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Found 462 results

  1. This is a side-project that goes along with my other story. However, it can easily be read on its own. Be warned it will have a similar set up to another story on here, but only in setting up the setup of the plot. Let me know what you think down in the comments! ---- Part 1 “That's it boy, suck on that nice piece of meat. Get it nice and wet for what’s coming!” Urged on by the hot, muscled man standing above me, I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, enjoying the feeling and taste of his dripping, uncut cock sliding around on my tongue, my own cock throbbing in anticipation. I moan as I felt him place his hand on the back of my head, urging me even deeper down on his cock. Forcing myself not to gag from its massive size, I let him slowly rape my mouth as he let out a content sigh. Soon I'd finally get what I fantasized and dreamed of. A huge cock shooting a thick load deep up my virgin ass. — It was hard to believe that that morning I was just a young, 18-year-old virgin. I knew from a young age that I was gay; girls never even blipped on my radar, and I always found myself fantasizing about some of the hotter guys in my class kissing me and feeling me up. However, I never acted on it. My family had moved to our small, midwestern town when I was in 6th grade, leaving me friendless. My former best friend was over 1000 miles away on the east coast, as well as everyone I knew growing up. I hadn’t been popular, but I was at least well-liked by nearly everyone. In my new school, I was an outcast… quiet, shy, too smart for the popular crowd and disliked because I actually enjoyed being at school. By the time I hit my senior year, I knew I wanted to be like the guys I saw in the porn I found online. A slut, taking cock from multiple guys until shooting all over myself. My only friends were a few of the nerdier, but in my opinion, much cooler girls who shared some of my same interests in different books and shows at the time. Nobody, however, knew my secret… that I wanted nothing more than to lose my virginity to a hot top. This obviously didn’t stop me from being made fun of, with being called things like fag or queer by the hotter, popular jocks in the in-crowd. Rationally, I knew it was only to get a rise out me, but a part of me always worried they knew I was what I secretly wanted to be. By the end of my senior year, I couldn’t take it any longer. I was tired of jacking off and pretending I was getting fucked by some hot, muscled guy as I fingered myself to climax in my hand, licking my hand clean to keep my secret from my thankfully more liberal parents and 5 sisters. I decided to finally lose my virginity and started to secretly hatch out a plan. Having gotten a few letters from some prospective colleges from the large city about 3 hours away, I planned to go and look at a few, staying at my distant cousin’s apartment near one of the campus. Knowing he wouldn’t care if I was there or not, I figured I could make my parents believe my half-lie. I would look at the school that week, during spring break at my school, and during the weekend I would go to a gay bathhouse I had read about in some of my lurkings online. It would be a week after 18th birthday, so I would finally be legal to enter. And maybe, just maybe, I would find someone to help me fulfill my wish of losing my “cherry.” — The week came quickly when my parents sat me down, my bag already around my shoulders and my keys to the small Honda my parent’s bought me in my hands. I had hoped to sneak out with a quick goodbye. “Buddy,” my father, still in his lab coat from work at the local hospital, “We need to have a talk.” SHIT! I thought to myself, THEY KNOW. FUCK!!! “Uh… yeah, dad?” I said, trying not to let the fear in my mind crack into my voice. My plan was ruined, I was sure of it. The tone of his voice and the look on my mother’s face said it all. “Your mother and I have talked… we know you’re a man now, but… we’re concerned. You know we love you and only want what is best and…” “Oh Robert!” my mother sighed, her thick accent coming through as she crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes at my dad, “Shit or get off a pie.” “Pot… mom… it’s pot…. it’s slang for toilet…” I said, smiling slightly at her mistranslation. Thirty years and she STILL got idioms wrong. I was beginning to think it may be intentional. “I like mine better,” she huffed before continuing, before glaring at my father, “We know you are going to college soon. Tell him.” Pulling a pile of condoms and a handful of pamphlet out of his coat, he held them out to me. “You need protection. We know things happen at colleges… and we don’t want you coming back and trapped with a baby on the way with some girl, or something like HPV or herpes…” my dad blurted out, rubbing his hand on his coat as he sat back on the couch. “Uh….” was my only reply. I felt my cheeks start to burn. My parents thought I was going to get some girl pregnant. “Just take them and be careful. And have fun. We love you very much,” my mom replied with a slight nod. “And don’t trust a girl just because she is on the pill. She could be on an antibiotic, or could be asymptomatic or…” my dad replied, refusing to meet my eyes as he blurted out everything. “Thanks… I guess…” I said slowly, grabbing them with a slight grimace, “You guys know…. I learned about most of this from health class… right…? And I really am just going to check out a few schools. I’ll call and everything if you want…” “Just go have fun my little zaychik. Call when you get there so I know you are okay,” my mom replied, shooing me away. — 3 hours later, and thankfully over a hundred miles from my family, I sat my bag down in the small living room of my cousin’s apartment, glad he was willing to let me stay there while he and his friends went to spring break somewhere out east. It’s Friday night, and I’m ready to finally get down to business. Pulling out a tight pair of jeans I had outgrown the previous year, and a similarly fitting t-shirt, I changed quickly and looked up the directions and information I had written earlier and made my way to the bar where the bathhouse was located. Arriving, I quickly made my way to where the entrance was at the back and walked up to the small window, much like the ones I had seen in movies that they had at a seedy motel. I rang the bell and out from the back room came one of the hottest guys I had ever seen. Easily over 6ft, he had piercing grey eyes, long thick blonde hair, and a large piercing in his nose. He was wearing a tight-fitting wife beater that nearly covered his well-muscled chest and abs, and black leather pants that clung to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination. My eyes were quickly drawn to his pert ass and large bulge. A heavy five’o’clock shadow covered his face, which reminded me of an extremely hot bad boy version of Thor for some reason. Even his voice made me melt, gravely and deep. “Can I help you, boy? The bathroom is back in the other side of the bar,“ he said, pointing back towards the bar, looking up and down my body before smiling, “Unless you see something you like?” Flustered, I blushed and shook my head. “No… um…. I’m here to… I mean….” I said, suddenly unable to form words. “Look, no offense kid, but you got to be at least 18 to even be in the bar. You gotta be… what? 15? 