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  1. Now that you're on prep, bareback should be the only way you get fucked.
  2. As my grandmother used to say..."If anyone wants you to change, they don't want you" Don't give into stereotypes that bottoms need to be fem.
  3. I hope he winds up someone's bitch in prison.
  4. ALL cocks are beautiful but like the OP, when they're attached to a dick, I tell them to fuck off.
  5. A hint of how faux noise will be treating the Biden administration.
  6. After a 3 month fling with my 1st man, we had a matinee to celebrate my 18th birthday and he said it was time for me to try my wings and what better place to do that than at the baths. It took all of 5 minutes for my SLUT gene to kick in and being vers/fresh meat, the opportunities were many. My goal was to have 19 men and I met it!
  7. For me, the ideal would be all vers and equally piggy...and kissing!
  8. Not to disparage the OP or those who feel comfortable with the terms fag/faggot, but on a personal note, I identify as QUEER and knew it at an early age. This wasn't a choice, it's who I am and I own it!
  9. Loving the new profile pic

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