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Found 395 results

  1. I was having a dry spell. Work was hectic and I simply couldn't arrange to get fucked in the tiny windows of time that I had available, but then I found a nice black guy on Grindr who had just turned 50 and visiting Hawaii. He was on Grindr and was walking distance to my place which is near Waikiki. When we got together we totally hit it off, and I was particularly pleased to connect with a guy who was about my age. His thick, but not too thick beautiful, long black cock initially gave me pause, as I thought my ass would have a hard time accommodating him, as my cunt usually tightens-up after awhile. He did me doggy and I clamped down on his dick, which must have been about seven and a half inches, but to my surprise I took it quite easily, which led me to wonder if all the dick I had taken in the past had permanently stretched and wrecked my hole. What ever the explanation for my ease in accommodating his cock, I power bottomed him, tightening and squeezing my hole, which lead him to flood my hole, silently. Afterwards we chatted a bit, and then I drove him back to his hotel, which I thought to be the gentlemanly thing to do. Especially as he had bred me so well. As I was driving back from Waikiki, I was contacted on Grindr by a black guy in his late 30s. We had been trying to connect for monthly but never could quite get to that point, mostly because he wanted anonymous play, but couldn't host, and my condo is secured, which made an anonymous entrance essentially impossible. This time, however, for whatever reason, he could host, he was totally horned-up, and asked me to come to his place where I was to step into his closet, facing the wall, my ass open to the world - and, perhaps most important to him, I was not to turn around, not to speak, nor to moan. In short, I was to be completely discreet. Naturally I accepted his invitation. Once in position in the closet, I could hear his neighbors through the wall. I had noticed in entering the apartment building, that most of the front doors in the building were, in an effort to mitigate the heavy Hawaiian humidity, open to the local trade winds. Definitely not a place to scream "Cum in my ass." I didn't see his dick but I felt it. It was huge, nine inches and quite thick. Fortunately I had poppers, so I took several hits. Not withstanding the load in my hole, to which I had added some lube, I knew it would be tough, and sure enough, I knew I was in trouble when sensed there simply wasn't enough lube. You know a guy's dick is huge if you get this feeling. But just then my host's dick must have met-up with the cum bank in my ass, causing the first guy's cum to lube the black guy's cock. Next I heard the beautiful squishy sound of raw dick in ass. The guy kept fucking and fucking. He had told me on Grindr that he had a quick cumdump scene in mind, but instead he gave me a prolonged raw fuck, deliberately, in fact, occasionally pausing while on the cusp of an orgasm, just to extend the session. Finally, however, he came, his load gushing deep into my hole. When he pulled out, both his load and that of the other guy plopped-out. I never learned whether or not he figured out that he was fucking in sloppy seconds. In any event, there's nothing like raw black dick. But then I'm a total pig for any raw dick.
  2. After being totally monogamous all my life, and having had hardly any sex over the past 7 years since I became single, I decided in June that I would put myself out there for having sex. Getting fucked was never a priority for me, as I hated all the un-horny issues around condoms. I was only interested in relationships and forming along term connection with a single guy. Deciding to look for sex for the hell of it came after me realising that single monogamous relationships are not the best thing for me. Having lived alone now for over a year, that freedom of making my own decisions about what I do has been a real opener and eye-opener to who I am. I joined a few ordinary gay dating sites, and soon got to arrange a meet with a married bi Top who was about 15 miles away. I went to his house while his wife was out, and as soon as I was through the door, he had my clothes off and he eased his small to medium sized cock into my hole as I stood there. Soon, my head was taken to a whole new place I'd not experienced in a very long time. I was feeling a 'completeness'... being used by a man, with him inside me. He pulled out, then led me to a bedroom and pushed me back onto the bed, pulled my legs up over his shoulders, then eased back into me as I looked at him with absolute awe and deep feelings of submission. He pounded me with his eyes closed - probably thinking of something different from the faggot he was using. That just made it even more horny and a head fuck for me. I realised that it was this that I had been missing all my life. My sub nature having always been wanting to focus on one man, the previously unthinkable truth was being fucked into my ass and my mind. "I'm a slut for any man to use and enjoy."... It was so simple and so natural. His thrusts suddenly increased pace as he started groaning. My ass had been opened up for the first time in over 15 years, and by a total stranger with whom I hadn't even spoken. It was absolute bliss, as I felt his cock go rock solid inside me, then the pulsating as it pumped his Cum and DNA into what he obviously saw as my cunt. That was my 'road to Damascus' moment. This married man cheating on his wife was like the voice of God revealing my purpose to me. As soon as he had delivered his Load into me, he was out, out of the room and to the bathroom where he cleaned up his cock. I got off the bed, my head so fucked over by these sensations and thoughts. I went and got my clothes back on quickly, as I realised he wanted me out of there as soon as possible. I thanked him as he smiled and showed me the door. The drive back home was a daze to me. I was in heaven. I needed it again... I needed to look for more men to give me that experience of my total submission to their pleasure. As soon as I got back home, I was on the computer, hunting for the next breeding. My conversion to this new 'faith' had happened, and I was on my new journey to becoming a slut. Pics are in my photo album.