16 tops?” Shaking my head no, I pulled out my wallet and pulled out my ID, sliding it under the glass. “No, sir… I’m… I’m 18,” I said with a gulp, “See… my birthday was last week.” “Sir, huh? First time to the baths then, huh?” he asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes, deftly lighting one and blowing the smoke at the glass. “Uh, yeah… I… it’s that obvious huh?” I replied. “You’re a cute fucker. They are going to be all over you!” he said with a smile, the cigarette dangling in his mouth., “Room or locker?” “Oh… um….” I replied, realizing that I had no idea what to do. “I don’t really know which one…” “Hot piece like you will definitely get invited into a room in no time,” he said, “I’d go with a locker.” I nodded as he continued. “Normally the fee is $40 to get in, full $100 for a room, but seeing as you just had your birthday, and it’s your first time… how about $20?” he said, turning around and grabbing a towel and a key. Reaching into my wallet, I pulled out the two bills, left over from my gifts the week before. “Thanks…” “Don’t mention it. We all have our first times,” he said with a smile, “Maybe you’ll still be around later when I get off. Would like to help show you the ropes.” Smiling back, I entered the entrance, the door buzzing as he pressed a small button under the counter in front of him. — Looking around, I took in the sites, as dozens of naked men walked around, some with towels and others in various states of undress. I quickly found my locker, and with a deep breath, I quickly undressed. Throwing the towel around my now naked body, I grabbed a few condoms from my jean pocket, tucking them in between my skin and the cloth. Taking another look around, I felt like a fish out of water. 18, skinny with just a small amount of lean muscle on my frame. Black hair, blue eyes, and an average sized uncut cock were all I had to offer. And around me was every possible type of hot character from every gay porn I ever saw. There’s no way anyone would be interested in someone like me, I thought to myself as pulled the towel even closer. And that’s when I saw HIM. 6ft tall, heavily muscled, with a head full of thick brown hair. A face like a Greek statue, which sported a goatee and mustache. Nipple piercings and a thick hairy chest. And a what looked to be an uncut 10-incher with what looked to be a large PA peaking out from under the small towel that barely covered him, framed by a pair of low hanging bull balls. Tattoos all over his body. The man looked like sex walking. A bad boy who would ravage my hole if given the chance. Something straight out of the hottest porn. AND HE’S WALKING UP TO ME! I thought in a panic. I felt myself start to blush as he eyed me up and down, my cheeks burning even hotter as I saw his cock stir under the towel. “I’m Garrett.” he said, stopping in front of me and holding his hand out, “You must be new here.” “Jeez… it’s that obvious, huh?” I said, biting my lip as I stared at his hand, almost afraid. I looked around, lost. He waved his hand slightly in front of me drawing my attention back to him. “And you are?” I panicked for a second, thinking maybe I should make up a name before realizing that even if he knew my name, nobody around here would know me. Pulling up the courage, I shook his hand and replied. “Yurik… uh… nice to meet you…” I said, trying desperately to sound cool as my voice threatened to break as I suddenly started to spout a massive flow of words, “My mom is from Russia and that why I have a weird name. It’s-it’s my first time. I’ve never done this before, and I didn’t expect to actually find someone so hot to actually talk to me, especially you. Not with how I look. And… and… and I…. should really shut up now…” He let out a soft laugh as he let go of my hand before slowly rubbing his hand up and down my arm while looking at my smaller body. “Dude, calm down. You got nothing to worry about. Fucking sexy thing like you is a rare find here,” he said in a low, calm voice and his fingers traced down my chest and ran over my left nipple, causing to bead up instantly. I fought back a moan and looked up at him in silence. “Need someone to show you around? I would love nothing better than to show you around. Make all these fuckers here jealous,” he asked, his smile growing bigger as he saw what his touching me was doing. I slowly nodded and smiled nervously as his hand wrapped around my shoulder and he pulled me closer. “Mind if we stop by my locker first?” he asked as I felt him slowly reach down and grab my ass under the towel. Fuck, that feels so good, I thought to myself as he slowly ran his fingers through my crack, teasing the hair near my hole. “As long as you keep doing that!” I replied with a moan. “Oh, I plan on doing much much more…” he replied, and we started walking, drawing the attention from a few guys. We came to his locker and I stood there quietly as he grabbed his key and opened the door. Pulling out a large leather pouch from his shirt pocket, as well as a brown glass bottle. I knew instantly they were poppers, which I had read about and seen in various sites online. I wanted to try them, and it looked like I might get my chance with this walking sex god. I was however slightly shocked when he pulled out a large, black and green cigar and stuck it in his mouth. Some of the guys in my school smoked them when there were no adults around, looking somewhat goofy to me. But this man looked even hotter somehow with it firmly in his jaw. Looking at me suddenly, he stopped and pulled the stick out of his mouth. “Mind if I smoke?” he asked, looking directly at me as he waited for my reply. “Oh, uh… no, go ahead,” I said, my cock now throbbing under my towel at full hardness, my face still blazing red. With a smile, he pulled out the lighter from the same pouch and lit it. Drawing the flame to the end, he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and brought it to life, taking a deep drawn in before blowing it straight up in the air. Quickly enough he put everything back into the locker and wrapped his arm around my waist and we set off into the bathhouse.
  2. cumdump in Vegas

