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  1. J"erry began to worry when his phone hadn't rung by 4:30. He almost dialed Rod's number and then at 5:05 Jerry saw Rod's name in the phone as it range. Let it ring a few times. Don't be too anxious. Jerry feigned surprise at Rod's call. Rod said, "Man, uh, buddy, uh, Jerry could you come by the store?" Jerry replied, "Troubles?" Rod assured him it was not real trouble but he needed advice and uh some special juice. Jerry agreed to head to the store. Jerry felt sure he had Rod hooked. Now, he just needed to let him have a little rope and he wouold hang himself. Jerry took his time and that drove Rod crazy. The store had one customer when Jerry came in. "I'll be with you in a minute," Rod called. The minute the customer left Rod led Jerry to the back room to the pan for emptying the scrub bucket. It was much like a shower. Jerry played dumb. Rod had to ask for the piss. Jerry was happy, he had been saving it all day and felt as if he would explode. He even had asparagus for a late lunch at 4. The piss would be strong tasting and smelly. If Rod took it, he had him. If he turned away, Jerry would have to work harder to get that hot piece of hot ass to do whatever he wanted. Rod begged saying, "Please, Jerry, I really need it. Please." Jerry made him carry on for a while and then he whipped it out. Rod was thrilled. He knelt in the scrub bucket basin and said, "I really need it. I have been waiting all day." Jerry worked hard to start and stop the flow so as not to overpower Rod until he learned to take as fast as it flowed. Rod kept swallowing. Jerry kept pissing. Jerry thought it took forever for Rod to take it all. Rod licked his lips when the dick came out. Jerry said, "Well, you owe me a favor, Rod. Now suck this cock and swallow my cum, full of protein, you know." Rod looked confused, but took the dick and started sucking. It took a good 15 minutes and all the strength Jerry could muster to make the orgasm last so long. When, Jerry recovered he asked, "Was that a fair trade, Rod?" Rod agreed. He asked Jerry how he could get some piss in the morning. Jerry said that it would be tough as the piss has to be fresh. Jerry considered. OK, he thought. Can I get the piss again tomorrow? He asked Jerry the question. Jerry said, "Well, I guess so. Will we do it here again?" Rod agreed. But he asked Jerry to call first. Jerry waited for Rod to finish his closing routine and they walked part way home together. All the while, Jerry was scheming how to get into Rod's ass again. All the while, Rod was wondering how he could get Jerry to hurt his dick and fuck him. It seems to be a match made in heaven. Stay tuned for the next episode
  2. Having Rod's parents come home presented a number of problems and stumbling blocks for Jerry's plans. But knowing that Rod would want the piss, made Jerry hopeful. How was he going to get Rod alone. It was a real conundrum. Rod still had one of Jerry's buttplugs, too. Jerry spent Sunday night thinking and fretting about how to facilitate turning Rod into the cockslut that he could be. Jerry fell asleep thinking about Rod's big fine ass and how he would fill it, keeping that guy happy, and making Jerry happy at the same time. Rod went to school every morning. He came home, left the car and walked to work. Mr Higgins was there until 4 every day and sometimes til five . Rod had Sundays off. Mr Higgins took Wednesday's off and the store closed at 6. Rod went to Wednesday night church straight from work. Well, Jerry worked nights this week It would be hard, but Jerry decided to play it cool. He'd give Rod a day or two to make a move. Sunday night after church, Rod checked his computer. He hadn't seen it since all the excitement. When he did, he found accounts that he didn't even need a password for. The computer remembered the password. Rod had never seen such pictures and videos. Rod stayed up until midnight. He was totally taken with what he was seeing. He was a little afraid, but unwilling to stop looking. Burly guys with big dicks, fucking, Guys being spanked and whipped. Cock suckers galore. PISS drinkers. Rod really liked that. When he went to bed he dreamed of being in many of those scenes. By Monday morning, Rod was rock hard. He was afraid it was happening again, but the routine, the piss the shower, and all settled him down. His usual peck from his mom and his on her check led him out the door for school. He started the car, drove to pick up Rog and went on to school. It was the usual routine, except his dick would rise and fall more than usual. It was when he let his mind wander to those videos. Jerry must have watched them. How else would they get on his computer. Yes, Jerry, must have a lot more to teach Rod. The more he thought about it, the harder his big dick got. This time he didn't move it back and forth against the zipper. He wanted to, but didn't. One thing was certain. He wanted to talk to Jerry and get his fresh piss direct from Jerry's nice dick. Yes, he'd find a away to get that. He wondered if Rog took Jerry's piss. Rod made up his mind to call Jerry after Mr Higgins left the store. Maybe, he could get that piss and well, maybe Jerry would do a few of the things from the videos. The day dragged on. More excitement to come. Jerry has Rod hooked. r
