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    Getting fucked
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    I'll fuck, but I crave cock. Locked in chastity by a dom, I am trying to get as many loads as possible.

    Time for an update. The Dom left me. Took my toys and cleaned out my bank account. Had to have the last metal chastity cage cut of by a jeweler. Had some explaining to do. Anyway, there are times I miss the cage. Still taking all the cock I can get.
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    Dom took vids. I was always wearing a hood. Have no idea where to find them. Bet they are on a paysite.
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    Tops. Kinky tops

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  1. Thinking of you today.

  2. Looking forward to the next installment in this missive. HOT
  3. I'm worried about you Connor.  Hope you are all right.

  4. Katy Trail near Columbia MO. I visit there next month. I'll try it
  5. mjkuhl


    fisterm8, that is heaven
  6. Man, I wish you weren't so far away.

  7. rubadubdub, 3 men and I was in the tub. I'd gladly do it again.
  8. mjkuhl

    How Rank Can clothes get.

    The locker room always holds an attraction for me. The stench makes me extra horny
  9. When the top leaves my ass destroyed, I'm happy
  10. Wish you were here or I were there.

  11. thanks, ct. cock doesn't get much use.  I like it caged.

    1. Deleted0524


      Caged it awesome MJ... but just maybe we can get that cock out one of these days! 😉 

    2. mjkuhl


      It remembers what to do, ct

  12. mjkuhl

    Black Cock

    the last black guy who fucked me kept calling me his cracker, and albino pussy
  13. mjkuhl


    There are guys who would beg for the syph cock
  14. I'd be going to that coffee shop every Saturday morning.

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