    Visiting Vegas for a week, any help to get tops to load me up? The more the merrier
  3. Would love to meet up with a dominant top who is into using my holes or whore me out. Also into bondage, ws, pnp but not required. Would also appreciate any tips about hookup and cruising places.
  4. This Wednesday I decided to join Craigslist and posted an add looking for guys who wanted a blowjob or who wanted to fuck, adding anonymous was okay. I also posted a picture of my hairy ass in a jock. I received a stream of responses, mostly, I guessed, from closeted men who liked hairy guys. The first guy with whom I met was a stocky, muscular total bloke, a biker. He walked in to my place in full bike gear, removed his helmet and gloves and pulled out a thick eight inch cock. I worshiped it for him, licked his balls, deep throated him, and played with his foreskin until he shot his load in my mouth. Tucking his cock back in his biking gear, he said thanks and left. It was a totally hot. Truly a perfect hookup. Shortly after another guy stopped by. He was not really my type, but as he had made the effort to walk over to my place, I sucked him to completion. An hour later my boyfriend got home and fucked a huge load into me which made it a three load day, but the following morning I awoke at 7.30 AM by a message on Scruff from a guy saying he needed to cum before he went to work and asking me if I would take his load raw. It also turned out he had recently moved only two streets away from my place. He was a top, likes fucking bears and has a thick cock and only tops raw. Also turned out he was a vocal guy, in his late 20s, muscular, dirty blonde with ginger scruff. HOT. So I jumped out of bed, douched and let him in. Without any ceremony he pushed into my ass, repeatedly called me 'Cumdump', breeding me post haste. Afterwards he thanked me and went off to work. Random, fast and very very hot. Later in the day he texted me, saying he wanted to make this a regular event. With this much success, I'm going to subscribe to Craigslist.
  5. Oklahoma Cumdump

    Any tips passing through Oklahoma? Poz faggot pussy cumdump here Want my hole fucked raw and my Insides covered in loads of seed 580-485-5990 Call me what you want I'm generally free. Just get at me and we'll set it up Love getting pumped and filled As long as you wanna use me.
  6. Sheffield Cum Dump

    Love being a cumdump - always looking for a load. Anyone know anywhere good near Sheffield (I can only travel) to get a good filling? I've been CumUnion a few times (When work allows) and always end up wet and wild
  7. young hairless submissive cumdump looking to keep my pussy swollen and drippin in Vegas from January 19-28, 2018. Hit me up if you're interested.
  8. Ever since I started opening up my hole to loads, I feel like being a cumdump is becoming more and more a part of me. My travel plans now reflect this, so I travel to events or places like Southern decadence or Berlin where my hole can be used for hours and many days In a row. Yet even after days of being fucked and loaded, I still want more and I find myself thinking about doing more degrading things to capture loads...like letting the most repulsive troll or the homeless use my hole. I worry sometimes about being addicted to sex and whether this is a healthy lifestyle for me. Does anyone else feel this way or struggle with that? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
  9. Visiting chemwhore cumpdump load collecTinG this Friday Jan 12th to Sunday Jan 14th at the Hawthorne Suites on Brookriver. Face down ass up door unlocked starting 10pm Friday. Party ads on barebackrt under TitanGuyTx.
  10. Bathhouse on a Monday = 3 loads

    Fucking horny again today so went to the bathhouse. Not many people there but managed to squeeze out a few loads and give out a few. There's this short gymnast hairy type that has an amazing ass so he got one of my loads today. Shorter than me so he got manhandled good, but seeing him enjoy my cum so much made me fucking horny for dick. I walked onto the little dark room by the first floor terrace and was soon on my knees sucking two dicks. One of them had a rubber in his hand so I turned my back to the other one. He shoved it in, nice thick dick and plowed me hard while I blew some other guys. It's always been a problem for me the not seeing part of a dark room. I felt so clumsy touching legs and figuring out where the dicks were while trying to squeeze and release my butthole in sync with his plowing and giving head at the same time. Thankfully he came fast and was soon replaced by this really tiny dicked big bear. He fucked me for a while but all his dick was doing was making my ass sore so I told him thanks, but I needed a break. Two floors up in the porn room this older bearded tatted muscley guy was moving his dick under his towel while looking at the porn movie so I went ahead and grabbed it. When I was about to kneel to suck it he got up and ushered me into a private room. He had a beautiful uncut thick cock with big balls. He was about to unwrap a condom when I told him they made my ass sore and fainted leaving the room. He grabbed me by the wrist, pulled/pushed me onto the bed and said "So that's how it's gonna be, eh?". I turned around with my ass to the ceiling and in a mid-crouch he shoved that gorgeous cock of his inside of me balls deep. "Fuck, you feel so wet" was all he said before I started pushing my ass against his balls. Don't you just love when lowhanging balls bump again yours while you get fucked? Fucking hell, I was full of a real man plowing his dick balls-deep in me while stirring the anon cum from the dark room. Some poppers had me in heaven and I took that sir's dick like a good boy. He said he was close to cumming and asked me where I wanted it, to which I replied "Right where you are, sir, but as deep as possible". I could feel his balls getting ready to blow the load and all of the sudden he started pulling out. I panicked and grabbed onto his ass and pushed him back in, while I squeezed and pushed and squeezed and pushed with my ass to milk that dick dry. He groaned and moaned and those big balls contracted and released a big thick load inside of me. "Quite the whore, aren't you?". "I worked hard for that load, sir, you weren't gonna take that away from me". Got out and ran into some other bottoms I'd fucked before and got turned on by the idea of leaving my seed while having two inside of me, big fucking messy mix of DNAs. I went over the hottest one, we talked and went into a room pretty fast. Ass up, dick in, load blown. Not much details as I like to believe you're reading this because of my getting bred stories and not the other way around. I hope so anyway, haha. To relax and went into the dry steam chamber and blowed around 6-7 guys that kept on coming in and leaving. Two of them blew their loads in my mouth; one tasted like fucking syrup and the other was bitter as fuck. I've recently started getting off on sucking loads out of guys. Prefer them up my ass as with all the gastric juices the semen just gets broken down and there's no absorption in that (not that I know know that some gets absorbed in my ass, but don't burst my bubble please), but a load in is a load in at the end of the day and I'm a man with a calling in life. After a while this older skinny ugly dude with a mustache came in and sat next to me and pulled out this amazingly huge piece of meat that pretty much called my name as soon as it was out. I got on my knees and deepthroat it good. He moaned and gave some compliments while I choked and made it clear to the room that this slut was taking on a big one. I asked him if he wanted to stick it in, he said yes. "Rubber?", he asked. "Not for me", I said and looked at him as if asking "So, yes or no?". He pulled me around and I took that beautiful big dick all the way to the base. We fucked for a while while some people watched. Some poppers for me and I asked him if I kept jumping up and down on him he'd give me a load. He said yes and did just that. While looking at our audience look at me taking this massive cock, I jerked my dick hard and blew a load while squeezing his dick that got on top of one of the onlookers. He whispered "Fuck yeah" and grabbed me by the waist and started making me jump up and down really fast. I was a sweaty mess by then as this was still happening in the sauna but I endured. It got uncomfortable, my ass was begging for mercy and I could feel the other loads slushing around inside of me. I took some more poppers, no pleasure in jerking off as I had just came, but the poppers worked their magic and I became the hole that lives to the filled long enough for the ugly older hung guy to drop a big load in me. With those three in me I went into the showers and got cleaned up. Ubered my way home and I'm currently dripping my briefs with the earnings of the day. Quick jerk off and off to big. Thanks for reading, guys!
  11. Cummunitybtm for use...

