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    mahwah nj
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    being a servile pig bottom for any man who has a load to give.
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    barebacking all my life..hate condoms and love cum. I only bottom. I believe I am here to give my holes to ANY man ...
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    I would love to be strung out and whored on film... made to take all loads, and be fucked by anyone anywhere. film me and put it on line, share with friends.. I don't care
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    tops, cum, loads... a husband who will use me and share me...also taboo sex is always on the table

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  1. Accepting incest like a positive thing

    kinky1 that is very hot....I too loved picking up older men. dad use to take me to truck stop showers where he would offer my ass to the highest bidder. it made me feel special. now my son does the same thing...his friends love my pussy ass. I get fucked every day and usually by more than most men can handle...
  2. I am hosting an open door day on sunday.  the ramsey/Paramus/ Bergen county area of nj.  light low, ass in the air. cum in and fuck me.  any cock. any man, no load refused.  I never say no....large.59506897f1b22_meinjock.jpg.5a122d22ea8720b6bfa72ea9ed6fc8e2.jpg

  3. I'm in NJ monthly Mt. Laurel for work..love to breed and seed you.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jizzmboy


      for how long, where, maybe that night or the next...

    3. bihairy


      I usually stay a few nights but didn't realize it was so much distance.


    4. bihairy


      wish I could join the seed and breed session..I'm in Maryland though.

  4. I would love your bbc! flood me and use me!

  5. I want your load... sexy fucker....

  6. I think my son would love your ass....

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    2. Fistulike666


      Go on then ... that's a great idea. I love it in a group when all cocks and holes are ready, willing and able

    3. Arkguy84


      woof well thank you both !! 

    4. Fistulike666


      You're more than welcum

  7. I was 11 when I first got fat, long, uncut man cock up my ass, my son saw me from a young age fucking with grandpa and uncle and his cousin... I  let him play a little from 11 up, but I didn't fuck him till he was 15...when I caught him with my doggie dildo up his ass... I figured if he could take that he could take me, then grandpa...he likes to felch my ass after a long breeding session....

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    2. jizzmboy


      just turned 16... nothing better than waking up in the morning with your sons cock up your ass... yes he is sexy as fuck, built like a wrestler, (remember hos...from bonanza???)

    3. evilalex


      mmm I'd love to watch you two play.

    4. jizzmboy


      where are you from... I have in the past invited men here to fuck us both...

  8. Accepting incest like a positive thing

    I have been having sex with many members of my family...dad, uncle, brother nephew, my son, and they all whore me out to friends...its been a great life... I love my dads cock ever since I was 11...
  9. maybe sometime ill tell you about being fucked as a kid... and my dads buddies who used my ass like a whores pussy...

    1. muscmtl


      fuk thats hot

    2. jizzmboy


      it was and still is.  they still breed me. and my son...

  10. since I was 11... first with family, then their friends, then any cock in any way...truck stops, bathrooms, woods, xxx theaters, ive been a whore since 1977. today is my 51st birthday and I'm still neg. my family is throwing a gangbang for me tonight. should be at least 30 people there...
  11. if you like nasty, piggy, sex, I'm your guy... my ideal is a man who knows how to fuck me and share me... I want a man to use me, for his pleasure, my holes belong to him.  share me with your friends, use me as a form of payment, film me post on line for other bbc's to use.  

  12. The Sexual Awakening of Jake

    what I always do with my uncle, start to blow him till hes hard then climb on for a ride....
  13. when I was in high school, I befriended to football jocks. they use to go to a strip joint to search for pussy... it was dark and it was the 80's... if they couldn't (and usually didn't) score with the dancers because they were too young, we'd go back to my house. dad always kept beer in the fridge in the basement for me or anyone who wanted it. the guys would have a few and then they would take turns at me. I was fucked by all of them together and in private. dad always hung around to make sure no one drove after drinking, and usually gave me the last fuck of the night... I miss those group fucks. I was always a fag in high school, but the boys always protected me and brought me new meat...
  14. you are a sexy fucker... id love to feel that stash on my raw hole...


    1. kywolf


      Thanks man...anytime!!!!!!!

  15. its been awhile since I've written... just this past week I had a great fucking time at my fathers job.... my dad is an over the road truck driver... he has lots of friends. one in particular owns a construction company.  as a small gift for his best tradies , he set up a little party for them.  dad took me to the  contractor friends warehouse  where a couple of mattresses were tossed in the middle of one of the bays.  dad  stripped me and got me started by fucking a fat load into me.  as we were fucking his buddy showed up with the electrical contractor, the plumbing job boss, the crane operator, and a couple of other men.  ive never seen men undress so fast. once dad blew, the buddy took over, reaming me a new asshole. before he could cum, the crane operator tapped in, fucked me hard, and dumped a load, next up the plumber, then the strangers.  my son showed up with a few of dads trucking buddies and completed the party.  we fucked most of the night with me taking 18 loads in my ass and mouth. my son feltched out most of the loads. I love being a slut. I try to spend most of my time nude, and ready to be fucked. my family tries to supply as much cock as possible.

    1. Read1


      Wow! You are in a pretty unique bb arrangement -- cum on arrival from family and friends! Congrats!

    2. jizzmboy


      all the men in my family fuck.  my grand dad, my dad and uncle his son, and now mine... my son looks like he may take after me, he's a huge slut and still in his teens. some day I hope to have a grandson to fuck me as well... 

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