  3. That hairy hand has me almost as excited as the cock and ass.  Love a man with hairy hands

  4. Jerry fell asleep next to Rod. He wanted to be there when that hunk woke up. But, Rod woke first and shouted, "Jerry, you did it, you got it to go down." The nailed toilet paper roll was loose. Jerry, groggily pulled it off, Rod's rod. The big dick was still the worse for wear and Rod had to piss like a race horse. He ran into the bathroom without closing the door, grabbed the measuring cup, filled it to half, and swallowed it all in Jerry's field of vision, then continued to piss for what seemed like an eternity. Jerry was amazed. It gave him more ideas. Rod presented his still large dick, just not hard to Jerry who examined it. It seemed all right except for puncture wounds and scabs. Jerry turned Rod around and said, let's check the butt out. He pulled out the plug and spooge, watery spooge flowed out. Rod said, "Oh, I feel the medication flowing out. What will we do?" Jerry was ready. He said, "I know you want to go to church. You are a little weak. I'll go with you. Get cleaned up and get dressed. I'll run home and change into church clothes." Jerry hated church. But he knew he had to make Rod owe him more and more. And he wanted to ask Rod about the piss drinking? He had plans for his own piss in Rods tummy and ass. Rod followed his routine perfectly. When Jerry came back, the two got in the car and drove to the church. Jerry got a few looks, but was welcomed home. Rod always got looks form guys and girls, and even a couple of the elders. When the service was over, Rod wanted to go to Sunday school. That was too much and Jerry said, "Rod, Bud, you know Jerry wants what's good for your soul, but your body, too. You better take it easy today. Let's get some food in you. If you want you can go back to church tonight. Will your parents be home" Rod was sure the parents would be home so Jerry had to work fast. His mind raced. When they got back to the house, Jerry said, "Rod, you drink that piss every day?" Rod was embarrassed. He hemmed and Jerry said the only thing better for the body than your own piss and someone else's piss. It has more of the things your body wants. Rod got wide eyed. He loved his piss. He needed it. "Jerry," he said, "I've got to have my piss." Jerry replied, "Of course, but you need to add someone else's at double the rate of your own." Rod thought about it. He said, "where will I get piss? I mean, you can't buy it in the store" Jerry said, "it so happens that I have to piss right now. How much of your own do you take?" Rod told him 4 ounces. Jerry responded, "Well, I'll give you eight ounces or a tad more. It should build you up fast." Rod took a little to long to think about it and Jerry had to say, "Well, if you don't want it." That pushed Rod over the edge. He took Jerry into the bathroom and handed him the measuring cup. Jerry reminded Rod it was best hot from the source. Jerry said, "Rod, I really thing you should take it right from my dick, it won't lose any potency. But if you don't want to... Rod stepped in the shower, saying what if it spills. Jerry had him strip, Jerry worked really hard, pissing and holding, pissing and holding until he had emptied his bladder. He said, "Good work, Rod. That should give you plenty of what you need. "Ah, Jerry," Rod said, "My hole feels so empty, can I have the plug back?" Jerry almost fainted from joy. He had that big jock hooked on taking things up the ass. Soon Jerry would be pissing in it, fucking it, and eventually get some other guys to do the same. But for now, bigger and bigger plus, with a large dose of T in the lube. Jerry looked in his bag, pulled out a small one and inserted it. Rod asked, "Jerry, could I please have a bigger one?" Jerry complied. Considerably bigger. Rod would soon be a cock slut. Jerry knew it even if Rod didn't. Stay tuned for more
