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  1. Back in the days of gay.com, I chatted regularly with a POZ couple, but they only played with other POZ guys. The day I was diagnosed, I went to a bar to celebrate and within 30 minutes, I was breeding my 1st chaser. As soon as I got home that night, I logged on and told them my good news. We arranged to meet at their place a few days later. Both of them were versatile and very attentive to me, not an inkling of being treated as an outsider. Foreplay involved lots of kissing and body contact. I was spitroasted twice, with the 2 of them reversing roles and thanks to them, I felt warmly welcomed into the POZ community.
  2. I long for the day when this thread will be irrelevant, but I don't see it happening in my lifetime. Racism may be the worst bias within the queer community, but it is by no means the only one. Whether we're bears, twinks, drag queens, leather guys or whatever the case may be, we've all felt the sting of being marginalized. My first man gave me the best advice..."Sexy and love comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!" Throughout my life, I've tried to live by those words. Cumbustion, this is for you. If your friends relegated your relationship with your black boyfriend to sex and labeled you a size queen, they are NOT your friends. My condolences on your loss and I wish you happiness with your current boyfriend. We fall in love with man's heart, not his cock. Apologies aren't in my nature, but if my bluntness offended you, it's not my intention.
  3. You're my kinda bloke!

  4. getting followed by U is great TYVM 

  5. Been there.....done that....look for it in a future post
  6. My 1st time was unintentional. It was NYC Pride 1992 and I picked up a hot Latino. We grabbed dinner and on the way to his place, we bought a few 6 packs of beer. After polishing off the 1st one, we both needed to piss, so we stood, side by side at the toilet. For some unexplained reason, I grabbed his sweet uncut cock and the feel of piss running through it turned me on. Long story short, we swapped fucks and he asked me to stay the night. I awoke 1st the next morning and thought I'd wake him with a blowjob. I took his cock in my mouth and his bladder opened a split second before his eyes. The taste was strong, bitter and I was hooked instantly. He freaked out at first, but I sealed my lips around his pissing cock and refused to let him pull out until I'd swallowed every last drop. When the shock wore off, he admitted he liked me drinking his piss, then I returned to his cock and sucked out his seed for a chaser. He fed me twice more before I left and on my way home, I bought myself a yellow hankie.
  7. Author's note: While it is not in my nature to apologize, I do take responsibility for taking so long to update this topic. Once this topic is completed, there will be a spinoff. "Speaking for both of us, we appreciate you giving us this private time." I said as Curtis and I rose from the bed. "On a personal note, I've grown to love all of you equally, but Curtis is the lucky one, he has a history with me and also a history with the 4 of you." In the kitchen, Curtis opened the fridge and grabbed 6 bottles of water. "We don't want to get drunk," He said. On the counter, there was a bag of fun size milky ways and Curtis grabbed a handful, saying, "I have some freaky plans for these!" "As long as I get to drown in your piss, water is fine with me!" I said, reaching into Curtis' shorts and giving his cock a squeeze. Not surprisingly, he was hard and a drop of precum just oozed out of his cockhead. Of course, I scooped it up with my finger and brought it to my mouth. "Mmmmmm, that's yummy!" I said, gathering the water bottles in my arms. "You guys have fun!" Curtis said, as we walked out the door. "Sugar and I sure will! Just as I hoped, the a/c has been turned off," He said as we entered the other room and closed the door. "Alone, at last!" I placed the water bottles on one nightstand and Curtis put the chocolates on the other. "Before we get started, there's something I want to tell you. My ex and I had an open relationship for 10 years, the last 2 of which there was no sex. One of the rules was that we never brought other men to our place. I get home from work on a Friday night and our place smelled of smoke and when I asked my ex about it, he admitted to opening a letter addressed to me and because it was full of vile, disgusting things, he burned the letter and the envelope. Not being a violent person, I yelled at him saying he'd betrayed my trust and ordered him to spend the