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    mahwah nj
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    being a servile pig bottom for any man who has a load to give.
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    barebacking all my life..hate condoms and love cum. I only bottom. I believe I am here to give my holes to ANY man ...
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    I would love to be strung out and whored on film... made to take all loads, and be fucked by anyone anywhere. film me and put it on line, share with friends.. I don't care
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    tops, cum, loads... a husband who will use me and share me...also taboo sex is always on the table

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  1. wow... what a day... fathers day was great!  all the men in my family spent the day fucking and being fucked.  we all gathered at someones loft apt. stripped and went to town on each other.  my dad started by fucking me while my nephew fucked my face. when dad came in my ass my nephew took it.  with my mouth open, my brother shared me with his son.  then they tapped out, they switched and my brother started fucking me and nephew had me clean his cock off.  my son got down and started to lick his uncles cock as it drove in and out of my ass, dripping cum into his face.  two of my sons friends from school, (two big black over well hung boy from the basketball team) joined us, with my son sucking them before they fucked me.  my son was getting plenty of cum himself, grandpa pounding his ass as he rimmed the boy fucking me.....this went on for about 5 hours. I am a total bottom so I took about twelve loads all together.   my dad let my son fuck him, my brother fucked my son, the two ball players tag teamed my dad... what a great fathers day.... should be a good week too, dad is a trucker, and I'm going on the road with him today. we'll be out for 6 days and he has lots of trucker friends who like to fuck in truck stop shower rooms.   

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      He'd make a fortune if he was owned by a studio.

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      well... id let him now...he could make more as chicken...

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