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    Getting fucked
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    I'll fuck, but I crave cock. Locked in chastity by a dom, I am trying to get as many loads as possible.

    Time for an update. The Dom left me. Took my toys and cleaned out my bank account. Had to have the last metal chastity cage cut of by a jeweler. Had some explaining to do. Anyway, there are times I miss the cage. Still taking all the cock I can get.
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    Dom took vids. I was always wearing a hood. Have no idea where to find them. Bet they are on a paysite.
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    Tops. Kinky tops

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  1. Man, I miss you

  2. how far from Crown Point?

  3. Those hairy men have a hold on me. I join up with those middle eastern guys whenever I can. Turks included.
  4. No brother, but 3 cousins are heaven in bed
  5. Ah, so Topher is becoming a regular with Treasure Island, filming in Britain a group action. How long before the STUD bottoms?
  6. Man, where are you, I miss you.

  7. You seem to have cast a spell on me

    1. ballerva


      I wish we were closer so I could breed you daily

    2. mjkuhl


      I wish you were breeding me right now


  8. Fame breeds contempt. I don't know him, have never seen him in person, but know that in the me too era, we need protection from what is happening.
  9. Take me to that party with you

    1. Gingerloadwhore


      throw your hot ass in a sling and see how wide and deep you can take it

    2. mjkuhl


      You would control that.  You would set all rules for my ass

  10. Puffy, or wide open. I wonder how Brad Maguire would like him?
  11. And he will be a hit with Treasure Island. How long before he ends up bottoming, drscorpio
  12. uninhibited, boundary pushing, taboo.  I know I like you, man.

    1. wellhard


      thats what i like man!!!

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