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  1. Trucker bomb

    I'd chug it down!
  2. Baths

    I never got comped, but in my younger days, certain workers would stop by my room and they'd also send men my way.
  3. Hung Hunk Roughly Fucks My Face Behind My BFs Back!

    NEVER deny your urges....a talented mouth like yours should suck all the cocks you can!
  4. Decided to Bareback after my Divorce

    You're a HOT man with much to offer! My advice is to be open to all POZZibilities and enjoy your journey!
  5. Newly poz’d. Visiting PS

    Glad you're spreading the gift!
  6. The true story

    I had a semi-regular fling with a cop who was a strict bottom, tasty and tight fuckhole. A few years later, he became the 1st openly gay cop on the NYPD. Saw him at Pride one year and asked if his hole was still tight and tasty...his boyfriend said, "Sure is!"
  7. Anon Loads

    In the words of Lily Von Schtup, "I've been with soudands of men, again and again, they pwomise the moon, zeyr always cummink and goink and goink and cummink...and always too soon!"
  8. Rest Stop Breeding

    It happened once....so you can no longer say "this shit never happens to me"
  9. Is this guy crazy?

    Whether this guy is crazy or not, you're not gonna change his mind.
  10. Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    I swapped blowjobs with a guy fresh out of Rikers Island on the NYC subway...empty motorman's cab.
  11. Do you clean cock?

    I always lick a top's cock clean, not just for the top, but I love to taste any residual cum and my own assjuices!
  12. Sensual/affectionate and Pervy at the same time?

    I've always considered myself a passionate pig!
  13. Blue Collar Ginger

    You're a slut after my own heart!
  14. I meant that as a compliment.....if that wasn't clear....my bad!

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