  5. Food, what would he feel him? But hydrate he would. He found bottles of sport's drinks in the closet. He carefully opened each one and added g. He closed the bottles shook them up and put them in the fridg. Cold would kill any taste of the G. Jerry found the lasagna and feeling hungry ate it himself. He opened a can of noodle soup, and got it ready to heat in the micro. No solid food for Rod today and he won't have to clean out. Jerry went back to Rod's computer. He had done a good job of downloading disgusting gay porn. Really hard core stuff. The kid will have to be loopy when he sees it, Jerry thought. Wait, there was another email from the blocked address. Jerry read it twice. Nonsense. He went recon and created an account for Rod. He would make one for several bareback sites. No pix of his face, just his big cock and hot open ass. When Jerry finished, Rod was stirring. As he came to, Rod said is it still hard, Jerry. "Please Jerry, help it to go down. I know you must know some way." Jerry replied, "Well they always go done when they are hurt, don't they?" Rod agreed, except when they are in a zipper that is. It was good Rod could laugh. Jerry said, "Buddy, I'll do my best." He picked up a meter stick and snapped it on Rod's hard cock. Rod, winced. Nothing. Rod said, "Harder Jerry." It has to go down. I have to go to church tomorrow. That made a light go on for Jerry. He had another idea, but for now, more cock torture. After 20 sharp slaps with the stick, nothing. Jerry had an idea. He pulled some safety pins from his bag, sterile sealed in plastic. He made a ladder of pins up Rods cock, took a shoe lace and pulled it thru the pins and tried pulling the penis down in the front. It started to bend, but wouldn't go down. " Jerry, take them out," Rod pleaded. "It hurts so bad" Not yet, Rod. But, Jerry. With that Jerry hit the big cock again, pins and all. Rod almost passed out. It wasn't working. Jerry fished in the trash, found an empty toilet paper roll. He dug in Rod's drawer to find the thumbtacks He pushed the tacks thru the roll only barely. Then he worked the roll down Rod's huge cock. When the head was clear and the roll was at the root, Jerry squeezed the roll so the tacks dug into Rod's poor huge dick. Rod produced the two thorns. They were huge. He shoved one into each side of the glans, which now was much fatter than the toilet paper roll tube. Rod was sweating profusely again. It hurts so bad. One lude later, Rod was calm. Jerry was glad he had taken them from a patient. Rod would rest a while. Jerry rolled him over onto his stomach making sure his dick inside the toilet paper roll was dead center with his navel. He pulled out the butt plug and fucked Rod viciously three more times. With his head to one side, Rod was smiling. Stay tuned for more, much more
  6. Jerry heard the back door open and Rod called, "Jerry, you here?" " I am bro, I'm in your room waiting to check you out," came the answer. Before he even started up the stairs he said my Mom and Dad called, asked if it would be all right with me if they spent the night. I told them I'd get Rog to stay with me. " Best friends are great to have. And a best friends Big Bro is a lifesaver," he practically shouted. Jerry smiled a big smile knowing he wasn't even on call for work. He was still smiling when Rod walked in the door . "Happy to see me," Rod asked. Jerry answered, "Sure, I know when someone needs my professional expertise." Jerry thought to himself if Rod only knew what kind of professional expertise he meant. He might not be so happy. Well, Rod, it is time to have a look. Rod's routine was simple, loafers off first, socks, shirt, then finally pants. He always followed the routine. Jerry pulled out his surgical scissors and began cutting off the gauze. When the thing was finally free, Jerry thought it had grown since this morning. Rod asked, "Jerry, how does it feel." Rod blushed when he answered, " it needs to be jacked. It has been hard so long that my balls ache." Jerry said, " just blue balls it will go away if we can get the thing to go down. I think, we'll let the air get to it. Is it all right for you to stay naked. I mean no one is at home." Rod only guessed it would be all right. But Jerry insisted on another treatment, so out came the rod, really a sound and a larger one than before. This time Jerry inserted it 6 times. Jerry smiled knowing that cock wasn't going down. In an hour or so, Rod would let Jerry do anything to make it go down. Then Jerry pulled out the buttplug. It made a plopping noise and Rod moaned a pitiful moan and mumbled, "I feel so empty, Jerry. I hate the way it feels." Jerry knew what to do, He pulled out a large needless syrings, already loaded with lube laced with G. "This will help, Bud," is all that he said. He flooded Rod's ass with the G laced lube. Within miutes, Rod needed the nasal spray. He felt weird. Jerry said that Rod needed a more powerful version. He opened a brown bottle and put it under Rod's nostrils right and left. He had him take six hits, err, breaths. Rod was flying high. Jerry wondered about the syringe of Miss Tina. Then decided that he wouldn't need it. He might not need the truth serum. The kid was flying high than a kite. Jerry watched as Rod tried