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  1. I have an idea of what the free tat will be, but will wait for the OP
  2. SEXY as you are, guys will approach you...wear a jock if you're looking to get fucked.
  3. If only you weren't across the pond...SEXY!
  4. Vote like your life depends on it...because it DOES!
  5. With an ass like yours, you must be popular!
  6. I don't just eat ass...I feast on ass. When a guy's got a naturally smooth ass, if it's sweaty and musky, I'm good with that. That said, if a guy's got an ass like sasquatch, I'll go into overdrive! After all, that's what a toothbrush and dental floss is for.
  7. It was Summer 1977 and I'd gone to the local QUEER/Nude beach with the sole intention of finding my first man. He emerged from the water a vision of hairy hotness and since I was staring so intently, he approached me. Admitted to being a total virgin and an hour later we were at his place. Since we had the afternoon to ourselves, I started by sucking his cock and I managed half of his 7" before my gag reflex stopped me from taking more. I'd been eating my own cum soon after I discovered masturbation, so I had no problem swallowing his seed. Then, it was his turn and my 6" easily slipped i
  8. I LOVE kissing, that said, if a guy's not skilled at kissing it adds nothing
  9. The 2 of you took your relationship to a deeper level...pun intended...and he enjoyed it as much as you.
  10. HAIRY! Hole darker than the ass. Just my opinion but when I'm fucking, it's a man and shouldn't look like pussy!
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