    Cummunitybtm for public service. Send me a note or text at 4164766787 and happy to be of service.
  12. 4 loads, 6 dicks on a Sunday night

    Wanted to write this one as soon as I got home. Kept thinking while I was on all fours with a dick up my ass and one down my throat that I'd write this one as soon as I could, still knocked up by the guys of the night. So it's summer here and most of everyone go down to the beach every weekend from Friday till Sunday. Sunday came and the quiet-and-stay-in kind of a weekend I'd decided to have on Thursday was driving me crazy. I called on a Colombian guy I know that has a really long cock, can get it real hard and loves to shove it in deep. He was available so I came over and rode that dick showing how badly I craved its cum. Playing with big ones is more fun as I can do the push-till-the-base-squeeze-to-the-top kind of movement with my ass and there's such so much dick to squeeze, release and push out that it drives everyone involved crazy. I was soon taking all his load, demanding that he'd leave it as deep as possible. After I'd left the apartment I opened up Grindr and found a party going on a couple of blocks away so I decided to check it out. When I got there there were 8 guys on a big ass bed, four of them fucking and the other four chatting; I guess the party had been going on for a while, which was perfect for me. There's nothing like the rush of being the fresh meat to a group of guys that have already fucked among themselves. One big dick came over and I got on my knees to service it. Choking on it with his balls on my chin I took a hit of poppers and raised my ass up. Someone slid in and started fucking me hard. Not too big but good to start. He fucked and fucked while I kept on deepthroating the other guy until he was close. "I'm close, where do you want it?". "Just keep on fucking me, man", and that got me load number two up my butt. I quickly turned around and drove that big dick I was sucking all the way in. The top moaned and I squeezed hard while taking another poppers hit. So. Fucking. Good. I know I'm a whore 'cause that's the exact moment I feel completely at ease: with a big dick all the way up my ass. We fucked for a while and he got my hole nice and lose. Some other guys were making a little line while I blew them and each took turns fucking me. There were 3 guys in line but only one of them came, and to finish it off the big dick I first sucked came around again and slid it in with no problem. "Was saving it for you", was all he said and fucking fucked me hard. I was being handled like a blow-up doll I guess by the way he treated me, which I don't mind at all. I'm fucking 5'4" so you better take advantage of the size difference if you're fucking me. But this guy really had this way. With my hole most certainly torn at this point, he finally came while completely carrying me, driving it deep and pushing me into his cock. I was so fucking turned on but had my ass felt so abused that I couldn't even get it up. Knowing that I needed to write this story first and jerk off afterwards has kept me hard up until this point, but gonna bust a nut now. Cheers. First pic: first load of the night. Sadly I don't have pics of the guys from the party. Second pic: me
  13. Rest Stop Breeding

