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    mahwah nj
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    being a servile pig bottom for any man who has a load to give.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    barebacking all my life..hate condoms and love cum. I only bottom. I believe I am here to give my holes to ANY man ...
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    I would love to be strung out and whored on film... made to take all loads, and be fucked by anyone anywhere. film me and put it on line, share with friends.. I don't care
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    tops, cum, loads... a husband who will use me and share me...also taboo sex is always on the table

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  1. From my first cock at an early age (my dads) to the first time I fucked my own sons... never a condom. I taught my kids to breed freely and never use a condom.....if any of the kids friends want to fuck it must be raw.
  2. Dear old dad...and his best buddy...and they still fuck to this day...
  3. My dad just left my bed after he and his buddy spent the night breeding my....I’m on line now looking for a few guys to continue breeding me...
  4. I get it.. I fucked girls so I could have kids... it was a simple arrangement.... now I fuck my kids.... my daughter is looking for a pig to breed her and knock. Up... my boys have both fathered kids....
  5. I’m hosting an ass up head down night at a local cheap motel... now with face masks it’s even more anonymous...I leave the door unlocked and the drapes slightly parted so anyone can peek in...any one passing by can come in...I usually get about 10 l0ads a night that way....
  6. My dads a long haul driver...I’ve been fucked in more trucks, rest stops, shower rooms etc for decades....
  7. I have 6 guys, all gay and bi and all family living in my home.... I’ve been fucked multiple times a. Day.. in 160ish days I’ve probably taken 500 or more loads... my oldest son and father. Like to take turns on my ass.
  8. Dad just pulled out of my ass like 20 minutes ago.... left two loads in there... right on top of my sons load and my brothers load.... I’m waiting for my youngest son to get home for my last load of the night....
  9. Good for you starting young...I was 11 and so were my kids... they love to have sex with anyone...my dad fucked me and my kids.... we live an open , nudist lifestyle and fuckwho ever whenever and where ever... I’m looking for someone to knock up my daughter now...

  10. Sam hugan nolan Gould pit bull jason stathum jerry streans henry cavel justin Henry I’ll take loads from any and all of them
  11. My dad... then his buddy. After the flood gates opened... any man who would have me. I let anyone and everyone have my ass.
  12. I’d love it.... two partners hunting for cock together, sharing loads....sharing men.... hot
  13. My dad taught me all about pig sex and I loved it.  I think it's great that you share that with your son.  My dad is the man who pozzed me, we like to think :)

    1. leatherpunk16


      Leatherpunk wants to hear more about this. 

  14. We should talk...lol

  15. Thanks for following me.... my father and his buds would love your young pussy.  I know my sons would too....I’ll have arrange a play date.   After my boys fuck you I want to suck their loads out while dad fucks me....

    1. pnp4BB


      That woud be so hot. 

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