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  1. FILTHY SLUT......and I mean that as a compliment!
  2. Snow wasn't the only white/wet stuff that fueled this story!
  3. There's a fine line between love and hate.
  4. You knew what you wanted and you went for it.....congrats!
  5. thanks for the follow, pig;-)

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you!

  6. LOVE when a guy spits in my mouth......and vice versa!
  7. Another HOT one! He 'rock'ed your world.
  8. The man who gets to change 'curiousneg' from your handle will be one lucky bloke!

  9. The way you seem to be thinking, it's not 'if' but when.
  10. I, for one, think of you as belonging since at least mentally, you're prepared to embrace barebacking. Once you act on your desires and achieve your goal, you can be sure the 'brotherhood' will welcome you. Humans are the only creatures with free will and it's obvious that this decision was reached with your full consideration. Enjoy the pure pleasure of bareback fucking and think of each load as just 1 more until you get the virus.
  11. HIV is no longer a death sentence, just a life sentence. If you truly want to embrace the bareback lifestyle, by all means, open your heart, your mind and your hole. Living an honest life and being true to yourself is the best thing you can do. Ultimately, the decision is yours.
  12. My 1st man told me, "Sexy comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!" In my 40 years of being sexually active, I've had the rainbow numerous times.
  13. If you find a potential partner, the 2 of you MUST agree upon groundrules. To play with others as a team, separately or both. Do either of you bring others into the bed you share? Have no secrets as to what either of you do with others. Above all, TRUST is the most important issue.
  14. Hey men! This is the evilqueerpig, Eliot if you prefer, though I answer to many names. Been a member for many years and while I'm well known here a formal introduction can't hurt. In the 40 years I've been sexually active, I've NEVER had a condom on/in me, so in my case becoming POZ was inevitable. I'm a true 50/50 versatile guy, prefer wild over mild. Anything that's not definite is definitely negotiable. Feel free to hit me up and ask anything you want. I do bite when asked and only as hard as you want. This site is not just for getting off, it's chock full of great resources, whether you're POZ, neg, on PrEP, chasing, vanilla, kinky or a total PIG, you'll find likeminded men here. Lurking is fine, but it's more rewarding if you participate.
  15. I became sexually active and 100% QUEER before HIV/AIDS was an issue. Was barebacking from the start and had no reason to give it up....POZ but no regrets!

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