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  1. You are so Fucking HOT - Cunt hole - so Beautifully HOT looking !  Wishing mine looked to Fucking HOT ! Love to hear about your Pozzing !  Love to bury my Hot Uncut Cock up inside your hole - multi poz loads - cum 1 - cum All !

  2. You are Extremely HOT and your attitude is Amazing !  Please !  Keep up informing us - HOT items / guys !

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Hey thanks Ronnie hugs

  3. You are so Fucking HOT !  Enjoying your experiences - thinking and breeding ! Curious - started slow like me - playing with older males - allowing them using , coaching , and playing with you - like me ? Remember the first time being Pozzed ?

    1. huis_rat


      yes I remember

  4. Well , Dad and Mom were liberals - free - not shy showing off their bodies - affectionate in public - Dad took pleasure teaching me about bodies - respect them - I was born hung and uncut like my dad - teaching me - having fun .. My Uncle and Cousin introduced me to Drinking - Smoking weed and becoming more used to naked males - dicks - dick fest a few times - No Refusal !
  5. Tried it several times but could not do it but in my developing pussy cunt hole - yes - I was addicted developing a pussy cunt hole whore - being a female - wanted to be stretched - used - fisting - prolapse - still wanting to be HOT female !
  6. Oh Yes ! being at 1 time in transforming into a girly whore - being close to my mother / divorce from Dad - wanted to be a girl - even been on Hormones - being a whore - black cocks and makeup on - looked like my mother - she loves me being a daughter ! Smoking Slut Whore here !
  7. I do remember several times I go out to party - looking for cocks - breeding and rough seeding ! I be wearing some of my sweat pants , no underwear , I be drinking - smoking - sniffing - having guys come up behind me - pressing their hard erections up against my pussy cunt crack . Being man handle by 1 or 3 males - bonding my moves - pulling down my sweat pants - erected cocks - yes - yes - fuck me raw - gimme it - No Refusal here ! The Beginning !
  8. Totally agree with you - my routine , almost every day , I take care of my pussy hole - love my inflatable butt plug - Oh Baby !
  9. Sounds HOT and Wonderful - more - more - I see or read or view - more I get excited ! Love squeezing my erected dick - oozing pre-cum loads - male like me - do you have pictures or sites or videos you might think may I be more educated - enjoy ? ( I do think prolapse cunts are HOT ! ?
  10. Hello - comparison your statement and to mine - I guess you been around - been doing it for awhile - guess if fucking becomes a regular routine - enough cock or stretching a pussy cunt hole not enough - becoming addicted - do not care - the excitement - am I corrected ?
  11. I was new doing this - enjoying to party and thought about it once or twice ! Some of my older friends were into sex with other males ! I think it was being pressured by older males was on me and did not want to disappoint them ! Soon , after 2 or 3 more party's - I became more relaxed and knew what they expected me to do - started talking and involving with others ! Shooting loads felt so Good ! Then , the older guys enjoying having a young male walking around with a erections !
  12. Don't mind of sucking cocks and having 2 or 3 cocks fucking me but when I am high - sniffing poppers - and 5 or 6 guys fucking the hell out of me - surprised how well I was used and taking them !
  13. Oh Fuck Me ! Your response and your profile picture - been there and addicted ! Remember my first time with a homeless - I been drinking at a crowded bar - went out side for fresh air - chatting with a stranger - had to piss but did not want to go back inside . He took me down the dark alley to piss - soon I was having trouble with the zipper - he already had his out - soon someone unzipped my zipper - 3 or 4 guys showed up - Cock Heaven - being some what forced or guided but had some Cum loads ! later became 1 of my favorite places to visit ! Your Profile picture - wishing it was me !
  14. After being with my New friends from the park - being transformed into a Fem white boy - shaven - drinking - smoking - pot and poppers - servicing other Black Tops - touch of makeup - sexy shorts - plus toys helping my pussy - new severing their needs !
  15. At a young age - My Mother was my only Parent - my idol ! 3 different things happening - early , my Dad and Mom gotten a Divorce - Mom gotten into bar hopping - bringing Black men home having raw sex in her bed room ( I used to sneak out side looking in her bed room window ) - seeing her becoming aggressive having raw sex ! Then , 2nd . was running into 2 males having sex in the woods - Top a big black male and the 2nd 1 was a Fem male bottom - soon learning in sucking black cock - fem male calling my hole a pussy - soon became good friends - transforming me into a Fem boy with a pussy - Happy now ! Then , 3rd. was spending 2 weeks with my Uncle / Cousin place - consisted Cocks ! The Real 1 was my Mother !
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