  3. I've really come to enjoy group settings, especially getting fucked with an audience. Bathhouses are great for this, but the only bathhouse in town is fairly limited when it comes to public play areas. There's another bathhouse in a neighboring city that does have a much more extensive public play area, but it takes over an hour (almost 2hrs with traffic) to get there, so I had yet to make the trip. But with Friday off, I finally decided to make the trip. I got there late afternoon and spent a bit of time getting the lay of the land, and also getting my ass lubed with cum. In short order, I had 3 different guys drop their loads in my ass, two in a room, and one in public. Condoms and status were never discussed, just the way I like it. At this point, my ass was nicely lubed up and ready to go. There were also more and more people showing up, so I decided that the time was right and I got onto one of the public fuck benches. It didn't take long before my mouth was stuffed with a cock. After getting this first anonymous cock nice and lubed up with spit, he switched holes and started fucking me. A second person then took his place at my mouth, and I pretty much spent the rest of the time being spit roasted, with cock in both holes. There was very little downtime, it was almost like an assembly line of being fucked. Start by fucking my mouth, move on to fuck my ass, rinse and repeat. Some of the guys would get me to clean off their cocks after finishing inside of me. Delicious. I initially tried to keep count of how many guys fucked me, but the intensity of the whole situation and the amount of time I spent there made me lose count pretty quickly. I don't know exactly how long I spent there, or the total number of cocks and loads, but I did overhear a conversation at one point where a guy commented "Damn, he's still here? He was getting fucked when I first showed up!" and a second guy replying "Yeah, he's taken a LOT of cock". I'd have to guess it was somewhere between 1-2 hours, based on how sore my knees were when I stopped. I loved the anonymity of the whole situation - I'm hard just thinking of the fact that I have no idea who fucked me other than the feel of their cock in my ass and mouth. No condoms, no discussions about status, just raw fucking. I also loved being watched - even with cock in my mouth, I could see the crowd of guys watching me, taking in the sight of me being a total cumdump. It was a little slice of piggy heaven, and it was incredible. The rest of the evening was fun (random blowjobs and a few more fucks), but nothing compared to the high I experienced on the fuck bench. I'll definitely be back!
  4. 2017 Load Tally

    Gonna keep track of my load count this year. Saw all the posts in the 2016 topic and was instantly turned on. Let's push each other to take more with the winner taking the Breeding.Zone 2017 title!
  5. Hey, myself and my bttm mate will b visiting London on the 29th Sept, and looking to whore out is ass to willing tops. What him to leave London full of cum. His profile on bbrt is cumpiggy666. It’s tottaly anon, he will Be hooded and waiting from 5pm onwards. More details will be sent closer to the time. No load refused and more than welcome to keep coming back to unload or bring mates to breed his hole. Party listing is on my Bbrt profile, When requesting invites please unlock your pics, help me out and let’s fill is cute ass. Pics of him will be on my profile on Bbrt Northernbttm location is Westminister, just off Vauxhall bridge road, closest tube is Pimlico contact on here and reply nearer the time with details
  6. Will be ass up, blindfolded, taking loads at the Days inn off Oakland and i95. Come in, breed and go. My record is 25 and looking to break that, come help and add your load. Hit me up for more info or so that I can contact your with room# the day of.
  7. I been in a master slave relationship since I was 18th serving my master for nearly 12 years now. My master made me work as a bike massager and he always pick the spandex outfits I had to wear for the whole week not the normal shorts and jerseys ones but a cycling skinsuit that been custom made to my master need. At the beginning of the week my master would hand me a skinsuit and lock me in using a padlock on my collar and if I ever need to pee I was order to pee in my suit as you can tell by the end of the week I was very smelly. I had a busy day work on the Friday but I had other things on my mind as tomorrow is my birthday when I turn 30 and I hope my master will have some thing planed for me. We live in a flat above a shop and a basement sex club for which I never been to. I seen guys going in and out of it but there no listing for it any where. When I got home I put the bike in the bike room we had at the front of the flat and I notice in there was a box with a new bike inside could this be I'm getting a new bike, I should say or act about it just go in and speak to my master that I'm back from work. My master didn't say nothing to me just nodded at me this wasn't normal any way I strip naked and washed myself down so I'm all clean for my master needs this weekend. My master came into the bathroom he said. "I'm doing some work to your room so you can't sleep in your cage tonight so you can sleep in the spare room tonight you will need to make it up" This is weird I hasn't slept on a bed since I was a teen but then again I don't have a life my master own me so I replied "Yes Master" Before my master left the room he turn around and looked at me. "by the way I got a friend coming around now so finish off and stay naked and come out to me so I can put this blindfold on you as you getting a tattoo tonight but you will not be able to see it until tomorrow. I agreed to it and clean myself and came out to my master who then blindfold me and I couldn't see a thing. Later that day I found myself laying face down on a table unable to see any thing I could here my master talking in the background and the other guy say are you happy with this tattoo design. The next thing I could feel was pain as the tattoo gun pinning just above my ass crack. It went on for some time must of been some big tattoo as I felt it right across my ass. When the guy finish they wrap some thing around my ass and I was order to sleep on my front tonight ass up so I didn't make a mess. I Found it hard getting to sleep that night maybe I wasn't use to sleeping on a bed or it could the pain I feeling on my back. I woke up to the sound of my master footsteps I could hear him opening the door to my slave room listing