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    Getting fucked
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    I'll fuck, but I crave cock. Locked in chastity by a dom, I am trying to get as many loads as possible.

    Time for an update. The Dom left me. Took my toys and cleaned out my bank account. Had to have the last metal chastity cage cut of by a jeweler. Had some explaining to do. Anyway, there are times I miss the cage. Still taking all the cock I can get.
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    Dom took vids. I was always wearing a hood. Have no idea where to find them. Bet they are on a paysite.
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    Tops. Kinky tops

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  1. Surprisingly, after long term chastity, being totally free is not so comfortable
  2. My ex wanted my balls swollen. He'd help them along by slapping them. I miss it
  3. I could melt for Brad Mcguire, Tom Sawyer, Slave Will, and Ethan Wolfe.
  4. My ex loved seeing me struggle to talk to my boss or my mom with him fucking the hell out of me. I can't say I didn't like it.
  5. Lucky kid. I wish I had known you when I was 24. I would have wanted the same
  6. Oh, Ev is going to have to learn to be the perfect top as well as bottom. But, Dad's dick is his goal.
  7. I need to get my cock and balls to you for special treatment

  8. mjkuhl


    God tht is hot. Where do I sign up for thata treatment
  9. It will get much hotter, I know.
  10. Oh, what has he created. Sammy rides again.
  11. Given, it was the janitor at the Court House. He led me to a closet, we went in among mops and supplies. The door is kept locked as supplied disappear. I didn't see his wedding ring until he was deep in my mouth and throat. I normally don't go ro married men. He came loads. He asked if I would meet him again. I didn't want to. He pulled me around and fucked me with that big black cock as he jerked me off. I'm sorely tempted to go back for more
  12. I come back to reread this over and over again. It is too hot for words
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