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    Getting fucked
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    I'll fuck, but I crave cock. Locked in chastity by a dom, I am trying to get as many loads as possible.

    Time for an update. The Dom left me. Took my toys and cleaned out my bank account. Had to have the last metal chastity cage cut of by a jeweler. Had some explaining to do. Anyway, there are times I miss the cage. Still taking all the cock I can get.
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    Dom took vids. I was always wearing a hood. Have no idea where to find them. Bet they are on a paysite.
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    Tops. Kinky tops

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  1. mjkuhl

    Cursed hung bottom

    That always gets me attention
  2. 15 minutes ago behind a dumpster near Home Depot. Home Depot is usually good for a load or two
  3. mjkuhl

    Mitch Banning (HDK)

    He's hot. I'd like to see more
  4. mjkuhl

    ANON fucker turning into a regular

    He needs your attention, Read
  5. mjkuhl

    How old when your pubic hair appeared?

    My cousin who is the same age had it at 11, whiskers by 13. I didn't get it till 14. whiskers at 18. I was so jealous. He made me his bitch.
  6. I want what you have to give.  Over and over again.

    1. ballerva


      I would make naked love to you and your waiting hole

  7. does fraternity count? Then, after drinking too much, in a bar restroom. It wasn't unpleasant
  8. mjkuhl

    Anal Orgasms

    there is nothing to compare with the anal orgasm. It is a whole body experience. I can't say that enough.
  9. mjkuhl

    Ethan Wolfe returns to TIM

    But you'd die happy
  10. mjkuhl

    Ethan Wolfe returns to TIM

    and he's hot as ever. I'd love to play with him
  11. mjkuhl

    High School Tennis Player

    fellow athletes are wonderful partners

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