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    toronto /Hamilton area
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    to be a dedicated bottom for a POZ conversion breeding party. Have been thinking about having my legs spread and tied open. and being gang fucked by a group of POZ tops . Make sure I am converted by the time I leave.
    ask me for more
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    bottom only
    love the bottom and unlimited cum. NOT INTO CHEM POZING
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    none but open
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    looking to be a dedicated bottom for BB POZ breeding parties. aggressive dom tops , not into pain FF , no limit on cum.
    in the TORONTO /HAMILTON Canada area .
    possible week end. can travel for group looking to be pozzed by hung tops

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  1. I am the 4u2b  in the Hamilton area 

  2. that would be perfect  would be your BB BOTTOM any time 

    1. bikerboy77


      Your right that would be nice ;-)

  3. London UK or London Ontario
  4. Bottoms complaining about lack of tops: Fair?

    I see were most are coming from .But I use to top at least 50% of the time. a couple of years ago I had radiation for a prostate cancer. , I am completely cured now No Cancer at all . But have lost the ability to get a erection. I would love to top but it don't happen. BUT, BUT I do make a great BB BOTTOM now. I never turn down a top and never waste a drop. So some of us Bottoms have a legitimate reason for not topping. That said NOW were are all the tops that will breed . none refused
  5. love to join as soon as I find some tops here in Canada
  6. love to be aggressively throat fucked would grab his ass and pull him in tight
  7. love to be the cum dump for a group. . Looking to be converted but by cock only no slamming, more fun with cock only
  8. would love to se if i could beet that 34 load record . any offers to help
  9. I only fuck Bare back and it is the at it should be . I only find hard in my area to find good tops that do BB. Take any load
  10. would also love to be the dedicated bottom for a poz conversion party 

    1. bbpoznow


      Should find one at pride  in Toronto , when is it 

    2. cumwhorebill


      june 22 to 24 th for the parade 


      I think pride runs for most of june

    3. bbpoznow


      ok  will have to go for sure . 



  11. seeing who all is on , real slow here to night  

    1. methup


      hi i don't know am i in conntact with with you?

    2. bbpoznow


      yes you are ,or was but  didn't  get any response  from any one so left . I BB BOTTOM only  and love to be pozzed 

  12. when is your next conversion party.   BB NEG CHASER HERE   want to be POZZED by a group 

    can travel 

    1. alwaysready


      none scheduled.

    2. bbpoznow


      ok  had to ask , love to be there when you do , how often do you have them. 

       older  but  deep tight  hole for multiple  loads 

        profile  with pics on BBRT  as  4u2b

  13. IML 2018 Who's going

    never been to one but would love to be there and chasing for the full time. the good places must be sold out by now
  14. always want the load in side
  15. The Conversion Club

    would love to be the BB BOTTOM for that

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