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    mahwah nj
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    being a servile pig bottom for any man who has a load to give.
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    barebacking all my life..hate condoms and love cum. I only bottom. I believe I am here to give my holes to ANY man ...
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    I would love to be strung out and whored on film... made to take all loads, and be fucked by anyone anywhere. film me and put it on line, share with friends.. I don't care
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    tops, cum, loads... a husband who will use me and share me...also taboo sex is always on the table

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the follow. 

    Hope to encourage an even sluttier side of you (;

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    2. BottomKink


      There's always a deeper layer of bottom smut! Unleash it and enjoy the feeling of being degraded by your thoughts! 

    3. jizzmboy


      I don't know...lol  being gang fucked by a group of truckers and mechanics while your kid watches...then your kid feltching out your sloppy pussy is pretty smutty...lol

    4. BottomKink


      I like that! Teaching by acting out. 

  2. went to a wedding yesterday.  all the men were in kilts.... of course no underwear...lol  my son was a junior usher paired up with a very sexy junior bridesmaid.  we had a suite at the venue for my dad, me and marc.  it was a great hotel.  during the reception I needed to run up to the room.  when I got there I found marc laying pipe on the junior bridesmaid.  she had the tiniest tits and a sweet little muff. marc was railing into her pussy so hard , my ass hurt...lol when she saw me standing in the doorway she whispered in marcs ear that I was there ... he never missed a thrust, he just told me to strip and join them. she looked surprised but I think excited to get an adult sized cock...I got down and ate marcs ass for a bit while he pumped her hard, then he pulled out and offered me his used bitch pussy.  she was still tight and slippery... I loved sinking into her young twat.  I pumped for a while , but marc felt I needed cock in my ass so he started to fuck me, keeping pace with my thrusts into her.  we switched places a few times before he started pumping her harder , finaly cumming in her young, tight, abused pussy.  when he pulled out I finished in her... it was so good.  we redressed and rejoined the party... being that we were in kilts all night, we had ample opportunities to play with each other under the tables...lol  after the toasts were given I ran t the mens room to piss, where I found my dad and the brides dad... they were taking a leak too and checking each other out.  when I joined them I asked if they needed a hole to finish in... I lifted up the back of my kilt and bent over.. I took both of their loads... good cock...

      I'm hoping marc bred the little bitches cunt... I want a grand kid... and marc wants his turn with a son.... 

  3. My Dad got back from a long haul Friday night, but instead of coming home he stayed at a flea back hotel near the truck depot. When my son Marc my son and I arrived at the hotel, we learned Dad had organized an ass-up-head-down weekend for us. Marc and I stripped down to our jocks and climbed onto the bed where we made out a bit until the door opened and in walked three truckers. I assumed they were friends of my Dad. They got down to business right away. Marc got two of them, one in his mouth, the other dirty fuck in his ass. I was ploughed by the third trucker. All the time Dad sat at the table and watched us play. When the guy in Marc's ass blew his load, he switched with the guy who Marc had been blowing. After the guy fucking me flooded my ass with cum, he withdrew and presented his cock so I could clean him up. In the course of the night a few more guys sporadically showed up, which caused the activity to start all over. One of the guys wanted to see Marc and me fuck, so we flip fucked a little. I've gotta admit I love Marc's pussy, especially when it's wet. We played like this the entire weekend. Over 18 guys fucked me and/or my son while my Dad watched. Oh, and after all was said and done, Dad fucked both of us.
  4. Looking For Bottom Chub

    I'm in nj and ready for your loads...
  5. sign me up for some of your bbc!  I am a twisted fuck who will try anything..

  6. Raw at work

    my dad is a long haul trucker... I go on the road with him often... sometimes with my son... we always play on the road in the warehouses we deliver to. in the truck stops,etc... we love to see how many men want to play with father and son..and son....
  7. god.. I want to worship your big... black... thick cock!  I want to serve you and be your pussy boi hole.  I want to share my son with you and together we want to have you breed us both over and over...

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    2. jizzmboy


      any time any where!  I would love to be your pussy... let me know if you are ever near by new jersey or new York... 

    3. Krispysau


      Mmmm delicious

    4. bbbearlover1


      I definitely will keep you in mind

  8. I really like being with other like minded pig's. Who can be completely uninhibited without any taboos between themselves. 

  9. thanks for following me! I love having followers to share my perv taboo experiences with my family...