to put his hand in his ass. Rod couldn't even realize what he was doing. He'd soon be a zombie. Jerry got a pan with some water and waited. When Rod's hand went limp, Jerry pulled it out of the hottest ass. He put the blindfold on the boy. His identity was still obvious. He used an alcohol soluable marker to write clumsily. I am a cumslut on Rod's abdomen. He extracted a series of dildoes from his suitcase. Wrapping Rods fingers around each one. He took a pic with the dido in hand, then a pic with the dildo in ass. He started with the smallest and ended with the biggest buttplug Jerry had. Jerry left the buttplug in to stretch that virgin hole. He kept sending them to his home computer so as not to overload his phone. He pulled out the entire package of sounds and worked on Rod's cock until he could take the biggest of the lot. Rod actually appeared to have a slight smile on his face and looked totally content. The pics would prove invaluable. Jerry cleaned the writing off the unsuspecting boy's abdomen. Then lifted the jock's legs. Jerry had the up high, the phone was set on movie. He pulled out that big plug and shoved in his dick in one push. Jerry fucked that hole until he couldn't hold back the cum any longer. He reinserted the small butt plug. Jerry went to the kitchen to get food and find sport's drinks. Rod was going to need hydration and the electrolytes badly when he started to come around.
  7. Jerry got to the house plenty early. He needed to reconnoiter a bit. He needed to find out where the routine driven Rod kept his most secret stuff. When he arrived, he pulled a knife from the kitchen drawer and sliced two big thorns off the climbing rose. Be careful of the thorns, he remembered. He started looking thru Rod's drawers. He found the mask they had used to blindfold Rod for his birthday party back in October. Jerry thought that might come in handy. He kept it out. Jerry was amazed. He found no sign of any porn, gay or hetero. He even looked under the mattress. Nothing. This guy was too square to be true. Then it hit him. The computer. Jerry hit the enter button, it was on and unlocked and sprang to life. emails were up. Jerry read thru them all. None of any consequence except that odd one with no return address. Jerry read it 4 times. it still didn't make sense. Well, he'd look into it later when Rod was fast asleep. Jerry had his phone ready for videos. He also brought a few removable tattoos of consequence, his hair trimmers, and a straight razor. Jerry thought he might be able to convince Rod to let him shave his pubes to promote the healing of his sore cock. He had just a little time. That is when he found the measuring cup. Funny he had missed it before. It was in the shower. He held it close to his face. The smell was unmistakable, strong morning piss. Now why would Rod need a measuring cup. He thought hard and only one answer was possible. He was measuring the flow, NO, can't be. It would be too much for that cup. He'd find out when he had Rod in that state of bliss when he would answer any question unawares.
  8. Business was brisk from 9 to 11 and Rod didn't have time to use the nasal spray on account of the do it yourself customers, But when it slowed down, Rod called Jerry and said he hadn't used the nose spray, the store was too busy, should he take more and make up the doses. Jerry said, " What time will you close the store? Five" Rod said, "Always when the clock strikes five. It is a routine. I am used to routine in my life." Jerry made a mental note. That beautiful ass was going to get used to a routine, a routine of being booty bumped and fucked. Jerry asked if the house was open. Rod said, "The key is under a rock next to the rose bush, but be careful. It is thorny." Oh, he never should have said thorny. It gave Jerry another idea. Rod asked if Jerry would be there to take care of him when he got home. Jerry said, "I take good care of you as long as you trust me to." Rod said, "Thanks man. You are the best friend a guy could ask for." "Oh, take four hits, err, sprays of the bottle when you leave for home. Just in case you get woozy, you walked didn't you?" Jerry added. Rod said, "Will do, Dude. See you when I get home" Jerry could hardly contain himself. When the boy gets home he will be a little woozy, another real treatment and he'll be ready for more than that buttplug, he thought. I'll get him to the point that he begs me to put things in him, then I'll give him a little of Miss Tina. He'll be flying high and begging for more. When and if that cock goes down, I'm going to cage it in a big enough cage to drive him crazy but not let him jack off. Meanwhile, I'll make him wish that cock would go down by telling him the only hope is to hurt it. Jerry spent the rest of the day planning and getting the stuff he knew he'd need.
