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  1. I was about 5 when I knew I was QUEER...had my first man at 17 and that afternoon, we did all of the vanilla basics and I knew I was vers, thoroughly enjoying all aspects of bottoming and topping. If being a cumdump feels right for you, embrace it and own it and don't worry what others think.
  2. Rising from the table, Matt said, "I'm gonna get lunch started." MJ squeezed TJ's hand. "Sam, you've been awfully quiet" He said. "Did we say or do anything to intimidate you?" "Not at all!" Sam said. "I've been absorbing the conversation and it actually taught me something about myself. Given my history, I mistakenly thought I needed a daddy's love since I never had a real daddy, but I see you and TJ with your dads and I know what it should be like. Reggie, elevating you to dad status put you in an awkward situation. I don't love you any less, but now, I love you as my man and I hope this doesn't change things between us." A tear in his eye, Reggie kissed Sam on the cheek, "It changes the dynamic, but not my love for you. To be honest, I fell in love with you as a man, but since you seemed to need a daddy's love, I wasn't about to refuse you. Now, it seems we have something to celebrate too and next time we make love it'll be as lovers." "Lunch is ready!" Matt exclaimed, passing plates around. To be continued
  3. Kissing is a MUST for me and a guy needs to know what he's doing.
  4. I got into piss by accident...pun intended. Met a hot Latino at NYC Pride and wound up back at his place, where we smoked lots of weed and consumed 2 6-packs of beer. Standing side by side at the toilet, I got the urge to touch his pissing cock and it felt wonderful. We swapped fucks to the point of exhaustion. The next morning I was up first and thought I'd wake him with a blowjob. Scooting down on the bed, I took his cock in my mouth and his bladder opened a split second before his eyes. I was instantly hooked on the taste and when he realized what was happening, he freaked a bit and tried pulling out. I sealed my lips around his cock and only released it when I'd consumed every last drop. Because it was the first piss of the morning, it was quite strong. Belching with delight, I told him I'd never done it before, but I'd be doing it as often as I could. He admitted to liking it too. So much that he fed me 2 more times before I left.
  5. I call it MANSTINK....strong and ripe...same for cockcheese....I use to have a dear fwb, may he rest in peace...he's ripen 2 weeks for me!
  6. An invasion of pests is an infestation...and to the OP, I'd say you're very much a 10!
  7. Embrace your cumdump identity...own it and celebrate it!
  8. If others have issues with your friend's honesty, it's their problem. As his friend, you need to support him and not judge him.
  9. Thank u for accepting me. 

  10. Flattered that ur following me. 


    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have u

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