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    toronto /Hamilton area
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    to be a dedicated bottom for a POZ conversion breeding party. Have been thinking about having my legs spread. and being gang fucked by a group of POZ tops . Make sure I am converted by the time I leave. Interested in BIG COCKS
    ask me for more
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    bottom only
    love the bottom and unlimited cum. NOT INTO CHEM POZING
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    none but open
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    looking to be a dedicated bottom for BB POZ breeding parties. aggressive dom tops , not into pain FF , no limit on cum.
    in the TORONTO /HAMILTON Canada area .
    possible week end. can travel for group looking to be pozzed by hung tops

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    4u2b (in hamilton ontario area)

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  1. love to  meet some of your tops and be whored out a group

  2. want to meet you , hard man to  find. can travel for  for sure pozzing 

     interested  email me 

  3. have  willing  holes for you to fill,  travel to you  for a week end of taking your seed .

  4. bbpoznow

    Travel Slut

    always looking for a travel buddy to collect loads . Canada here can travel with in reason for ALL loads
  5. bbpoznow

    Travel Slut

    love to be able to travel more than I do but financial restraints limit a lot of Europe travel love to be able to set up side by side and whore out our holes together . travel in the USA can always work.
  6. bbpoznow

    A Swedish invention. the gynecologist chair for men

    Looks like a fancy fuck bench to me . A lot of bath houses have them, but not as fancy. But like to be on one
  7. bbpoznow


    would love that to happen. were are you . Love to be invited as a party favors.
  8. bbpoznow


    as a older BB Bottom male Never use a condom and like the younger tops. But then most on here are younger than me LOL
  9. bbpoznow


    I would love to be stealthed and have him tell me after he had cum in me.
  10. bbpoznow

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    I am open to m ost any thing a top wants except FF and toys or drugs
  11. bbpoznow

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    hey antho22 I am in the same boat I BB Bottom only and constantly looking for tops I also want to be that bottom in a gang bang taking pozz load after pozz load . willing to travel for willing breeders
  12. bbpoznow


    always thought it would be hot if the top told me as he is cumming that he is pozzing my
  13. love to add you as a friend . not sure were on here I do that. want to be  your Bare Bottom receptacle  yours and others  you choose 

  14. bbpoznow

    Adding Me As A Friend

    didn't know there was a place to add some one as a friend on here
  15. bbpoznow


    as older BB Bottom and some one enjoyed our play and recommended me to another , would be ok as long as we set some ground rules first . seldom if ever turn down raw cock

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