    This happened about 20 mins ago.... traveling for the weekend on my way back to Tampa and we all needed to get out and stretch our legs. We all sat there bullshitting and such and finally I departed the group to use the restroom. First of all this shit NEVER happens to me. At bookstores and cruise parks yes, but not random rest stops. Anyway, as I walked in to the restroom, I thought nothing of the guy taking a leak in the last urinal, i step up to the one 2 over and proceeded to do my thing. I couldn’t help but glance, I think it happens subconsiously sometimes. Well he caught me, then looked over his shoulder (assuming checking for other guests) and showed me stroking his cock. He nodded his head to the stall and I followed. Closed the door I sat down and began to nibble on his foreskin, running my tongue under his hood and as much as I wanted to savor this I knew I didn’t have much time so I just engulfed his cock down to the base. He was precumming like mad and it tasted so sweet. He started to show those telltale signs someone was about to blow their load. So I increased my efforts, I wanted him to feed me that load. All of a sudden he pushes my head back( shaved head so I don’t have hair to pull) and whispers I want to fuck you. I shook my head no I don’t have time, he pleaded, he is so close he just want to cum from fucking. He then said there is a family restroom. He didn’t take much to twist my arm so I followed. Inside he squeezed a huge dollop of Pre-cum and slide his finger over my hole as I was bent over the sink watching him in the mirror. I had no lube and no poppers so this was gonna hurt. But when the hunger strikes you feed it. He spit on his fingers and added more to my hole and then spit on his cock trying for some type of lube. I pushed my ass out and he squeezed another doll up of Pre-cum on my hole smearing it with his head. He applied pressure and I started to open, but fuck it hurt but we proceeded. Finally all the way in he pumped like 3 or 4 times and the grunted as he flexed his hips filling me up. He thanked me and we got dressed and walked out, I saw him go to another car and a woman was waiting, my friends questioned if I was ok and I feined stomach problems. Now I sit here in the back seat typing my story out on my phone with a sore hole, the fuck wasn’t for me it was for him, but I still got the load. I can feel it inside me and my cheeks are cummy.... you know the feeling I am talking about.... WHAT A GREAT NIGHT... this shit never happens to me . Sorry for any errors like I said back seat passenger
  14. Hey guys I'm looking to set up my first gangbang but not sure how to do it. I have roommates so I won't be able to host it, so I think I'll get a hotel probably or just go to a bathhouse and post an ad. I tried setting up one once before but everything got too complicated trying to organize it so I thought I'd check with you guys for some tips. If I'm having it at a hotel any tips on how to get a room with some privacy so guys can come in and out easily? I thought about just doing it at a bathhouse to avoid that problem, but I want to get as many tops as possible and I don't know if having to pay to go in the bathhouse might turn some people off. Also I'm in NYC so if you guys have any specific recommendations for places in the city that would also be awesome. Anything is helpful!
  15. Loaded in the ABS - Again

    After being loaded by three guys the last time I went to the ABS, I was unsure of going back. I loved the feel of a bare cock in my ass and a guy taking what he wants, but thought I should go back to playing safe. I stayed away for a couple of weeks but the urge kept nagging at me so I decided to go back, but be prepared by carrying lube and condoms. I also decided to go during my lunch time so I wouldn't be able to stay too long. I changed clothes in my car, wearing a t-shirt but instead of shorts, I wore a very tiny skirt and a pair of panties. I loved the way it felt to walk around the ABS with that outfit on. I walked back to the dark room in the back and there were quite a few guys back there. A couple of them moved towards me and started to play with my panty-covered ass and rubbing all over my body. Soon I was kissing one guy while the other pulled my panties down and was playing with my rosebud. He was putting two fingers in me and really getting me horned up. The man I was kissing starting to lick his way down to my cock and began blowing me nice and slow. It was fantastic! I was really getting into it when someone flipped on his phone light, which disturbed the guys, all of whom stopped. I was highly pissed, but rather than get into it with the offender, I pulled up my panties and left the room for a few minutes. When I walked back into the room I stood against the wall next to a couch. There were only a couple of guys in there at this time so I just waited in the dark and played with my cock. Next thing I knew and person walked over and stood next to me. He started playing with my ass, moved my panties to the side and began working his fingers into me. I was getting horny again. His hands were soft on my ass and he got close to me and pulled out his cock, which I took in my hand. His cock was a nice size, not too big, not too small. He grabbed me by the hips and turned me around. I knew what he wanted and bent over for him. He slowly worked his cock into me. He pumped for a couple of minutes and then pulled out, he whispered for me to follow him. I pulled up my panties (again..lol) and followed him. He went into a smaller room that had a couch and a TV and a door which could be locked. As he was locking the door, I was thinking it would probably be a good idea to insist he wear a condom if, in fact, he wanted to fuck me. In the light of the TV screen I finally got a look at the guy: he was an older Latino guy, a little shorter than me. He took off his pants and underwear and unbuttoned his shirt. He then reached over to me and started kissing my neck and then began playing with my ass again. He turned me around and before I could say anything he pulled my panties down again and forced his cock quickly into my ass. He didn't give me a chance bring-up the use of a condom. He simply did what came naturally, and fucked my ass. It felt so good I just went along. He then started to vary his speed and would occasionally really force as deep as he could. He was hitting my prostate and my cock started leaking all over the couch. I stopped thinking about anything but getting more of his cock in me. He would sometimes pull all the way out and just place the tip of his cock against me and then wait....I couldn't stand it and I would force my ass onto his cock. Other times he would pull out but then punch it hard right back in. He was talking also, but half of his mutterings were in Spanish so I couldn't understand. But he did keep asking if I liked getting fucked, which of course, I did. lol Soon he was really fucking me hard and deep, and then it happened. He grabbed me and forced his cock deep in my ass as he started cumming. I just stood there and then reached back to hold him in me for a bit so he could get it really deep. After he pulled out I stood up and pulled up my panties. Gave him a quick hug and left the room. I didn't even go to the bathroom, but just left the ABS and got into my car, changed back to my work clothes and went back to work. Later on at work I checked my underwear and a little of his cum had leaked out. It was a very hot experience. I am going to go back again in a couple of days and spend a few hours there at the ABS and see how much fun I can have. If you are in Raleigh NC, hit me up. Let's have some fun.
  16. Anon Loads

    I am no idea how many different men have fucked me in my life. My best guess of different men is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500. What % of guys who fucked you, you didn't know their name before or after getting fucked by them. Heck, I've had regulars fuck me for years and I still don't know their name.
  17. 2018 Load Tally

