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    SLUT with few limits
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    NASTY/PIGGY/KINKY men and boiz...1 on 1...3ways....groups...fullblown tops move to the front of the line

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  1. evilqueerpig

    New here... A little intro!

    My advice is to hit a "local"...back in 87, during my London holiday, the Kings Arms was my hangout and I found the crowd quite friendly. Should someone strike your fancy, just go for it. Hope you'll update us.
  2. evilqueerpig

    Mercury Poisoning

    Freddie Mercury was anything but celibate...if you fear hiv, get on prep...a celibate life is no life at all.
  3. evilqueerpig

    My 2 MOTTOS...Maybe YOU agree?

    If it ain't BAREBACK, it ain't FUCKIN and it ain't happenin!
  4. evilqueerpig

    A Zombie Love Story

    Welcome back, Toon. Both you and your stories have been greatly missed. Hope you're fully recovered.
  5. evilqueerpig

    cumhole filled

    You gave him what wifey won't...there might be more he wants...just ask!
  6. This evil pig makes my ass want to milk allll his seed deep inside me!

    1. evilqueerpig


      Spread your ass cheeks and beg for my seed!

    2. nastysubbbbottom


      Please please evil queet pig infect me with your evil seed!

  7. evilqueerpig

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    Both! Nothing tastes better than a sweaty, musty butt planted over my face and my long tongue probing deep inside! I've been known to rim men to climax! Personally, the sweetest butts I've eaten have all been black men!
  8. Thanks for the follow 

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you.

  9. It's definitely A for me. My stock answer is "If it ain't bareback, it ain't fuckin and it ain't happenin, so don't waste my time or yours!"
  10. evilqueerpig

    Bar Breeding

    True love is watching/helping others breed your boy!
  11. evilqueerpig

    Ever since I was diagnosed with HIV..

    It's ironic how I happened upon this post today, 19 years ago, I got my poz diagnosis.
  12. evilqueerpig

    Ever since I was diagnosed with HIV..

    Normal is what's normal for you.....own it.
  13. evilqueerpig

    Earning the right to my Masters DNA

    HOT start!
  14. evilqueerpig

    Bajan Love Affair

    Looks like another losolent masterpiece!
  15. evilqueerpig

    My First Anonymous Load

    Embrace your inner cumdump and if the risk is too much, get on PrEP.

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