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  1. You have listings for cum dumps, why not for raw Top men? I live near Glasgow (U.K.) and can find plenty other bottoms, but no real breeding Top men...
  2. Scotland 19 y.o Pakistani dom- willing sluts?

    Hope you enjoyed your 3 sluts. Imagine all that staying power and STILL able to deliver a big load for each of them...
  3. I am 52, chubby and gay bottom. Never used a rubber and no intention to start now. I am seeking mature, masculine men for meeting in couples, threesomes, whatever. I am into BB, bondage, rolepay, etc. Looking to become more piggy. WS, man smells, video, all excite me! Lanarkshire based, no ideas about travel/accommodating yet, just waiting to see what comes back (probably all bottoms lol). PM or reply here Bill
  4. Scotland 19 y.o Pakistani dom- willing sluts?

    I have just joined. based Bellshill, happy to learn to be a man's slave. Breeding absolutely welcome! Bondage, ws training, more... You alone or with friends.I am 52 short chub botttom

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