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  1. Innocently lost... dont know how to go about to have piggy sex .. got a room at the Dunes on sunsat tonight and tomorrow ... bf is here but he doesnt know that i party ... id like to have a group to keep him busy and a group to fuck.. slam me but without the bf seeing and then have fun ! Staying here feb 13/ 14 please ?
  2. Travelling to LA for pride and was wondering which hotel to stay at if one would like to access to easy sex like slammers and yet also enjoy pride ? thanks for any infos !
  3. AZN male on the piggy side with a point ...would like to know where to go to be appointed and serve by a white male ...where to find the gear
  4. Going to 442 cumunion... hoping to get stealth there
  5. piggy azn boi visiting and will be going to explore Dore Alley event. Which one should i go to be a nasty little pig and where can i find favours or at least get stealth slam and be whore out ?
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