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  1. Bottom Regrets

    Having YOUR dick and ass would be GREAT!
  2. Bottom Regrets

    No regrets and no apologies....I'm a SLUT....shameless n blameless!
  3. My 12 Poz Lovers

    This needs to be continued!
  4. Help! I'm A Bottom Trapped In A Tops Body*

    Aside from keys and armbands, you can buy a "catcher" t-shirt!
  5. How to "de-poz" my brain?

    Stay on PrEP, take it religiously and maybe eventually, your mind will allow you to deal with your poz fantasies.
  6. Much better gloryhole time

    EVERYTHING on a man tastes good!
  7. BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    I've said this in a different post, but it bears repeating, it's not a proper fuck unless cum is deposited in ass and let me add, the guy in question is not a proper bottom! Pullouts are for bad porn!
  8. Any More Questions?

    There's no shame in enjoying it!
  9. A New Strain is Born

  10. Full blown AIDS yet feeling fine?

    I got tested after my ex had shingles and he tested POZ.....I felt fine but my initial diagnosis was fullblown AIDS....double digit t-cells and a 750K viral load.....si it's not a fluke
  11. Rough toilet fuck

    Tell us you're gonna call him!
  12. A Dad for All

    You're the man Mom warned us about....but do we really listen to Mom?
  13. Taking bottoms worn underware as trophies

    I don't own underwear
  14. This ain’t funny

    I like black cock too....and all the guys tat fuck me, no matter their race love my tight hot ass....just my 2 cents.

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