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  1. You did what you set out to do! Now, to arrange a session with you as the bottom, Make sure to post it here!
  2. He didn't take it, I gave it to him willingly!
  3. Keep it as a trophy...the first in a collection!
  4. A squeaky clean ass is okay, but a natural, sweaty, musky ass makes me a more intense, determined rimmer!
  5. Trickle down economics always makes me think of what Judge Judy says..."Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!"
  6. It was the night of my 18th B'day. After a 3 month fling with my first man, he suggested I go to the baths to try out my wings. I didn't approach him because he was black, but because he was sexy. We made out for a bit before I took him to my room where he fucked me and then I returned the favor. The baths became my home away from home and the 2 of us became regular fuckbuds.
  7. Becoming POZ will remove the risk, but the thrill of fucking skin on skin will never go away.
  8. If we're going back that far, I'll add James Dean, Sal Mineo and Montgomery Clift. By the way, I have it on good authority that Vincent Price was a strict bottom and his screams were real.
  9. Prince Harry, Freddie Mercury, Billy Idol, Davis Tenant, Ric Astley
  10. For me, it was the fuck that took my virginity...maybe it was my ass being awakened to new sensations or because I was so into the man, but it turned into a 3 month fling and I felt it every time with him. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, I savor it.
  11. Mail them anonymously to people you don't like with the following note "Now, you can go fuck yourself!"
  12. I never went to the Y, but I went to Club NYC the night of my 18th birthday. This was back in 1977 and bareback was the norm. Even when the 'plague' hit, I refused to use condoms and with the baths being my second home, I was known for being a strict barebacker and I paid no attention to those who would shame me, because there were plenty of men who were willing to fuck me or get fucked by me. My motto is, "If it's not bareback, it's not fucking and it's not happening!"
  13. Freddie Mercury, Prince Harry, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman

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