carefully I could hear say "Good boy you are training well I think you ready for your new tasks and roles as my current slave is retiring today" What the fuck when through my mind I haven't done any thing wrong then why is my master getting rid of me like that. My master came in to the room and told me to get up now and don't get dressed. I got out of the bed and standing there naked in front of my master he them put a chain on my collar and pull me along as I follow him into the next room. In the room was another guy who was on the skinny side then my master spoke to him as I listen. "Here the slave, He just turn 30 today and I no long got any need for him now too old now for my liking. I trained him well over the past 12 years so he should ready for any of your needs." My master handed over the chain to the skinny guy as he came up to me and felt my body checking me out. "He will do great with us and I love the tattoo you gave him that will go down well with all of us" I still haven't see the tat yet I still got no idea what it is. My master then turn and look at me in the eye, " Thank you slave you been great over these past 12 years but you grow old now and I like my slave young so I hope you enjoy your final years of retirement and my friend here will look after you. He runs the club in the basement and you will be of great use to them." I'm now confused here I'm only 30 I still got a long time ahead of me I'm still fit and healthy why am I being retire and told enjoy my final years. My now ex master open the door and the skinny guy start to pull on the chain making me follow him out, I'm still naked as I left the door slam shut behind me. My life to what I was use to was now over and what is my new life going to be I know nothing about this guy or the club in the basement. We arrive in the basement it was dark only lit by a single small light there was only one door down here. On the door it said private club enter at your own risk, the skinny guy unlock the door and pull me in and locked it behind me. Behind the door was a small room with a mirror on one wall and another door I follow the skinny guy into the next room which was a changing room, Ok I get the idea it's one of these sex clubs maybe. The skinny closed the door behind me and I noticed some text on the door "No one has ever left here neg" What dose that means, The skinny guy pulls me into a much bigger room with a bar and many other small dark room with photos of gay porn on the walls. The skinny guy then take my chain off and then tell me that I'm safe down here feel free to walk around and get use to my new as he got some work to do. I saw a wall which was full of photos of guys being fucked, I stood there look through them all and at the top it said "Our members of our brotherhood" Must of been a list of the club members. Then the skinny guy came and put his hand on my ass and spoke into my ear, " Tonight you will be welcome into our club and you will soon learn your new role in life as we all very looking forward to getting to feel your ass. All these photos on this wall show all the guys that we have welcome to our club one this here was me back when I was a very fit healthy muscle stud " I looked at the photo and saw it wow he was one hot looking guy back then but the guy fucking him look very sick almost like he was, um sure not it couldn't be. Then the skinny guy point to another photo " This was the guy who was your ex master slave before you " I ask what happen to him? He reply he only last 3 years here before he died. I felt a not so good feeling in me about this I turn away just to clear my head a little sure this couldn't be happening. I mean surely it can't be real all this. I saw a room that had a big area to sit down as I walk in I noticed that all the walls have mirror on them and you could see every angle of any thing that was happening in here, Then I saw the tattoo that my ex master gave me before kicking me out. Just above was the biohazard symbol and just below it said cumdump. So my ex master gave me retirement from him to only be used a cumdump for poz guys. So many thing was flying through my head that I just couldn't believe what is about to happen to me. My neg days is over as I stared in my eye in the mirror. " I see you seen you tattoo " said the skinny guy standing next me I nodded yes. " Now you know I better get you ready for tonight as you will get every type of Aids virus that no meds in the world will save you" I felt the fear in me but it didn't show in my cock that went rock hard point right up like it saying give me every thing. " Looks like you really want, well you got some time before it start so I can give you start off now if I can have you last ever neg load " I couldn't answer back as the skinny push me and bent me over a table and then I felt his cock pushing into my ass I could see it in the mirror it look like my ass was eating his cock it was dry no lube was use on it, felt like my skin was breaking up down there so much pain but the feeling of the raw cock going deeper inside me felt so good. He start to pull out and in but it felt like it was getting easier like some lube has been used down there I look down and saw some blood on the floor then it hit me that wasn't lube he rip me open for his poz load. I know there nothing I can do now any minute now his cock is going to explode in me shooting his toxic loads deep into me. The skinny guy started to moan louder I could tell he getting close. " Boy you going to get, say goodbye to your neg days and welcome your new poz cumdump life " My ass tighten up after hearing that " Oh fuck yeah tighten up at much as you want you can't stop my poz cock riding your hole now, Here it come take my toxic load you cunt " The skinny guy cock felt like it was growing hard then he let a very loud moan. He was cumming it felt like he was cumming big time. " Welcome to our poz brotherhood I save up two week load for you and you better enjoy it " He pull out of my ass, I stood up to see his cock with some pinkly cum still on it. " Now for your last neg load " the Skinny guy drop to the floor and put my cock in his mouth, I never been suck off like this before he must be a pro at it, I didn't last long and I blew my last neg load in to his mouth licking every last drop of it. He look me into the eye " Thanks for that, guys last neg load is always the most tasty ones! " I sat down knowing that his poz load is swimming around my body and later today I going to get even more. How many years will I cope before the virus eat me up? I don't really know.
