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  1. Back when I lived in Brooklyn, LURE was my haunt and since I flagged yellow, I earned my reputation as the official urinal. The shy ones would take me into the bathroom, but most guys fed me in the open and the bartenders would send newbies my way.
  2. Isn't the term "ethical slut" an oxymoron?
  3. Depending on the tightness of the foreskin, an uncut cock can provide extra friction.
  4. Faggot is a slur and gay is too polite, I prefer QUEER as it's "in your face"
  5. I changed my profile at your suggestion-☣️💪🏾🏳️‍🌈

  6. HOTTIE!

    1. rawtony


      Thank you! ☣️💪🏾🏳️‍🌈

    2. evilqueerpig
  7. Being of the generation before HIV, bareback was the norm and even when the disease reared it's head, I remained a strict barebacker and to this day, I've NEVER had a cindom on/in me. My motto is, "If it ain't bareback, it ain't fuckin...and it ain't happenin!"
  8. Back when I lived in Brooklyn, LURE was my haunt. The bartender would comp me my first beer and the rest of the night, I drank from the tap. He said I was good for business. As you can guess, I flagged yellow right!
  9. My first man was the proverbial hairy beast. We met on a QUEER/nude beach and when he emerged from the water, it was LUST at first sight. Picture a cross between Al Parker and Al Pacino, covered in black fur down to his toes. The fact that he was a sweet man just completed the package.
  10. I was 17 and went to the local QUEER/nude beach to find my 1st man. Told him I wanted to suck cock/get sucked, get fucked/fuck ass. We did it all and it led to a 3 month fling. He taught me the joys of versatility, among other things.
  11. This NASTY PIG wants MORE!
  12. If the top is skilled, spit is fine and a cummy hole is the best lube for more breeding.
  13. Just because a man is what you consider hot, it shouldn't disqualify him from being a cumdump!
  14. Men of ALL races, masculine, hairy, intelligent, confident without being cocky, piggy , kinky, passionate kissers, facial hair. For visuals, Bruno and Richard Locke, the original porn Daddy!

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