  9. After the remedication, the powder forced down the urethra, and the crystal looking rock forced up his ass, Rod said he felt strange. Jerry said, "I have just the thing. He produced a nasal spray bottle. When you feel to strange, take a sniff of this." Little did Rod know, it was a product called poppers in a prescription bottle "How many times should I use it, Jerry?" the big jock asked. Jerry said," 2 times an hour. When you get home from work, call me. I will be over to check on you. " "Jerry, you are a lifesaver,"Rod said. Jerry rubbed a cream into Rod's big cock, wrapped it neatly in gauze and said. " What do you have to wear to work?" Khakis and a blue shirt was the uniform. So, Jerry said, "You won't get your cock caught again will you?""No Sir, Rod answered quickly. Jerry said, "One more thing. You will be on your feet all day. I need to keep the meds from running out your ass. Bend over, Buddy." Jerry inserted a nice butt plug in Rod's ass. Odd, but Rod felt it should be there, maybe even more. Jerry left and Rod got ready for work. When he left the house, Rod found walking moved the plug around and it wasn't unpleasant. What if it fell out. Rod would call Jerry from work to check.
  10. When mom and dad came home they found Rod sound asleep. He looked rested but was having the strangest dreams involving his penis and his ass. All about burning like fire and wanting to be touched. He woke at 4 am and didn't look at the clock. He went into bathroom and looked at his greasy mass of hair. He needed a shower but had to wait for Jerry to come to take off the dressing. Little did he know that the powder Jerry had forced down his urethra was crushed up Cialis. He would be hard for a few more hours. Mom and Dad looked in and found him on his computer. He looked up as they said there goodbyes Dad reminded Rod to take charge while they were gone. All the while Rod's ass felt so strange, so empty. Jerry had been watching from down the street, when the parents left, he let himself in the back door and headed up the stairs. He had a suitcase with him and his EMT stash. Jerry called out to Rod and Rod said in my room. Jerry looked in and said, "And how is Dr Jerry's patient today." Rod said, "Your'e the doctor; you tell me" Jerry's reply, was let's have a look. He pulled out his surgical style scissors and cut away the gauze. Rod was horrified. His dick looked worse today. Jerry started barking orders. We need to clean it. I'll get in the shower Now way! You want to make it worse. Jerry said, "Go stand in the shower!" Rod did as he was told. Jerry appeared with a bottle of peroxcide, and two other bottles and plenty of cotton balls. They peroxcide burned like hell. Jerry said, "It just won't go down. Do you think I can jack it?" Jerry said, "Are you crazy, do you want to destroy it." "But, Jerry, it just is huge." Jerry said, "I know. I might be able to help. But first we need to clean you out. The tub shower head unscrewed easily and Jerry produced a hose and a pair of tubes, One very thing tube, and one larger one. Now, You have to remain very still. I'm getting undressed because this will be messy. Jerry was wearing a jock and swim trunks under his clothes. Rod looked at the tubes and hose and said, "Jerry, what are we doing here?" Jerry said, "Well, Rod, we could go to the hospital." Rod acceded to whatever Jerry said. Have you pissed yet. Rod, in truth, said, "No, but I really need to. Can you go downstairs and get me my bag" It was a ruse to be able to drink that piss. Jerry left, Rod drank his piss and waited in the shower. When Jerry returned, He said, "I don't know if we should wrap today, but I have an idea or two." Jerry tested the temp of the water, warming it nicely. Then pulled up the nob on the spout, The hose was free of clogs. Jerry put the smaller of the tubes on the hose, grabbed Rod's large sore cock and forced it down his urethra until it was almost to the base. He started a slow pulse of water. Rod began to feel very full. When Jerry pulled that rod out, Rod gave out with what seemed like a gallon of water. Jerry said, "One more time to be sure, Rod . Rod was sweating and moaning, this time he left the water run for a longer time. Finally, Jerry shut off the water. He said, "Rod, count to twenty. Too fast Rod, add Mississippi between the numbers. Rod did as he was told. He was drenched in sweat. Jerry pulled out the tube and so much flushed out. Rod couldn't believe it. He changed tubes to the larger. "Rod, you have to lean forward and grab your knees." As the jock stud did, Rod worked a little lube into his ass. Rod knew what was missing all night, something in his ass. Then the tube and the water. Four times before the water ran clear. Rod was almost exhausted. his stomach had felt so full. Jerry produced a finger splint Pulled the prongs open wide, wrapped that swollen cock in plastic wrap and fastened the prongs tight. "Now, you may shower, Rod. Then we will medicate you again." That should take care of you unless you get infection. Rod showered, washing his hair, feeling almost human. But his cock remained hard.
