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    mahwah nj
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    being a servile pig bottom for any man who has a load to give.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    barebacking all my life..hate condoms and love cum. I only bottom. I believe I am here to give my holes to ANY man ...
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    I would love to be strung out and whored on film... made to take all loads, and be fucked by anyone anywhere. film me and put it on line, share with friends.. I don't care
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    tops, cum, loads... a husband who will use me and share me...also taboo sex is always on the table

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  1. Sign me up...love your profile 

  2. I’ve seen your profile... as another bottom I sometimes think we need to network and pool our resources to help each other get bred.  I’d love to talk to you and maybe hang. Get naked and just get to know one another. I’m always looking for like minded piggy friends to  get together with.  

  3. jizzmboy

    New Jersey People

    Mahwah area, bottom pig who loves all me... I never say no to a load....
  4. I started in high school with a buddy and his dad. They used to warm me up by having his little brother fuck me first....he was only like 9 inches. Then once I had a few loads from him, they would take turns on my pussy. My friend was 10+ inches and the dad was bigger and thicker....I took them for years...all through high school... my dad turned me out and they loved breeding me....
  5. Anthony weiner.... nice package....
  6. jizzmboy

    Sluts, what's your proudest achievment?

    Turning my young sons out and making them big pigs they are... just like their dad and granddad....they always remember to bring a stud home for dad... and sometimes some tender pussy...
  7. jizzmboy

    Jockstrap Recommendation

    I steal all my jocks from hot guys at the gym, tricks, naughty bids, sometimes I buy them off strippers in clubs....
  8. jizzmboy

    Getting Caught

    I was caught all the time...lol we started young in my family.... I caught my dad....he taught me... then he caught me with the same guy...
  9. jizzmboy

    Ever been filmed?

    I love being filmed... please feel free to fuck me and share it... my son also likes to film the older men who rape his pussy, I love to see all the cocks that fucked him before I eat out his used ass...
  10. jizzmboy

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    Condoms... won’t use them...ever!
  11. jizzmboy

    Dad's Worst Nightmare

    I was that kid growing up... and so are my sons and daughter...
  12. jizzmboy

    Open door day

    I am hosting an open door day in Ramsey New Jersey on Sunday afternoon September 30th. All loads taken. I’m 52 chubby, just want your loads. Come in, fuck me and leave.
  13. jizzmboy

    Becoming Pa's Cunt

    Fuck yeah... my dads been fucking me since I was young. He shares me with his buds. I fuck my son as welll. We all love to fuck in this house.
  14. jizzmboy

    Getting bred on a cruise ship

    Went on a Cuba cruise.... told the porter in charge of my room I was a slut who wanted to be fucked as much as possible. He hooked me up with other stewards and passengers who wanted to fuck.... I got bred all the way to Cuba, in Cuba, and back again....

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