  8. Hi, i am new here i've got forced into bb fuck last year by two sketchy daddies, and it opened my eyes on how better sex is with rubber out of the way i assumed i was pozed, so the next few months i felt much more relaxed about taking it raw, until my results came and i was neg now i find myself again in the same situation as before, where i'm afraid of the consequences :/ but being a cumdump is only thing that turns me on right now, so i still take it raw from time to time
  9. Hey guys. I've been reading these forums for a while but this is my first time posting. I've barebacked with ex boyfriends before and barebacked occasionally during a drunk one night stand or two, but as a lot of you seem to have felt, I've always known that I love barebacking and that the idea of taking loads from strangers or groups is the absolute hottest thing in the world to me. I can't get off to porn with condoms and even thinking about getting in a sling at a bathhouse and taking endless raw dick makes me hard as fuck. But, like a lot of people, I am still scared to just start taking loads left and right like I want to. I feel like this is a pretty normal hesitation and deep down I think eventually I'll turn into a complete cumdump, but it's hard to know when to take the first step. So I was just wondering for those of you who went through a similar process, what was it that finally set you over the edge and made your fantasies start to be realities?
  10. I have not posted in a while, so thought id do a very quick update for everyone...I will also be posting ALOT of new pics of my adventures during today 1.I wanted to wait till my birthday this year to get tested, unfortunately I had cut this timeline by a month because of health insurance requirements.......I'M PROUDLY A POZ FUCKER. my medical insurance since this is supplying meds, Which I have since just flushed down the toilet!!!! HAIL!!! 2.My Syphilis Hookup last month was unsuccessful and I continue to Hunt for this - Ill pay 3. STI test confirm: Hep, HPV (well who doesn't have it), internal anal warts of note and a recent two week strain of ghonno (If it wasnt for the fucking medical insurance requirements I wouldn't have to get the shot) So there ya go....I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD OF ME AND ANY HELP GETTING ME MORE INFECTED IS WELCOME!!!! AND THE QUESTION IS...WHERE DO I PUT MY BIO TAT???????
  11. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  12. 21 year old bottom will be at the City Center Inn September 22st and 23rd (Folsom Weekend) to take as many loads as he can get. Party starts Friday 9pm-4am. It will pick back up Saturday 6pm-4am. Pump, Dump, and Bounce. NO DRUG USERS. Party info is also on bbrt under the same username, CollegeCumHole.
  13. Watched lots of video about hot gangbang. i never hold a gangbang before even though I want. I'm curious what it feel like to be gangbanged. It seems that there gonna be lots of pain if u take 10 guys' dicks without rest.
  14. Hosting at at Manhattan Times Square Hotel at 790 7th ave and 51st in Times Square. Here til Sat 4/11. I have to work during the day but in my room after 6pm every evening taking loads all nite lights out hardcore T.I.M. porn playing me nude lubed and door ajar cum by and use this hole to unload all the precum and cum you wanna unload. will take it all and can fuck for hours here. quickie anonymous blow n go dump n go long play groups tag teams what ever just hot NSA Fun. love a cock in my hole and in my mouth told i have one hot fucking hole and a bttm that knows how to take it as deep as the top wants to go and love to suck and deepthroat even go from ass to mouth tells you how super and deep clean my hole is. goes in as clean as it cums out except for your cum on ur cock which i will clean off. if you wanna stop by 615 289 0800 text or call or email at cumdumpbna at yahoo dot com
  15. FEELING LOW, FEELING HIGH (How Low Will I Go . . . continued) Well there was no surprise what happened about a week later: I woke up feeling like shit. Worse than shit. I was sweaty and feverish and achy all over. Yup, the fuck flu was beginning to kick my ass. Despite the fatigue, I had enough mental brain power to do a little calendar calculation in my head. I supposed it is possible that taking all of those loads from the AIDS patients at the hospice could infect me severely enough to kick in after a week. Could it? Part of me was still thinking (and maybe hoping) that it was from that first day, with that first skinny wasting man who passed me off at the bathhouse. I knew my 'hope' was a little stupid - it could have come from any of them. Or Stu or David. Or a combination. I could be carrying all of their HIV babies all at once! My stomach was rolling and my mind was spinning. Actually, that was the room. I was thinking too hard about it: I had gotten what I wanted. What was next? I really did feel like shit, but my dick was standing at full mast and I was fucking horny, knowing I was finally a part of The Brotherhood. Even though I really didn’t have the energy, I dragged my sickly ass out of bed, cleaned myself up (and out), pulled on a jock strap, a pair of nylon trackies and a tee shirt, then headed out. I wanted to go back to where it all began. So I hopped a cab just outside of my building. The cabbie kept eyeing me in the rear view mirror and after a minute or so kindly asked “You feeling alright, buddy?” “I’m, uh, just a little under the weather,” I replied, "but nothing to worry about. I’m on my way to get a little more . . . medicine.” He dropped me off at the corner and I walked the few doors down to the black door of the hidden bathhouse. I carefully made my way down the stairs, praying that my legs would hold me up all the way down. The same guy was behind the desk and I slipped him the entrance fee. He squinted at me. He knew. “You okay?” he asked. I wondered just what answer was the right one in these circumstances. T o hell with it. “Fuck flu,” I blurted out. Just then out came the first guy from that first time, the frail and sick looking one. He was smiling at me, and his cock stood mighty and hard. “Time to finish what we started,” he said in a husky voice. He didn’t give me time to undress or find somewhere more comfortable to fuck. He simply pulled me around the corner, yanked my pants down and entered my ass, slam-fucking me hard, with only the precum from his big cock as lube. I was too exhausted to make much of a fuss over the discomfort, and besides, it always feels great to have a man up in my hole, even if it was, on occasion, a literal pain in the ass. For such a slight looking man, his hands gripped my hips quite strongly, his