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    SLUT with few limits
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    NASTY/PIGGY/KINKY men and boiz...1 on 1...3ways....groups...fullblown tops move to the front of the line

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  1. Have you ever been to Slammer in LA? Going to LA on a business trip on Tuesday the 27th. Was thinking of going there and letting my inner slut out to play.

  2. evilqueerpig

    Tips for Tops

    Being vers, I find the best fucking is when top and bottom are on the same wavelength.
  3. evilqueerpig

    Do you always Rim?

    I always rim I love the taste of man's ass and I enjoy the pleasure it gives the men I rim There are men who don't enjoy being rimmed and I respect their wishes Once my tongue is up a man's ass, he's no longer a stranger
  4. My stock statement for making things clear from the start.."I don't date...I trick!"
  5. evilqueerpig

    Not Tech Savvy

    Looks like I'm in good company. My smart phone makes me feel dumb, I don't use any apps and I'd sooner nail my cock to a burning building than join facebook. Not necessarily a technophobe, but at 59, I guess I'm just set in my ways.
  6. Scott O'Hara, may he rest in peace. He wasn't classically handsome, nor was he ugly, but he was the first porn actor to embrace and own his AIDS status.
  7. evilqueerpig

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    I think it's more of a bottom declaring his ass is open to all tops....just my 2 cents.
  8. evilqueerpig

    Catfished by Horny Trucker

    You're not bratty in the least, when a guy misrepresents himself, I usually tell him to fuck off and get my ass out of there.
  9. evilqueerpig

    PA and my hole

    I've never experienced any pain when getting fucked by a guy with a PA, but the movement of it can cause extra friction, making it feel different from an unpierced cock. My advice is to give it a try. You might like it.
  10. evilqueerpig

    Most stupid...

    The inane, "I want you to poz me!" when my profile clearly states "on meds/undetectable"
  11. I've never thought of sex as a contest or a competition. Being versatile, 2 things I loathe are selfish tops and lazy bottoms. Just my 2 cents.
  12. evilqueerpig

    How do you like your bottoms ass to be?

    Hairy/tight/lubed with cum
  13. evilqueerpig

    Which do you prefer

  14. With regular guests and guys on "day passes". Inn Leather is a good choice. If you'll be blindfolded, I suggest having a trusted friend to act as a monitor. HOT ass btw!
  15. I'm guessing your inbox is full cuz they say you can't receive messages.  Would like to get to know you, and if you feel the same hmu at eqp1959@gmail.com  OINK~

    1. Chargedup


      Thank you for letting me know I just cleaned out my box it was full… ☣️pps

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