  11. Darn an episode didn't get over to this. I'll have to recreate it.
  12. Jerry had been watching that hot ass for a long time. He had just given Rod his first booty bump. Within an hour Rod would be looking for anything to shove up that ass. When he found that Rod's parents would be gone all day Friday, he knew that Rod would need another treatment, before work and after. Rog had to go for college entrance tests three towns away. Jerry would have that Rodney's big rod and fine ass all to himself until quite late Saturday. Jerry smiled knowing he wasn't even on call. Some things just work out, Jerry thought. He would use a little sodiumpentathol to learn secrets, use that fine ass a few time take pix and have Rod right where he should be, Jerry's cunt. Much more to cum
  13. he hoped the flap would cover his skin and entered the front of the store. Susie Sanders said, "I was about to leave. I thought you had gone. She flirted for a good 20 minutes and Rod did his best to hide his pain. When she left he went into the back room. He tried pulling the zipper down. Hopeless, he couldn't hold on to it. He grabbed a vice grips and began to pull, nothing. What was he to do? He thought what are friends for. He'd take a ribbing but Rog would get him out. He dialed, "Rog get to the hardware store now. I'm in trouble." Five minutes later Rog came thru the door panting hard. What's wrong. All he saw was Rod's head around the rack of plumbing supplies. "Rog, come over here. Hurry!" Rog did as he was told. Then he saw it, ugly purple skin pushed out the flap on the Khakis. Rog almost passed out. "Rog, get a grip. I got to get out of this!" Rod pleaded. Rog said, "I'll get a vice grips, that should do it" Rod handed him one. He said it won't budge. Rog said, we have to shrink it! ICE! Ice will make it go down. Rog ran to the café and brought back a large cup of ice. He tried cubes on the part outside the zipper, No, It had to be inside. The two boys labored getting ice into those flat front Khakis. Rod had to lie down to keep it from falling out. Rog said, " Hell didn't your underwear protect you." Then as he shoved ice in he learned Rod's love of commando. The ice seemed to make a little progress. Try now. Rog who had been shoving the ice in while Rod held his hands both sides of his engorged dick, got the zipper to start to move. After another 30 minutes the dick was free but badly mangled. It hurt and hurt bad. The drugstore was about to close when Rog burst in asking for a lidocaine cream. He bought a large tube and ran back into the hardware store where Rod was dripping with sweat. His long hair was a tangled mess. His face contorted. His soaked Khakis clung to his legs. "Open it for me, please hurry, Rog" was all Rod could say. Rod slathered his big ugly cock with the cream. It help a little. But he had to get home. Rod stood, Oh, wet khakis aren't nice. He grabbed his gym bag, pulled out the sweaty short and pulled them on. He went to the back of the store for a mop. Rog said, " let me do that for you buddy." He mopped the wet up while Rod locked up. He stuffed the wet Khakis in his gym bag and the two locked up. Rog went home with Rod. Never leave a brother in trouble by himself. When they got home, Rod stripped off his clothes like a wild man. The lidocaine didn't help much. There was a little blood and scab forming. Rog had never seen anything that ugly. Rog said, we need my brother, he's off duty. Rog's brother was a jr EMT for the county. Rog's brother Jerry, took one look and said, "Man that is a mess. But I can help. Let me get some supplies from my case." Jerry said, I need to look inside that urethra man. If that is damaged we go to hospital. He produced a speculum, lubed it and pushed it in, slowly opening it. I want to put some powder in to disinfect it but you better piss first. Now, that was another problem. He had to piss four ounces, drink it and pour the rest away. Rod went to the john, got his four ounces and drank it. He came back into the bedroom where Jerry had the speculum, some powder, and a probe ready. He opened Rod's cock wider than Rod believed possible, dipped the probe in the powder, and down the urethra it went. He repeated the action 3 times to be sure. Then he said, I have to be sure. I'm going to use anti-biotic on your dick and wrap it with gauze. It will probably be hard all night, but that is good. Don't piss until morning. Now, Rod, You need to lie on your stomach. I'm going to put some pain killer in your ass. It will help you to sleep. Rod thought strange but did and he was told. Rog gloved up, lubed his glove and pulled what looked like a crystal out of a bottle. He inserted it Rods ass. Rod said it burned as much as what was in his urethra. Rog said, " It has to burn to work. Now I want you sleep on your back. For the sake of that mangled dick, don't roll over.
