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  1. I let go of my prejudices when I came out as QUEER, but I only speak for myself. Unfortunately, others can't let go of their biases.
  2. Cool name..........luv it


    1. evilqueerpig



  3. I believe that even doing the things I shouldn't have done made me who I am. That said, I could've saved myself the heartache I went through with my ex.
  4. Hi im charlotte i so want a poz load and to be converted, can you help? My kik is TSCharlotte2020 please contact me x

  5. Thanks for following

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you....from one pig to another...OINK~

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      OINK 🐷 

  6. To me it's a variation of the 'n' word and definitely derogatory
  7. Wasn't in a bathroom but on the actual train. Time was after 2 am and I got on the train, just one other guy, Latino with a bushy stache. I took a seat across from him and we make eye contact. He motions for me to sit next to him and as soon as I do, he has his hand down my pants, my cock hardens and he gives it a squeeze. Getting up, he walks over to the motorman's cab which was unlocked and empty. I follow him inside and in seconds, he has my pants down and my cock in his mouth. FUCK, he had talent, deepthroating me and playing with my balls. Minutes later, I came in his mouth. We sh
  8. Need to add....I'm multicultural/multiracial by injection/ingestion.
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