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    toronto /Hamilton area
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    to be a dedicated bottom NOT ON PREP for a POZ conversion breeding party. Have been thinking about having my legs spread. and being gang fucked by a group of POZ tops . Make sure I am converted by the time I leave. Interested in BIG COCKS . Can travel some
    ask me for more
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    bottom only
    love the bottom and unlimited cum. NOT INTO CHEM POZING. Love a good spit roast, DP. . Not on PREP , looking for pozz
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    none but open
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    looking to be a dedicated bottom for BB POZ breeding parties. aggressive dom tops , not into pain FF , no limit on cum.
    in the TORONTO /HAMILTON Canada area .
    possible week end. can travel for group looking to be pozzed by hung tops

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    AL P (in hamilton ontario area)

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  1. hey boy strangler love to receive your load that way . you hung . take your loads deep in any hole were in toronto are you
  2. hey love to met that guy for sure . I have a tight hole (from lack of use) so a huge cock would be good . Have heard of a burning fuck before WHY ??
  3. love to be a raw bottom for gang bang breeding
  4. a RV a good way to travel , can always find a place to park . To bad my drive way was not bigger could park here for a bit
  5. always swallow a waste of good cum if you dont
  6. you will be my first contact  when I get there. i am a serious raw bottom and looking for SERIOUS top  masters that  can breed and whore my ass out to any  you decide . POZZ will be taken and cherished.

     have to be serious  as a long way to come  if you are not .  

  7. red roof would be my first choice , a good presents of hungry good looking guys hanging around.. Was also a good number of police there when I was there
  8. dam if you ever get another chance for a breeding party. I will raw bottom for it . Ottawa not that far away 

    1. Zencoli
    2. bbpoznow


      be sure and let me know 

    3. Zencoli


      fuck yea bro!!!

  9. be good to meet when you get back here. may do some tops together as a raw bottom team.
  10. it is bound to happen sooner or later . enjoy the ride
  11. I seldom cum any more so I can make sure the top man cums often or keep multiple guys happy
  12. if I am not on here  you can get me at 



  13. dont have a sloppy cunt yet , but looking to have it used enough to qualify for one. will be in Chicago as soon as travel opens , will,be at the HOC and have open door fo as many tops as I can find. only about 6 hr drive
  14. love to meet both of you  soon. Not real big on toys FF or drugs , but have a  insatiable  capacity for raw pozz cock . 

    can spend a few day  taking multiple loads  deep and often  until pozzed 

     hope we met  

  15. hope you let me know when they open , love to take part in a orgy and be converted.. Not that far from me and I travel
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