    Has anyone started a tally thread for 2018, or are we going to keep rolling with this one? I didn't keep count in 2017, but I got my first 4 loads of the new year at the bathhouse today.
  18. We all have preferences but glad I'm open to men with whom I' would not generally be interested. This is one such occasion. On New Years I received an email from a guy who had fucked me one spring when I was traveling in Italy. I was in a small city in the southern Italy one night, the streets and piazzas filled with lots of young people who were drinking, dancing, laughing in bars. I was just taking a stroll prior to turning in at my hotel, when I noticed a guy, probably somewhere in the range of 42 to 48, who was clearly staring at me. He was bald (and not a sexy kind of bald), probably a working stiff, taking a break from the obligations of his wife and family. He nodded at me as the commotion with the mostly younger crowd was going on, gesturing with his head towards a small side street, scratching his crotch as he entered the side street. I followed him, not finding find him at all sexy or interesting but definitely a take-charge guy from his attitude. Coarse hair on his arms and poking above his shirt and scruffy beard made him look virile but still not my type. I hadn't had dick since I left the States so I took a chance. Soon side street was quite quiet and dark, in various locations, somewhat dark. Still, even if the light was spotty, I could see he occasionally glanced behind himself, checking to see if I was following. After a few minutes he entered darkened area, when I got close I could see it was a path. He was stroking himself jeans open and I rubbed myself through mine. His eyes fixed on mine, he took my hand and placed it on his meat, which was fat, not too long, uncut, oh, and he was pre-cumming like crazy. Pushing my head down to his crotch, he leaned over and slid his hand into the seat of my pants, massaging my ass cheeks before fingering my hole. I had cleaned and lubed up before dinner hoping something might appear, and here I was. When he felt the wet hole he muttered something but knew he was happy. Spitting on his fingers to lube my ass a bit more, I pulled jeans down to give him clear access. He turned me around, and pushed his way in, no talking. After giving me a bit of little time to adjust to his cock, he commenced a deep fucking, which lasted for ten to fifteen minutes, the two of us standing, and in which I leaned against a stone wall for support. This was strictly a matter of getting him off, which was fine with me. Tensing up, he bred my ass, balls deep, with what seemed to be a huge load. Resting against me, his cock lodged in my ass, he caught his breath, and naturally his cock softened and slid out of my ass, whereupon I turned around, dropped to my knees, and sucked him clean, as he massaged my scalp and his breathing slowly normalized. I continued sucking his cock and to my pleasure he got hard again, pulled me back into position, and abruptly slammed back into my ass, fucking even harder than our earlier sessions. Although enjoying his tactics, I stumbled a bit, and tried to re position myself so I was more comfortable. Apparently, however, he thought I was trying to get away as he locked me into place, and intensified his assault on my ass, getting rougher and more frantic, which left me even more aroused. After another ten to fifteen minutes of rough fucking, he came again. We pulled ourselves together. He asked if I was okay, then we walked out and talked a bit. I told him I would be around for another two days. He said he wanted to fuck me again, so I gave him my cell phone number and e-mail address. The next morning I found a message asking if I wanted more milk. That was the entire message! Of course I answered 'yes'. His next message gave me the time and place, and suggested I lube myself as I had done the night before. At the appointed time and place I awaited him while sitting on a bench. He showed up, approached me, we exchanged a a couple sentences, and then bade me "Andiamo," leading me to another secluded spot a little more lit than the location where we had fucked the night before. The same routine ensued. Without dropping his trousers, he pulled his dick and balls out, he gave me two fucks and two huge loads. We neither kissed nor hugged. We simply exchanged an animalistic breeding. We stayed in touch and email each other occasionally. He frequently reminds me he has more milk for me, and invites me to come back. I'm planning a trip to Italy sometime this year!
  19. What if No STI's?

    Imagine a world free of STI's? How would this effect your behavior? The behavior of those that held back because of STI's. I'm curious...so I've created this poll.
  20. Hey guys, looking to try my first cumdump experience at Cumunion in PS at CCBC on New Years Eve. Want to take as many loads as possible. Pump and dump preferred. Poz loads a +, love myself a good recharge. Check out the BBRT party ad.
  21. This is an attempt to connect people from our areas. I created a Cum dump map on the app life360 for tops and cum dump faggots to meet and have fun, all free, no commercials, the code to join the map is CTF-EOX. It will expire in 4days. I am on Kik if you have questions or need a new code: lockedfag. The map is meant to cover the areas of The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Please share and invite people, buddies, it will work only of we share positions and really want that thing to be real.
  22. Anon NSA Sleep Fuck

