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  1. Molested as a kid

    I had a friend I went to church with, i was 8 and he was 13, he built a little hut out on the power lines away from his home and asked me if i wanted to see it, him and me went out there one Sunday evening and made me suck his juice down , then the next week he invited his cute little blonde sister that was my age, he made me eat her while he filled her gut up with this young cum. I remember the taste and I really liked it, we continued this weekend after weekend for a while 👄💦🍆 makes me hot thinking about it💦🍆
  2. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Feed me please
  3. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Spoon it out and fred it to me
  4. It would be hot to be your slamming whore. Always wanting the slam and willing to do anything you ask 

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    2. Bottom303cumslut


      id beg for your cock in my tight hole

    3. Willing


      7" cut grinding and spitting 👹

    4. Willing


      Fill your belly up too👄

  5. Willing,

    You know that I'm versatile as well! Happy raw fucking! Cheers!


    1. Willing


      Absolutely, you too buddy

  6. soon willing


    1. Willing
    2. Willing


      Wish you had an ol lady😘

    3. Willing


       Butt you'll do 👹

  7. Willing when are we ever going to meet. do you host or do we need to get a hotel room.

    my hole waits for you to mount me!


    1. Willing


      Hopefully soon i have a busy life, sometime i get away for a weekend. We'll have to get a room, or your house 👄 Can't, I live with someone, not my place and someone here all the time 👄

  8. You should serve  who as I serve . !


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