bony fingers digging into me while his big bone dug into my greedy fuck hole. He slammed into me hard, really hard, clearly trying to tear me up inside so that he could ensure a clear path of travel for his potent toxic seed to enter into me again. I closed my eyes for a minute, basking in the hypnotic sound of our skin smacking into one another again and again. I could have died right then and there and would have been one happy pig. He pounded my insides to mush, and he was sweating quite a bit and breathing hard, so I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer. His grip on my hips grew painful as he growled like some sort of wounded animal, his cock swelling inside of me and depositing his viral load into me once again, most certainly impregnating me. He remained in side my ass until his cock grew soft and slid out of my wet and sloppy hole on its own accord. Reaching down, the guy reached down and massaged the cum that had leaked out into my swollen and tender ass. I had expected the other guys who had come to watch to step up and take their turns on me but, much to my disappointment, they didn’t. Instead, he pulled my pants back into place and led me out front where he put his clothes on and guided me back the way I’d come. Turning to him I asked “What’s going on?” “I’ve got something special in mind for you,” he replied with an evil glint in his eyes. Well my initial disappointment vanished instantly and my cock sprang back to life. We took our time slowly ascended the stairs up to street level. I think that we both felt like shit, but somehow we both walked unhindered, and he guided me to a nearby park. I had been by here before but usually avoided it, having seen some of the wasted burn-out types who hung out there all the time. After having been used like a whore as I have been lately, I knew now that I was in no position to judge them. It also occurred to me that I still didn’t know the guy's name but I was following him around like a lost puppy. And he seemed to know a lot of the guys we passed. Perhaps he was one of them. I wondered if that was how he got infected, sharing needles or something. “You think you’ve gone down the rabbit hole? ou've only just stepped through the entrance,” he commented, smirking. “I can tell that you are not the type of pig who will be satisfied until you’re completely degraded and trashed.” My mind was telling me that I didn’t like the sounds of that, but I couldn’t ignore the enormous tent sticking out in front of my pants. Damn this thing sometimes! “We could have stayed at the bathhouse and let all of those guys used you again. But let's face it - been there, done that. You need something new, don’t you? Something . . . more? My heart was pounding hard and my breathing was already more of a pant. How did this guy get into my head like that? I just nodded at him, knowing that everything he said about me was right. I would trust that he would know just what it would take to satisfy my inner pig. He finally stopped at a group of some seven guys, all looking really rough and tough. They didn’t look to be homeless, just really sort of seedy looking. I guess they were just hanging out looking for something to do. Or some-ONE. He pulled one guy away and spoke very quietly to him for several minutes. Every so often they would both look over at me, and the man he was talking to would raise his eyebrows sometimes or smirk at me. When they finished whispering, they both looked at me and said, “Let’s go,” and I, along with the others, walked over to a beat up old van at the other end of the park. It was filthy inside and the back had no seats. One of the guys, a big man who was real hairy bear, grabbed hold of me and pulled me to his lap. “Why don’t you sit on me until we get there?” he growled into my ear. I figured ‘Fine, I’m sure his lap is much more comfortable than the floor’, so I smiled at him. “Well go ahead, lose the pants,” he snapped at me. Duh, he really wanted me to sit on him! Also fine by me, so I stood and shucked off my pants, and then straddled his lap, working his already hard cock out of his pants. One load in my hole helped get his fat uncut cock into my hungry hole. And I do mean fat. He wasn’t longer than seven inches, but he had to be more than that around! I fucking loved feeling his cock stretch my hole open wide. I leaned my head back and smiled to myself, not even particularly aware of the other guys watching me. Only his cock and my hole. He started talking to me, so I snapped out of my personal daze and looked at his face. He was actually quite handsome. I have always loved a bear. He didn’t look skinny enough to be a junkie, not that I had much experience. I’ve always been a lightweight when it comes to substances. “You are a good little whore, aren’t ya'?” he asked, adding “Fuck, your ass feels good on my cock. I’m going to enjoy using you plenty,” he growled as he thrust his hips up to get as much of his cock into my hole as was possible. He continued to growl and rut up into my lusting hole, but after a few minutes I tuned into the other guys complaining to him that he was hogging the hole. Evidently they all wanted their turn. “Fine,” he grumbled. “Get off,” he said to me, shoving me off of his still throbbing dick. My friend who had brought me to these guys was sitting up front with the driver and one other man, so that left me in the back with four guys other than the one who had already been in me. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.... I didn’t have to bother choosing between them, as the first guy nearest me tossed me down to me knees, shuffled on his knees behind me and hammered his dick balls deep inside me. I howled from the shock of it. He wasn’t all that big, but I wasn’t wide open and gaping just yet so my hole needed to adjust to the sudden invasion. “Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he snarled, ramming into me over and over again. He pounded me like this for just a couple of minutes and then I was dragged onto the next guy, and the next and the next. By this time my hole had loosened up good and was feeling really sloppy. Also by this time we had reached our destination. The van stopped and the side door slid wide open, exposing me in all of my nakedness to anyone who might pass by. The man who I now recognized as the leader of the group (and the driver of the van) grabbed my clothes from the floor of the van and just nodded his head in the direction of the house where we were parked. Luckily as I peeked out I couldn’t see any other houses in close proximity, so I didn’t have to worry about making the naked sprint to the front door. I could feel cum from my first fuck (plus all of their precum and surely some blood) trickling down the insides of my legs as I walked, and my cock got stiffer. Something about feeling cum running down my legs reminds me that I was a whore, which excited me more than ever. They led me down to a rough and unfinished basement, with little in the way of furniture. Or light, for that matter. Just a beat up old sofa, a few folding chairs, and some exposed metal posts and wooden beams. Charming. The leader suddenly grabbed my hands and in a flash, before I could register what was happening, he had me chained to one of the metal posts in the middle of the room. From there he sauntered over to a dark corner where I heard him dragging something. Then he and one of the other guys picked it up -looked to me like they’d build their own fuck bench. Two of the other guys took hold of my legs and lifted me up in the air, which made me feel very much like a frog: arms out in front of me, legs back and splayed, stomach facing down. The fuck bench was slid in place under me and I was set down on top of it. “This’ll be your home until we’re done with you,” the leader said, patting the bench. “Almost all of us have had a turn in you, but not quite. But as none of us have unloaded in you yet, we‘ve got some work ahead of us.” With that, I could hear him unbuckling his pants and saw him kick them off to the side. He entered me and took hold of my hips while he took his time in me. It was a very good fuck, not rough, but not slow and tender either. Just good quality dick in a hungry pig hole. He had stamina, too. He kept it up for a good 20-30 minutes and wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Another 10 minutes and he leaned himself down on top of me so he could whisper in my ear. “I just got back from Cuba a couple of months ago. I brought something back with me . . . and it didn't come from the duty-free,” he told me, in a cross between a whisper and a growl, his breath so hot and stimulating against my ear. I felt an instant rush slam through my body. This guy was seriously telling me that he was a carrier of the Cuban strain? I felt a moment of panic, but shoved it down just as quickly. It was what it was. I was a cumwhore, made to take loads - all of them. And I had heard many guys were deliberately seeking out the deadly and untreatable Cuban strain. "Please, fill me with you poison seed!" I yelled. "Come on, knock me up with that toxic cum!!" “Here it cums, slut, my fucking deadly cum going inside you,” he growled in my ear as I felt him tense and his cock expanded and exploded inside me, filling me with his intensely viral seed. My balls exploded at that exact moment, emptying into my mesh jock strap and leaking out in a puddle beneath me. I just dropped my head, moaned through our simultaneous orgasms, and revelled in the entire feeling of freedom and pig sex that had eluded me my entire life. Now I was the way I was meant to be. Over the course of the next couple of hours the guys all had their turns on me, and I learned that they met at a special clinic that was studying the most deadly and untreatable of all HIV strains out there. And they all came together to combine their DNA into some seriously effective and highly toxic strain of HIV. Inside of my body. Yes, the terror was still there, but it didn’t stamp out the sheer lust and thrill that consumed me. I was a bitch in heat now, and no deadly strain was going to stop me from being the biggest cumwhore I could possibly be. The guys actually kept me there for a couple of days, letting me move around freely only long enough to stretch my legs and to rehydrate. No food. I was fucked beyond fucked. My asshole was now a permanently gaping sloppy cavern, and the guys could just dive balls deep into me with not even a flinch from me. I could still feel them inside of me, but I’d been stretched and torn up enough to be able to accommodate anything. But it was that Cuban load that really opened the floodgates to all of the depravity that I experienced over the course of those couple of days. Maybe I’ll get into a little more detail . . .
  16. Folsom Europe 2017!

    Hey everyone! Planning a big trip to Folsom Europe with another bud whos into bareback fucking and just being pigs together. We are sharing a hotel room at Novum hotel Aldea near Nollendorfplazt and seeing if there are any fun mates or couples that would like to meet up and share drinks, fuck, whatever. Planning on not spending the entire trip on our phones or the Internet but to enjoy Berlin, all the pigs in town, and making connections with interesting guys we have chatted with before and that we meet during the event. Well anyways, I figured this could be a thread where you report if you'd like to meet up during Folsom if you are going and to see if we are going to the same parties etc. I am bottom he is top and we play well with other guys (I plan to also dump a few loads in used holes during the event) sharing cum, fucks and friendly banter. Put your plans below, and contact info if you'd like to plan to meet up or just connect with someone else going to Folsom Europe this year!
  17. I'm looking for someone to slut me out. You'll be calling the shots of who gets to breed me. You'll make sure I'm the cumdump I'm meant to be and that my hole is sloppy and overflowing by the end of the night.
  18. Dripping by the end

    Although my hole was well used by the San Francisco Cumunion event on Saturday, I had an errand in the city on Monday and decided to go to 442 for their Naked Mondays night. I arrived, stripped and started walking around, only to be pleasantly surprised that there was a decent sized crowd. Within five minutes I was bent over a bench with an older husky bear who knew how to fuck using my hole. I loved feeling him shoving my hole as deep as he can get and exploring every inch of it. He had some girth and length to him and I knew I was going to be opened up for the night. By the end he shoved me flat on my stomach and rammed in me until he deposited his load. He was quickly followed by another top, and I spent the next two hours blissfully going from guy to guy. Any guy was welcome to use my hole that wanted to. A short Asian had me bent over so much that my knees practically touch the floor so he could get in my hole. He shoved his cock in to work the rim on of my hole, rubbing it against his head till he added to the Bears load. At one point I had four guys in a row fuck their loadis in me. Heaven! Had to make it an early night due to work the next day, but after two hours I had been fucked by 8 to 10 guys with about six loads deposited in me. Was able to leave satisfied with cum dripping down my leg.