    So, I was driving from Longview, Tx. Down to Victoria, Tx. The other day ! I was tired asf and knew I needed a nap, but was horny asf! I pulled over to a cheap motel 6 in the corner of state hwy6 and i10(Katy freeway) I checked into my room and took a nice long shower! Got myself all cleaned up and was cruising Grindr while soakin! I knew I wanted to take some dick but I was so damn tired! I figured, what the hell! I took all my belongings out to the truck and parked it furthest point away from my room! Went back in and popped half an Ambien sleeping pill I had pulled from my bag! I was bout to nap really good! I opened up Grindr and I started hitting up some sexy tops in the area! Most were flakes and didn’t have much to offer! I found about 6 that I liked as far as conversation, pictures, dick pic, etc! I knew I wanted them to fuck me! So I sent them all the room number and told them that I was going to be asleep! My hotel room door would be unlocked but rigged so it stay shot ! It would allowed them to push it and open so they could go in and out as they please! Then they could cum and go! well I literally remember hitting send and dozing off! I slightly woke up when I felt a warm hand on my ass! Then my basketball shorts being pulled down past my legs as I lay there! The ambien has me asleep enough to where my body was motionless, but cognitively I was aware of what was about to happen! I could feel warm spit drizzle into the crack of my butt as I a smooth lubed up dick head began to rub against my hole!! I was in a state of euphoria at this point as I feel the elongated firm pressure of his throbbing dick slowly insert itself inside me! I was frozen, could not move! Could do nothing physical to stop him, yet he made his way in as if not to wake me! At this point I am loving the pleasure of this mans dick when he starts to pick up the pace, thrusting in and out ! I could feel his dick hitting every edge of my man cunt! Then suddenly , I hear his phone ring! He stops in his tracks and answers it! (Whispering)”hello?? Ya! He’s here! He sleepin man ! Just turn off the car and y’all come in! The door unlocked! Room 229! Aight! !” Then he hung up the phone and kept on thrusting!at this point I’m still dozing in and out of sleep and I here the door open! I hear foot steps and about 2-3 more guys walk in! They all whisper and kinda gather on other end of the room based on where and how far their voices were! The first dude just kept fucking till he thrust so deep into me and busted his nut! As I feel his balls empty into me, I already feel a body put pressure in the bed to the side of where I’m sleeping! Here I am, facedown , ass up and not able to move my body! The guy fucking me pulls out and then I feel the next guy mount me good! He eases his dick around my hole, gathering the previous guys cum on my hole to line it up! Then he slowly enters me to the hilt and I’m in a state of ecstasy! This was it! It was the beginning of a night long pleasurable sexcapade of taking loads! A total of three from that group fucked me and unloaded in me that night! After they left the other 5 tops I gave the room to slowly trickled in one after another to come in and fuck! Some alone, and others in groups 2-3! Total that night I felt about 13 guys fuck me raw and unload in my ass! I loved every second of it! And I guess the last guy was kind enough to close my door and lock it up , cause when I woke up, it was shut! Huge puddle of cum where I lay, and my ass was sore as fuck! I loved every moment of what i actually can remember, given I was periodically unconscious thanks to the ambien! Thinking of doing it again in SW HOUSTON! Any B.B. anon tops interested in linkin up?? Kik me:Hbrtn713
  23. First post - 5 loads in

