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  1. Not a fan of scat but LOVE a musky, sweaty smelling ass! Why do you think dogs sniff each other's butts!
  2. I hooked up with a cop a few times...total bottom with a blond hairy ass made to rim/fuck. A few years later, he was the first guy on the NYPD to come out as queer.
  3. As my handle attests, I identify as a pig. That said, one can't be taught to be a pig, it's something that comes from within and it's primal. At the risk of opening a can of worms, I've yet to meet a poz guy who wasn't a pig.
  4. Better than butter on popcorn!
  5. As a dedicated foreskin freak, I take my cue from the man and will be as gentle or rough as he likes. While it's a rare occurrence, I do enjoy a buildup of stinky cockcheese. For those into pissplay, ballooning is fun.
  6. Soon after discovering the joy of masturbation, I decided to taste my own cum and I was instantly hooked. Naturally, when I sucked my first cock, tasting and swallowing was not an issue. In my 42 years of sucking cock, I've never encountered unpleasant tasting cock or cum!
  7. I love the taste of my own arse on a top's cock, even moreso after I've been bred!
  8. Double the breeding pleasure...double the felching fun!
  9. Double the breeding pleasure...double the felching fun!
  10. I'd love to feel Felching Pisser next to me in your sweet hole!
  11. Again, blind or stupid...a hole like yours is made for eatin/breedin/felchin and if you like, snowballin! You're one SEXY guy!

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