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  1. That's why I'm called RIMBO!
  2. When a guy's cock is in your mouth he's not a stranger.
  3. They don't call me RIMBO for nothing! When my first man stuck his tongue up my hole, it drove me wild, but when I returned the favor, it blasted me into the stratosphere! Like cocks, every ass has it's own unique flavor and the last thing I want to taste is soap, so sweaty and musky is my preference! Felching is rimming on steroids! Got a long/talented tongue, so I've been known to rim guys to climax!
  4. With an ass like yours, I'm not surprised!
  5. Wish 1: To be irresistible to any man I desired. A glance would be all it takes to lure a man/men into my den of carnal pleasures. Wish 2: The ability for myself and my men to keep cumming without the need to rest, so we can fuck to the point of exhaustion. Wish 3: A world free of homophobia, where the QUEER community can live with pride.
  6. I don't just feast.....I WALLOW.....before we became obsessed with hygiene, sweat and it's accompanying odors was a part of the mating ritual....the same holds true for pubes!
  7. I had a dear fwb who had what he called 'obscene overhang'...we were so in sync with each other and he'd ripen 2 weeks for me. He passed away over 10 years ago. DAMN, I miss that sweet, sexy man, but he left me with cherished memories.
  8. You need this chav and maybe he'll see that he needs his posh shag.
  9. On the other side of the equation, black men can be sweet bottoms.
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