325 lbs. and a 14 inch cock - uncut - took sometime getting used to it ! That is it How it started - aspirins was knock out pills !
  11. Simply HOT and Delicious ! I wishing it was me -my Dad sent me to my Uncle / Cousin place for 2 weeks vacation - he knew they were gay and they will trained of enjoying sucking cocks - they did so with weed , booze / parties , and knock our aspirins - cock fest for 2 weeks !
  12. I was thinking of my venture growing up - having sex with others -having Fun with my Older friends while young and learning ! I do think if my parents early times , they having sex , while I was learning - be a parents job teaching their kids about sex . Later , after my mother divorced my Dad - learned a lot more from her !
  13. 3 some's and more are always HOT ! HOT , Hard , Throbbing dicks - came to loads up mouths and cunt holes - pounding hard and deep !
  14. Hello -your profile picture is Extremely HOT - hope the person helping you-given you multi cum loads -piss loads - having fun !  My first piss load in my mouth was while I was shitting in the bath room -gotten used to it now !

    1. WestPhillyGuy
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      Been awhile since then but at the time becoming a dirty bear with other bears .Cigars ,Drugs , Raw Breeding - dirty clothes /underwear - Woof !

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