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    SLUT with few limits
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    NASTY/PIGGY/KINKY men and boiz...1 on 1...3ways....groups...fullblown tops move to the front of the line

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  1. Great profile. Love to be in a group with you

    1. evilqueerpig


      Sounds good to me

  2. After spending the night with a guy, I thought I'd wake him with a blowjob. His bladder opened before his eyes, and while it was a shock, I loved the taste. Freaked out, he tried pulling out, bit I sealed my mouth around his cock, not letting go until he was drained. He confessed it turned him on, and he fed me from the tap twice more before I left. On my way home, I bought my first yellow hanky along with a yellow leather armband. Ever since, I've been a total PISSPIG and I give as good as I get!
  3. oink!

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    2. evilqueerpig


      My ONLY limits are females/condoms

    3. Chargedup


      oink  good man

    4. evilqueerpig


      When I'm BAD.....I'm BETTAH!

  4. I'm most proud when I'm told I make men feel things they never felt with another man.
  5. Thanks for the follow.

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you!

  6. I was born a PIG.....I LUV bein a PIG.....if I go out in PIGGY style, I'll die 1 HAPPY CUM/PISS/COCK/ASS LUVIN PIG!

  7. Fuckin' Oink~! Pigs like you make visiting BZ HOT. Please keep sharing. Wood love to breed it. Thanks for following me.

  8. FUCK, you're HOT.....love your attitude, STUD!

  9. Thnx for following! :@))

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    2. evilqueerpig


      I like my ink to make a statement

    3. LiFFeMotions


      Sounds interesting!!

    4. evilqueerpig


      I worship the Dark Prince.....if you'd like to discuss this, you can e-mail me directly at eqp1959@gmail.com 

  10. Thank you for following me. Now I have new pics. ;-)

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you....you're my kinda pig!  HOT pics!

  11. Just 1 more reason monogamy is NOT for me!
  12. I state it plain and simple....."If it ain't bareback, it ain't fuckin and it ain't happenin!"
  13. Blindfold the cub.....invite 10 black guys....get it on video for him to watch

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