    Used to jerk off to the stories I read on this site years ago, when barebacking was still something I craved doing but didn't have the guts for it. Last 3-4 years I've been taking loads regularly and I figured this would be a good way to keep track of my accomplishments. Hope you like, feedback of any kind is welcomed. ------------------------------------------------------------------- So you know those days when productivity at work is at an all time low 'cause all you can think about is getting laid? And the endless Grindr scrolling isn't helping out neither with your blue balls nor the work load? That was me this past Friday. Long story short, decided to hit the sauna after work for some pre-Christmas breeding. I live in a big city in South America, where sex clubs, orgies, BDSM bars, or any other stuff that strays too farther away from vanilla is somewhat frowned upon, so even going to the biggest sauna in the city and perking my ass up in the darkest corner didn't necessarily mean I'd get the loads I so badly needed that day, and that's the wildest sauna to be found around here. So when I eventually got to the place, I rented a private room for an hour, got my ass all prepped up, hit the gym as to have a nice swolle going on and started strolling the place. This particular sauna has four stories, both wet and dry saunas are in the first floor where there's also a little terrace and a little dark room. Second floor is the bar, third floor in the porn room, bigger dark room, private rooms and smaller no-bathroom semi-private rooms and the fourth floor is the gym. I walked into the dry chamber and sat on the corner farthest from the entrance. Couldn't see shit and was soon being blown. Guy next to me was also getting head and we started making out, he grabbed my pecs, squeezed my arms and forcefully pushed the guy blowing him and drove my head to his dick. Big one, thick, curved, really hot. As I guess there's no need for modesty around here I'll just say it: I can suck dick like nobody's business. Even though I'm short (5'4"), I've been blessed with a nice throat and a love for deepthroating big cocks. So I soon had his balls right under my chin and I tried to swallow his dick whole, as to have my throat squeeze it. Sure he moaned, he drove his dick deeper into my throat and I pulled it out. He had this big swollen head and a big slit on top of it, and I drove my tongue in, kissed it making sure he knew I was living for it and shoved it all in again. "Don't stop, don't you fucking dare stop", was all he said before shooting his load straight into my throat. I swallowed until he'd stopped shaking, told him thanks, got up and left. Went through the little terrace and into the small dark room, where some big fat older guys where making out. I kneeled and started servicing their dicks. One pushed me off, the other fingered my ass while he kept making out with the other bear. I spat on my hand, got my ass wet, turned around and aimed for his cock. "Got no rubber on me", he said. "I'll go get one", I told him in return and went to the third floor to look for more dick. There wasn't much going on but for this shorter smooth guy that kept looking at me, so I approached him and told him I was looking for some dick, that I didn't have any condoms on me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the private rooms. Nice decent dick, big balls, made me work for that load. The kind of guy that takes pride in taking really long to cum, but that can be persuaded by some begging and by making him promise that he'd leave his DNA as deep in my hole as possible. That usually does the trick. One load in and my soul was starting to feel calm again. I got out and there was a little crowd right outside the room. I made sure I walked away with the towel only covering my dick. I'm pretty masculine, not 'cause I try to be, but because it's just more natural for me to be this way. I think hot is hot regardless of how masculine or feminine one can be, mind you, and I usually just screen for dick size when choosing my tops. That being said, I like to work out, so masculine plus muscular in my beloved South American town almost never means bottom, so letting my ass hang out served the purpose of letting people know I wasn't looking to breed any asses. Not that night at least. I went down to the wet chamber and this tatted up guy was jerking off a big cock. I went straight for him and sucked it good. People gathered around and started jerking off. One guy tried to fuck me but had a rubber on, so I told him to stop. The guy I was blowing wanted to go upstairs to a room and told me he'd get a condom on his way up, to meet him there. Sure thing. I got out and decided to hit the little dark room once more. It was empty but for this skinny black guy that was really into making out. It's not that I mind it, but I'm less picky about what goes into my butt than what goes into my mouth. We still made out for a bit and that made his fucking huge dick wake up. I was on all fours taking it whole in a minute. He fucked me really hard and gave me some poppers. This other dude came in and let me choke on a little dick that shot a load in less than a minute into my mouth. I was turned on my back and holy shit, it was indeed a big dick. "I take really long to cum, so go ahead and cum if you want to", he said. "No worries, I can take it, but do me a favor and lay on your back", I told him in return. He did and I sat on top of him. With all that man balls deep in me I squeezed my ass hard, as hard as I could make it, and started pulling myself up. Once I got to the tip, I started pushing out with my asshole and drove his dick balls deep in me again. I fucking love doing that and it usually drives tops crazy. Once I read on this site that you had to milk a dick to make it count, and I figured that's the proper way to do it. With a slow tempo at first, his moaning drove some more people over that were making sure that this hole was ready to be used, abused and filled up. Making myself go faster soon I was jumping up on down on him and he told me to stop because he didn't want to cum. I did, but the squeezing and pushing didn't. I got close to his face and told him "I'm gonna need you to leave that load as deep in me as possible, man. I need to take it home", and that did it. I heard one of the onlookers say "What a whore" while the balls underneath me contracted and relaxed, shooting a big ass load deep into my guts. He stopped moaning after a few seconds; I stopped with the squeezing a few minutes later. No drop of that big dick's cum was gonna go unwasted. I got up and had my ass grabbed by a bear with a tiny dick. He shoved it in while I cleaned the black guy's big dick with my throat and came pretty fast. Three loads in and counting. I left the little dark room and went again to the dry sauna, to the same corner I was at a moment ago. Still couldn't see shit, but had some guys follow me in, couple of twinks and an older guy. I sat down and spread my towel open and was soon being blown by the two twinks. The guys that were sitting next to me started touching me and squeezing hard on my pecs, and me being a nipple whore that I am, I grabbed both their heads and drove them to my nips. "Bite. Hard", was all I said, and was all they did. The older guy ended up having a big thick cock and somehow managed to get to my mouth with the four guys playing with my body, all sweaty and with people looking over and jerking off. I grabbed the big dick I was blowing, pulled down hard on his balls and had the older guy lower his head to mine. "Wanna stick it in? Right here, right now", I asked him and he just pushed one of the guys biting on my nips away and sat next to me. I stood up and shoved his dick in, with my back to him. I started with the squeezing and pushing again, making him moan, turning around and making out with him. "Gonna breed that hole, sir?". "Oh fuck yes, boy". "You're churning three other loads in there, sir, I'm gonna need your DNA to be in there too, please". "Oh you'll get it, you fucking cunt. You like that big dick up your hole, don't you?", to which I replied, leaning really close to his ear as so that only he could hear me, "I fucking live to have big dicks use and breed me". He twitched, then grabbed my head and kissed me hard and came. A loud and deep and long lasting orgasm from an older guy. Four loads in, even number. I got up, he smacked my ass and said for everyone to hear "That's a week old load you just got up your guts, cunt". I told him "Thank you, sir" and left. I walked to the showers with a few guys following me and turned my back to them while I showered. My hole was sore but all that cum in it was helping it heal and making me even hornier, but it was getting late and the sauna is far away from home, so I decided to leave. While I was changing I texted a few guys that usually breed me and only one was available on my way home, so I figured I'd drop by. I got ready, called an Uber and headed his way. Once I got there we started talking as with most of the guys you fuck regularly a kind of friendship is inevitable to be developed. He took out this big bong he has and we smoked, and I went down on him while he hit it and he fingered my ass. "Hole shit, that's fucking wet", he said. "I've got four loads in, man", was all that I needed to say to have him plow his dick in me hard. Not huge, decent size, but the right size that hits my spot perfectly and that helps me shoot out every last drop from my balls. What I love about this dude is that he fucks hard. Really hard. He doesn't give a shit about what sounds come out of me, he always keeps on fucking hard, non-stop, relentlessly until he shoots his cum deep inside me. He already knows it has to be as deep as possible for me to take home, and I usually text him the next morning while at work to let him know I still have him in me. Hard earned loads deserve some sort of tracking I believe. So we fucked, and fucked, and fucked. He finally came and I could feel his balls dripping with the other guys' loads. He took his dick out of me, cleaned his balls with his hands and tried to shove that dripped cum in me again. One, two, three and four fingers went in and that made me shoot my load all over his bed. After that we smoked some more, I got dressed, got home and went to bed. Next morning while at work he got a text, and that day after work, he left another one deep in me. "Merry Christmas", he said, and indeed it was.
  24. Hey pigs, I'll be in Cape Town for a couple of weeks at the beginning of February. It would be amazing to find a Dom top who wants a sub for a weekend to use/abuse/share as desired. I'm into getting fucked, fisted, foot fucked, taking massive toys as well as being filled with piss and cum. Can suck cock like a hoover. Love being watched, so public or cam play is OK. Having said that, I'm an obedient sub who does what he's told and I'll try (almost) anything at least twice, so if there's something you'd like me to do (or do to me), let me know! Otherwise, I'll be fairly flexiable during the week, so if you're free to play, let me know. I may even be able to host in Mouille Point. Cheers!
  25. Bottom coming to Atlanta for NYE. Planning a gang bang at Red Roof of N Druid Hill since it seems like that's the hotel to host since people are saying Cheshire Motor Inn is not longer able to be a hook up hotel due to security. I have a party post on CL, BBRT: Mixedbihottie and A4A: Mixedbibottom. I'm post friendly and drug free for the same. Will be face down, ass up, door unlocked taking as much loads as I can. Looking to end up with more than 30 in one day. Send me a message with pics please.

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