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    toronto /Hamilton area
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    to be a dedicated bottom for a POZ conversion breeding party. Have been thinking about having my legs spread. and being gang fucked by a group of POZ tops . Make sure I am converted by the time I leave. Interested in BIG COCKS
    ask me for more
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    bottom only
    love the bottom and unlimited cum. NOT INTO CHEM POZING
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    none but open
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    looking to be a dedicated bottom for BB POZ breeding parties. aggressive dom tops , not into pain FF , no limit on cum.
    in the TORONTO /HAMILTON Canada area .
    possible week end. can travel for group looking to be pozzed by hung tops

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    4u2b (in hamilton ontario area)

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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your cumhole. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox

  2. bbpoznow

    Using other tops cum as lube

    cum is the best lube for the second load. for the first one, to get knocked up no lube or just spit
  3. as a BB BOTTOIM , if I am being fucked the first thing is getting the load , next is taking all the poz cum as posible
  4. bbpoznow

    National Record being Fucked ?

    if there was I want to break it
  5. bbpoznow

    National Record being Fucked ?

    have no idea but may be some place
  6. bbpoznow

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    sounds like a good enough reason to me, I just want the feeling of mainly POZ tops breeding this willing cunt
  7. may not make it that fast But I BB Bottom only med reasons wont let me top any more . Is that the only date for this event. It would be a great event. for full and continuous recharging
  8. hope you got  fucked good over the week end. You must be pozz by now 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bbpoznow


      yes same here , hope to set some thing up in The UK  if not to pricy to get there . will stay at one of there place , and breed until  pozz results 

    3. cman54


      I`ll PM back.

    4. bbpoznow
  9. Want my aids infected cock??IMG_20180110_045325.thumb.jpg.463b00474812d4e973ff83e8346cde85.jpgIMG_20180110_045107.thumb.jpg.ae4e3fad3bbbeff1a1c117710bd01a85.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bbpoznow


      phone don't text , but have  pics on BBRT under the name  of  


    3. tommy1973


      Mine is tommyamos on bbrt

    4. bbpoznow


      ok m hope you liked mine  thye are the only ones I have 

  10. bbpoznow

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    a great idea
  11. bbpoznow


    always thought it to be hot and pozzed when being raped by a group. Love to meet your friend andy and have him direct a group to rape my man cunt with multiple POZZ loads . Just have to find out were all this takes place
  12. I would love to join this club and earn a bareback badge . were is it
  13. bbpoznow

    bathhouse question

    gp with what ever every one else is doing, cant go to far wrong
  14. bbpoznow

    Being whored out in Atlanta

    hey would love to visit that dark room , sounds like a lot of fun. can spend a lot of time bent over and take any and all cock none reused wish there was a place like that around here
  15. bbpoznow

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    first time I seen this code , just how many know about it . But makes a lot of since to know it

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