  19. Looking to rent a room in Glasgow (Scotland). Hate having to go down to the reception or to find a discreet way to get guys up to the room without raising suspicions.. Anyone know of anywhere that has direct access to the rooms or a way that wouldn't be questioned?
  20. Blue Collar Ginger

    I have a thing for gingers, it's called my butt. So working from home I'm mostly surfing porn all day getting myself all worked up. Today decided to post an ad on Craigslist "need cock and cum m4mm", didn't care if it was down my throat or up my ass or who was attached to the dick just needed loads in me. I had done this before and usually get a lot of flakes but today got a response from a guy who included a face pic. Cute ginger in a work truck, fucking jackpot. Gave him the address and he came over a little while later in his truck. Cute ginger, 5'10" thin blue collar type. Got his shorts down and there was his cock in those hot ginger pubes. Started sucking him my eyes glued to his bush and before long he grew to about 6.5 inches. Kept sucking his cock and getting the scent from his balls in me until I couldn't take it anymore. Went down on his balls and taint and made his legs shake. Got all his scent in my beard and went back to his cock. Didn't take long after that for him to shoot a huge load in my mouth. He was quiet the whole time so wasn't sure he was shooting at first but could taste that sweet seed on my tongue and sucked it all out and swallowed every drop. Gave him my number and told him any time he's in the area and needs to cum let me know.
  21. I'll be in Manchester for Pride over the weekend and am hoping to get as many loads as possible - at the sauna, cruising by the canal, groups / parties, hotel meets and wherever else I can get raw cock. Instead of only going for certain guys and restricting what loads I'll take, I've decided to be a total cumslut and take ANY load I'm offered this weekend without question (neg / poz / toxic / unknown). I should add that I am currently neg and not on prep 😇. Anon loads particularly welcome - I plan to wear a hood blindfold and won't ask for face pics. I don't care how old you are or what you look like either, all I'll feel is your raw cock inside me. Ideally I'd like a dom master to arrange as much as possible, coordinate all the tops and make sure I head home with an ass full of cum afterwards. I'll give him full control of my ass for the weekend - he can decide how it should be used, treat it like his toy and invite guys to breed it. I've already lined up a few loads at a group session on Saturday afternoon, and expect to take several more at Basement Sauna on Saturday night. Other venue suggestions welcome, especially cruise nights / clubs with darkrooms I'm not aware of. Anyone here who is up for giving me a load or two over the weekend should get in touch so we can arrange a time/place.
  22. About two months ago my bath house fuck bud fucked me covered, and did so again a few weeks later. I saw him this past Saturday at your usual haunt and much to my surprise he was covered again. I asked him what was up with the rubber and he stated that he no longer plays bare but enjoys it just the same. I'm sure my reaction was priceless as I just looked at him and stated "you gotta do what you gotta do" He has been breeding me for years on end and is quite the good fuck. He can go for hours without cumming and always found it quite the treat when he did. The last few times did not feel the same with the condom and really couldn't get into it. I just wish he would go back to breeding me bare. Thoughts????
  23. I woke up this past Sunday with that craving, that urge to spread my ass and get rough fucked- that need to get bred. I have to say I love raw sex, it’s the only way I can get off and I love the feeling of becoming a receptacle for my tops' cum; just a hole to be filled and used and dumped into. Being a cumdump for me was as natural as riding a bike. Even when I was in a monogamous relationship I would have my boyfriend fuck his load into me in the morning so I could feel it slide out of my boy-ass on the subway reveling in the private piggishness of my thoughts, while morning commuters read their papers on the way to work. I would have that warm jizz absorbing into me for the better part of the morning the way some take caffeine. But this Sunday I got a call from one of my regular clients. I sometimes escort for extra cash. This guy is older but has a huge uncut cock. He never once asked me about my status but also never tried to use a condom. He’s the kind of guy that likes smaller boyish twinks and loves to hear me beg for his load. I’m 24 but I look really young. I still get carded for a pack of smokes every time and this is usually my biggest hook in the escorting business. A young boy that takes loads for money, and will beg you for your seed. He fucked me hard and good and deposited what would be my first load of the day. I lay there with his cum dripping from my ass, recovering from the poppers - while he got showered. Something snapped in me right then and I was so horny I knew I needed to collect some loads. This Sunday would be dedicated to me taking cum in my ass no matter who the guy was. I was so horned thinking about being used my ass twitched and I fingered out some of my client's cum to taste and wet my palate for more. When I left his place I immediately texted a guy who had been wanting to fuck me. We had chatted on a4a and he was a dirty talking poz guy into giving seed to young boys. He got off on mixing strains and having a willing recipient for his toxic load. He was in his mid forties, thin with some musculature but kind of wasted looking in the face. I’ve always loved poz men. Even when I was neg I would fantasize about them plowing their infected loads in my ass while I looked into their wasted faces knowing I was taking their DNA in me forever. I cabbed it over to his place on 30th street. He answered the door naked and wasted no time