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  1. anyone need toxic verbal play tonight?

  2. just took 4 loads and need verbal poz/toxic verbal to shoot my own load (unmedicated.) hit me up on Skype providencecumdump, or message me ur number

  3. toxic/aids/poz verbal intense play on Skype or phone soon? Skype is providencecumdump or send ur number

  4. poz/toxic/aids verbal chat on skype or phone ?

  5. toxic vers pig here. verbal action on skype: providencecumdump

  6. anyone for toxic chat on Skype or phone? verbal? Skype: providencecumdump or send me ur phone number

  7. anyone up for some intense toxic/aids verbal on Skype or phone while my bf is out for a few?


    providencecumdump on Skype

    1. Willing


      Can't do either,  but I do wish I could crawl into a nasty bed with a half dozen poz tops 😵🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  8. hot toxic verbal today? HVL versos popper pig here. Skype is providencecumdump

  9. anyone (18+ only) for toxic/poz/aids verbal on Skype or phone? DM me. providencecumdump is me on Skype

  10. anyone want to [banned word] the fuck out about AIDS on Skype or phone in a few? providencecumdump on Skype

  11. anyone up for toxic verbal on Skype or phone? Skype is providencecumdump


    or just message me ur phone number

  12. about to get bred anon by poz cock...hit me up on Skype, providencecumdump, if you want to watch

  13. anyone up for poz perving on Skype now? providencecumdump here

  14. taking all loads in pittsburgh (lawrenceville) today from 11am onward. come make a deposit?

  15. anyone up for some toxic verbal? message me ur phone number or message me on Skype: providencecumdump

  16. anyone up for toxic chat on phone or Skype? Skype: providencecumdump. phone: message me ur number. 

  17. anyone up for toxic chat on Skype providencecumdump is my name on there 

    or phone? message me ur number

  18. anyone for toxic chat on Skype or phone?

    1. bbpoznow


      on BZ as      likepoz

      will travel 

      want to meet 

    2. bbpoznow
  19. anyone want to talk about aids/poz sex on Skype or phone? message me asap

  20. Club Pittsburgh, 1/3: noon to 8pm. come and gimme your nut! (and tell me whats in your nut as you bust)

  21. any pittsburgh area tops? I'm taking all loads at club pittsburgh on Thursday, 1/3, from noon until 8pm!

  22. still looking for pervy aids chat on skype, providencecumdump, or phone. 1.7 million VL

    1. bbpoznow


      tried to add you on skype , name comes up  empty

    2. sundayinthepark


      whats your name on there? i'll add you. but providencecumdump is correct

    3. Gregory


      I would love take your cum

  23. 1.7 million VL, no meds. anyone up for chatting on phoen or skype (providencecumdump on skype, but totally vers now)

  24. i need some perving, toxic verbal chat, on phone or skype. hit me up on skype: providencecumdump (although i top a ton too, now that i've  converted), or message me ur phon enumber

    1. meetme


      Glad to hear you’re topping now. So important to share with others. I’m in NY would like to meet

    2. sundayinthepark


      NYC? here til mid august

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