weekend at his parents place, giving him 15 minutes to pack and get out while I grabbed some pizza. At that point, the relationship was over and I needed to do something to seal the deal. The reststop was my first thought, but it was usually quiet at that hour and even if you were there, I worried about getting my heart broken again if you didn't want to take things to another level. I did have a friend with benefits, a sweet, PIGGY black guy who was still living with his ex, but in separate rooms and we'd play there. Long story short, I called him up, told him to pack a bag and I drove to Long Island and took him back to my place where we spent the entire weekend fuckin the stench of my ex out of my bed!" Curtis kissed me on the cheek and said, "Eliot, nobody deserves to be treated the way your ex treated you! If you had gone to the reststop and I was there, I would've gone home with you as soon as you asked. You don't know how many times I wanted to ask you to come home with me, but like you, I was afraid you only wanted our occasional fucks." "Finally, after all these years, we won't be havin sex, we'll be makin love!" I said, filled with raw emotion and anticipation. "Curtis, sit on the edge of the bed so I can undress my man properly!" He did just that and I knelt before him, removing his sneakers and socks. "Until now, I didn't realize what sexy feet you have!" Taking his right foot in my hand, I brought it to my mouth and licked his sole, then each of his toes as he moaned in pleasure. Repeating the process on his left foot elicited the same response. I put my hands in the waistband of his shorts and instinctively, Curtis lifted his butt. Quickly pulling his shorts off, Curtis' throbbing cock smacked his belly and his low hangin balls bounced on the mattress. Gently lifting his legs, I inserted my tongue into his fuzzy brown crevice and I swear he practically purred. One at a time, I licked Curtis' hairy balls, slobberin on them. His throbbin cock beckoned and I licked up and down the shaft before taking his cockhead in my mouth to taste his precum. Lickin my lips, I looked up at him and smiled. Running his fingers through my hair, Curtis said, "When you called me your man, my heart skipped a beat! One of the many amazin things about you is your talent for pleasin a man and the fact that it gives you equal pleasure! Now, lets switch places so your man can undress you properly!" I now sat at the edge of the bed while a naked Curtis knelt in front of me. Adding his own twist, he caressed my legs before removing my sneakers and socks. "Mmmmmm! So nice!!" I moaned, as he licked the soles and toes of each foot. When he pulled my shorts off and licked my ass, balls and cock, a surge of electricity seemed to course through my entire body. Hopping up on the bed, Curtis pulled me on top of him, wrapping his legs around mine, our throbbing cocks rubbing against each other. "Now that it's just the 2 of us," he said, "I hope you like to cuddle!" "Like to?!" I replied, stroking Curtis' face with both hands. "Gettin piggy and sex aside, there's nothing I like more, especially with a sweet man like you! My ex refused to cuddle and it was like pullin teeth to get him to kiss!" Wrapping his arms around me, Curtis said, "Your ex was a fool to not appreciate everything you had to offer! I hope you don't get mad at me for sayin this, but you were a fool for stayin with him as long as you did!" "Mad at you?!" I said, pulling Curtis closer to me. "Why would I be mad at you for bein honest with me? Until you just said it, I didn't realize it was just as much my fault as my ex's. I embraced my kinky side and just accepted him remainin vanilla because my needs for kink and intimacy were bein met by other men. Men like you! Put your mouth on mine and gimme the intimacy I'm cravin!" I said, parting my lips. A split second later, Curtis thrust his tongue so deep in my mouth he tickled my tonsils. Our leaking, throbbing cocks ground against each other. I could feel Curtis' heart pounding on my chest and I was certain he could feel mine. Ever since our initial encounter at the reststop, I knew Curtis was a first rate kisser, but there was something deeper about the kiss we were now sharing. Yes, it was passionate and intimate as usual, but there was something deeply emotional and though I hesitated to put it into words, Curtis was kissing me like a lover. For a good 10 blissful minutes, we rolled around on the bed, dueling tongues, our hands roaming all over each other's bodies. Pulling away, Curtis and I were side by side, our arms wrapped around each other. "Eliot, that