pushing me to my knees so I could suck his cock. I was barely in his doorway and the door wasn’t even shut completely but I was being face fucked and gagging on his monster tool. He was definitely not as hot as his pictures but his cock was even bigger than I imagined with really pronounced veins I could feel roughing themselves against my tongue and pulsing in my mouth. His entire body was pretty veiny. I was in poz-pig-boy-heaven sucking his cock as furiously as I could. He kept feeding me poppers and would wait until my sucking became more ravenous before dirty-talking me. “Yeah boy, that’s a good boy. That’s a good fucking mouth. Suck daddy’s cock, choke on it yeah! Tell me where you want this cock! Tell me!” He growled at me. I wanted it in my ass deep and hard. “Please daddy put that cock in my ass!” I said between sucks. “You want it boy? You want that poz cock in your ass? Beg me for it!” As he said this he put the bottle of poppers under my nose and I took a huge whiff. My head was reeling and all I wanted was his toxic cock in my ass. I got up and leaned against the wall with my ass jutting out and spread my cheeks so he could see my hole. “Please daddy fuck me with your big poz cock, I need it in me, fuck me now, plow my ass! Infect me daddy!” He came up from behind me and grabbed my arms pinning behind me. He put his mouth close to my ear: “Tell me again, boy. Tell me what you want.” His cock was right at on my hole ready for penetration. “I want your poz-tool, daddy. I want your fucking AIDS in my ass!” With that he shoved in as hard and fast as he could. I yelled out in pain but he took no mercy and ripped my ass open with his nine inch poz death tool. My ass was surely going to be sore after this. He rammed me each time slamming it all the way in to the hilt then pulling out to the tip and repeating. I couldn’t move all I could do was moan and try to hold on as this poz fucker mutilated my ass. He slowed down for a sec just to put the poppers back under my nose then picked up the pace again thrusting deeper and deeper into me. I fucked my ass back onto his cock and let him have his way with me like the whore I was. He loved it, he knew he had found an amazing cumdump bottom boy and was going to reward me with his poz cum right in my gut. He put his mouth close to my ear and said “I want you to know I’m full blown. I AIDS and I’m going to fuck it into your sweet boy ass.” I was going nuts at that point and he put the poppers under my nose again. Now dizzy from the poppers and so immensely turned-on he threw me to the floor on my back and lifted my legs up on his shoulders. We were still only right passed his apartment door and I’m sure the noise was travelling down the hall. He never left my gaze and I knew he was close. “Fuck me daddy fuck me! Fill me with you AIDS cum, fuck it into me, ram it up my guts, I want to feel it in me!” I yelled in lusty poppered daze. I saw it in his eyes and he smiled this evil devilish smile. “Fuck boy! Here it cums take my fucking poz load you fucking AIDS cum slut!” He shot his poz seed in me with fury fucking as hard as he could sloshing it into my ass, making sure he fucked as much of his cum into my ass as he could. I could feel the froth he was beginning to churn out of my hole. My hole felt amazing, I was over whelmed with popper-lust and begged him to keep fucking it into me. He obliged for as long as he could. When he pulled out I felt some of his cum dribble out. I immediately slid a couple of fingers in to my ass to scoop some up. He was one of those sticky thick cummers; the kind that was almost gelatinous and I took pleasure in licking my fingers clean. He then shoved his cock into my mouth and I sucked ever last drop of his cum from that veiny shaft. He kissed me probing my mouth with his tongue and then told me "Get the fuck out. I’m done with you, you fucking whore. Get the fuck out.” I left with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt off. I finished dressing in the hallway. When I was in the elevator I felt my hole again - it was deliciously sore and cummy. I was all lubed for some more. I headed to the Blue store on 8th Avenue next….
  24. Visiting from south Florida in September for a weekend, looking to be ass up, taking loads and break my record of 25 in one night each night of the weekend But For the locals, what are the best hotels to do this? Not familiar with what area to stay in and looking to be accessible to as many tops as possible. Looking for hotels with easy access. Also looking for recommendations as far as cruising gloryholes and bathhouses. When and where is best. Please and thank you! Once I find everything and confirm will post link to bbrt party ad.
  25. Single parent vs cumdump

    My entire life, I have wanted to be an uninhibited cumdump; however, as a child this was a taboo topic in a very small town. I was married at a young age and had a child at 27. When he was 13 months old my ex wife left. It has been 19 years and not a phone call, b-day card or email. It has been just me and my son as my parents passed when he was 6. Due to my single parent responsibilities I was unable to be the cumdump I always wanted and as a matter of fact seldom played even safe. When he turned 18 I decided to spread my wings and fly a bit more. I did BB however, seldom and mostly . I alwasy said once he graduates college, then I can clock out and feel good that I have fufilled my obiligations as a single parent. Well he graduates from welding school this NOVEMBER and I started the Prep program in January. I dont know why but there is still a part of me that feels either guilty or like a bad parent when I play. I WILL BE A CUMDUMP, this is a done deal; however, it would be so nice if I occasionally got some support from the group, ask me how its going, hold my feet to the fire when I say im going to do something, encourage me to be a slut, ETC....I guess the word is FRIENDS....sam

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