  14. The trouble with emails was you never knew what was what for sure. Rod read the short email. It made little sense to him. It was as tho it were sent to someone else. In his usual fashion he went thru the store, locking the back door, turning off lights, closing off the store room, turning out lights, turning on the security light, locked the front door and walked toward home. He was sorry he drank that Coke, he had to piss in the worst way. He would fight it as it would throw off his routine. When he got home there was a note from mom saying she and dad had gone to a late movie. Super was ready to heat up in the microwave. Rod sat at the kitchen table fighting the need to piss. It was strong, so he did what he did when he knew he had to wait. He pulled a clothes peg out of the drawer. He opened his belt, opened his pants and out flopped Rod's rod. He knew it was a big one. He clamped the clothes peg on it. He knew from experience the pain would relieve the urge to piss. He closed up his pants, the sharp pain in the cockhead alleviated the desire to piss, but always made him hard. He really missed the pleated pants because the flat front really compressed his big rod of a dick. He ate the dinner. He didn't want to use the last of the milk, so he drank what was left of a sport's drink. Out loud, he said, "God, I have to piss like a race horse." Then he headed upstairs for his nightly routine. Everything proceeded in order. But, he knew he wouldn't be able to stop once the piss started, so he pissed into a measuring cup in the shower, pulling it away at 4 ounces. He pissed a long time, blessed relief. He prayed the usual but added one about the scholarship. When his head hit the pillow and his hand grasped his cock, he drifted off, dreaming of the university, the math bowl, the scholarship, football, and the strange email. When he woke, his routine would be the same, except his cock head was badly bruised. He wore the clothes peg too long. Well, Friday is Friday and things have to be done, bruised cock or not. But seeing the bruised cock somehow excited him. He found himself getting rock hard. More trouble for the morning. He dressed, stuffed that thing into his flat front pants, and felt the back of the zipper. It hurt and Rod adjusted it. Then he readjusted it right back against the zipper. Bulge was more than obvious. Heck, he readjusted it and went downstairs. Mom kissed his hair, he kissed her cheek. Dad said he and mom wanted to go to the lake Saturday for the day. Would that be all right? Would he be fine? Since he had to work, he didn't see a problem with the trip. They would leave early and be home by midnight. Don't wait up! As Rod drove to school, he kept readjusting his cock, onto the zipper. The barbed teeth gave him a strange feeling. He liked it. He parked in his usual spot, adjusted his cock, saw Susie Sanders waved, She waited for him to get out of the car. He had to readjust first. They walked in together. Once inside, Principal Adams said there was a message for him in the office. Rod had time, so he went to get it. It was a simple phone message from Mr Higgins. Could he get to the Hardware store a little early to unload some things into the back room. Rod knew Mr Higgins expected it and planned to do it. Cut short his gym time, but he owed Mr Higgins. At the end of Math class, Rod stopped in the john, he entered a stall and adjusted himself against those barbed zipper teeth. It scared him that he liked to so much. He rubbed it. Yes. He did like it. Well no time now, he readjusted and headed to class. His buds thought he had the runs, he was in the john between every class, and spent 15 min of lunch in there. While he drove home he shifted his dick back and forth across that