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  1. I'll be down may 28th- June 6th. I have yet booked a hotel to stay at but have a few I am looking into. Anyone have any recommendations or tips on the better ones. I'm not to concerned with them being super sketchy, I do love a hot seedy, sketchy place to offer up my ass! Lmk!
  2. Cumdump bottom @NtheDump on Twitter, visiting ft.lauderdale from Massachusetts. 27,5'7", 6uc, mixed, cumdump bottom. Love anonymous cum and go, stealthing, very wild here, [banned word] and pervy guys to the front. I don't p arty but love getting fucked and taking loads from people who do! Show me what ft.lauderdale has to offer and breed me good! Check out my Twitter @NtheDump and message me.
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