  10. Whoring: nature or nurture?

    I cant really answer to nature or nurture, but since I was started early(very young) at my request by family. I have always just wanted cock and cum in my ass. watching my dad and his buddies fuck gave me a head start on sex. when I asked to join them, they saw no reason why I shouldn't. I was able to take cock in my ass since before puberty. as I grew older I just never thought about it... it I wanted to play, I did. and no one ever said no. I got a young girl pregnant on purpose , paid for the privilege of being a dad, but never hid sex from my son... he saw me fucking and being fucked from birth. as he got older he too watched, touched and asked to play. I never said no. my dad, his buddies, me all male family members play together. we have played in shower rooms at truck stops, nude camp grounds, had open door days in motels, my sons wrestling team and his buddies on the basket ball team also fuck us. so maybe its both nature and nurture....what ever it is, I'm glad... I love my time with the men in my family and their friends....
  11. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

    1. jizzmboy


      any time bellguy44... love pervy sexy men.... tell me a dirty story....

  12. truck stop showers

    the day after my sons open door gang fuck hosted by his boyfriend and his grandpa and me, we did it again with me as the ass up head down bottom. just like with marcs fuck, I took about a dozen loads. it was about 3 this morning when my dad decided that we should cross the parking lot to the shower room of the truck stop next door. I agreed, but since it was so close and a nice warm night, we made the trip in out jizz and piss stained jocks. no one was around since it was so late. when we entered the cement block building we forgot we would encounter the attendant. he wasn't really a problem though, dad offered him my sloppy ass. which he took. now with our admission taken care of, we walked into the shower room filled with 20 or so heads. dad took me to the center of the room and turned on 4 heads. as we rubbed down, dad fingered my swollen pussy ass. as we played, I guess the attendant must have roused a couple of truckers or bikers. they were both chubbie, very hairy, and hung . one was black and the other white. they joined us under the showers where the black guy with the really fat cock bent me in half and rammed my ass with cock. thank god I'm a slut and always filled with cum. dad and the other guy played while I was fucked hard. then the door banged open and closed . it was marc and his boyfriend eric. he greeted me with a hi dad, which interested the guy fucking me. we explained and he asked to watch us play. marc fucked my face while bbc fucked my ass. by the time we all finished playing I had 5 more loads...and invites to come back when the place was crowed... apparently this was the best ruck stop if you enjoyed fag ass.
  13. I just had the best 24 hours.... My son marc just celebrated his birthday, and his boyfriend...fuckbuddy....daddy set up a great surprise.   my dad and I met marc and eric at a trucker,cum and go motel near a raunchy truck stop. eric is new to our group but just as filthy and piggy. he is 10 years older than marc, but he has my permission to rape my little boy as often as he wants.  

      when we got to the hotel, dad and I got marc ready with a couple of our loads then eric added his... while we were doing that, eric had left the curtains open a bit and propped the door open with a hand written sign on the door, "cumdump in service...cum and go"... by the time eric pumped hid first load into marc, we had two big, hairy truckers standing inside the door waiting their turn.  marc with his ass up and head down never saw them, just felt them as they slid home in his boy pussy.  two more loads in... there was a constant supply of sleazy men, hairy truckers, muscle daddies, and I think two homeless men using marc for most of the night.  I know I had another turn at his now sloppy cum dripping hole.. it felt like I was fucking a water balloon, sloshing around all slimy and wet... so fucking hot. while watching all of this marcs grandpa was all hot and horny so he rode my ass for a while. I took his loads while I watched my little boy become a true slut,pig, whore. lol

      we are all a bit sore and tired this morning, but I was too restless to sleep so I thought i'd get it all down.  were going to stay here for the weekend. i'm hoping to replay the scene with me on the bed, used by strangers. marc seems to have found the right boyfriend... just as big a pig as the rest of us.

    1. boybottom4use
    2. Krispysau


      So fucking hot mate. Love raw dad/son/grand dad/cousin/ uncle twisted wired incest

      love to join you & your boy for days worth of twisted raw incest fucking

      wickr: Sydneykrispysau 

  14.   the ramsey/Paramus/ Bergen county area of nj.   no load refused.  I never say no....large.59506897f1b22_meinjock.jpg.5a122d22ea8720b6bfa72ea9ed6fc8e2.jpg I will travel to hudson cty for the promise of a hard fuck...

  15. Raw bottoms in North New Jersey

    I live in north jersey, a total bottom chub guy ,negative on prep. my hole is yours if you want it.

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