zipper. He pulled into the garage, closed the door, jogged the 100 feet to the back door and let himself in. He hurried upstairs to get his gym bag, but went into the bathroom to look at his dick in the mirror. It was swollen and ugly colored. He almost broke down and put on underwear. But didn't. He walked to the gym, did most of his routine, showered, got dressed and headed to the hardware store. Mr. Higgins thanked him heartily for coming in. He said he and his wife had to go to her sisters. She was sick and had 3 little kids. He would not be home until Monday. Rod would be in charge in the hardware store. Rod told him not to worry. "Go ahead now, Mr Higgins. I will take care of things here. Do I need to make a deposit?" Mr Higgins said not today, but Saturday afternoon after 5. Put the usual in the night deposit at the bank down the street. Rod said understood. Mr Higgins hurried out. Rod stepped behind the rack of plumbing supplies and began rubbing his big cock against his zipper. Funny he had never tried this before. It was quiet in the store and he went to the john. He opened his pants and took a good look, big hard cock. Then he heard the bell. That was the portent of tragedy. In his hurry, he zipped skin "
  15. Rod entered school with a group of his buds, As he did, female heads turned, some male heads as well. Principal Adams saw him and said, Hey, Rod, I have something for you. Rod approached the 5"10" man towering over him and thanked him for the pass. They exchanged pleasantries, talked about an upcoming dance, and Rod moved on. His first period class was Calculus. Rod had a mind for numbers and logic. There was a pop quiz and Rod knew he had aced it. Mr Johnson asked him to stay after class. There was a math bowl coming up and he wanted Rod to participate. Rod said, "Mr Johnson, I will be happy to help out if I can get time off work. Give me some lead time and I'm sure Mr. Higgins will find a way to let me go for the time." Mr Johnson replied, "It is 2 weeks from Saturday. I hope Mr Higgins will cooperate." Rod nodded and said that he'd ask. Rod was fairly certain Mr Higgins would agree, but refused to commit until he was certain. He was like that. When he gave his word, it was like a promise from God. The day passed quickly and one o'clock had Rod in the conference room with Coach and a Mr Samson from State U. Mr Samson had seen the game films. He had seen Rod play. He knew he wanted this kid, but wanted to red shirt him for the first year. Rod was uncertain about that. He had to talk it over with his parents and think it thru. Mr Samson gave coach his card and said, "Son, rules say I can't contact you directly, but if you have questions or concerns, Coach will contact me and be the go between. It was already 2:30, the final bell range at 2:40 so Coach said, "Don't interrupt your last class. Just get your things from your locker and head on out." Rod thanked him and headed to his car. It would be a short drive to the gym for workouts. He'd have an hour, then take the car home, have a snack, take a shit and piss, and walk to work. Everyone knew Rod was a creature of habit and a couple buds met him as he walked to work. They all wanted to know what the Coach had lined up for him. Rod explained. They all agreed he should not redshirt. He was ready for big league of university football. Rod, as usual, said that he'd talk it over with his parents. Mr Higgins was ready to leave for dinner at home when Rod arrived. Rod talked with him about the math bowl and Mr Higgins agreed to come in on that Saturday so Rod could participate. Rod, thanked him profusesly. Mr Higgins said, "I am proud of you on the football field and in the classroom. Go and do your best." Rod broke his own rule and had a Coke to celebrate the day. After all, it was a good day for him. Scholarship offer and be a star in math bowl. The evening was quiet. Only four customers. Mr Koury needed a flapper for his toilet. Mrs Johnson wanted some paint mixed. Mr Murphy needed some machine screws. Other than that, Rod studied and played on the Internet. He always checked emails last. The usual letters about nothing, but one was different, sender was blocked. Rod thought he shouldn't open it, but did. More to come, and cum

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