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  1. I love walking through the woods - having Great fun finding Used ( Part Filled Cum loads ) Condos - licking - sucking - smearing - re-wearing them - times re- loading them - hanging on trees - hopefully finding others doing the same thing I enjoy doing ! Love to have a regular supplier through the mail ! more - more - Please !
  2. O.M.G. ! Amazingly HOT - make a video of it ! It is a Family type 3 some for sure ! Lately been wondering if it ever happen on a Fla. Beach or Nudist Beach -f a Father and Son wearing the same type of swim suit - small , tiny , and tight - pressing the dick and balls . The Son is well matured of his age - taught and trained enjoying males to males . Remembering in my early times of respect and enjoying the words Daddy and son bonding - remembering being uncut - seeing older males with their love for their Dicks - Bigger and shapes - those Fathers or Male neighbors sunning th
  3. Dripping Wet here - load in my hand - any suggestions to do with it ? ( Becoming a Fucking Whore / Slut - Bitch !
  4. Hello - you are Simply HOT and Delicious looking - curious what happen to you making you a Slutty Bottom - any 1 thing or something several times ?

    1. Baresluttybottom


      Hi, Thanks for the compliment 😇  i just love the feeling of cock in my ass and being used by that top any way he wants to.  Fucking me until he blows his load in my ass is the most wonderful thing to me 🙂   

    2. ronnie4u


      Started early age sucking , and swallowing cum loads . I have been through the stages of my young buddies , older guys , Dad - Mother , groups - parks - love getting high having sex - single , vers. nothing like some taking charged - now thinking of using tina up my pussy - still single - just love hearing from others that what I enjoy !   Thank You responding !

  5. You are Extremely HOT and Delicious - curious of what happen with you - How did you decided on becoming a Bottom ?  

    1. BottomsUp


      Thanks stud! I don’t know if I decided since I’ve always bottomed from the beginning. Just happened that way and I found I loved having men take control of me, having dirty verbal play and loved the feeling of being fucked and cum in.

  6. So Fucking HOT and Beautiful having those done - at 1 or 2 times thinking of doing my nipples and doing my uncut dick - love the idea changing the piercing rings - shirts be transparent showing them off . I wanted to transforming my nipples / breasts - making them Bigger - guys wants to touch and sucking them . I wanted to making my balls bigger - have vacuumed them for awhile - careful of sitting down - thought of saline or silicone injections ! Wondering if anyone have done it ?
  7. Maybe I am wrong but thought someone might say ," Scat ! " Shitting and putting cum loads on top of it - smear it - eat it !
  8. That was 1 of my weak spots of sex - used Condom's - while hand to hand - being nude both of us - bouncing erection towards bed - I bent down picking up a used filled cum condom - giving my new friend the idea I Love It ! I put the used Condom in my mouth - Playing with it while his hand on my erection - blow job ! Damn ! He jumped on my erection and went at it as a rabbit in heat !
  9. I used to work at a small Motel and fixing - controlling - keeping the motel together . Sometimes meet certain people - making sure they have a Good time ! I remember a couple / guys signed in to stay a week and asking no maid service . One guy was tall ( 6' 7" ) and the other was about 5'4" - small and tight body - gotten my interest ! I had a chance talking to them several times - to get to know them - becoming friends . One Day I handed them new towels and seen in the room there were used condoms laying on the floor ! ( gave me a instant erection with HOT ideas ) . I tried to be extra
  10. Oh Yes ! I was walking through a private area of the woods 1 sunny day - in hope to finds some males - I was really horny and hungry for some Dick / Cum loads ! I came upon a well used area - matted ground - spots to sit - and must of been 20 used cum loads . I started picking them up - feeling them - smearing some juices on my fingers - licking my fingers . Then putting the condoms up against my Lips - licking and Sucking juices ! I was becoming Heated - rubbing my erection - pulling my dick out - smearing the cum on my dick - Oh Fuck Yes ! Yes ! Wanting it so Badly - Cumming - fingering m
  11. First , been thinking of this several times , and my mother sucking black cocks got me interested about sucking black cocks . My Mother and Dad were divorced and my mother was at the time a party bar female - extremely shapely with big tits and knew she had them - using them either way get what she wanted - I was gifted having my father long dick / uncut . She knew here shapely body was her pay check to get anything from men . She love drinking and smoking weed - even sharing her favorites with me . One time , I was having a dress suit ( pants and jacket made for me ! ) , just a young teenag
  12. So many times - just thinking of the times - young , skinny boy - times with my friends - time in the woods - times from friends , strangers , older fem boy , Family members , Dad , Mother enjoying Big Black Dicks - drinking - smoking weed ! Love to turn the clock back - Dicks - Dicks - Spitting - squirting - cum loads - more - more - becoming a young slut / whore - doing me !
  13. Love Fisters - been wishing to developed a loose cum slut hole - Rosebud / Prolapse hole - hungry - starving - wreck my cunt hole . Love to find a fister to stretch and abuse my cunt hole - slipping in Tina without me knowing it - starving - craving - forcing feeding - while stretching my cunt hole - fister and his buddies naked - hanging their huge naked dicks to my Lips to suck and swallowing their cum loads - Multi Cum loads - making me your Bitch / Slut - Cum whore - cum dumpster - fucking me - loading me up - even when passing out !
  14. Oh Yes ! Yes ! Big , Beautiful , Juicy , Gaping Hole with POZ Lips ( Rosebud / Prolapse - Punching - taking Tina - Drugs - being a Barebacking Whore with Poz Juices ! ) ! Let's Seeing Them - Please !
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