kiss took my breath away!" He said. "Kissin you has always been wonderful, but this time it was different. It felt like bein kissed by a lover!" "That's exactly how it felt to me!" I confessed. "After not seein you for so many years, we're connected on a deeper level. Maybe things might've been different if we weren't just frequent fucks at the reststop, but we both have our own lives. Let's just keep this between the 2 of us. The others are a bit jealous of us as it is." "Of course you're right!" Curtis sighed. "You're settled down here and I have my life in Brooklyn with our 4 bros, so I guess we'll keep this connection when we visit. Meanwhile, it looks like we're both kinda sweaty, so if you don't mind a suggestion, we can take turns sniffin and lickin each other's pits and get into a 69 position for pubes and butt crack!" "Let me show you how much I don't mind your suggestion!" I said, rolling Curtis on his back and straddling his chest. Raising his right arm, I buried my nose in his pit and inhaled deeply. Though the scent was faint, it was nonetheless heady and like poppers, it went right to my cock, causing it to throb and leak. Curtis moaned contentedly as I did the same thing to his left pit. "Have a taste!" I said, kissing him with his essence on my breath. "I like the way I taste on you!" Curtis said, breaking the kiss. "Now, lets switch positions so I can give your pits a thorough cleaning!" I rolled onto my back and Curtis straddled my chest, diving into my right pit with his nose, then his mouth like a man on a mission. Onto the left pit with equal enthusiasm. "Damn, you got a nice stink! Taste it for yourself!" He said, planting a kiss on me. "Call me biased, but I think anything tastes delicious when mixed with your kisses!" I exclaimed. "This might be a sleazy motel, but you can't beat the view! Your handsome face, soulful eyes, sexy smile! Don't get me started on your ass! So round, firm, fuzzy, fuckable and sweet tastin! All these years, I knew you were an amazin fuck and now I see you're an amazin man! By the way, the look on your face tells me you might be blushin!" "You're right, I'm blushin!" Curtis confessed. "No man has ever said the things you say to me and if you keep it up, I'm liable to bawl like a baby. When you walked into the room last night, my heart skipped a beat and it wasn't just sexual. Of all the men who fucked me at the reststop, you were the only man who treated me as more than an ass to fuck and that's why when I decided to try fuckin, you had to be my first. I never paid attention to other men's asses, but when I saw yours, I had to have it, knowin you'd make my first time memorable! Let's shift around so we can sniff and lick each other's bush, nuts and butts!" Not needing to be told twice, I moved along with Curtis until we faced each other's crotch. Curtis had a crop of thick, wild pubes and they were glistening with sweat. Burying my nose in that dense forest, I inhaled deeply, moving from side to side. The aroma was manly, strong and intoxicating. Instantly, it made a place in my memory. With my tongue, I lapped up the sweetness of it. Moving down, I sniffed and licked Curtis' hairy nutsac, savoring the smell and the taste. Saving what I knew to be the best for last, I wallowed in the heady bouquet of Curtis' ass for endless seconds, licking his buttcrack, teasingly and no longer able to resist, I thrust my tongue deep in his hole, feasting on it like a starving man. Curtis matched my every action and while I felt it, I was immersed in the pleasures of his body. Gently moving my face away from him and his face away from me, Curtis said, "Eliot, there's still not a man who eats my ass as good as you do! You also got a sweet ass for eatin! Right now, the weed is makin me hungry and I got a freaky idea for the milky ways! Wanna hear" to be continued Accepted file types pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png · Max total size 0.49MB
  8. Boys huh? 😘How about little girls too 😘

  9. I seem to be in the minority here.....I identify as a QUEER man, but nonetheless 100% male......my ass is neither a pussy nor a cunt and I'm nobody's bitch.
  10. At the risk of sounding like a braggart, I became sexually proficient rather quickly. I was blessed to have a first man who showed me the pleasures of my own body and how to give pleasure to other men. He also taught me the joys of versatility and how intimacy enhances sex. Gianni, if you're reading this, thank you!
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  12. NO sin in my faith!

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