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    toronto /Hamilton area
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    to be a dedicated bottom for a POZ conversion breeding party. Have been thinking about having my legs spread. and being gang fucked by a group of POZ tops . Make sure I am converted by the time I leave. Interested in BIG COCKS
    ask me for more
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    bottom only
    love the bottom and unlimited cum. NOT INTO CHEM POZING
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    none but open
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    looking to be a dedicated bottom for BB POZ breeding parties. aggressive dom tops , not into pain FF , no limit on cum.
    in the TORONTO /HAMILTON Canada area .
    possible week end. can travel for group looking to be pozzed by hung tops

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    4u2b (in hamilton ontario area)

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  1. bbpoznow

    Is my hole too sloppy?

    can always send him my way, or could travel to him
  2. hey man, glad to be following each other! 

  3. hey  thanks for the follow . You ever get in this area  let me know . have holes that need filling

  4. bbpoznow

    Breeding the new member.

    would love to be the one to turn your nut inside out
  5. bbpoznow

    How long does his load stay inside you?

    I load I can hold my self. I would love to see if I could hold multiple loads as long as possible and then use a plug
  6. you should of got the gift from the  3 guys that were coming the other wee end 

    1. AmbertheCD86


      Sadly I didn't 😞

    2. bbpoznow


      will have to find more  HVL tops let me know still like to meet  and get pozzed together 

    3. AmbertheCD86


      I will for sure!

  7. like to have met that black guy who pozzed you , he could  gang my holes for a week and his friends 

  8. hearing some new things , What are these levels , All new to me
  9. bbpoznow

    Hooking Up With Poz Guys

    for sure to bad the Cleveland guy did not work out
  10. wish there was a site like this in Toronto Canada, I would be there often and be a reg.
  11. bbpoznow

    Hooking Up With Poz Guys

    i am a neg BB BOTTOM , I don't actively chase most times but seldom ask a top. . I know if i BB it is bound to happen sooner or later.
  12. bbpoznow

    What Nationality Are You?

    100% Canadian , But sure there must be some other mixed in some place
  13. bbpoznow


    70+ and Horney a BB BOTTOM will find never stop looking
  14. bbpoznow

    houston cum union

    dam I have to get to Texas soon
  15. Thanks for following me, too, man.

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