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  1. Too bad Pulitzer doesn't have a QUEER erotica/romance category!
  2. thanks for the follow pig

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. evilqueerpig


      My philosophy is..."If it ain't bareback, it ain't fuckin and it ain't happenin!"

    3. evilqueerpig


      NEVER had a condom on/in me!

    4. BeefyBearPig


      unfortunately I've taken a few wrapped cocks, but that was long ago. Once I learned better it has been raw ever since.

  3. This puts me in the minority. Labels like those listed minimizes masculinity and even when I get fucked, I'm all man and giving myself willingly is not submitting.
  4. Length/girth makes no difference...as long as the guy know how to use what he's got.
  5. I'm going old school with Moose and Richard Locke who was the original gay porn Daddy
  6. Just looked at your pics....HOTT FUCKIN STUD!

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    2. evilqueerpig


      Sit on my face and I'll go deeper than any tongue that's been in you!  Taste your own assjuices when we kiss!

    3. Norrinradd84


      oh fuck ya, i would fucking love you. And do any raunchy piggy thing you wanted.  Get a Poz guy to fuck you then sit on my face and i would felch the toxic load into my mouth.

    4. evilqueerpig


      Snowball it with me, piggy studbottom!

  7. Aside from my tight, furry ass, I'd have to say my piggy attitude and twisted mind!
  8. For as long as I can remember, the Repugs have been joined at the hip to the Religious Right, which as far as I'm concerned is neither! Reagan, their hero never even mentioned HIV or AIDS while in office. Still, there are exceptions, notably Ted Olsen who fervently argued for marriage equality. To define my political identity, I'd call myself a radical progressive, a QUEER Abbie Hoffman and even if they're weak on certain issues, the Democrats have always gotten my vote.
  9. HOT profile/pic!

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    2. evilqueerpig


      Been known to rim guys to climax!  Love to kiss...you

    3. PigPlayRaw


      Damn, will have to look you up next time I’m in FL

    4. evilqueerpig


      NASTY PIG with few limits...no females/condoms/scat/extreme pain...anything else is definite or definitely negotiable!  TAKE ME or vice versa!

  10. Summer of 1977. Met him on the gay/nude beach. I was 3 months shy of my 18th birthday, he was 28 and the image of my fantasy man. Owned up to being a virgin and he was cool with that. Eventually, we went to his place where we sucked each other's cocks and fucked each other. We had a 3 month fling and on my 18th birthday, he took me to the baths and my slut gene kicked into overdrive. Back then, HIV wasn't an issue, so bareback was the norm and it's been my way of life ever since.
  11. When you bareback, STDs are a fact of life! Enjoy the rides but be prepared to deal with the consequences.
  12. Age/looks makes no difference, for me it's all about the man himself.
  13. Don't be selfish! My ass is giving your cock pleasure, so use your cock to give my ass pleasure! Kissing is a MUST!
  14. I've been with identical twins and they never made me feel like an outsider.....sex was FUCKIN HOT! Ultimately, it's for you to decide.
  15. I was unable to sign out, but it was a minor inconvenience...still the best site!

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