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  1. Hi. I'm real, and have had many meets. I'll send you a message and if both interested can arrange a meet to breed you.
  2. Kennedy was a moderate slightly left leaning president nearly six decades ago. I would hope that the definition of both Democrat and Republican had changed since then.
  3. And this is pretty much all Trump supporters care about. They don't care if their own rights are taken away in the future because of the Republicans moving further right, it's all about 'winning'.
  4. Someone who says 'I send my prayers and thoughts' after countless people are murdered by gun violence week after week does not care about American people.
  5. You'd have to hate yourself and the community to vote for Donald Trump. The fact that anybody who isn't a bigoted white straight man supports him makes no sense. He hates women, he hates LGBT people, he hates anyone who isn't white.
  6. Ryan Cummings. I bred him when I was in Canada. His hole feels better than a pussy.
  7. Can shoot a 6 shot load for local willing whores.
  8. Just bred my 7th whore from Breeding Zone in an Edinburgh toilet stall, still looking for more.
  9. And what about people on "The Right"? Most of which see gay and trans people as inferior beings because of who they are, and who the more extreme see anyone who isn't white as inferior. I would hardly call that tolerant.
  10. The liberal/conservative divide is pretty clear to me. Throughout modern history we can see that republicans almost always propose or implement a huge step back on social issues, often taking society back decades. While liberal parties tend to be progressive. This divide is most clear in the UK/US.
  11. A thank you from a good cum slut would be one that pushes my cum out of their hole, just for me to shove back into their gut. Biggest turn on for a top.
  12. Yes, as the basis of conservatism is protecting the heterosexual family role. Most of them still view LGBT people (especially trans today) as degenerates, perverts etc. They hate that gay marriage is legal, and you can be assured that if the death penalty was more prominent, they would want LGBT people to be sentenced. Other than that, the LGBT community should know as much as any how it feels to be oppressed. But that is made much more difficult when you are being targeted in society by racists, as you can cover up your sexuality, but you can't change your race. There are therefore
  13. If it continues to progress, it will lead to a period of mass danger, just like in the earl-mid 20th century. And for those supporting the ideas of the Republicans, just know that once the party has switched from the issue of immigration and foreign policy, LGBT issues will be next in line.
  14. Had some great slutty cumdumps to seed from here. Still looking for more. Hit me up if interested. Also on NKP. https://www.nastykinkpigs.com/PakistaniTop
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