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    To be controlled, by monster 5-8bPA Daddy knows what's best for me💋
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    6'2, brown short hair, 6,7inchs, thick cut
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    I wish
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  1. No condoms ever 🍆

  2. I love the way my daddy watches over me oh,😵

    1. Monster5-8gPA


      I love you pup your ass is mine to use!🍆💦☣️

    2. Willing


      Yes sir 

  3. Daddy loves his pup! 💋

    1. Willing


      Pup loves his owner🐶

  4. Follow Monster 5-8 PA please,  for me😵

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Willing


      We love you 👿

    3. Saturn1


      Awww, *blushes* THANK YOU!!! LUV you back!!! *smooch*

    4. Willing


      Smooches 😋

  5. I want to see a photo of you. I think you would be a fun guy to collar and breed balls deep

  6. Mmm, 61 year old cock😋

    1. RotzBBengel


       daddydicks are just like red wine - the older they get, the better they taste... ;)

  7. Willing


    Also hot when you go into a public men's room, and theres yellow droplets on the rim with an anon cock hair on it, I have to fall to my knees and have a slurpee 😋
  8. Willing


    Even my own cum is good😛😋
  9. Hot, castration,  mmm😋

  10. I'd love a 70 year old cock, mmm, so good, youd own me sir😋💧🍆

  11. What year did you retire 😋

  12. Willing

    Molested as a kid

    I was made to suck my friend that was 13, I was 8, he made me swallow and we played with his sister, but other than that that's it, yell were so lucky to have a childhood like that, great times, I love older men, I'm 48 wanna be controlled by them, wish you two guys loved next door, mmm😋🍆

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