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  1. Oops, Mr HorseCock was in front of Island House...I was at Alexander's a block and a half away.
  2. Of course....but heard KW is no longer QUEER Disney since perverted str8s took over
  3. Key West, 1993. I was walking back to the guesthouse and across the street, I saw a guy with his shorts around his ankles, stroking the BIGGEST cock I'd ever seen. Crossing over, I asked "how big?" He replied, "11.5"" "Want some help with that?" After shoving his tongue down my throat, he pushed me down to my knees. I started by nibbling on his ample foreskin, then gradually taking his shaft in my mouth. This being Key West, we drew an audience. Next thing I know, my shorts were pulled down and lube was applied to my hole. A cock entered me and reaching around I was pleased to find it bare. Still sucking Mr Big, we were both shocked when my nose hit his pubes. "Nobody's ever taken me all the way!" He shouted. Being spitroasted was nothing new, but this was hot. The guy fucking me came with a grunt and as soon as he pulled out, another cock replaced him. Guys were jacking their cocks, cumming on my neck and back. I was in cocksucking bliss, my mouth filled with Latino monster cock. Guy #2 shouted as he spewed his load in my ass and #3 slid in. Suddenly, Mr Big moaned like an animal, flooding my mouth with cum, just as guy#3 climaxed. My cockGod pulled me to my feet, kissing me and thanking me. "You're a cummy mess!" He said. "It's wonderful!" I replied. Gathering my clothes, I walked back to my guesthouse naked and jumped in the pool to rinse off. Maybe not the most raunchy, but certainly the most slutty
  4. I was 17 when I sucked my first cock and even without any prior experience, my man said I was a natural born cocksucker. Had been eating my own cum since I started masturbating, there was no doubt I'd swallow. NEVER been called a lousy cocksucker, I'm a talented cocksucker and I've never sucked a lousy cock.
  5. My friends are all QUEER and they know they can have NSA access to my mouth/ass/cock. Being out at work, I've had guys come onto me, but it can't interfere with our jobs.
  6. I'm one of those rare guys whose cock/ass both have a conscience....a guy can be physically perfect, but if I'm not into him...no fucking
  7. what makes you evil ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. evilqueerpig


      HIS seed is a misnomer, but being bred by a follower can be hot.

    3. dale38


      to willingly offer my body or have my body taken by a follower to be used for their pleasure would definitely hot

    4. evilqueerpig


      Is it purely a sexual desire?

  8. It's his loss. On a personal note, I'll consume everything a cock produces...including the dreaded smeg
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