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  1. Grrrr... Thanks for the follow Bro....
    Any time you're up this way you let me know and I'll put you up. 

    1. evilqueerpig


      OINK~  Glad to have you!

    2. StickyWetHole


      OiNK <==8 be glad to you you!!


    3. evilqueerpig
  2. Speaking from personal experience as 50/50 vers, I enjoy fucking black bottoms as much as I enjoy black tops fucking me. May he rest in peace, my black fwb was also 50/50 vers and his ass was as sweet as his cock.
  3. LOVE the twisted turn! Jimmy needs to get knocked up by Melvin!
  4. We're entitled to our preferences, but we need to be respectful.
  5. As long as I have a face, you'll always have a place to sit!😛

  6. Oh, to be your bicycle seat!
  7. If that was meant for me....SIT ON MY FACE!
  8. I can vouch for British hospitality. Was in London for a week on holiday in May, 1987 and never spent a night alone. Given the current situation in the US, I wish we'd never fought that stupid war.
  9. There's something about a man with a sweaty/musky hole that makes my mouth water and given my long tongue, I can give men maximum pleasure, even rimming to climax on occasion. I've earned the nickname RIMBO!
  10. I've been fortunate to get in life what porn only rarely offers and I've had many memorable/cherished experiences with men who weren't performing for money, but sharing themselves with me.
  11. I had a guy ask me to take a shit, put it on my cock and fuck him! Needless to say, I was out of there quick!
  12. I usually show my long tongue and say..."I can do things to your cock that no woman ever could!"

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